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Hill's Science Diet Adult Indoor Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food Product Reviews

Hill's Science Diet Adult Indoor Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food is a meticulously crafted formulation designed to meet the specific nutritional needs of adult cats living an indoor lifestyle. Specially formulated for cats aged 1 to 6 years, this dry cat food provides a balanced and flavorful meal to support their overall health and well-being. Tailored for Indoor Cats:Recognizing the unique energy needs of indoor cats, Hill's Science Diet cat food is packed with high-quality ingredients to ens... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 206 reviewers.

Kibble size
When I opened the bag, I was concerned about the kibble size. It's an awkward triangle shape that seemed fairly big. I was transitioning to this food, so I mixed it with my cats weight loss SD dry food with small round kibbles and he left in the triangle Indoor kibble in the bowl! My dogs have done this, but never my cats. Will need to find another indoor cat food. by on 03/21/2023
Kitty to Adult
My little Cara has grown out of her kitten stage. I switched her over to this food and I'm so glad she is enjoying it. Also the delivery was very fast! by on 01/03/2023
It might be recommended, but my cats won't eat it! & it's too expensive for a senior on a fixed income!!! by on 09/30/2022
Stella LOVES her Hill's Science
Stella loves to nibble and gobble this food. She has great energy and is in great health! Thanks Hill's Science! by on 04/26/2022
Kibble now too large
My cats loved this food. Unfortunately they have increased the kibble size and now they cannot eat it. Going to have to switch brands, very disappointing by on 11/08/2021
cat loves it by on 05/27/2021
Stachie loves
My cat L O V E S this food. She is meowing at 4 in the morning for more. She is a VERY picky eater, I buy the same brand wet food and she only eats beef, no chicken, turkey, or any type of fish, very picky. And she's gobbles her whole bowl up quick! by on 05/14/2021
Cats Won't Eat It
I bought a 14.5lbs bag of this food. I have 3 cats, and none of them will take more than a few bites. They put the pieces in their mouth, and spit them back out. I cannot even get the stray cat to eat it. I've never had a cat food that my cats refuse to eat-- until this one. I would not buy this and I suggest everyone to steer clear. Worst cat food I've ever bought. The bag is still at 12 of 14lbs, and I had to buy a whole new bag of a different kind of food. by on 11/27/2020
Will never use another brand agai!
Feed my 8 y/o adopted cat twice a day. In 2 weeks his energy level picked up and I don't worry about him getting nutrients he needs. by on 09/07/2019
I will keep buying this for my girl!
I was feeding my cat another top shelf cat food that she didn't seem to enjoy. Someone suggested I try this brand. I bought a bag and mixed some in with her regular food. She picked out all of the Hills Science Diet and left the over food in the dish. I think that said it all. She's been eating only this for a few days now and has been doing great on it. I will never change her to anything else. by on 02/20/2019
Great food - my cats love it!
Science Diet: Feline Adult Indoor has been a life changer. I previously fed a different brand, my cats were always hungry and gaining weight. Since changing to Science Diet Indoor, my cats appetites are controlled and they are losing weight! by on 04/09/2018
I wish that that there was a clear window on the bag so you could see the size of the kibble. My cats do not care for the little round pellets but love the bigger flat ones as in adult 1-6. by on 09/02/2017
Human selected, Cat approved
With six cats of varying ages finding food they will ALL eat is a challenge, but Hill's never lasts as long as I would like. And it is not just the current pride, we have had as many as 13 and they all agreed it's the best by on 07/29/2017
Goto food
We have been using Science Diet for our cats for over 20 years. Except for when one of the cats has a serious illness, it has kept them happy and healthy (minimal vet visits) which when you have many cats is a blessing. by on 06/26/2017
Noli loves her Indoor Cat Science Diet
We have always purchased science diet from the time our dog and cat came home. Cannoli began with the kitten formula and then we moved on to the indoor when she turned a year. I was worried about the transition as she is a very picky eater. She loves this food. She waits for me by my bed in the morning and when I pull open that bag she goes crazy. We love this product! by on 06/24/2017
Love this
Helped my former outdoor cat's fur become softer. And not as many hairballs coming from three cats that lick each other and themselves. by on 06/16/2017
Only thing she will eat!!
This is such a great product. It is literally the only thing that our cat Caer will eat, anything else she will try to cover like she does her waste. This is the only thing I have and ever will feed my animals keep up the great job! by on 05/23/2017
Great for all of my cats, LOVE the Velcro closure!
We have used this food for years, for all of our cats past and present. We currently have 3 adult cats aged 8-11 and this product keeps them in tip-top shape. None of them are overweight even though we keep a bowl full at all times with the Adult Indoor dry food. I also especially LOVE that Hill's Science Diet uses a Velcro closure on their bags of cat food! It keeps the food fresh and is SO much easier to close than the traditional "ziplock" bags. You can't go wrong with this food! by on 02/12/2017
Cats love it
Tried to switch to another brand slowly but cats didn't go for it by on 09/12/2016
Meets Nutritional Needs for our Bombay Male Cat
When we got our cat, he had been raised on Hill's kibble products, so we continued them. Being a Bombay Male, he also has a sensitive GI tract, so keeping him on a familiar diet was critical. He likes several of the dry Hill's products, but seems to enjoy the Adult Indoor product best. We keep his bowl available 24 hours and supplement it in the afternoons with a Hill's wet food product. He especially likes gravy, so we add additional water to the wet food, when he then eats overnight. This also gives him the additional water he needs for the Adult Indoor dry food. So glad Hill's is so responsible with its formulations to meet all our cat's needs for nutrition. No one else cares as much as you do. by on 07/18/2016
Science Diet Indoor Adult Cat
My cat was 17 years old this spring (2016) and has been feed Science Diet Indoor Cat Food almost exclusively her entire life. She is healthy with no apparent health problems which I attribute to being able to keep her indoors and fed on indoor cat food to keep her healthy. by on 07/16/2016
my cat loves it! It's always worth the money to feed your pets quality food. by on 07/11/2016
Happy Kitties, Happy Life.
After spending a looong time researching pet food brands and going through trial and error, I've landed on this. It's not so dry like other pet foods, my cats LOVE it, it keeps their weight in check, and doesn't make their litter box smell repulsive. by on 07/01/2016
My Review
Adopted 2 five year old brothers in March. Large, brown tabbies. Declawed and affectionate. Shelter said they seemed to be hungry all the time and couldn't get enough to eat. I immediately put them on Hill's Science Diet formula for indoor cats and the transition was seamless. They are getting enough to eat now! My previous cat, Haley lived to be 19 yrs old with the help of Science Diet for older (11+) cats. Thank you for a wonderful product. My vet recommended Science Diet. by on 07/01/2016
Healthy cats!
Always have used science diet. Have had 2 cats live to be 19 and our current kitties have lots of energy and beautiful coats! by on 06/29/2016
Love At First Bite!
All six of the crew love Hill's Adult Indoor food. Especially, I notice how easy it is for them to manage the individual morsels - interesting and cat-friendly shape. Even though there is a wide range of sizes and shapes among these cats, all of them look great and behave (NOT as in being well-behaved!) happy and healthy with plenty of energy and good attitude. Since they were foster babies, they have eaten nothing but Hill's Science Diet products. They have grown into extremely wonderful pets, and now at age three, not one has had a health issue or any sign that something is amiss. I trust Hill's Science Diet foods to keep these beauties going for a long, long time. by on 06/29/2016
Life saver!
We have two cats, Maly and Marty. Marty had urinary issues and was put on prescription food from Science Hill. It was very difficult to make sure Maly was getting proper nutrition when their eating habits/feeding scheduling had to change. After talking with the vet, we made the switch to Science Diet Indoor formula for Maly. We now mix both the Science Diet and Prescription food together and leave the food out for them. Maly and Marty both love this new arrangement and i am happy i dont have to worry about different feeding schedules! Both cats will wake me up at 5am or so to be feed! They are happy and healthy! And they are worth it too! by on 03/12/2016
Great food
I have used this specific food for the 6 cats I've had in my life and they have all loved it but my most recent cat has a small mouth and can't chew the big pieces, I'm kind of at a loss because she loves it so much but (as cats usually are) she refuses all other foods and only eats wet food if she "feels like it". I wish these pieces were exactly the same but a bit smaller. by on 03/03/2016
Quality food that my cat loves
My cat absolutely loves her food and does so well on it. Her coat is slick and she is a healthy weight. Being a veterinary technician, I have spoken with a lot of Hill's reps and as they make prescription diets as well, I feel like even the more standard products are something I can feed with a clear conscience. Thanks, Hill's, for making something that I can feel good about feeding and that my kitty loves! by on 12/17/2015
Had the old version.
Had the old version and it ran out tonight. So I haven't tried the chicken version and opened the 15 pound chicken bag. But at any rate,Spot(stray kitten I found who is roughly 6 months) and Shadow(1 year old cat) both ate the original version. Erik,3 and a half month old kitten I adopted from our local county shelter,will occasionally eat the adult food. But he will eat the indoor kitten food instead. So let's see how they like the chicken version. by on 12/06/2015
New Chicken Flavor Is Disappointing
Very disappointed that Hill's has stopped making the Original Flavor. Our cats HATE the Chicken flavor and will NOT eat it. Now we have to find another dry food for them. I don't know why manufacturers have to mess with the flavorings of cat food. It is very disruptive to their digestive system to keep switching food all the time. by on 11/16/2015
Great food for the price!
My cat LOVES this food and she seems like a happier cat after starting this food. She was on Science Diet Perfect Weight before but I struggled with the price so I switched her to this Science Diet Indoor Cat food and she is loving it and also has had more energy for being an indoor kitty. Thanks so much Hill's! by on 09/27/2015
My Cats Favorite Food
I have three cats that love Science Diet dry food. I have tried different formulas (Indoor and Perfect Weight) and they enjoy all that I have brought home. Science Diet is their favorite! I also have an 18 year old male cat who has been on the prescription KD Science Diet. One thing I contribute his longevity to is a good diet of good quality cat food. Thanks Science Diet! by on 09/25/2015
Kitties love it and no more hairballs!!
I have four indoor cats and a couple of them have issues with hairballs. I was feeding them another brand for indoor cats and that was not working for them. I decided to try the Science Diet Indoor and not only do the cats love it, but I haven't seen as many hairballs. I've been using this food for six months and have only seen maybe one or two hairballs. The kitties have beautiful shiny fur and nice to see that chicken is the first ingredient. I also feed them the SD Indoor canned food in the morning and they devour it! I like the Velcro closure on the bags. Great quality food! You get your money's worth! Thank you! by on 09/22/2015
Less stomach problems
I have 5 cats so for me to switch to a more expensive brand, it had to be with good reason. Two of my 5 cats have sensitive tummy issues, also one has urinary issues as well is on the CD prescription wet food as well. And let me tell you, the puke festivals in my home have nearly stopped. Instead of a daily hunt on 3 floors to see who had thrown up what. I rarely find any now. The cats coats also have more of a sheen to it showing how much healthier they are on Science Diet. Trust me I am as frugal as they come, but for the sake of the price of all that paper towel I am saving.....this is worth the price. by on 09/22/2015
I feel this is the best product for my cat and vet
I feel this is the best product for my cat and vet recommended. This does not make him sick and I give him two to three pieces also with him treats. Very sad you have stop making the cat treat also! by on 09/22/2015
Great dry cat food
We got a sample of Hills Science Diet when we adopted 2 kittens a little over a year ago. They seemed to do well on it and read good reviews on it. They've never eaten any other dry cat food. They have the most beautiful coats! Even our vet commented on our black cat's glossy coat. She said it could be the food we give them. They love it and we're very happy with it! Also started giving it to the stray cat we just took in. by on 09/19/2015
Highly Recommend
I have always used Science Diet for my animals (dog/cat) dry and wet food. This product is great. My cat LOVES it and comes running when she hears me open the container I store it in. Never had any issues with the product line. by on 09/02/2015
Excellent Product!
There are several cats I feed this food, and they all love it. Additionally, because the kibble is sizable, it forces them to chew it which helps their teeth and gums. So, I would definitely recommend this cat food. by on 08/18/2015
very good quality, my picky eater loves it, and their coats
science diet was the answer for my kitties. when the brand I was feeding them went on recall, I had to find high quality, trusted cat food, but my finicky eater had to like it. My vet recomended Science Diet. They hve been eating it ever since, and they love it and I love they way their coats shine, and their good health. by on 08/14/2015
Good Taste
I have tried three different brands of dry food and one or more cats would vomit or not readily eat it. With Science Diet Indoor formula all four of my cats like this food and eat it with no issues. by on 07/13/2015
"KC" loves the taste.
"KC" immediately was trying to get it when we opened the bag. He likes the taste. I wish it were a little smaller in size. He makes a mess all over the food mat, when he eats it. But other than that, he really enjoys it, and cleans up his bowl. by on 07/05/2015
Love this food!
I absolutely love this food for my 2 indoor cats! They love the taste. Their coats are glossy with minimal shed. I couldn't be happier with this food! by on 06/21/2015
Awesome Product!
I received a sample of Hills Science Diet Indoor Kitten Food at my cats first visit to the vet. A little while later my cat got sick and I still had the sample of the Hills Science Diet Indoor Kitten Food, it was the only things she would eat. She was hooked, and hasn't had any other brand of cat food since. Once she got older I moved her to the Hills Science Diet Indoor Adult Cat Food, was defiantly a hit as well. She's been eating it since then. Now we have another cat and she loves the adult cat food as well. I love that the cat food main ingredient is chicken, I know when I feed my cats Hills Science Diet Indoor Adult Cat food they are getting real nutrition from real chicken. My cousin's cat had become a very picky eater, I shared some of the Hills Science Diet Indoor Adult Cat food and got her cat hooked as well. As for our cats the only food that will do is Hills Science Diet Indoor Cat Food! by on 06/07/2015
Keeps my cats healthy. Very satisfied with the product.
I have had many cats over the years and they all have lived long and healthy lives, in no small part attributable to Science diet dry food. The food keeps them satisfied and in proper weight. The food is available to them throughout the day and night and they can snack at their leisure. They have both wet and dry food available but the dry forms the bulk of their diet. by on 04/07/2015
This is a product I feel confident giving to my cat
My kitties like the food and I feel confident that I'm giving them a healthy product for long-term health and wellness. There's no stress for me with their food because I trust the Science Diet product, as recommended by my vet. by on 11/23/2014
My 2 cats love the taste.
My cats do not have hair balls with this food. I have used science diet for 20 years. All of my cats have been fed only science diet. They are started out on science diet kitten and then fed adult science diet. People that have seen my cats say they are so healthy looking. I love science diet and will always feed it to my cats and kittens. by on 11/09/2014
It is the only food my 2 cats will eat
The Veterinarian recommended Science Diet at the kittens first visit, they are 1+ now, and thriving. Perfect weight, vigor, beautiful shiny coat and no digestive issues. I won't even attempt to make any change to their diet. They are happy and satisfied. by on 11/04/2014
Consistently a healthy, quality food
Need to have an indoor, light, long-hair over 7 dry food.... for my chubby, indoor Maine Coons. by on 10/30/2014
I love this product!
When I first adopted our cat we were advised she was already being fed Hills Science Diet. We tried a different brand but it wasn't long before we went back to Hills Science Diet. Charlie loves it, and we do too! by on 10/17/2014
My cat loves this food and I love the benefits!
My cat waits impatiently for her food twice daily. She's not terribly active being an indoor cat, and I think this food keeps her trim. She has no health conditions, and I believe this food is what helps to keep her healthy. by on 10/03/2014
Finicky cats finally caved.........
My two cats finally took the step up to adult food when they became 1 year old. First they went on a hunger strike for two weeks. I started giving them some soft food and they started eating it once they figured out hoe to eat it. They always had dry kitten food. It took about two weeks for them to start eating the adult dry food. Now they have a 1/2 a can of wet food in the morning and munch on the dry adult food during the day. I think I finally have their diet under control. They like all the wet food adult flavors except the beef. They absolutely will not eat the beef. by on 10/03/2014
My cat LOVES it!
My cat can hardly get enough of it! She would eat several bowls full if we'd let her. by on 09/29/2014
This is a great product
I feel safe giving this food to my pets and confident that what I am giving them is food that's good for them! by on 09/21/2014
I love this cat food.....
I love Science Diet cat food. My cats have been eating it for years. I am dismayed however, by the tremendous increases in prices over the past few years. I could feed a starving child for less than I spend on cat food... which is really a shame. While I continue to use the product because my cats love it and I am very satisfied with the product, other than price. by on 09/17/2014
Seems to help with digestive problems.
With two indoor cats there are always some digestive problems. With Science Diet we eliminate the gas and digestive problems we have had with other foods. The cats eat it well, and that is a plus. by on 09/11/2014
clean up
this product makes litter box clean up much easier. definitely notice a differance from reg store purchase cat food. The science diet is much easier on the digestive track and indoor formula helps with the hairballs too. by on 09/09/2014
My cats love this product and it's good for their health.
My cats love this product and it's good for their health. by on 09/07/2014
Cats Love It!
My kittens would sneak bites of the Science Diet Indoor dry food from the older cats' bowl. When the kittens got to be around 9 months old, they became very interested in the adult food. Now they can have all they want. The grown-up kittens look so good, have beautiful coats, no digestive issues, and are happy & healthy. Years ago, my veterinarian introduced me to Science Diet prescription food for an ailing cat. Ever since, all my cats eat nothing but Science Diet - I trust it and the good health of the cats is proof for me. by on 09/06/2014
This product has great ingredients
We've been feeding dry Science Diet to our cat for a while as he has done so well with it! Was pleased to see the ingredients contained so many fruits and vegetables! Thanks for a great product! by on 08/30/2014
Happy healthy cats!
always Results In The SOftest And ShiniEst Of Coats Along With Adequate Weights And Zero Health Issues At The Veterinarian by on 08/29/2014
Great Cat Food My Cats Love
On the recommendation of my vet I started feeding my 3 cats Hill's Science Diet since my Siamese has a sensitive stomach. Since changing to Science Diet I have seen a marked improvement in all of my cats they have more energy, more sheen to their coats, and they don't seem to use the litter box anywhere near as often. by on 08/25/2014
Will be switching back to other formula
Changed my kitties to the indoor variety, they don't like it very much. by on 08/20/2014
Both approved by owner and pet!
Since the adoption of my cat, she has always eaten Hill Science Diet dry pet food. She enjoys eating both the Indoor 1+ dry food and the Sensitive Stomach & Skin dry food (mixed together). Interestingly, my friend's cat who lives with us and whose food is now separated from my cat's food, does his best to sneak in and eat the other food! I guess you can say Hill Science Diet food is paw approved by two cats (and the owner)! by on 08/18/2014
Now I know why it was recommended
My veterinarian recommended Hills Science Diet. Now I know why. My cats are more active and no longer vomit on my carpet. I trust that it keeps them healthy. by on 08/16/2014
Love size of the kibble
My cat really enjoys this food. The kibble is larger then other dry cat food, which I love. The larger size forces my cat to chew her food and not just swallow it whole. The fact that she chews her food helps in preventing tartar build-up. Will definitly buy again. by on 08/13/2014
The shelter that I got my cat from told me that they fed their pets Science Diet. I thought to myself, "No way! Too expensive for a shelter to afford!". When I got my cat, they gave me a little sample bag with enough food for like 2 weeks. To supplement, I thought getting wet food would be good. Little did I know that I needed to wean her off before jumping in with other brand food. She got sick and could not keep things down. I decided to keep using Science Diet (Kitten) and then Indoor when she grew up. Although it is a few dollars more per bag, a 7 lb (I think?) bag can last my cat about a month or two! It is amazing! I have had her almost a year and bought only 4 or 5 bags of food! To top it off, my cat is super smart! I compliment this food for giving her brains! Feeding your cat the right amount (I feed her 2/3 a cup a day, 1/3 in the morning and 1/3 at dinner time, about 12 hours apart) makes her very lean. Thanks Hill's!!!!! You have a lifelong pet food buyer! Do you have guinea pig food, lol? by on 08/09/2014
Fine product, however cost is nearly exorbitant
Good product, with favorable taste, pets look foward to every meal. by on 08/01/2014
This food must taste great!
We have purchased other dry cat food in the past and still had a partial bag remaining. We didn't want to just dispose of it so we mixed with the Science Diet. The cats have gotten great a picking out the non Science Diet food so that at the end of the week there is a a bowl full of little pellets of the other food remaining. They seem to really love the taste! They seem very healthy and look good on this food. by on 07/28/2014
My cats are healthier when eating Science Diet.
Whenever I have switched my cats to a holistic food, one or more have developed urinary issues. My cats have not had urinary issues when they eat Hill's, so I am glad the magnesium content is suitable for my cats. I am slightly annoyed that Hill's formula was changed. If it is not broken, do not fix it. Currently, my cats have not been on the new formula very long and I am hoping I am not disappointed like I was with a holistic food almost killing my cats because of urinary blockages. I have to mention the urinary issues, since that is the reason I feed my cats Hill's instead of a holistic, grain-free food. by on 07/24/2014
The best cat food.
We originally tried this particular food for our cat because everything we fed her made her feces smell so bad you couldn't stand to be in the same room with her. After about a week of her eating this, not only has the smell disappeared, but she potty's less. After using this food for over a year the smell is still gone & she does NOT hack hairballs or shed & we do not give her hairball supplements. Also one more thing, she let us know that this is all she wants to eat. She accidentally got locked in a spare bedroom recently while we were away for a weekend with no food or water & when we got home she refused to eat an off brand food, one that I loaded her up with for 3 days until I could get to a feed store 30 miles away to replace her Science Diet. We might pay $40.00 for a 15lb bag, but that bag last 4 months. Well worth it. by on 07/23/2014
This is the second cat I have had on this food.
I feel confident feeding my cat Hill's dry as well as wet food. There has never been any digestive issues, and keeps her content and healthy. Her fur looks shiny and healthy, and the bowl is always emptied! by on 07/12/2014
Preferred type
I do not like the lighter yellowish color food that turns into dust. I also do not like the triangle shaped food as my cats crumble it into pieces trying to eat it. The darker brown round food is much better and all 3 of my cats prefer it. by on 06/27/2014
My cats love this food!
Only food I have been able to get them to eat. I wish more coupons were available. It gets expensive. And I'm on a limited income. :-( by on 06/17/2014
my 3 cats love their dry food.
After a recall on the food they use to eat I switched them to Science Diet and they love it. they come running when I get the bag out of the closet. Their coats are all nice and shiny and they are all in great health. by on 06/16/2014
Best Food & Value
I have had my cat using Hills Science Diet since the day I got her. When I first got her she was in pretty rough shape as she was found on the street. I have given her this food daily. My vet has consistently said her weight is always ideal. Her energy level is where it should be. Her coat is healthy. by on 06/08/2014
Great Product!
Have used Hills Science Diet for the last decade+, great nutrition for our furry family members!!! by on 06/05/2014
We love science diet
My Cat has been on science diet since the moment we adopted him. We would never switch, he's so healthy and happy! Keep doing what you guys do and we will keep on buying! by on 05/20/2014
very good
The food very good for my cat &he like's it very good. by on 04/02/2014
Great food - my 4 LOVE IT!
All four of my cats LOVE this food - their coats look beautiful and it has never upset their stomachs! I would highly recommend this to anyone! by on 03/31/2014
Excellent product.....................I would never switch
My cat eats well, has no health issues and will only eat this type of food. On occassion I have tried to feed her chicken or tuna I have have prepared but she wants nothing to do with either. But, she always eats her dry cat food. She has never had a hair ball and has never had her food come back up on her for the entire time I have had her. She is 3.5 years old. by on 03/24/2014
Excellent taste appeal for a product that is good for our
We were hesitant at first that our cat would like the taste but he can smell the bag coming in the door. Loves the wet cans even more :) by on 03/06/2014
Excellent food for indoor cats!!
My 2 year old cat has been on Science Diet food since she was a kitten. She loves the sound the bag makes when I open it and I love that she is eager to clean her bowl. Her hair coat is super shiny and she has boundless energy. I highly recommend this food for your indoor cat too!! by on 02/27/2014
Helps with hairballs and cats love it...
I alternate between all Science Diet varieties. My cats love this and it really helps with hairballs. I just wish they can have a hairball grain free variety because 2 of my feline kids are allergic. I feed them the Grain Free Ideal Balance; however, they still have issues with hairballs. Thanks for keeping my cats healthy and happy. by on 02/14/2014
Great food for adult cats!
I recently switched my 3 year old male cats food to science diet indoor formula within the last year. He loves the taste and has fallen back within a healthy weight. His coat is wonderful and his skin has definitely improved since switching over to Science Diet. I also had a spoonful of the wet canned science diet on top of his nightly dinner. He loves the savory salmon! by on 02/04/2014
A Nutritious Diet for Indoor Cats
My indoor cats do not get as much exercise as they would if they were outdoors. I like feeding them Science Diet Indoor for cats because it is nutritionally balanced and helps them maintain a healthy weight. The cats like the taste of it too. by on 02/01/2014
Great Food!!!!
Tried grain free other brand....wouldn't eat it... by on 01/15/2014
No more stinky kitty!
When we took our cat in, the previous people had been feeding him cheap food. When he defecated, the odor went through the entire house. I read about Hills and gave it a try. NO KIDDING, after 2 days, his feces no longer was stinky, and it has also been consistently firm. He likes the food so I will continue to use it until the cat lets me know it's time for a change! by on 01/07/2014
Great Nutrition
We have been buying Indoor formula for a few years. I bought Optimal care to try. I love the way their coat is shiny and soft from the omega 3's. Although we have to stick with indoor or light because one cat eats constantly, I was wondering why you couldn't add the omegas to these other dry foods. by on 12/29/2013
Perfect for my cats!
They seem to enjoy the food and do not vomit from it. At least one always has a tendency to vomit from food other than Science Diet. by on 12/19/2013
Good food but new formula is bad for automatic feeders
I've been feeding this product to my cats for years but the new formula is causing a ton of headaches for our routine. The reason is because the new version of this kibble is much greasier and the individual pieces are larger which both create problems for our automatic feeders (of which we have three#. The larger pieces now cause the feeders to clog very frequently and even when they don't clog, the food frequently slides down and stops in the outlet shoot before making it out into the feeding dish. I assume this is caused by extra friction in the outlet shoot due to greasy/oily buildup from the new food. Now, at least one of our feeders #and usually two) do not dispense food at meal times. Our feeders were working perfectly for almost a year and then all three started having these problems once we started using the new food so it's not the feeders. Anyhow, I would recommend this to people who don't use automatic feeders and I will be trying the "long coat" Science Diet cat food since it's individual pieces appear to have a smaller round shape. by on 12/12/2013
My cat Dewey thinks it smells great
Dewey was adopted and he came with Science Diet. That's all he eats in the dry food. His weight is heathy, and has a great fur coat. kenwood by on 12/05/2013
i LOVE this pet food
i've never believed in spending extra money on pet food, and i don't usually do product reviews. But i'm doing so now, that should tell you something. The shelter I adopted my cat from gave me a bag of your food and suggested i wean my cat off the food she enjoyed before i started a new brand. I planned to do that, but when i realized how long this food lasted i realized it was a good value, and when i saw how my new cat pooped i knew it was good for her too. the waist is odor free and VERY little too boot. Her coat is like magic and three years later you have a customer for life and happy cat too. I hope you continue what ever program you have to make your food available to shelters it's good for pets, it's good for your marketing too. by on 12/04/2013
reformulated food rejected by cat
I want to begin by stating that I have consistently purchased Science Diet (Indoor, and/or hairball control) for 4 years, which my cat appeared to have enjoyed. Upon realization that my cat stopped eating the food on Sunday, November 17, I thought she was feeling bad. Last night I provided her with a different type of food, which she devoured. I thought there might be an issue with the new and improved formulation, which led me to this website. From a review of other posts, it appears that this is not an isolated instance...If my pet does not adopt to the new formulated food, HIlls will lose an established customer to another brand and I will have to provide the two bags of food to the area homeless felines... by on 11/20/2013
This product keeps my cat healthy.
My cat enjoys the food and it keeps her healthy which is important to my family. by on 11/11/2013
Product best for two indoor kitties
I have two indoor kitties. They are healthy and happy and enjoy this cat food created especially for the needs of indoor cats. by on 11/06/2013
Cat dislikes new and "improved" indoor cat food
Sorry but my cat hates the new "improved" adult indoor cat food. She was a rescue kitty from a shelter and was eating the indoor formula when I adopted her four years ago and loved it before the change. by on 11/05/2013
The Cat's Meow
Thank you Hills for the free bag of cat food. Hill's Science Diet is the only food I ever feed my cats and they absolutely love it. Anytime I try to change to foods I have problems so I just stick with what I know is best. by on 10/24/2013
my cat eats like a dog!
Both my cats love science diet! They cry for it like they would wet food. I don't know why I didn't switch sooner! by on 10/24/2013
Cats Hate New Improved Food
My cats loved their Science Diet Indoor food until I opened a new bag a couple of week's ago. Neither of them appeared interested in eating the stuff, including our adopted feral cat who usually eats anything put before him. They would pick at the food but never cleaned the bowl in one sitting. Was about to call the vet when I decided to check the bag to see whether the formula had been changed. Bingo! "New and Improved," says the label. They are slowly realizing that it is eat this or........... Wish I had realized there was going to be a change in the formula. I would have mixed the old with the new for a week or two. by on 10/12/2013
This is Hamish's go to food but he also enjoys Oral care and the new family of grain free foods......not to mention the GREAT crunchy snacks by on 10/11/2013
My cats love this food
All of my cats really enjoy this food. It really is the best taste and nutrition for the cost. by on 09/27/2013
Cats love it!
My cats seem to enjoy. Always run toward bowl when filling it by on 09/27/2013
Great kitty crunchies!
All 3 of my cats love Science Diet. The oldest, Meems, who is 15, loves it SO much that whenever I open a new bag she literally eats the food as I'm pouring it! by on 09/26/2013
My cat's favorite food
I've tried a number of different dry foods but always return to Science Diet Adult because my cats like it best. I know it's high quality food so I feel good giving it to them. by on 09/20/2013
Good product
I don't understand why vegetables had to be added to the science diet dry food. Yes, that's what the public wants but no, cats are carnivores. The vegetables should be left for the "natural" products which you carry. Cats are not humans. Vegetables are good for humans, not cats. by on 09/09/2013
My cat loved it!
My cats loved the cat food! They seemed to like it better than any others and their coats seemed to get healthier when they were on the food. by on 08/23/2013
New change is bad.
Just found out today this formula has changed and my cat won't eat it. Now what? I have to make a trip to the store invest in several new brands to find something she will eat. Why change this? If your going to change something cats eat at least warn owners on the old packages so we can intergrate the new. Thanks for nothing Hills! by on 08/10/2013
My cat always ate the original formula. She refuses to eat the "New,Improved Formula." I don't understand why it was changed. I noticed the ingredients are changed. If the ingredients are not changed back, I will never purchase this item again. Sorry!!! by on 08/03/2013
My cat's used to love the adult indoor food - New Improved
I've fed this particular food to my cats for many years and they have LOVED it. Loved until the new 'improved' formula came out. Now they sit, looking at their full fresh bowl of food and meow at me. I've tried and tried to no avail and they will barely touch this food. If they aren't liking it, I find it unlikely that it's improved. And i wonder if they gave this version to cats who've been eating the previous version to see if they liked it. Also, I was reading a few reviews and honestly, many of them sound 'manufactured' and fake. Most likely because there are probably many complaints and the Science Diet PR department had to step in to make it now sound so bad. I work in advertising and can easily read between the lines. I cannot imagine that I'm the only person having this issue. I want the old formula back! So do my kitties!!! by on 07/31/2013
Best formula for indoor cats
When I first brought my kittens home almost a year ago, there fur was so dry/ stiff and there kitty litter stunk. Everyone that met them said the same thing what are you feeding them? After about the 5th person to ask me this I decided to do my research. I really liked the reviews / hills website which gave so much information, I ran out to our local pet store and bought a bag of science diet kitten dry food (currently using indoor adult dry food.) immediately the sisters loved it. With in a few weeks I noticed a huge difference in the kitty litter box and there coats were so shiny and silky/soft. I couldn't believe the difference cat food could make. Now all I do is brag about science diet to all my friends and family, it's worth every penny you spend! My cats love it so much I even give it to them as kitty treats, they love it that much!! Thank you hills science diet for your amazing formula. by on 07/15/2013
My cats and I love this food!
I have 2 indoor cats and have always fed them Science Diet. I was very excited when I 1st saw the Indoor Cat formula! My babies love it! They are both healthy happy cats. It has aided in in digestion and hairballs. It reduced feces odor dramatically! I mixed this with Science Diet Adult at first and the cats picked out the Indoor formula and ate it first! This is now the only formula I buy! by on 07/09/2013
A Good Dry Indoor Cat Food
I got my cat from the local animal shelter about nine months ago and she is now about two years old. She has become a treasured pet. The Hills Science Diet company provided food to my local shelter as to many others: a classic example of doing well by doing good. I received a complimentary bag when I adopted my cat. I did some serious research on cat food and learned more about it than perhaps I care to know. Informed views vary, as with virtually any subject, on the merits of dry versus wet cat food, on the qualities of different brands, and on cost. On dry versus wet -- I feed my cat predominantly wet food consistently with most but not all recommendations. But she gets at least some dry food daily and I feed dry food when I am going to be out of the house for most of the day, as it can be eaten at the cat's own pace. Make sure the cat has plenty of water available. Hills Science Diet is a long time manufacturer of pet food with an established reputation. This dry food for adult indoor cats is a high quality product which has been advertised as suitable for weight control, with proteins and antioxidants. The product is nutritionally complete and balanced in accordance with established and recognized standards (AFASCO). With some wishful thinking, perhaps, I have designated my cat as "indoor" although she looks yearningly outside. She had this food at the shelter and after some experimenting I have settled on it as her indoor cat food. She always eats it readily, both when I feed it as her daily food and when I feed it as a supplement to her wet food, and leaves nothing left over. The food comes in small pellets, sometimes triangular but more recently round in what I think is an improved version. I am confident in and trust this product and the cat likes it. It has received high reviews from impartial and capable professional reviewers. I have relied upon several detailed reviews in addition to my own experience with the product. The product is not the most inexpensive, but it is worth it. It is not as easy to find as supermarket brands but is reasonably accessible. All told, an excellent dry food for an indoor cat. I am happy with it, the cat is happy with it, and I enjoyed learning about it. by on 07/05/2013
This product is perfect for my cats.
Both of my cats love this product. They really enjoy mealtime & I feel confident feeding them such a high quality cat food. by on 07/01/2013
Great food for my cats
I was hesitant to feed my cats this brand because some people had told me in the past that when their vets put their pets on this food their pets didn't like it. When I noticed that two of my three cats were putting on some weight I talked to my vet about it and as I expected he recommended Prescription Diet for them. Happily, both of my girls like it! But what surprised me was that my other cat, who is not chubby at all, started stealing their food instead of eating her own. Her food was a grain-free formula that I was trying to find a substitute for after learning that grain-free isn't necessarily the best food for our cats, it's just trendy right now. Anyway, after seeing that she liked their diet food so much I decided to try this formula of Science Diet based on her needs and the favorable reviews. She now eats this food and really likes it. I am so happy because I know it's a good product and our vets recommend it. I used to think that if the food I got for them smelled good to me then it had to be good. But you know what? Cat food shouldn't smell good to us! At least that's my opinion. So while this food may not smell so tasty to me, that's OK because they seem to love it! I will definitely recommend it to people myself. by on 07/01/2013
This product are the best
Thanks for this product, I always concern about the nutrition of my cat, and this product are the best of the best for my friendly cat. Thanks for my cat. by on 07/01/2013
vet recommended
my cats grew up on Science Diet, 1st from the MDSPCA. It was also recommended by my vet, especially when i changed to another brand. This is better for my cats & they love it. Their health is great & they don't like any other brand. by on 06/30/2013
My cats love this!
My cats love this food and I feel like they are getting excellent nutrition and my vet agrees. by on 06/29/2013
All my beautiful cats!
I have had many beautiful cats and they have all been brought up on Science Diet. They have beautifil fur and are healthy as can be.I have a beautiful muscular male siamese who is 10. I also have a couple of tabbys and they have shiny lovely fur.I trust science diet for my kitties.I had a siamese who passed at 19 yrs old and all she ate was science diet.She had so much energy. Also my sons cat eats it and he is so big. He looks like hes part bob cat. by on 06/29/2013
My cats love it!
My three cats practically knock me down every morning for breakfast! by on 06/29/2013
Great food for adult cats
Our cats love this food and wait patiently when they are hungry for their food. by on 06/29/2013
New and Improved formula
I recently purchase a bag of the "New and Improved" Adult Indoor formula. This is the second bag I have purchased. My kitty happily ate the first one. The color looked different but I thought "oh well". My cat will not eat it ---she gently tosses it out of the bowl and covers the food with the towel that is under the dish. Something is not right--I will be taking it back to the store. by on 05/26/2013
My kitty is happy!
My 2 year old female nudges me to her food bowl; she knows when her food is coming. Additionally, she comes when 'called' -- the shaking of the canister which stores her food! We've tried others but she lets me know what she likes -- the Indoor Adult Hills Science Diet kibble~ by on 05/21/2013
average indoor cat food
praline the cat loves this indoor cat has average love. by on 05/02/2013
This is a high quality product.
We have two cats and they absolutely LOVE this food! Both are healthy and we regularly get comments on how healthy they look - in particular their fur. Our vet's comment when asked what food we use was "I can't recommend anything better for your pets". We regularly recommend this product to our friends and family. by on 04/11/2013
Indoor formula is GREAT!
ALL of my cats LOVE this food, even my most finicky cat! by on 04/04/2013
Hill's Science Diet Indoor Cat
My three cats have been eating this for a few years now. Every one of them is happy and healthy. My two boys have not had any urinary problems on this food. by on 03/27/2013
shiny hair!
After trying several different brands we stumbled upon science diet, and the difference is amazing! Her coat is soft smooth and so healthy and shiny, she eliminates less and it is not such a bad odor as it was on other foods, and she seems more playful and energetic! We love this stuff! by on 03/12/2013
He actually like it! Whew!
I have an extremely picky eater. I have tried many other cat foods, but he will only eat Science Diet - Indoor Adult. That's it. He won't even eat any treats, only this food. I recently went to go buy a new bag and was shocked to see the formula had changed. When I opened the bag, I could tell the change was somewhat drastic because the look and smell were quite different. I was nervous he wouldn't like it, but to my surprise, he loves it. Even more than the old formula! I ended up throwing out the rest of the old bag because he was too good for that, now that the new stuff was available. I also like the smaller pieces, which seem to help with keeping his teeth clean. Thanks for making a great product even better. by on 03/09/2013
Starting her off, right!
I love this product. I can tell by the smell that only the finest ingredients are used. My 1 year old Calico, Leia, eats it all in one setting and usually wants more - but I can tell since living with me and no longer having to eat that "Kitty Kibble" from the shelter, she has a lot more energy to play and her motor skills have improved. She is overall happy and healthier, which is what she needs to live a long and loving life with me! by on 03/04/2013
A dry food all 4 cats will eat
Only 1 of my 4 cats would eat the original Indoor formula (the other 3 were eating Ideal Balance). I purchased a bag of the new formula and mixed it with the old - immediately 2 of the 3 switched to the new Indoor and after a couple of weeks the last holdout has been seen eating from the Indoor bowl. I will be exchanging my unopened 15lb bag of Ideal Balance for the new Indoor Adult. Finally, a dry food they will all eat. by on 02/27/2013
My cat LOVES this!!!
As soon as I put down the newly formulated food, my cat dug right in. She just about empties the bowl every day. (She is fed every morning and allowed to free feed.) With the previous formula, there was always food left in the bowl. by on 02/27/2013
Everyone hates it!
I always feed Science Diet, although not this variety but when I saw a bonus sized bag I thought I would try it for two of my cats. Put it out along side of their usual and it went untouched. I thought for sure if the old variety (Optimal Care) was gone they would eat the Indoor. Nope! Instead they went to raiding the Senior food that my two elderly sister cats eat. So now I will have to take it back to the store (which is a pain!) and get the kind they like. Can't really give it any stars although guess I can't submit it without giving it at least one. by on 01/20/2013
I won't feed my cat anything else.
I was recommended this food when I first picked my cat up, so I bought it thinking I would just end up changing it later. Wrong. She is in love with this food; every time she sees me bring home a new bag, she purrs and rubs against it like it's a bag of catnip. And it's not just her that loves it. I could not be happier with her body condition. Her coat is amazingly shiny and soft to the touch, and her teeth are fantastic. I recommend this brand to everyone who's getting a new animal. by on 12/18/2012
Happy Cats
My 3 cats love this product. They have been eating Science Diet since the day I took them in. Three feral kittens, 6 weeks old. They are 2 1/2 years old, happy and healthy! Thanks you Science Diet!! by on 09/10/2012
Great Product
My cat loves this food. It is the only dry food that he likes and it is so good for him. Thank you Science Diet!!!! by on 08/22/2012
Healthy for the cats
Consistently good quality. Not quite as much flavor (as near as I can make out) as the Optimal, but often less expensive. Still too expensive though. by on 08/21/2012
Great for Indoor cats.
We have four adult cats. That means a lot of food and litter. We find this product creates a lot less odor and litter. We have multiple litter boxes so this makes life a lot eaiser. They have been raised their whole lives on Hill's Science Diet and their have been no vet bills and that really makes a difference. by on 08/21/2012
adult cat indoor
I picked out Emma 6/17/10 from the Westport,Ct. humane center and she has never eaten anything but Hill's science diet. First kitten now adult. She has only had dry food and never any table scraps or wet food. by on 08/01/2012
Taste cats like
My cats have been eating Science Diet since they were kittens. They started out on Science Diet Kitten Dry Food and when they where 10 months changed to Science Diet Adult Cat Indoor Dry Food. They have had a chance to try different food but the wouldn't eat it. They like the taste of Science Diet. I also know it is healthier for them. It has the vitamins and minerals they need and does not cotain fillers. by on 07/17/2012
great for cat with weight problem
my cat was starting to get a little chunky. Used this product which he likes and his weight is coming done and he likes the taste. by on 07/07/2012
We think our Hill's Science Diet Adult Indoor cat food is
We love to eat it every day It helps our health in every way We'd like some more... if we may To boost our energy so we can play! by on 06/29/2012
I have fed my cats this for years
My cats seem to like this food, I have fed it to them for a long time... by on 06/21/2012
This is the only dry food I feed my cat
When I picked up my cat at the animal shelter, they gave me a bag of Hill's Science Diet dry food. She has not been given any other brand for several healthy reasons, but as long as she likes it, why try anything else??? by on 06/05/2012
very good
My cats love this food, this is the only food they receive, and a treat every once in a while. by on 06/03/2012
This is a great cat food!
My cat has eaten Science diet dry and wet food since I got him as a kitten. He loves the taste and his vet always tells me whatever I am feeding him to keep it up. His weight is great and he has a beautiful coat. by on 05/31/2012
Love Hills!
Both my cats love Hills cat food! They get so much more excited at feeding time than they did with other brands. They eat less of it than the brands loaded with fillers and they use the bathroom less! I will never use anything else! by on 05/28/2012
No more baby steps
I have been feeding my cat Science Diet since he was a kitten & now we've upgraded to the Adult & he still enjoys it. I was concerned since it is a different flavor but he eats it up just the same. I also mix a little of the dry food with some Science Diet wet food and he loves it. by on 05/27/2012
This product is really good for any cat.
I have quite a few cats and our vets informs me that my cats are very healthy and she feels that is is due to the brand of food that our cats do get. It is always good when you get a great report like this. by on 05/26/2012
Excelent value!! great Health
I cant even ask for more quality an value, with other brands my cat eats a cup and a half daily, but with Hills she eats only a cup, shes healthy and happy.., Thanks by on 05/24/2012
Cats love the taste
I adopted two cats from a shelter about a year ago. I tried several dry cat foods and combinations before I found one they will always eat. I've been feeding them the Adult Indoor Cat Science Diet dry food now for over a year and they love it. It helps keep their weight down, their coats are shiny and they're very healthy. I recommend this for anyone who wants to maintain their indoor cats on dry food. by on 05/22/2012
Helps your indoor cat stay healthy
My four year-old cat, Jasmin, has had issues with gaining weight and hairballs. Hill's Science Diet Indoor Cat has helped with both issues. Her vet is pleased with her weight, and I am pleased that I do not have to clean up hairballs as often! by on 05/21/2012
My cats love this food!
My 2 indoor kitties love this food! And I know they are getting the nutrition they need because they are both healthy and active, with beautiful shiny coats. by on 05/21/2012
this product is one of the best out of the hole line
since switching my cats over to this line and specific kind they have been more mobil and seem more full longer and furfilled in there 9 lives. i highly recommend the product if you do not mind spending the extra money and it does not come in lots of different flavors for indoor formula's of all brands have this issue anyway. by on 05/21/2012
My cat loves his food.
In the past my husband and I used Science Diet for our dog. So when we adopted our cat two years ago that is what we planned to use. As it was, the shelter and veterinarian recommended Science Diet. Our cat is very healthy, a perfect weight and energetic. He really likes the food and he "tells" us when it's time to eat. We are very happy with Science Diet. by on 05/21/2012
Best there is
Our cats are completely indoor and Hills gives them what they need, and may miss, absent the outdoor life. Plus no finicky turned up noses! by on 05/19/2012
My cat loves this food and so do I.
This food has really helped keep my cat from becoming over weight. It has also reduced the odor from the litter box. by on 05/19/2012
Great product for indoor cats.
I have indoor cats and they all love this food. As an owner and doing research on many different brands of indoor formula foods, I have found this formula to be lower in calories than many others and lower than some light brands. This is important to me for the well being and weight control of all of my cats. by on 05/18/2012
Keeping my pets healthy for a long time!
I have used Science Diet indoor for all my cats and they have all lived a healthy and long life. I am a cat person that cares about my pets as if they are family members and want them with me for as long as possible. Science Diet has helped my cats live for 12 to 14 years of age which is quiet old for a cat. During this time they have never had any issues with their digestive system due to the quality of product provided by Science Diet. I will always do what is best for my cats and part of that is providing them with a balanced and healthy diet. I can easily do this by keeping them on the many Science Diet products available for them at every stage and age of their lives. Thank you Science Diet by on 05/18/2012
Great for multiple cats!
I have 5 indoor only cats. I love this food because all of them like it and I like the shape. I have one cat that eats quickly and often does not chew, which then causes him to throw up his recently eaten food. The shape of this food requires him to chew it, which results in less spit-ups. I have noticed that when they do cough up a hairball there is less staining of the carpet, I do not know if that is an intent of the food, but it is a nice side effect. My cats love it so much that when we open a new bag they all come running to get some, and fight over who gets it first. by on 05/17/2012
Never a hungry kitty!
When I bring home a bag of science diet dry indoor cat food, my 4 lovely babies cannot wait to get in the bag. I have been using science diet since I rescued them from the humane society and I must say, their coats are beautiful, their spirits high, and their bodies healthy. I would not to with any other food but science diet! by on 05/17/2012
I have two cats who stay indoors and for some reason every thing they eat they throw it up. Ever since I put them on this food they dont throw up like they used to. :) by on 05/17/2012
My little guy loves his dry food
This is my third cat, saved from the shelter, she waits patiently to be feed in the morning, after her little dish of canned food. She loves to eat all day until the dish is empty. by on 05/17/2012
Excellent Product
I have two cats that have both been raised on this food. Our Siamese mix has a delicate digestion system and has trouble with other cat foods. Our orange domestic short hair eats nearly anything and everything but really enjoys this food. Would highly recommend Science Diet pet food. by on 05/17/2012
Our Cat loves this dry food!
We have always gave Paris, our cat, a combination of wet and dry food. We started her with the Scientific Diet dry food and she loved it. She had no fur balls and little stool odor. While visiting a major pet store, we were talked into another brand with the same claims. She seemed to like the taste okay, but started having fur balls and terrible stool odor. We returned to the Scientific Diet 3 months ago, and she does not have the fur balls, and the stool smell has deminished. She will be eating this for a long time, not only because of these things, but it is very good for her. by on 05/17/2012
Indoor formula for cats is great!
When we brought Gizmo, a Maine coon, home from the animal shelter as a kitten, we received a bag of Hill's Science Diet for kittens. He loved it so we continued with it. Now 1.5 years old, "Mo-mo" loves the Indoor Cat formula -- as a Maine coon breed, he could grow to be 25 pounds: he eats nearly three small bowls full every day! by on 05/17/2012
Food my cats love
I have fed my cats the indoor cat food since a young age. Ever since I adopted my cats from a shelter they have eaten ravenously like they don't know when they will get their next meal. When one of my two kittens was about 9 months old and already weighed 12 pounds I was concerned she was going to be overweight so I switched them from the science diet kitten food to the adult indoor (with the advise of my veterinarian) because of the reduced calories. This seemed to work and the one cat never got over 12 lbs. I prevented them from becoming overweight by feeding the indoor food. All of my cats are indoor only and weigh around 9-12 lbs between all four of them. by on 05/17/2012
My cat loves this stuff
My cat loves this food so much that she comes running every time she hears the automatic feeder dispensing it. We've tried other brands and even other Hill's types, but she only likes the indoor cat formula. by on 05/16/2012
Our cats are beautiful and healthy!
We have two indoor cats, litter-mates, aged 3 years. They have been on Science Diet since we got them as kittens and are the most beautiful cats I've ever seen. Healthy, luxurious coats, trim bodies, healthy eyes. The indoor formula works for us since they spend 90% of their time inside. by on 05/16/2012
My black cats love it
Any owner with Black Cats know the struggle with dandruff. Since changing over to Science Diet, their coats are very soft and silky. In addition, the dandruff has reduced dramatically. It has been hard to find a dry food that my cats can get excited about. However, as soon as they hear the food hit the bowls, they immediately run from their perches! by on 05/16/2012
My kitties love this food!
I have fed my cats Hill's Science Diet for over ten years. Currently I have 4 cats and they all love the indoor cat formula. I don't feed wet cat food, but my girls come running when I rattle the cup to let them know it's time to eat. My vet recommends Hill's and I agree. by on 05/16/2012
Pretty good overall, Indoor Adult Cat
I switched to Hill's Indoor 4 yrs ago when I got my 2nd cat Zorro,who has some health issues & could not tolerate most other foods. He has had no stomach problems since he started on it! My 1st cat Saki loved it from the start, my 3rd cat D*Wade who I got as a kitten, ignored his kitten food to eat the Hill's Indoor! All 3 cats, have great appetites, and are healthy & energetic with beautiful shiny coats. My only beef with the food is the pointed shape. Sometimes my Zorro gets bad gingivitis & it hurts him to eat when the points touch his gums. by on 05/16/2012
This product is well suited for my cat.
Ever since I got my cat, Mishka, from the local shelter when she was a kitten, she was brought up on Hills Science Diiet Cat food. now as an adult, she loves the Adult version. Loves the her words,..." meow" means "yummy"...great cat food for me! by on 05/16/2012
awesome product
since we have use science diet our cats have healtier, and more shiney hair, and their weight is better. by on 05/16/2012
Good for my cats, good for my conscience.
This food isn't the most cost effective, or easiest to find in any store BUT, this is the first food in years that has agreed with my kids... I mean cats. Their stomachs and digestive systems have always been an issue and this food has made feeding time a joy rather than a game of Russian roulette. I highly recommend! by on 05/16/2012
My cats love the taste and smell.
The cats know when I open up the cat food. They come running to me. by on 05/16/2012
Will stick with this product!