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Hill's Science Diet Adult Large Breed Chicken & Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food Product Reviews

Hill's Science Diet Large Breed Adult dry dog food is meticulously crafted to cater to the energy needs of large breed dogs during their prime years. Specifically designed to meet the nutritional requirements of these robust canines, this formula ensures they receive the optimal balance of nutrients to thrive. High-Quality, Digestible Ingredients -Crafted with high-quality, easily digestible ingredients, this dog food prioritizes your pet's digestive health. Each ingredient is selected care... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 129 reviewers.

My beautiful Husky Loves this food
I got my husky in 2020 and tried several popular foods with her, but she loves the Science Hill food. I will keep buying it because I know she is getting quality nutrition and at a reasonable price. I also enjoy the fact that the Science Hill products can grow with her and as her nutrition needs change I know that I will have products that I can choose to meet those needs. Thank you for the wonderful product line. by on 01/05/2022
Great food!
I feed both my standard poodle & my golden retriever this formula. Both are doing very well on it. by on 04/01/2021
Long time user no more!
Since the change in formula and and size my dogs won't eat the dry food they hardly touch it not even if I mix it in with something else they literally spit it out after eating around it. When they do eat it they get Diarrhea even though they have never ever had issue with changes in there diet before. They have been on hills consistently since they were puppies but not anymore. by on 02/29/2020
Now looking for a new brand of dog food
I have fed our dogs Hills Science diet their entire lives. Last time we bought a bag I noticed the kibbles were smaller. I measure out one cup for each meal and we now go through a bag 20% faster. Thanks Hill's by on 01/07/2020
Change in kibble shape, dog stopped eating
I've fed my large dogs large breed Science Diet all of their lives. I started having trouble with my current 100 pounder not eating, but thought it was that he wasn't a puppy anymore. Then SD changed the kibble shape, and quit eating unless we treated the food, and is down to under 90lbs. We decided because of his age (almost 7) that we would switch him the the 5+ food. It's back to the original kibble size, and he's back to eating like a champ. I can see that the kibble size changed, but maybe the formula did as well. Not sure why they did this, but we were very concerned about our big boy for a while! I would recommend SD, but would say to steer clear of this particular type. by on 08/17/2019
We had to switch our dog to the original Adult dog breed Science Diet food because of health issues, after it was "improved" he has lost his appetite and he has lost a lot of weight. We are exploring other dog foods but he gets diarrhea with all of it. So disappointed. by on 08/16/2019
Dog won't eat it now
My chocolate lab used to love this adult large breed chicken and barley dry food, since the kibble size change, he REFUSES to eat it. I am extremely disappointed that Science Diet thought they should change the size of the food. by on 06/05/2019
Why? Why did you change the kibble size? No.
The kibbles are too small now. They're eating it too fast. The whole point was the large size. Go back to the large kibble. Please. by on 05/17/2019
Not a fan at the moment
I've used the Large Breed Chicken and Barley for over 3 years now. This is the first bag I have purchased with the smaller kibbles.The smell is almost unbearable. They have an almost burned or scorched smell. I found myself looking for something burning in my kitchen until I realized it was the dog food. Not a fan of the changes. I'll have to wait to see how this turns out. by on 05/04/2019
Changed Pellet Size
My lab has enjoyed this recipe for over five years. The last bag we purchased had a new pellet size. He is now having issues eating his food and he does not want to finish a bowl. I have reached out to my vet for a new recommendation. I am also contacting customer service to make them aware of my concern. Dogs like consistency...I am not sure why the change was made. by on 04/15/2019
Disappointed in new kibble size/shape
My two dogs have been on this diet for years. I loved it, they loved it, and I recommended Hills to everyone. However, with the new kibble size/shape I am less than satisfied. I have one dog who has always inhaled his food and what I loved about this specific brand/diet was that the kibble bits were quite a bit bigger than competitors which in turn made him actually have to slow down and chew his food; a win in my book! The new kibble look to be a smashed, flatter version of the old kibble. and I am noticing accelerated eating times again. While I do realize there are commercially available products to slow his down his eating time, what I liked about the old recipe was that I didn't need to buy a special bowl just to feed the food. While I cannot comment on the quality of new food recipe (because my dogs are not picky eaters), the kibble size is enough of an issue that I will have to look into other products/brands to meet the needs of my dogs. by on 04/11/2019
Very disappointed in smaller size kibble
I have fed Science Diet for many years but am very disappointed that they changed the size of the kibble! It's designed for a large breed dog so it should be a large kibble. My 85lb lab/Shepard used to actually chew the old version of kibble. Now he throws up because he inhales this smaller size kibble so fast. I am VERY DISAPPOINTED with this change. I am aware of all the tricks and bowls you can buy for dogs that inhale food but I am so mad at Hills for this change that I am going to start looking at other brands! I used to work in the veterinary industry and took the Hills nutrition course years ago but I still don't understand the change. by on 03/23/2019
High-quality product
I trust Hill's Science Diet to provide my pets with nutritious and high-quality food. I have two German Shepherds who eat the chicken & barley recipe and they love it. I go through a bag roughly once a month for these two, and it costs about $45 at PetSmart. Recently (Feb 2019), Hill's updated the packaging and kibble size, which I think are great improvements. The kibble has been changed from large, cube-like pieces to moderate pebble-like pieces. My male Shepherd enjoys this change and gobbles up his food in a timely manner. I would recommend Hill's to anyone who is looking for a high-quality, yet affordable brand. by on 02/27/2019
Doberman Approved
Our female Doberman is 9 1/2 months old and 80.3 pounds of lean, healthy, energetic, happy, a finely crafted piece of German engineering. For her dog food, all she has ever had is Hills Chicken and Barley. The puppy version when she was younger and now the adult version. Her coat is shiny and soft, She is a pretty active Doberman so I give her slightly more than the recommended amount. Proof is in the pudding so this is what I will always buy. She really loves this stuff! by on 08/14/2018
I Have no idea why his food advertises no artificial flavours, yet in the ingredient list states "Chicken Liver Flavour". If Hill's just uses chicken liver, why write "Chicken Liver Flavour". I also can not for the life of me understand why a food advocated so heavily by vets contains more grains (Bird Seed) than any other ingredient. I am so disappointed in this brand as a whole. I know vets need our pets to come back so they can run their business but selling food that damages dogs so this can happen is disgraceful! Why would you trust a dog food made by a toothpaste manufacturer. Even Colgate tell you to spit their product out. by on 06/08/2018
Boxer loves it
We were free feeding our boxer an expensive high protein food. Vet said it was an ok food in her opinion but recommended science diet. I thought our boxer was a little under ideal weight and it was always a struggle to get her to eat enough food to gain weight. Bought a bag of the adult science diet and she absolutely loves it. Free feeding is no longer an option or necessity. She actually tries to get into the food container and would probably try to eat the whole bag in one feeding. Super happy with how much she loves the food. She's putting on a few pounds and looks healthy plus we are saving money. by on 01/30/2018
Great food for our girls
We have been feeding our two lab mix girls Hill's since we adopted them in 2013 when they were 6 months old. They love it and are healthy and in good shape. We do not give them any people food as we made that mistake with our last precious girl. Bad habbit!!! They don't know the differnce. by on 12/14/2017
Great product!
My dog has been on science diet since she was a puppy. We have been really happy with it. I was also really happy with customer service representative that I chatted with. She was very helpful! by on 10/15/2017
I use the 1-6 year old food
I buy this once a month in the 35 lb size. My dog is 53 lbs of true border collie active energy. She has a beautiful coat and a strong lean body. She needs a good dog food to keep her as active. Her runs across our yard clock at 30 miles per hour. by on 10/02/2017
My dogs love it!
This is the only dog food I trust and my dogs love it! It was recommended to me by my vet and it really does keep my dogs happy and healthy. I highly recommend it! by on 09/22/2017
The Bag
My great dane loves this food but I wish you could design the bag with the owner in mind. I have to get a knife to open and then cannot re-close. How about an easy-open easy-close zip bag. Great food needs to be put in a great bag. by on 09/15/2017
Perfect food
The large pieces keep my dogs teeth and gums clean.the food is also very digestable and keeps their coat in great shape.many thanks. by on 07/13/2017
Recommend by my vet!
My dogs love this food they are active and healthy by on 06/23/2017
From Abused to LUVED.....
Fantastic food!
We started feeding this food to our rescued Goldendoodle, Seamus shortly after we adopted him. Seamus had spent the first 4 years of his life in a puppy mill... but was surprisingly picky about his food. We tried numerous supposedly "top shelf" foods and he would either walk away, or simply not finish his meals. He started losing weight as a results (something that he did not need to do!). Enter Science Diet Large Breed Adult. Seamus has eaten this happily from day 1, he is much more energetic and playful, and his coat is stunning! I was romanced into believing that the "holistic" foods were so much better than Hills. But boy am I glad that I gave this a try, and so is Seamus. Thank you Hills for making a superior product that actually delivers on its claims! by on 04/19/2017
Great food, my dog loves it
I adopted a dog from the shelter to be trained as a service dog. When I tried to get her to eat the food they were giving her at the shelter she refused it. The day I started mixing her food with yours her interest in food went up and up. And now she eats it happily. She is gaining weight as she skeletal when we got her and she gaining some weight now. She is looking quite healthy and is a very happy dog. by on 08/28/2016
Great food
This food was highly recommended frommy vet . My boxer's love it and I don't have to add any chicken to it in order for them to eat it . by on 06/29/2016
Love this food!
I breed Great Danes, and all of my adults are fed Science Diet - Large Breed. It keeps my Danes all looking and feeling great! I also work at a local animal shelter, and foster multiple animals that all excel on this food. Thanks Science Diet. -HomeGrownDanes by on 01/29/2016
Dog approved
For a higher end quality food, I was happy with the price, and my dog seemed to like the flavor by on 10/10/2015
Best Food for the health of my dogs
I actually purchase Science Diet dry dog food for both my 3 year old lab and my Dachshund Mix puppy. They both love the food and love it as training treats for praise also. I use the food because it was one of only two brands highly recommended by my veterinarian, who I trust immensely, and if she says to use it, I use it! She tells me Science Diet is very good because they keep their ingredients consistent, unlike most other brands. My dogs have a lot of energy, are fit and trim and very happy. by on 10/09/2015
My dogs are very healthy using this food
The only food that keeps the looking and feeling healthy by on 10/03/2015
happy, healthy dog
My yellow Lab has been on Science Diet Large Breed since I brought him home from the Breeder, and the results have been fantastic. by on 09/30/2015
We love Science Diet.
Our dog, Sophie, has been on Science Diet since we adopted her from an animal shelter four years ago. She especially loves the Lamb and Rice variety. Even though it is more expensive, I feel that with good nutrition comes fewer health problems. It is worth it! by on 09/21/2015
Excellent food for my Chocolate Lab
She has been eating this for almost 3 years and has not had any problems. A lot of my friends use other products that are not Science Diet and have problems by on 09/15/2015
Great Product
My dog really enjoys her meals and the clean up is a snap.!!!! by on 09/14/2015
Our dogs have always done well on Science Diet
We have large dogs so go through a lot of food and appreciate receiving coupon offers by on 09/12/2015
Boxer love
We have three boxers and they love this food. We only feed them dry and never have any issues. by on 09/06/2015
Excellent choice form my labradoodle and great dane!
After switching my Labradoodle and Great Dane to Hills science diet large breed dog food they are much more active and healthy. I definitely would recommend this product to anyone looking for a great large breed dog food at an excellent price! by on 09/03/2015
This product suits my pet's needs.
I have 2 on Science diet. An older dog on mature and a younger on adult. I like the options and the food is readily available. I once used CD and that was good too. by on 09/02/2015
love the product for my dog's health
My dog is very healthy.His coat is so shinny. Very happy with this product. by on 08/14/2015
Great food
I keep my 140lb Anatolian Shepherd on this food. He loves the taste and I definitely don't mind the price! by on 07/27/2015
This is the only brand for my dogs.
My dog loves this food. She started eating this brand as a puppy, this is the best food. I have had 4 dogs over the last 25 yrs and they were all raised on this brand and it"s the only one I will use. Thanks for loving our pets so much. by on 07/16/2015
Ingredients could be a higher quality
When looking at all brands of food Science Diet could stand above all with higher quality of ingredients. I have done my best to find another processed food to switch my pups to but I haven't found another that can stand behind their food like Science Diet has. When I call I get honesty..... I could go for a list of where they get their ingredients from and exactly where my pup's food is being made. That "Made in the USA" lable is important!!!! by on 06/19/2015
Less waste and great nutrition
Great product. Pets produce less waste and enjoy the food. by on 05/19/2015
Dog loves it
Our breeder recommended Science diet for our puppy 2 years ago and we have been using it ever since. he loves the taste of it by on 04/29/2015
Both of my dogs look forward to every meal
I have 2 dogs and both are fed only Hills Science Diet as recommended by my vet. Penelope, my cocker spaniel, enjoys the 7+ and Lola, my 2 year old English Mastiff, always looks forward to the 1+ adult large breed. It is a bit pricier than other brands, but well worth the extra. Coupons are often available to offset some of the cost. by on 12/24/2014
Everyone comments on what a gorgeous dog she is.
My dog loves the food and her coat looks so healthy. great overall food. by on 12/11/2014
This is a great product
We have 2 large dogs, they are fed both morning and evening. Unless they are not feeling well, they clean their bowls. We have used Science Diet for years and our dogs usually live active and healthy lives. Thanks. by on 11/08/2014
Keeps them running and healthy.
It's Science Diet all the way. All of our dogs have eaten this brand, and is specific to their ages and weight. They grow big, strong and healthy. At 7-years they are switched to the Mature version and continue to age beautifully. Even now, we have an 11-year-old 120-pound large breed dog who keeps up with the younger dogs! I always suggest Science Diet to people. by on 10/20/2014
Have 2 healthy dogs (babies) that have grown up with your products, specifically this dog food! Thanks for providing a good quality food that my pups love. Plus, I get never ending compliments on their soft and shiny coats (even though they both have short hair!) Thanks for the extra fish oil. by on 10/13/2014
This product has a great protein level
My dog really enjoys his food, but I have to give him another food in conjunction to give him enough calories. by on 10/11/2014
Great Product
My dog loves Science Diet. I am happy to find a dog food that my dog enjoys, and that I know is healthy for him. We use the adult dry food, but I plan to try some of the wet food for him very soon. Thanks for a great product! by on 09/11/2014
excellent dog food
This is a well balanced dog food that keeps my pet healthy. He gobbles down this food so I know he enjoys it! by on 08/31/2014
Consistent quality
The consistency of the dry food is excellent. The dogs love the taste., by on 08/28/2014
the is good and healthy
my dog love the food he eats quick and enjoying and you know dogs is never enogh by on 08/19/2014
This is a must have pet food.
Before I picked up my German Shepherd from the Humane Society, she had lived with cruel previous owners. We took her to the same veterinarian that her previous owners took her to, and he said they nearly broke her leg. He says they did this because they fed her second rate dog food, and she had an accident in the house. She couldn't help it at all, but they still hurt her. When we first got her, she was extremely hand shy, and seemed really happy every time we fed her throughout the day. She loves her dry dog food, and loves it even more when I mix treats sparingly in it. Though the price for the large bag of dog food is a bit high, I feel good knowing Hill's Pet donates to Humane Societies regularly. This is a good dog food at a good value, and now that we have a kitten as well, he is on the Science Diet also. I highly recommend this brand to anyone with a furry friend. by on 08/06/2014
I trust this company to produce a great food for my pets.
I have fed this food to my pets for more than 15 years. When it comes to quality, it has never let me down. The kibble actually smells pleasant when I open the bag. by on 07/29/2014
great large breed food
we love this food in that it has the great ingredients that will help with my 130 Ib mastiff/bulldog... he will eventually have hip issues, so this food will hopefully help prolong that! by on 07/25/2014
Quality ingredients
My dogs love the taste of the food and are always exceed for mealtimes. by on 07/20/2014
Hill's has the BEST foods on the market
I'm a vet tech and everyday we see animals who are sick all because of the food they are eating! There are other companies who make 'good' food to fix the problems that their own cheaper food caused. What's that about? Seems like a business tactic to me. While other companies charge the most for the worst foods. Thankfully there's Hill's. They only make high quality foods that keep your pet the healthiest inside and out! And to prove its good stuff they guarantee it 100%. And without twenty hoops to jump through just to get your money back! Honestly when you consider all the money saved on having a healthy pet when you feed Hill's it's well worth the couple extra bucks. Thank you Hill's for all your great products! by on 07/16/2014
Hill's Science Diet Large Breed Adult is perfect for my
I feed all of my dogs Hill's Science Diet or Hill's Prescription Diet. Hill's is one of the few companies that does animal feeding test trials on most of its foods instead of just relying on a formulated food. Hill's foods are also always lifestage appropriate. In other words, Adult food is Adult food NOT a puppy or kitten food as in ALL LIFE STAGE formulas other companies sell. It is all about nutrients NOT ingredients! by on 05/14/2014
This dog food is nutritionally great, easy on the digestive
This dog food is a great value and easily available. by on 05/03/2014
excellent product
I do know that this dry kibble has excellent nutritional value, but in additional a real plus to us is that our 1+ year old German wire haired pointer loves it. We switched from SD puppy food just a month ago. by on 04/27/2014
Science Diet Adult Large Breed
I switched to Science Diet Adult Large Breed from my other brand of food after they changed the food mixture my dogs couldn't digest it so I tried Science Diet Adult Large Breed, my dogs activity level improved right away, and no problems digesting this food. Glad I made the change to Science Diet. by on 04/21/2014
Great food my dog can't wait for meal time.
My Golden Retriever has sometimes been a picky eater to the point I had to put chicken broth on his food. However, he is always very anxious for meal time now. The large kibbles I think will help with tartar on his teeth. Before I switched, I talked with Customer Service to ensure I knew exactly what I was feeding my dog. I received helpful, informative information. This is a quality product with a substantial portion of meat, lots of minerals and vitamins, and is very favorably priced. by on 04/02/2014
quality & quantity
The product overall is a good value for the quantity that is packaged. I do purchase the large bags due to having a large breed dog. Jake seems like he enjoys the taste and the size of the dog food. by on 03/24/2014
Much happier Marvel, not as tasty though
Marvel will eat her new food but doesn't come running like she used to when I call her for dinner. However her energy has slightly improved and she seems to be more herself after switching from a name brand adult food to hills. Overall I al very satisfied. Marvel would prefer it to be tastier but as long as she's eating it, were both happy. by on 02/28/2014
Wow, these results are amazing!
I use to go through dog food all the time. I was never happy with any of the results I was seeing for my dogs. Once I switched to Hills Science Diet, I have never been so happy with the results I am seeing. I am a believer now. I will never give my pets any other kind of dog food that is not a Hill's product. My dog has so much energy with this food and his teeth are healthier than ever! I am excited I found this amazing dog food brand! by on 02/28/2014
My dogs love this food!
My baby Spencer love your food & treats, I find him licking the bowl everytime and his training has been enhanced by the wonderful treats he get from hills! I have and will always recommend all of your product because all of my babies and those I have foster has been given hills products and have thrive to become healthy dogs! Keep up the good work! Ivonne by on 02/19/2014
My dogs love it.
I have 4 large breed dogs and I also foster dogs. They all love your food. And I get a lot of comments on their shine healthy coats, I always tell people its the good food they are on science diet. by on 02/18/2014
This product keeps my animals healthy and happy
We have seven dogs and all are on variations of Science Diet food....large breed, small breed, prescription wet and dry. They are all high quality and consistent all of the time. Great for our dogs! by on 02/17/2014
Our Rottweiller loves it!
We tried three different brands of high end gluten free puppy food because our Rottie would stop eating them after the first or second bag. Finally no knowing what to do and talking with our Vet we switched her to adult food. Again, she would not eat the other brands so not knowing what to do next we studied all the brands and finally settled on Science Diet Large breed Adult and she looks forward to her meals and cleans them up immediately. Never has she finished her meals at one feeding, nibbled through out the day. It is a pleasure seeing her enjoying eating and ease our concerns for her. Great dog food! by on 02/11/2014
My dogs coats just shine
All four of our dogs love their food! I've found I don't have to feed them as much for them to be full. Their coats have never looked better....I'm a very happy customer :) by on 02/06/2014
Would like more flavor variety.
I can only get 2 choices for large breed adult - chicken or lamb. The lamb is much more expenses where I live so with 2 huge dogs I have to stick with chicken. They get very burned out on just the one flavor. Would like to see a beef flavor. by on 12/31/2013
great product
Currently use this product on our cool hound. He loves the taste and has great body conditioning all year around. by on 12/19/2013
High quality nutrition and my pup loves it.
As a veterinarian I strongly recommend any of the Hill's Science Diet product. Hill's produces a high quality nutrition that you can depend on. by on 12/19/2013
Love this food
My dog can't wait to eat his food at mealtimes. He is a VERY large breed dog - half Newfoundland, and I like that this food is specially formulated for his specific needs. His coat looks great, and he looks fit and trim. by on 12/12/2013
Great protein, with small bites, for large dogs.
I have had my German Shepherd, Jakobie, on Hill's Science diet since we got him at 7 weeks. He was on the puppy formula until he got to be a year old. He is now 2 1/2 years old and we feed him Hills Science for large breed, but small bites. He LOVES it. We tried him on one other type of food only once. He would not eat it!! We have 2 other dogs, one is on the "weight watchers" food & the other eats what ever comes in contact with his bowl. We love how their coats shine & they are very healthy. I believe that to be contributed to the Hills Science dog food. by on 11/14/2013
Happy Dog Food
Our dogs enjoy Science Diet Dog Food. They are happy, healthy, and energetic, Thanks so much for providing such a great product. by on 09/27/2013
Dog really likes it
I have a great pyrenees (130 pounds) and he love it. by on 09/26/2013
I wanted the healthy skin and glow back in his coat
I wanted to get the healthy skin and glow back in my dog's coat. His face gets itchy at the change of seasons. He acts brighter and is more interested in going for walks. I am looking forward to how he will be when I finish this bag. by on 09/23/2013
I love that Hills Science Diet has products designed for
I love that Hills Science Diet has products designed for specific needs, and are formulated to help pets achieve their ideal health and weight requirements. My dog loves the flavor (he hasn't liked some other brands), and I love knowing that he is getting the best food for his age and overall health. by on 09/19/2013
Happy and healthy
We've fed our chocolate lab Science Diet from the day we got him and he's always gobbled it up. He's a over a year old now and very healthy with a soft, shiny coat. He seems to like it, plus there's a Hill's here in our town and it's good to support a local company. It's a win win! by on 07/03/2013
My dogs love this product.
This product has been enjoyed by my dogs for several years. They readily eat it when given to them on a daily basis and are thriving health-wise. by on 06/29/2013
Stays Fresh 30 + days after we open bag
Our female 3yr old Golden Retriever eats Science Diet Adult Large Breed dry food at an even pace. She has bowel movements once or twice a day, stool never too hard or too soft, she never seems to have digestive issues. The food nuggets are just the right size, and we are lucky to have a dog that chews and does not inhale her food. by on 06/29/2013
If dogs could talk ----
Jesse James would tell me not to bother buying another brand. I've tried. After he wakes up in the AM he runs to his bowl - which is empty or I'd never get him out to do his morning duty - but he hurries because he knows what I'm now putting in his bowl. My sister's dog visits and the first thing Daisy does is run to Jesse's bowl. I have never had Jess stay loyal and look forward to eating dry food but this is a true winner and keeper. Thank you Hill's!! by on 06/29/2013
Good Quality Dog Food
I have raised 4 German Shepherds on this food and 2 lived to be 15 years old, and really never had any problems until old age just caught up with them. I believe the food helped keep them healthy and strong to the end. I now have an 8 year old Male Germany Shepherd and a 3 year old Female and both are still fed the Hills Large Breed and both are doing wonderful. I believe in this food and will continue to feed it. Thank you for making a food that I don't have to worry about the quality. by on 06/29/2013
Best product for digestive issues
I have been feeding my 3 year old lab pip science diet since a puppy. She had many problems as a puppy, digestive issues, parasites, loose stool. Vet put her on science diet and everything cleared up and I have had no problems since. I am a devoted science diet dog food buyer. If a pet store is out I go to another to get exactly what she needs. Her coat is as shiny as can be and she has grown into a beautiful black lab. I highly reccomend to friends who get puppies. Keep up the great news. by on 05/29/2013
Highly recommended by my Vet
I just adopted a 2 yr old lab/husky mix...the local humane society feeds their dogs Science Diet dry food and provided me with a bag when i picked up Logan...i did some research online as i am a new dog owner...after reading a few negative reviews about Science Diet, i was a bit concerned so when i took him to the Vet, it was one of the first questions i Vet said that this food is very high quality and is what he gives his dog...that was good enough for me...and Logan loves it and never leaves a nugget. by on 11/17/2012
I'm a veterinarian and I recommend this product daily!
I have been feeding all my pets (dogs & cats) Science Diet foods for past 14 years. Currently, I have 2 large breed dogs and they love the Science Diet Large Breed dry food. They never leave a nugget behind. Both of my dogs have beautiful shiny hair coats, good dental hygiene and are very healthy dogs. As a veterinarian, I speak with clients I use Science Diet as ideal food to feel any of their pets of all ages, but especially large breed puppies. I believe diets now are designed differently for Large Breed dogs compared to what they were when I was in vet school - nutrition for pets has come a long way and the Hill's company has contributed a huge amount to these changes with their research. Thanks Hill's for making such great diets for our pets!! by on 08/21/2012
My Dog Smokey Loves Science Diet!!
Hill'sยฎ Science Dietยฎ Adult Large Breed dog food is my dog Smokey only choice when it comes to food!! He waits for me to get up in the morning to eat his breakfast. Then again when I get home from work, the first thing that he wants me to do is feed him again. He eats every bit of what I give him and loves his food. Science Diet is the best food for him and he loves to eat it. by on 08/15/2012
My big babies love it!
It is definitely my dogs' favorite food. I love giving them something that is good for them and they love just as much! by on 08/10/2012
A Food my dog eats every morsel
My dog always devours this food, and I feel that he is getting all the nutrition he neeeds to keep him healthy and active. by on 07/22/2012
This product has helped keep my lab/husky mix healthy.
We are a science diet house. My 8 year old lab/husky mix, Bella, has eaten large breed since she was 1. She loves it. She is healthy, spry & keeps up with our 3 yr old, Luna, rat terrier when chasing bunnies in the back yard. Bella is 62 pounds and we feed her 3 cups a day to keep her going strong and at a healthy weight. by on 07/17/2012
Great alll around dog food
This is a great dog food for large breed dogs. I am using this food with a German Shepherd. I have tried different dog foods, and have noticed a huge difference with this food. This food gives my dog more energy than any other foods. It is very noticeable. His furr is also way softer with this food. He poops less and his stools are way better on this food. My dog has gotten sickly on some of the other foods that are so highly recommended on dog food websites. I have learned my lesson. I will always feed science diet from now on. I love science diet food and wish I could tour their research facility. by on 06/10/2012
We love this product and so does our dog! She "talks" to ask
Our dog Chloe is a 7 year old yellow lab and has been on Science Diet for Large Breeds dog food since we first got her as a new puppy! She can't wait for her bowl of Science Diet, and even "talks" to ask for it! Crumbs are flying as she devours her Science Diet, she has always loved the taste! Her vet recommended it, and this is all that she has been fed for her entire life. Her coat is so beautiful and shiny, and she has always been so healthy... never needing to go to the vet other than wellness and vacination visits! Her check ups are always first rate and she continues to maintain her ideal weight. She is so playful and happy, runs, goes for walks, chases birds, and loves her family with great "puppy-like" exurberance, even at almost 8 years old! The proof of quality of the Science Diet brand is in the health, vitality, and beauty of our beloved Chloe. We have always highly recommended Science Diet brand dog food to all of our friends with new puppies and older dogs alike. by on 05/30/2012
Dogs love the great taste.
Ou dogs can be kind of picky about their food, but they seem to love this food. Their dish is emptied right away. by on 05/28/2012
My dog loves this food
My dog loves the taste and the kibble size is great becasue he actually has to chew it which cuts down on the plaque build up on his teeth. by on 05/22/2012
Great dog food!
My 4 yr. old Yellow Lab/Spaniel mix has been eating Science Diet all her life and loves it. She's active, runs like the wind, healthy and still has white teeth with no 'doggy breath'. I've always used Science Diet for previous dogs and cats and the health results were always the same. by on 05/19/2012
My two dogs love this food
I have two large breed dogs and they just love this food and can't get enough of it. I have a Saint Bernard and a mixed breed which is Bernese mountain,black lab & rottweiler mix by on 05/18/2012
Science Diet lovers since 1992
Our decision to feed ONLY Science Diet started when our son in law started vet school in 1992. Since then our whole family have become promoters of this product. Our current five year old yellow lab, Charley, has grown up on Science Diet. His only "treat" is an occasional piece of string cheese. He is fit and trim, healthy and gets 8-10 runs 5 days a week. The other four family owned labs get Science Diet too. Can't imagine ever thinking about any other dog food and I'm sure the pets would give it a "five tail wag" review too. by on 05/18/2012
Kind of dusty, crumbly lately
I've been feeding Cowboy, our mix lab, large breed dry food sinse he was a pup. He's 5 now. I've always been satisfied with the product until the last 2 bags I bought. Seems that when you get to the bottom of the bag there is a lot of dust, or crumbs. This is new. Never had this problem before now. Other wise I'm very satisfied with the product and so is Cowboy. by on 05/18/2012
What this product can do!!!!
As of Feburary 2012 I have been giving my boxer Diesel Science diet!! My family and I had been noticing he had become very week, lots of hair loss, and very thin. We took him to our VET and she suggested we start feeding him science diet and with in weeks we could see a great change in his attitude, his weight, and his shedding !! It is amazing how much Science Diet has changed him back into the loving and healthy FAMILY member we missed so much!! we have our Diesel back !! THANK YOUSCIENCE DIET!!! by on 05/18/2012
My dogs like this food better than any other.
good product...dogs like taste! reasonable on price.. by on 05/18/2012
This product is great
My dog really loves it. She brings mouthfuls into the living room to eat it. by on 05/17/2012
Good food with good nutrition, less clean up
I have always had my dogs on Science Diet and will never change. They always look forward to dinnertime, Their coats are nice and I feel they are getting good nutritional food. Keep up the good work! by on 05/17/2012
My dog loves this
I have an English Mastiff and a German Shepherd. We have fed both dogs only science diet food since they were brought home and they love it! by on 05/17/2012
A balanced well digested meal
I have 3 large mixed breed dogs that have been on Hill's Large Breed since their adulthood. I have never had any issues with their coat, their digestion or their desire to eat. I have friends that complain how their dog doesn't like their food but mine love theirs. I have no reason to change and never will. by on 05/17/2012
Great food for our Golden Retreiver
Our dog has been eating the Science Diet Adult large breed for the past two years. Since then we often get comments about how beautiful and shiny her coat is. The Science diet food also provides her with the energy she needs for her active lifestyle. by on 05/17/2012
my 2 lab dogs love this food
I had my 1 year labs on the large breed puppy thru thier whole puppy stage, I just swtich them to the adult large breed this past month. They love it. I have always been a user of science diet. by on 05/16/2012
Extra joint support large breeds need.
My dog enjoys this food, and gets excited every time her bowl is filled. She's a Shepherd/ St. Bernard mix weighing in at 80+ lbs, and she, like other large dogs, does not have the same nutritional needs as medium or small dogs. It's great that she likes this food, and it's great that it's more affordable than some other "specialty" foods, but the most important thing in my opinion is that I can feel good feeding it because of the ingredients and the extra support for her joints. I cannot, in good conscience, purchase a food that has grains as the top component since it is not part of a dog's natural diet. by on 05/16/2012
Best all around
Science diet contains everything a dog needs. They eat less because they are nutritionally satisfied. My dogs do not over eat. Other benefit is good digestion, which leads to the feces breaking down quickly. (No white hard rock-likes) I can always find this on sale, or a bag comes with coupons, making it a great deal. I've tried other brands, both cheaper and higher priced, but all had issues. And my dogs' coats are magnificent. by on 05/16/2012
I beleve Science Diet dog food adds years to a dog's life!
Our labrador retiever is now five years old, and he is the third one we have owned. All of them have been fed Science Diet dog food, and all of them lived to almost 14 years old. A large dog (over 75 lbs) puts a lot of strain on his joints--it is imperative to feed him a good quality dog food that he enjoys eating, and that will help him maintain a healthy weight and joints. My granddog chocolate lab just turned 15, and he also has been fed Science Diet throughout his life. These animals are not just pets to us, they are an important part of our family, and Science Diet definitely helps them stay healthy and active! by on 05/16/2012
Very Reliable quality and taste
I have used Science Diet for the last 19yrs for my guys and they love it. They remain healthy and happy. I always find it on sale which helps the pocket. It is easy on their stomach and they have healthy bowel movements not like other brands that give them watery stools. I find Science Diet very dependable and recommend it to everyone. I start with the puupy food graduating to adult. by on 05/16/2012
Only the best for my babies!
We tried some of the other " natural" brand foods from a specialty pet shop, both my dogs had the worst gas, upset tummies! We immediatly put them back on science diet and saw them feeling better in 3 days! They know what the bag looks like and sniff at it like crazy when we bring it home. We follow the feeding recommendations and our Vet says they are in perfect health. Thank you science diet for creating a dog food that in-turn creates healthy, happy, beautifull coats on both my 1yr old golden ret pup and my 5 year old yellow lab! by on 05/16/2012
Healthy food that pets love
All of our animals have had long healthy lives thanks to Hills Science diet foods. by on 05/16/2012
I have not actually tried it, but my dog seems to enjoy it very much. He has never turned his nose up when I fill his bowl. by on 05/16/2012
Puppy love
I checked out several different brands before I got my puppy. I have fed him Hills science from day one. He loves the taste. He is also a free feeder and has not gotten greedy while eating. He is a 5 year old Golden Retriver and is in excellent health. Thanks to all at Hills, I look forward to giving him your senior food when he needs it by on 05/16/2012
Simply the best!
I have three dogs and all of them absolutely LOVE Science Diet. My lab mix won't even finish a bowl of any other type of food. Since I switched to Science Diet I've also noticed less waste in the backyard. by on 05/16/2012
Good Quality
I have had my two dogs on Science Diet since they were puppies. Recently my husband decided to try to save money by buying cheaper dog food at the grocery store. Shortly after switching the food my dogs turned into little gas machines and had dry, flaky skin. I had to buy medicated shampoo that smelled bad and give them a bath once a week just to curtail the horrible dandruff. Not worth the few bucks we saved switching brands. We have since gone back to Science Diet and my dogs coats are soft and shiney and they don't drive everyone out of the room with their uncontrollable gas. by on 05/16/2012
This is great food for any pet!
I already used Science diet for my older dog and decided to stay with this brand for our new puppy when he arrived. He is now a year and a half old and is doing wonderful on this food (Adult large breed). His coat is shiny and thick - in addition, he has wonderful energy and really enjoys this food! The vet even commented on how well his overall condition was. by on 05/16/2012
My dogs love it!
I have three Golden Retrievers and they all love your products. When I haven't had a chance to go get more Science Diet food and I shop locally for some dog food to carry them over until I get more Science Diet food, I can totally tell the difference between all three of them being off of their Science Diet dog food, even for a few days! They get excited when they see me open the back of my car and pull out a big bag of their favorite Science diet dog food! It's a wonderful mix and blend of nutrition and flavor for them. I wouldn't have any other dog food for them unless I don't have a chance to get in to the city to get more for them! They love me for feeding them such a high quality product! by on 05/16/2012
We feed our dog nothing else!
Science Diet is food that we feel good about feeding our Basset Hound. Veterarian recommended, we know that he is getting top nutrition, and we see his health in his super soft coat and healthy physique. We originally first tried Science Diet with our old Basset Hound, and always received accolades from neighbors and the vet on how healthy and fit he was. No overweight Bassets here! And he lived to be 15 years, a great long life. And I'm sure the Science Diet helped! And so with our new puppy, we started him on large breed pupy formula -- and now that he is over a year, he gets the adult formula. And we are often getting people slowing down as we are walking him to tell us what a great looking dog we have. Healthy and active -- Science Diet helps bring out the best in dogs! by on 05/16/2012
Great dog food for any breed!!!
Never purchased before and have recently started using it for my labs and they just love it the smell taste and texture!!! Even I got to say I love the after part!!! Lol solid bowel movements!!! Would recommend to anyone!!! by on 05/16/2012
Pay the few dollars more, you and your pets will be glad.
We had always fed our dogs Science Diet brand products until we moved to Alaska. When sticker shock on everything clouded our better judgement. Digestive issues, allergic reactions causing skin rashes and a case of the bloat later, we finally realized all the money we could have saved along with, the pain and discomfort that could have been spared to our pets by just sticking with the greater quality food. I'm not saying Science Diet products prevent anything bad from happening but, I am saying we never had any digestive issues, illnesses, skin rashes, allergic reactions and excess weight gain despite daily exercise with our dogs before we switched. We grievously regret ever changing brands and now that we have switched back, we will never sway when it comes to their health and happiness again. by on 05/16/2012
Great product, price a little high
I own 3 boxers, all rescues. They seem to LOVE this food. Their mouths water every time I feed them. I would recomment this product to anyone who has a dog because the pets love it and its good on their stomachs. My only gripe is the price. I always search for sales, but even the sale prices are still high, when compared to other foods. With 3 large dogs, imagine what the pet food bill is! by on 05/16/2012
Consistently high quality
The quality of this product is proven each time I go to the vet. I'm always asking her if there is anything better to feed them (raw diet, different brand, etc.) and she always smiles and just says, "Just look at them! They're beautiful and couldn't be any better!" That's good enough for me and my pets. You don't see recalls on quality. by on 05/16/2012
5 happy dobermans
My wife and I have 5 adult AKC registered Doberman Pinschers. Black and Tan Male and Blue female parents to three pups kept from their breeding. Two Black and Tans and one Red.From birth to now all have been primarily on Hills Science Diet to the tune of approximately 200 lbs each month. Their overall health, coat condition, and digestive function are a direct result of their diet. For the money and benefit we wouldn't use any other brand and haven't for over 7 years now. We have seen from time to time the pups ( now almost three years old) and their respective owners and it is very easy to tell who is feeding Hill's Science Diet and who is not. When they see our Dobes they always seem surprised at how much healthier and larger they are and our first question is always "what are you feeding them?" Invariably the answer to the sub par looking pups is always a brand other than Hill's. Proof enough for us! by on 05/16/2012
My dog will not eat unless it is this dog food. She is picky and just won't eat unless we give her this by on 05/11/2012