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Hill's Science Diet Adult Multiple Benefit Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food Product Reviews

Large breed dogs have unique dietary needs as they age, requiring specialized nutrition to support their health and vitality. Hill's Science Diet Large Breed Adult 6+ dry dog food is meticulously crafted to address these specific needs, ensuring your loyal companion receives the essential nutrients required for a healthy and active life. Easy-to-Digest Nutrition for Sustained Energy and Activity Levels -As large breed dogs age, their digestive systems may become more sensitive. This formula... Read More

Rated 4 out of 5 by 15 reviewers.

Great Food
I leave this food out for my 3 year old cat. He doesn't gorge on it like some foods but happily eats when he's hungry. I've noticed that his coat feels softer too. by on 07/25/2023
Helps with fur
My one cat mats easy. With this food she doesn't mat. My other cats coat is silky and they do not get sick off the food by on 07/12/2023
All 4 fur babies love it
Had tried multiple varieties of dry food that would work for 4 different ages and needs. This has been working better than any others I've tried so far. The bigger pieces makes them slow down and chew their food. by on 01/15/2023
I have two littermates (boys) that I switched to this from Healthy Advantage Kitten. They took right to it. I also love that it comes in a 15 pound bag, since I have BIG boys. by on 12/02/2021
I will not buy again.
Bought this for my 8 cats to try. Only one would touch it. I wasted my money. by on 03/05/2021
My cats LOVE this!!
I wanted to provide my two cats with a better diet, so I purchased this and started the 7 day transition. On the second day, BOTH of them started leaving pieces of their original food (that they used to be obsessed with) and only wanted to eat this new food. They are crazy about it! The larger pieces are also forcing them to slow down and actually chew their food, which I think is great. I have nothing but positives to say about this diet! by on 11/05/2020
Never again.
My 4 cats will not eat this food. I have waisted so much of it. It's too large for them to chew. by on 03/30/2020
Wont buy again
Tried this because my 2 cats are sisters and one is heavy and the other is thin. They dont like it. Pieces too big. I've used other science diet and no issues. by on 01/02/2020
Cats love it
My two cats love this food. Keeps their weight down too with fewer calories. by on 04/07/2018
My cats won't touch it.
I bought the giant bag of this as my cats have loved Science Diet food but they will not touch this one. I don't know whether it's the large pieces but for whatever reason they hate it. They are not fussy cats and will eat any hard food but not this one. Now I'm stuff with a giant bag that they won't eat. Ugh. by on 08/22/2017
better digestion and softer and shinier coat
I have 11 cats at home and at the beginning they did not like it, but after a 1 1/2 weeks they love it. One of them have always had bad digestion, and it was clear that this food definitely was good for him. All of them now have shinier and softer hair and shedding is a lot less now. by on 06/25/2017
Sorry no go in my house
Purchase this for my cats since my kitten is almost one (she already nibbles on my older cat's food) and figured I'd start trying to give the other cat this type (instead of the Indoor) since they'll both be eating adult cat food. Neither my kitten or my cat will touch this food and my kitten will eat everything! We tried adding this with their current food and my cat stopped eating. Tried mixing it in with canned food & also tried giving it to her with nothing mixed in. No go on any attempts. I stopped trying to incorporate this food and switched back to their old food and they're much happier. by on 03/09/2017
Paws down on this one.
I have three indoor-outdoor cats. They are used to eating whatever hits their dish. I figured they would like this food, but after mouthing it up, they spit it out. Now they won't touch it, even when hidden amongst other kibble. I don't think it's the size, because they think the Oral Care kibbles are great. I do think it's the shape which is putting the cats off. In order not to waste my money, I have resorted to slightly crushing the kibbles (giving them a head start), and then incorporating a large amount of pieces into a can's worth of wet food. This results in something like a thick mash that seems to be just fine. Water does have to be added to hydrate the kibbles for proper consistency. This concoction gets a paws up, so I think the kibbles smell/taste good but the shape is the problem. I will go back to the less kooky kibbles in the future. The cats like round ones and they also like flat ones. But these knobby ones are a miss. by on 09/22/2016
Excellent food
I love how this food is low in calories to help less active cats stay lean. All around fantastic, high quality food that my cats love. One of the better feline Science Diet products, in my opinion. by on 05/05/2016
My cats will not touch it!
Bought this for a multi cat household, and none of the cats will touch it. They normally aren't picky eaters either. The kibble is very large, and odd shaped. One of my cats does not have any teeth, so she definitely cannot eat this. I hope this one food would work for all of my cats like they advertise, but even if some of them did like it, I would still be stuck feeding multiple foods to my cats. Hills's definitely needs to change the kibble size! The few that I actually saw try it never could break down the kibble so that they could actually eat it. Since they never could truly eat the kibble I can't honestly evaluate whether they cared for the taste. by on 04/24/2016