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Hill's Science Diet Adult Lamb Meal & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food Product Reviews

For grown dogs that like variety in their daily meal, Hill's® Science Diet® Adult dry dog food provides high quality, easy-to-digest ingredients that fuel the energy needs of your adult dog in a delicious lamb flavor. Packed with omega-6s & vitamin E to give your canine a healthy skin & coat, this premium dog food made with natural ingredients also provides high-quality protein to help your full grown dog maintain muscle. Since adult dogs need a strong gut, this grown dog food uses natu... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 95 reviewers.

Great dog food
Excellent results with coat and energy level. Eats 100% of all meals . by on 04/06/2023
Changed formula
My dog Steve does not like this since you changed it. by on 01/06/2022
Dogs love it
We have used Science Diet for all our dogs over the years. We have very high energy bird dogs. This dog food satisfies them completely. by on 05/31/2017
Great product
My dog got this fed to him in the shelter. He was doing excellent on it but I tried to switch him to another product. Never again. This is the product he does the best on. Keeps him full, shiny coat, he loves the taste. I am brand loyal now. Thanks for all you do for shelters! by on 03/06/2017
Helped with itching
I tried this food after many others, including prescription. My dog has very sensitive skin and this food did not give her a reaction. by on 03/01/2017
My dog loves the taste.
We started Ember, our lhasapoo on the puppy Hill's dry food when we got her at eight weeks old. She is now 1.5 years old. Some may say it is pricey but it's worth it. by on 06/18/2016
My eurasian dog is 12 y/o and has been eating this wonderful food since 6 years ago. It`s awesome how beautiful, healthy and active he is. Everybody stop us to take him pictures and touch his soft and shiny hair. He does not look as a 12 y/o dog and my deepest desire is to enjoy his company and love for years to come. He loves Lamb and Rice Small Bites.! by on 07/14/2015
The dogs seem to like it.
My dogs have a problem with chicken based dog foods, so this is a great alternative. by on 06/10/2015
A good value for the price paid
My two dogs have been on this dog food for five (5) years and still love it as much today as when we first started feeding it to them. by on 04/03/2015
good product our dog loves it and we know it keeps her
I like the Science dog food and try and get coupons. We are retired so it is expensive to us, but we will manage. Thank you. by on 10/01/2014
like that it has a lot of variety
I open the bag and smell the goodness. Our dogs love it. by on 09/11/2014
Great Dog Food!
My dog loves this and she is a picky eater. Great choice for nutrition and value. by on 08/24/2014
Great Dog Food
My dog has been on advanced fitness over two years and has loss 20lbs and is in the best shape he has ever been in the last five years. I have told neighbors who have dogs over weight to put their dogs on this food after they saw the results on mu yellow lab Charlie. by on 07/29/2014
The product has many benefits
I like the food, but it seems to get stale before the bag is finished. by on 07/17/2014
Recommended by our vet.
Our dog will eat this product, but appears to like other foods as well, which are less expensive. by on 07/10/2014
what I got was not listed - Active longevity
Since my dog needs a high fiber diet this did not do the trick.It was recommended to me but I later discovered that my rescue dog had elimination issues and according to the vet needed a high fiber diet. so my dog did not do good on this formula and it does not appear that you have a high fiber product :( by on 06/24/2014
Easy transition
My girls (all 3 ) transitioned very easily from their other dog food to Science diet recommended by my vet. by on 06/12/2014
great product
excellent product. improved health on a older previous dog with the orescription diet formula. by on 06/09/2014
Excellent product
My 7 year old black lab absolutely loves this dry food. by on 06/06/2014
Great food at a fair price!
This product works great with my pets. They eat every bite and seem to enjoy the taste very much. As a pet lover I am very picky with the brand foods. We have tried other brands but have not been as satisfied as we have been with Hill's Science Diet. It's a great brand at a fair price and they offer coupons which I enjoy! My puppies have used Hill's diets through all of their life stages and will continue to use as they grow. by on 06/01/2014
This product has great features.
My dogs love this food. They are healthy, and happy. I have fed all my animals Science Diet dry and canned food. There coats are shiny. I could not ask for anything more. Thank you Science Diet, for making such a wonderful, nutritious product. by on 05/30/2014
My Dog Seems To Love The Taste...
We recently switched to Science Diet & I was mixing the food during the transition. My dog Indy would "pick" though to get the Science Diet bits. We are totally on Science Diet now & Indy couldn't be happier! by on 05/23/2014
Science Diet 7+ for small & toy dogs
This is the one dog food that my rescued Lhasa Apso loves. He has no problem eating it and his weight stays at a level rate. My only wish is that is came in a bag somewhere between the 4.5 lbs. and the great big bag so I would not have to shop for it as often. by on 05/21/2014
This product is great for my small dogs.
I buy the little bites and my dogs just love it. I will not buy any other brand for them. I try never to run out because this is the only food that they get. by on 05/20/2014
My pet does great on this product
I love that this food has great quality control and that my vet recommends it highly by on 05/15/2014
He loves it he. has never refused it like other foods. by on 05/08/2014
It's great!
Food wooks for my dog perfectly well/ No sensitive stomach issues by on 05/07/2014
High Quality Product but Costly
I really think highly of Hill's products, however it's on the expensive side. I would like to see a resealable bag to keep the food fresh as long as it did not drive the price up. by on 05/05/2014
It is good.
This is a good product but is more expensive than the others. by on 04/28/2014
My pet loves it.
My dog is a picky eater and she loves the food. I like the nutritional value of this food and my dog is not allergic to it. by on 04/28/2014
dog enjoys the lamb better than chicken
Small pellets mean the dog goes through the food faster. ..would be nice if they were bigger pellets by on 04/12/2014
A Healthy Dog is a Happy owner!
I combine the wet with the dry for Gucci's meals. She obviously loves it and her coat, health record and her over-all activity level are all superior. Gucci had a sensitive stomach as a puppy. It wasn't until we started her on the Science Diet meals that she got better. Thank you, Robert Moore by on 04/05/2014
This food keeps my dog's energy at a steady level all day
My dog is special because he was born special. He takes seizure medication in the morning and at night and hasn't had a seizure in two years. We credit his medication, his neurologist and the recommended diet, Science Diet Adult Advanced fitness Lamb Meal and Rice. This food keeps him active, alert and a happy family member. We train throughout the year for 5k road races he loves to participate in. Most people never realize he's also blind. Unfortunately, his mother didn't receive high quality food like Science Diet that may have prevented his conditions. We wouldn't trust our dog's special health needs to any one other than Science Diet. Science Diet understands dog health and how to maintain and keep it for the life of my 'special' guy. Thank you Science Diet. by on 03/26/2014
My dog loves this
This product has been great for my dog. I have noticed what appears a better coat, increased appetite and the want to play more. by on 03/04/2014
This product is good and has great features
We love this product have been using science diet for a very long time. our dog loves the dry and can. the can he loves the stews and gravy and the snacks by on 03/03/2014
I love this product. Switched my dog to it and saw a huge change in how he felt in a couple of days..strongly recommend.. by on 02/04/2014
Great value for your dollar
We've used Science Diet for as long as I can remember. It's always been recommended by our vet and I know my babies are getting the best. It's affordable and a great quality food for all you dog lovers by on 01/14/2014
I would reccomend this product to my friends.
My dogs are very healthy and happy with this product. by on 12/31/2013
well-liked by pet; no obvious food sensitivities
My dog liked it from the start and having switched from a food that she reacted itchy with, she did very well. by on 12/21/2013
Size of kibble was great for my dog
My dog really did like this and had no trouble transitioning to this from his other food. by on 12/19/2013
Best value/Best Dog Fiid
Our mixed breed, rescue dog has always eaten Science Diet. We get compliments all the time on her appearance and people are surprised when we tell them her age. Going on 10 this year, she is still active and appears young (except for some graying in her muzzle). I attribute her good looks and most of her health to Science Diet (currently Healthy Mobility - Large Breed)! One of the last great compliments I received while walking our dog was, "She looks like a movie star dog!" by on 12/19/2013
My dogs love this food!
I would rate Science Diet products with 10 stars if I could! I have always fed my dogs Science Diet because I feel confident that I am feeding them the best and most nutritious food available. I have older Yorkies that are my babies. Feeding them Science Diet has kept them healthy all of these years and I am very grateful for that. We recently switched to the Lamb and Rice formula because my oldest, who is 14, was not eating well. She loves this food! Now I have no problem getting her to eat. Thank you Science Diet for the quality of your products . by on 12/07/2013
Great food for dogs!
I fed Science Diet to my first miniature dachshund, she lived to be 18 years old. I firmly believe the food helped her to live that long. by on 12/02/2013
Science diet is great for my dogs plus they love the taste
My dogs love Science diet dog food. They are more energetic and loving to be around. I know they are getting the best food out there by on 11/06/2013
great product
the product was great and my dog ate it all great. by on 10/20/2013
Great Product
My dog loves Science Diet. Since he has been eating this, he seems to have more energy and a shiney coat by on 10/16/2013
This product has been good for my pet.
This product has proven agreeable to my pet's sensitive stomach. by on 10/16/2013
I love this product
I am always getting compliments on how shiny my dogs coat is. Even when we are walking down the street, it looks like she is always being groomed and also her teeth are super clean and white. I tell them it is because of the science diet food I feed her. It has to be because that is the one constant in her diet. by on 10/07/2013
great cat food
I have used the products from Science Diet for 16 years. One sweet baby cat lived 14 years and Science Diet was a BIG part of that. Two years ago a little ball of fur adopted us,( was thrown out) and he has been on this for the past year. He is outside a lot and has hairballs> this product has worked for us. No more coughing up piles of ...... All of our animals have beautiful,soft coats, and what a shine they have. THANKS Science Diet by on 10/02/2013
Hairball Control Light Cat Food
Our cat, Caroline, absolutely loves it! She eats every bite she can fit in! As for me, I love the shape as it does not roll across the floor if it gets out of the dish. Caroline has a new favorite food! by on 10/01/2013
The Omega-6 helps skin & coat on my dogs.
I have 4 dogs they love it. they have been eating it for 3 years now!!!!!!!! by on 09/30/2013
great taste easy to feed
My Great Dane does not have gas while on this product. Also much less stool. by on 09/27/2013
My cats love this food.
My cats only eat Science Diet Light. They won't even eat treats or cat nip. by on 09/26/2013
FAB Food for a dog that needs Grain Free
Love this food, my dog loves the taste and it's GRAIN FREE! He has a gluten intolerance and this is perfect since we've switched no more problems! A little higher priced, but worth it. by on 09/26/2013
Overall healthy benefits
I've been feeding one of my dogs Science Diet since she was a pup and my other dog for about a year. There's no denying their overall health has improved greatly. Beautiful coats, full of energy, their stools look healthy. One thing I hope happens soon is improving the taste. Unless I mix it with some canned product they really don't go for it like I've seen them do with other dog foods I've tried. Yet, I don't like added chemicals to their food either. I will keep feeding my pooches Science Diet because I trust their brand. by on 09/21/2013
Best product on the market.
My Rottie enjoys her W/D twice a day. Loves it. Me too. by on 09/21/2013
This product has great nutrition for my pet and she loves it
I am extremely satisfied with the quality and nutritional value this product provides for my pet. She enjoys eating it and looks forward to each day to get her plate of food! by on 09/20/2013
Great for sensitive stomachs
My dog loves the lamb meal and science diet is easy on his stomachs. We get lots of comments on how shiny his coat is and how lean and muscular he looks. by on 09/15/2013
Good ingredients
good for my dog, healty ingredients; like my dog eating natural ingredients by on 09/09/2013
Recommended by vet; enjoyed by yellow Lab
Because of a medical aspect, our vet recommended this dog food. Since then, our grand-dog has enjoyed it, only refraining from eating when she encounters a medical issue, after which we resume the advanced fitness but may decrease the amount. She is doing well on this regimen and is always anxious to eat, telling me specifically that 5:00 has come! I recommend it. I like buying the 33 pound size but cannot handle that size on my own so I purchase it online so it is delivered straight to my door. by on 09/08/2013
Our dogs love this food
We have a year-old miniature long-haired Dachshund and an older Chihuahua and they both love this food. I know that the Chihuahua should likely migrate to senior food at this point, but these two eat together like a couple of kids and really enjoy the food, so I would hate to separate them! by on 09/07/2013
My dogs love it
When I first got my chesapeake, the breeder was feeding him science diet and I haven't changed at all. Guinness is now 8 yrs old and going strong....Since Guiness is up in age, we now have a yellow lab puppy and she also gets science diet. The only dog food I will ever give my dogs. by on 08/29/2013
Great food
When I adopted Tucker he had a lot of stomach problems at least once a week mainly when he was a puppy. I changed to Lamb and rice over a year ago and he doesn't have any more stomach problems at all and he loves the taste too. I'm very happy with the results. by on 08/16/2013
Food helps itchy dog
Our dog is always itchy. He doesn't have sores or lose hair; just always itchy. When we switched the dog food to the Lamb & Rice meal it greatly reduced the dog's scratching. Quality food really does make a difference! by on 08/13/2013
My dog is doing the happy dance
My furbaby just loves this food. We had trouble finding something that he wanted to eat and this was love at first bite for him. Now at meal times he gets really excited and does the happy dance! No more Mr. Finicky! by on 07/18/2013
great product
I recommend this product to anyone that has a large dog. My dog is the pickiest eater, we went through 5 different brands of off and he liked this one the best. Its not to much money in fact it is priced perfect. This food has the best diet also, when I poured it into my dogs bowl it didn't give a over whelming smell of gross dog food like some brands give off. I shake the bag and my dog comes running he knows its time to eat! i would give this a 5 stars brand by on 07/11/2013
Our "Movie Star" Dog
Our mixed breed, rescue dog has always eaten Science Diet. We get compliments all the time on her appearance and people are surprised when we tell them her age. Going on 10 this year, she is still active and appears young (except for some graying in her muzzle). I attribute her good looks and most of her health to Science Diet (currently Healthy Mobility - Large Breed)! One of the last great compliments my husband received while walking our dog was, "She looks like a movie star dog!" by on 07/10/2013
Exellent Dog Food
I feed this to my 3 yr old Boxer Molly. She loves it, and it agrees with her, and not all dog food does! This food helps keep her lean and full of energy. I tried switching her to the advanced formula regular science diet but she started gaining weight. She is only slightly bulky at 70 lbs, but she looks good. Her high weight was 80 lbs and she was showing rolls behind her neck and in front of her tail so I didn't like her that heavy. by on 07/10/2013
Great dog food
I have been giving my Maltese Science diet for about 2 years. I first learned about science diet through the internet. One day I saw a report that was done on all dog foods and which one's ranked first. Science diet held about 10 spots at the top. I decided that day to change to science and give my dog the best. Science diet is not only a good dog food, It also slows down dog tears. I don't have any problems with tears anymore. It's great because if you have had/or have a white dog, you know that those tear stains can be real ugly. by on 07/02/2013
The Oldest Puppy Loves It!
My duncan donut loves Ideal Balance wet and dry food for mature dogs. He is 10 years and 4 months and still plays like a puppy. He runs for 2 hours per day in the dog park and has the great energy of the basenji he is. I have only fed him Hill's Science Diet since he was 3 months old. Ideal Balance is the latest food of Hill's Science Diet he enjoys! by on 07/01/2013
This product has great nutritions
We have been buying science diet dog food for over 18 yrs., we have never switch products, we love everything that science diets offer us for our yellow lab, even when we couldn't afford the cost of the dog food, we would put it together anyway to get your product for our dog. Our pet is like a kid to us, and we want only the best for her, as we would ourselves. Being disabled it has been very hard at times to afford the product, but I wouldn't buy anything else for my dog. by on 06/30/2013
Got my dog back on track
My older dog (17) has digestive issues and I've been feeding her this dog food for at least two years now and she is better. She doesn't have the issues she had prior to this food and I tried many over the counter high cost foods. I've now switched my other dog (10 years) to this food also. Everyone seems happer!! by on 06/30/2013
It's what she likes
i have a two year old Yorkie she is the the worst eater i ever had. she started to worry me, I left her food down for 2 days still wouldn't eat I trier many different brands even supermarket brand, all were good brands from a pet store except 1 from the market ( glad she didn't like it, not the best food to feed lots of bi products and fillers but it was better then nothing if she would eat it ) then after reading lots of different brand ingredients I liked what your food had in it and it seemed to click with her, she seemed to like your Adult small dog food. I am happy it was there. Thank You/ A super satisfied customer. A/G by on 06/30/2013
Our dog likes this food and it seems to agree with her. by on 06/30/2013
Well worth the cost
My two gentle giants ( English mastiff & Great Dane ) go through their share of science diet!!!! This product was recommended to us by our vet. on our very first visit with a tiny little 4 pound mastiff puppy! 10 years later, and virtually zero health problems later, we have never regretted following doctors orders! We are the proud parents of a healthy 10 year old mastiff and a 5 year old Great Dane who has endless energy! Thank you science diet! by on 06/30/2013
Good food makes a huge difference!!
We have been feeding quality food to our dogs for 20 years. It makes a huge difference in their health. It also helps keep them regular when they go to the bathroom. We have two Labs now and we feed both Science Diet. It is cheaper because it keeps our dogs healthy. We are very picky about what we feed our dogs. by on 06/29/2013
I have been using Science Diet for years now and I love it. My dog seems to be healthier and happier. Her cote is shiny and she doesn't have any type of skin problems. by on 06/29/2013
Seeing is believing
I took my vet's recommendation from the time I got my pet and followed his advise of not changing his food so my pet won't develop stomach problems. Since I do not know any better, I just followed his advise. Eight years later, my dearest pet is still healthy and have not given me any health issues at all. Thus, I truly believe in this product and will definitely stick to it. I recommend this to all my friends as well. by on 06/29/2013
Great Product
This is the only food that my two dachshunds will eat. They have been eating Hills Science Diet since we first brought them home 10+ years ago. It was recommended by our vet and we have never looked back. Our two kids have been healthy and have grown into strong, happy pets. It is all thanks to our vet and Hills Scientific Diet products. by on 06/29/2013
My dog likes this food
My dog likes this food and it has great nutrients. by on 06/29/2013
Our American Foxhound Daisy is a Happy Girl on Science Diet
Our American Foxhound Daisy loves your food she has had it since she was a young puppy and she is very healthy and active. This product has had a huge impact on daisys overall Health. Thanks Hills :) by on 06/29/2013
Miniature Dachshund
We have two miniature dachshunds, Bambi & Chloe. They know when it is time for them to eat! All of the sudden we will hear them wake up, Bambi will start barking and whining. Chloe will start making three or four note howling noise, almost like she is trying to sing. They rarely bark or howl. All we have to do is look at the clock and we will see they are right on time to eat. They are so happy about eating Science Diet Small Bites Light, they will continue to whimper till they are fed! by on 06/29/2013
Answer to a prayer
This food has been the answer to a prayer for my dog. When I got him, he was about a year old and had been abandoned. He had a puppy collar that was choking him, was emaciated and had a stomach full of garbage. It took forever to find something he could digest without throwing it up. Since finding this food he has thrived, his coat is softer and shiny and he is full of life. He has gained about 1/3 of his weight and is an amazing dog. I am grateful to have something that not only he can tolerate well, but something that provides him with good nutrition. by on 06/07/2013
< 3 this food at much as my dog does!
My Dogo Argentino, Zephyr, is SO picky! I tried A LOT of dog food and wasted money often because he didnt like it. I then tried the Hill Science diet adult food and HE LOVED it! Thankfully I havent wasted any more money on food that I would have to give away because he eats it everytime and loves it! I think I love it just as much too! by on 05/29/2013
My Dogs Love this Dog Food!!!
My Dogs who are very finicky eaters Love Hills Science Lamb & Rice Dry Dog food. They give it 5+ stars & so do I. Is very healthy for your dogs. And, that's why I feed this to my dogs. by on 05/29/2013
I love it because my dogs love it!
my dogs have have been so much happier and healthier ever since I switched to Science Diet lamb meal and rice. Im so happy with this product and Im never going back to those other brands I was used to getting. Thanks for making a great product! by on 07/17/2012
Something my dogs like
I trust this product to give my dogs what they need,plus they enjoy the taste by on 05/21/2012
great health benifits
I've been feeding my 4 dogs for about 6 months. We had gotten two cocker spaniels rescued from a puppy mill that had no ideal what a good food was. The dog food has helped to get them healthy. The lamb and rice straighted out thier digestive tracks, along with making thier coats look great. I would recommend this food to any dog owner who is looking for food for that sensitive picker eater. My dogs thank you for this great product by on 05/21/2012
My boxer loves it!
I tried switching food to save money and was talked into a "healthier" food, but my boxer kept having issues keeping it down. 2-3 times per week there would be a pile to clean up. We switched back to Science Diet Lamb & Meal and she has not been sick since. Lesson learned by me! by on 05/21/2012
lamb meal and rice adult
This product is great. I have an english bulldog female named Sadie. She has delicate skin and has been on science diet lamb meal and rice since she was a puppy. She has done wonderful with this and is now 3 yrs old. Love Science Diet. by on 05/18/2012
Great product!
I have 3 dogs, they are my babies. I was feeding them cheaper food and saw a huge difference with this, better quality food (called science diet lamb & rice). On the science diet, they literally go to the bath room less, have more solid bowel movements and there coats look healthier, more shiney. They enjoy the food (eat it right away). Thank you Science Diet! by on 05/16/2012
Great choice
I started using Hill's prescription diet C/D for my older guy who had some issues with bladder stones and was impressed by the quality. When I got my new guy it was a no-brainier as to what brand to use. It was recommended by my vet and is used by his doggie day camp by on 05/16/2012
The "Best" for all Pets
In my lifetime, I have had many dogs and after trying different types of dog foods on the market, I found that Science Diet was the 'BEST" for my pets. I noticed that when I gave my dog another brand other than Sicience Diet the bowel movements had a drastic change, becoming very large in size, which meant to me that my pet was not absorbing the dog food into its system. When I changed back to Science Diet, the bowel movements became smaller. I am very pleased with Science Diet because it has proven to be healthier for my pet and since there are alot of options to choose from with Science Diet, it makes it easier for me to give good nutrition to my best friend. by on 05/16/2012
Has a fresh smell-not stinky
My dog loves this food. Science Diet is the only dry food I have given her. by on 05/16/2012
After 16 years of searching, I always come back to Science
I have been a veterinary technician for 16 years. I have worked in every aspect of veterinary medicine from day practice, to cardiovascular research, to alternative medicine and I am now in academia at a University. I recently have done personal research on 40 different pet foods and found the top three to try on my own personal pet. My dog is a three year old deaf, white pit bull. Ever since I started her on Science Diet, her white coat has been drastically brighter, her mentation is completely changed. She is happier and more playful. She was always itching and had a dull hair coat with the previous brand. After searching all the premium pet foods, I always come back to science diet. It is what I recommend to all our clients. We treat our pets as family and we know our clients do as well. It is great to have such a stellar company to provide optimal health for our patients and our personal animals. Thank you, Science Diet, for making such a different in so many lives! by on 05/16/2012