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Your adult cat needs a pet food that supports healthy digestion, shiny fur, lean muscles and a healthy immune system. Hill's® Science Diet® Adult dry cat food is made with high-quality, easy-to-digest ingredients and is specially formulated to fuel the energy needs of cats during the prime of their life. A cat food made with natural ingredients, Hill's® Science Diet® Adult provides vitamin E plus omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids to nourish your cat's skin. Packed with high-quality... Read More

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what were you thinking?
You changed both the formula and the kibble size. It's for cats not dogs. It was recommended by our vet and the cat loved the original flavor and kibble size but despite a lot of tempting; mixing it with the previous version, the cat won't touch it. Will contact the vet for another suitable and acceptable brand. Aways bought Hills for previous cats. Very disappointed by on 08/02/2023
I buy this product diligently
I can truly look at my cat and say " Hill's Science Diet dry chicken cat food product did this, she's healthy,lean muscles and great energy, beautiful soft and shiny coat, and when she gets the zoomies, and leaping and bounding and simply happy and having fun because she's healthy"Hill's Science Diet dry chicken cat food product did this by on 07/08/2023
Actual package in PetSmart total different #'s for nutrition
The #'s for nutritional content are totally different on the package than stated on website! by on 06/18/2023
this one my cat want eat it
This one my cat don't like it but he like kitty food .I have kitty and 2 years old by on 02/13/2023
Great food but price keeps going up
Great quality product but price just keeps going up by on 10/26/2022
My cats love this food!
I have 2, 1 year old kittens, who are very picky when it comes to what they will eat. I bought a small bag of this to try on them, and as soon as it was in the bowl, they went for it! I was so happy to see them enjoy eating this dry food, as it has been a challenge to find one after taking them off of kitten dry food. Thank you for making something that my "kids" love! by on 11/18/2021
Great outcome
My cat needed to lose some weight, and he was on another brand that left him food oriented. He just seemed hungry all the time. I meant to buy the weight loss one but bought this instead. Since starting it, my cat is back to like he was as a kitten: eating when hungry only, and not eating everything all at once. And he has lost some weight on this. He seems a happier cat. Plus, his fur is so soft! by on 07/06/2021
I will NOT buy this product again
I unfortunately bought a 16-lb bag--a LOT of kibble-- and the entire bag is full of tiny powdery crumbs that my cats dislike! I have to sift out the crumbs to give them the kibble. At least 25% of the kibble I sift is just crumbs that I have to throw away! The quality control of this product was terrible. by on 12/13/2020
Not just a new look, Changed recipe & Cats hate it 0/10 ??
I have been buying this for 6-7years & my cats loved it, couldn't get enough. I was told by all retailers, our vet, x4 Petbarn stores & Pet stock that it was just new packaging But My CATS HATE IT. WILL NOT EAT IT now. So After opening the bag to see the shape had changed, texture & smell, I then compared the ingredients from the Old bag to the new & noticed the Pork Fat is missing from the ingredients. Sad to say your best customers being my cats won't touch this product anymore so thumbs down Hills 0/10 from this house hold & that's from 3 cats that I have that refuse to touch it !!! That says a lot ... Time to shop for a NEW Brand & Company by on 11/03/2019
Not as good as before the new look
My cat liked Optimal care but is not enjoying the new recipe with chicken fat instead of pork fat by on 08/02/2019
Bring back the old formula!
I've been feeding my soon to be four year old cat the old formula for cats 1 to 6 years old. She loved it. Now, because the recipe has changed, she hates it and is constantly pestering me to feed her even though her bowl is full. Why mess with a good thing? Thanks Science Diet! by on 07/30/2019
Product changed
My cats loved the Optimal Care food. When they ran out, I bought this because it said it's the same, but with new packaging. The food must be completely different because my cats hate this new version and refuse to eat it. I'm now stuck with a full bag they won't eat and trying to find something else they would like. by on 05/29/2019
Change in Optimal Care formula
My cats loved the Original Optimal Care until this recent formula change. They don't like the new formula much at all or the new shape. by on 05/13/2019
I bought this when my cats' regular food was being discontinued. My picky cats took to it but after a couple weeks they both got chin crud. Maybe because it is so oily? Whatever the cause, I now have to switch them to yet another dry food. by on 04/16/2019
My Cats Love This
I have 7 rescue cats and they all love this food! I just got another bag delivered today and everyone came running as soon as I opened it! by on 01/12/2019
All of my cats love it!
I have 6 rescue cats who all love this food! It helps keep them in great shape,keeps their coats and nails nice as well! by on 01/06/2019
My cat loves this food. I plan to keep him on this product
This is the only product that my cat eat. I do plan to try the wet food by science and see if he will eat that now and then by on 03/12/2018
The only food I feed my cats
I've been buying Hills even since I got my first cat three years ago. Three cats later it is the only food I'd feed my cats. It may a little more expensive than other brands but you can't put a price on your fur babies. Using the cheap brands might cost you more in the long run with vet visits. by on 02/04/2018
I will always buy this product
This product has improved the overall health of my Siamese cat Elsa. I rescued her when she was two days old and now three years later, Hill's Science is the only food she has ever been fed. After worrying about her health and having her 12 days before opening her big blue eyes, her health could not be in better shape! After being bottle fed, I decided to make sure she always has the best and that's when I turned to Hill's Science. I really believe it is due to the best nutrition she has been receiving. I value this company and highly recommend their products. by on 12/30/2017
Awesome product !
All of my animals health reflect the quality of this food. And they love it too ! by on 08/22/2017
Very beneficial to my cats health but...
I started buying the Science Diet Urinary food for my cats about a year ago. One of my male cats was have urinary blockage issues. We had to take him to an emergency vet clinic to get him unblocked. Which the bill for that was $1800. A couple months later he was experiencing difficulty again. We changed his food and a couple other things and he's been fine ever since. I think all my cats,(4), have benefited from the Science Diet food. However, if had a complaint it is that they don't seem to enjoy the flavor and it is difficult for them break up to eat. I'll continue buying it as it beneficial to cats health and is a good value. More expensive than ordinary cat food, but I don't have to buy it as often. So works out about the same. I, my cats, would appreciate if there was an effort to make it easier for them to eat. by on 07/14/2017
Our cat's fur is so shiny!
We have used this food for a long time. I feel confident that we're giving him great nutrition, and he seems to like it really well. I also appreciate that it's not a food that stains our carpet when he unfortunately throws up. by on 06/21/2017
very nutritional
My cat Carina has been eating Science diet since she was 10 weeks old. She will be 22 years old April 29, 2017. I owe her longivity to eating Science diet food. Thank you so much. by on 04/24/2017
One Happy Kitty
Our cat absolutely loves this food. It keeps him active and healthy and we receive many compliments on how shiny and soft his fur is. We have been using Hill's products with our pets for over 15 years and would highly recommend them to anyone. by on 03/18/2017
The cats seemingly have quite a bit more energy. No sure if it's Spring or diet because they all have always received Science Diet foods, but we recently changed to Optimal care. Will continue to purchase. Science Diet makes a huge difference in our pets. Always have. Would never have started with SD but for the noticeable results in short order. Thanks. peace and love, always by on 03/13/2017
Happy Cat
I bought my cat from a shelter and that's what they were giving her. So I continuedon't on the same food and added Hills wet food by on 02/28/2017
My Review
Trying this out for my cat who is a bit over weight he is 4 years oldand he is losing fur in some spots I hope this helps My other cat is 9 but is really picky about new foods by on 02/24/2017
Thankful for Science Diet
Recently my cat became ill and stopped eating her normal food and began losing weight. After a visit to her vet I was on a mission to find a new replacement food that she would both enjoy and was healthy for her. I tried several different brands and then found and picked up a bag of Science Diet along with a couple cans of the wet food. When I brought the food home I grabbed a handful and held it in front of my girl and she ate right out of hand and asked for more, the way a cat does. She ate until she was clearly full. Now a few days later the change is absolutely amazing! She is bright eyed, playful, and simply happy again! by on 11/16/2016
My Cat Loves This Stuff
My two year old has been on this since she graduated from the kitten formula and she is so healthy and her coat so shiny that the vet wonders why I need to bring her in at all, other than her yearly checkup. Thank you for providing a product that I can have confidence in. by on 10/19/2016
Finally, a pet food bag that seals!
i have had pets for over 50 years and have used Science Diet for them for around 20 years. The last bag I bought has a Velcro closure once the bag is opened. Wow! Such a wonderful transformation! Such a great addition to a great pet food! by on 08/09/2016
Great kibble size
Started offering the Optimal Care mixed with the Dental Care and my cats loved the combo choice. by on 07/13/2016
cats love this
I've been feeding my kitties this food since they were kittens and they've grown to be big, strong male cats. Neither are fat or overweight, but they are large. I like that the main ingredients are animal based rather than corn based. I'm sure that helps them maintain a healthy weight and coat. by on 06/29/2016
Another Excellent Hill's Cat Food
Primarily my cats dine on Hill's Indoor Food, but about every two to three bags (the biggest size!), I switch it up for them to the Optimal Care. Occasionally, I will mix one bag of each just for variety. As much as they love their usual fare, they love Optimal Care, too. And these cats are eager to eat! As a result of feeding nothing but Hill's cat food to these formerly fosters, I believe they have blossomed into true beauties with no health problems since day one. They will continue to be fed Hill's Science Diet products. I know there must be other cat food out there with good qualities, but here - if it isn't broken, why fix it?! Thank you, Hill's, for caring about the nutrition of our dear pets. by on 06/29/2016
great customer service
Just bought a bad bag of food and got a hold of customer service who was very friendly and told me to get a refund at the store also they are sending me coupons. The woman on the phone made a complete report and made sure it was just my bag and there didnt need to be a recall. we have already replaced the bag and they are eating healthy again. I have been feeding this food to my cats for 12 years and they are alive and healthy. I like how you can re seal the smaller bags to keep the food fresh. the smaller bites of food are also better for them so they dont choke. the food can be quite hard and sometimes they crunch pretty loud but i guess that is to help keep gunk off their teeth. i like to buy science diet wet can food as treats and mix it up from the everyday of eating dry food. please disregard my other review im not sure if it posted but i gave a 1 star the when i bought the bad bag but i was to quick to react because they have been very good at helping me at hills. this is the review i would like to leave. by on 05/09/2016
I've used science diet for years - through multiple shelter rescue cats. Each came to me with very bad coats. After several weeks on this their coat was majorly improved with sleekness and shine. by on 04/19/2016
Love the convenient new bag design!
We adopted our feline furbaby from a shelter a little over 2yrs ago and this is what she was eating there so we stuck with it. We never had a problem with the food -- she has always eaten it with no issue and seems to really enjoy it. Our only issue was the zip top closure never seemed to work so we would just keep it in a plastic shopping bag and tie a loose knot in the top of it. HOWEVER, the new bag design is amazing!!! The closure is now a velcro type closure and seals easily and extremely well so it keeps the food very fresh! We will keep buying this product for our furbaby. Thank you Hill's! by on 02/25/2016
Science Diet Adult Optimal Care
Just an amazing product from Hill's!
I have been feeding Mr Boo cat for about 8 months now with Hill's Optimal Care and he has been the most energetic and silly cat he has ever been. Such a great food product for my cat. I am sold 100% by on 02/01/2016
Excellent dry food
I have been using Optimal Care Dry Food for my cats for over 15 years and even it was recommended also by my vet. They have even improved the bag with velcro closures to keep it fresh. by on 01/13/2016
this product is good
This cat food is good, but expensive,but it is worth it to keep my cats healthy and happy. by on 11/02/2015
This product lives up to its name
I buy the Optimal Care for my cat Boo and it really does live up to its name. His coat is so soft and shiny that it has ever been and his health and weight is where it needs to be for his age. He has the most energy I have ever seen in a cat. This food is by far the best for my baby boy!! by on 10/05/2015
Healthy choice for multiple cats
I have 3 cats ages ranging 2 years to 16 years. This is a very good cat food for all three. by on 10/04/2015
Food you feel good giving to your cat!
My cat who is currently 6 years old has been eating this since she was 2. I feel like this food keeps my cat healthy and she enjoys eating it. She also has a super shiny coat and I think it is because of this food. I would recommend this dry food to other cat owners. by on 09/27/2015
Smell and texture
Cat loves the smell and can not wait to eat after poured into her dish She free feeds during the day by on 09/23/2015
Great nutrition for my fur child!
My cat loves the taste and I love the nutrition that it provides ! by on 09/21/2015
All in all, my two cats seem to enjoy their feed. Albeit,
Honestly, had my cats started on another diet, I would have followed what it was that they were eating. Hill's Science diet is quite expensive. And for us folks with 2 or ,more pets, reality must set in when choosing their feed. Now I have continued to feed these little guys Science Diet, because that is the food that they were fed as small kittens. I'm willing to sacrifice for an animal because I know that short of them not having the ability to verbalize their wishes of feed, that changing their diet will almost assuredly be accompanied by gastric and bowel problems. I don't want to do that to them, so I sacrifice in getting them the Science Diet dry meal. Those days may come to an end, as in 6 months we are expecting another child. So it's the child eats well, or the cats. Well.... that not even a no brainer. The cats eat! Got cha!!! Unfortunately, the cats will have to sacrifice. These bugga's eat two,14lb bags in 6 weeks. That's a lot of money!! We may be able to buy them one bad and mix in another feed. Either way, they will still eat and be loved as another member of the family. They just won't eat as much Science Diet. by on 09/20/2015
amazed at the change
I have tried numerous foods for my cats and it was a long journey to find a brand that would help my cats. My older cat Ivan is 6 years old and has an extreme sensitive stomach. He would be ok for a while but always threw up after a month or so. Then I switched to Hills Science diet. Not only did it help his stomach but his coat is gorgeous now. I have a kitten Daenerys who just turned one who has been on Science diet since we adopted her from the local shelter. She is beautiful as well. Healthy pets is all I ask for and they are now that they are on Hills brand foods. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. We are amazed every day viscosity and beautiful they are. by on 09/03/2015
Vet recommended
I am pleased with my cat's adoption of the food. Using my cat's health, appearance, energy level and temperament to gauge the impact of the food, I believe the food is high quality, nutritionally well-balanced, and easily digestible. by on 09/03/2015
optimal care dry cat food
I've been buying the original dry cat food for over 10 years. It was recommended to me by my vet for weight control then when my cat lost her weight, I also told to which her to the original formula. She ate it for the next 6 years until she pass at the age of 18 (human years). Now, I've got a new cat, he's also on it. by on 08/15/2015
One request
For us that are foster parents to cats and have multiple cats of our own and trying to keep them on outstanding food I would love to see bigger bigger bags. by on 07/11/2015
Worried about date coding
I'm sorry about above rating my cat loves your food, but i just got her usual food that was dated August 2015 on offer the retailer assured me it was ok but she refuses to eat it and it is fresh open and only June! She will munch in very happily to your other dry foods but this packet is a definate no! Is your date coding correct because i am a firm believer in the cat knows best! by on 06/19/2015
Helped my cat!
One of my cats use to vomit at least 3-4 times a week. I changed her food to Science Diet Optimal Care and the vomiting has stopped! She's lost weight (she needed to) and is in better health than before. by on 06/07/2015
Science Diet Optimal Care for Cats
When you take your fur baby to the Doc and here she has "pres-teen teeth" or "Her fur is so shiny and soft" or "Her skin is very good" you know your feeding her the right food. And then when your baby eats is all up, that just confirms your thoughts. I wouldn't change her food for anything. by on 05/15/2015
Another Great Hill's Product
So many good options in the Hill's line of cat foods. To be sure I've chosen the right ones, my nearly two year old litter mates are fed a combination of the Optimal Care and the Indoor Diet. Between the two, I feel confident my big babies are doing well and developing properly. They look healthy and strong with excellent coats and bright eyes to go along with plenty of energy when the mood strikes. I never give a second thought to trying other brands of cat food as I'm so confident Hill's is providing all the nutrition for good health that my cats need. The biggest concern I have regarding cat food is keeping enough Hill's Optimal Care and Indoor Diet in stock for my small herd of felines. by on 05/11/2015
All My cats Love It!
I have 13 rescue cats and a few have Gastrointestinal issues and also Heart problems. I dont believe in feeding your pet low quality cat food if you want them healthy. I used to feed cheaper brands of dry cat food and even hough my cats liked it they were having hairball and gastric issues. I decided to switch to the Hills Science Optimal Care dry food and as soon as I got home and opened the bag ALL 13 of my kitties loved it. I have been feeding Hills since about 1 month ago and since then no hairball issues and minimal gastric issues. Although more expensive I truly believe Hills has made my cats healthier and event their coats look shinier and full. Thanks Hills Science Diet. by on 04/16/2015
Optimal Care for Optimal Health
I started buying Hill's Science Diet Optimal Care for my four adult cats two months ago and I am very pleased so far with the result. My cats have more energy and a shiny, soft fur coat. I also like that it is small kibble so it makes it easier for my smaller cat to eat. They all enjoy this food very much and it makes me feel good knowing they are getting great quality nutrition in their diet. Definitely worth the money. Will continue to purchase this product so my kitties will live a long, healthy life! Thank you! by on 04/09/2015
Product has made noticeable improvements.
Three of our 14 cats absolutely love the product as a regular diet. Their coats have improved a great deal, and we plan to continue using the product. They seem to gobble the food with gusto!! Just wish it were less costly, because we do have so many to feed. by on 03/27/2015
Great product
I have two special needs kitties and this food was recommended by my vet. not only is it good for them they love how it taste by on 01/27/2015
Excellent Quality best Food For your pet !
Excellent quality food for your pet will highly recommend to all my friends and family. by on 01/15/2015
Like I won the lottery when I tried this food!
I switched his food to Science Diet optimal care. I did noticed that he is eating more (bowl empty in 24 hrs.), he is more active, he talks more to me, his fur is more soft and not dull like a steel brush before, and the most important of all.... The p**p is not stinky! by on 01/15/2015
Hill's Science Diet food for all
We have 4 cats and they all enjoy this cat food. We started buying this brand about 8 months ago because Chuck our #3 additional could not eat any other brand without developing problems. Our newest addition Bootsy is 6 months old and prepares the wet food. by on 01/15/2015
best food for cats
My dog was put on a Hills RX diet, After that i switched all my cats (8 of them) to hills,, they eat the dry and the wet ,, love the good stuff you put in there for my pets. thank you for making such a good food for them ! by on 01/10/2015
very good product
my cats are healty enjoy that product and be recommanded by my vetenirian by on 12/16/2014
This food has helped turn my rescue kitty into a pampered
When I brought my calico cat home from the rescue center, she weighed barely 5 lbs. Now, 7 months later, she is almost 10 lbs. of boundless energy! She lives to play and is very fit. Her muscles are strong and her coat is glossy. I had had a history with Science Diet, my last cat having lived well for 17+ years on Science Diet, and it was a natural choice to find the best Science Diet to fit the new cat's needs. She gets no other food than this and thus it is very easy to keep her fed and happy. I cannot be tempted away from Science Diet because the proof of its success is currently scampering happily across the kitchen floor! by on 12/10/2014
Overall Good product - right size
This product seems to be good quality, uniform shape and texture. My cat seems to like the taste. It's smaller than the original adult indoor cat, so she seems to be able to eat it more easily. Only time will tell if it helps maintain her health, but no complaints so far. The bag also lasts a long time so I try to by a smaller bag and rotate it more often to make sure it's fresh. by on 11/03/2014
Great Cat Food
I made a mistake by changing my cats food. I found out that this was a bad thing when my 5 year old male started to loose weight. So to make a long story short both of my cats are back on Science Diet, the female on Kitten food and the male on the Optimal Care and loving it. Note, cheaper doesn't always mean better. by on 10/27/2014
Great food for the price.
My cats don't eat as much yet they seem happier. It's more filling than other cat foods. My last cat lived to be 18 eating this food. by on 10/26/2014
My 4 cats love Science Diet dry food.
The cats love its taste. The size of the bits is good for them to manage. (3 have had a tooth pulled recently.) I feel confident it is nutritious for them. by on 10/25/2014
Kitty issues
our cats are our oldest babies right now. a female callico and a male tabby. our male tabby had some issues and had $2,000 vet bill so he could be okay again. we had to change his food. he loves the opitmal cat food! he wont try any other flavor or kind of science diet! love how the food has helped him live and be a happy healthy kitty again! by on 10/13/2014
My 3 cats seem to stay very healthy on Science Diet cat
Like your pet foods, but wonder if cats are getting too much grains like corn meal in them as doubt this would be part of their natural food intake. by on 10/08/2014
Great Cat Food
All of my cats eat Science Diet. This product gives my cats soft silky fur and lots of energy! by on 09/15/2014
25+ Years of Consistantly Good Results
A vet recommended Science Diet to me almost 30 years ago. I had 2 aging cats and it's the best pet care advice I've ever received. The kitties really liked it, and their general health improved enough that I've been a believer ever since. I have adopted and rescued many cats over the years, and they all go on Science Diet! I'm a little concerned over the increase in price during this time, but I keep buying it because I know it's good! by on 09/09/2014
Cats really like this food
This is the first food that the cats have liked and no had any digestion problems at all with. Will continue to purchase this product. An excellent product for the cats! by on 09/07/2014
optimal care adult dry
I have two male 1 yr old cats that I have only ever fed science diet. My cats love the food and have never had any digestive issues. I am a licensed veterinary technician and often recommend science diet to clients and friends. I will always feed science diet as I am very pleased with it. by on 09/04/2014
This product keeps my cat healthy
Prior to eating your product my cat stayed sick. Since eating Science Diet Optimal Care he's been a happy healthy cat. by on 08/29/2014
I have fed Science Diet to every cat I've owned and am
My new adopted cat was being fed Optimal Care as she was a starvation case. I am amazed as to how healthy she became on this diet ....her coat is like silk. My former cats were all on Hill's Prescription diets and fared quite well given their conditions. I'm sticking to this brand ( although I would love to see more coupons and sales.... : ) ) by on 08/28/2014
Adult 1 to 6yrs and Hair Ball Control
Excellent food. I adopted my cat a little over a year ago. They feed the Science Diet so I continued but I added the Hair Ball Control because she is a Black Forest cat. OMG ! What a difference. Not only is her fur beautiful but she very rarely vomit's anymore. I have also noticed that she doesn't lose that much hair during one of our three times a day brushing. So, Thank You so much for the perfect food for my baby by on 08/23/2014
Best Food For Pets! Even our Vet recommended we use only Science Diet! by on 08/22/2014
My boy loves it, he doesn't' gain weight, not does it appear to create struvite crystals and helps his sometimes sensitive stomach. by on 08/10/2014
I love the product not the price
My vet recommended science diet to me for my cats. They love the taste and we love that it keeps them healthy. We since got a puppy and we buy science diet for him too. I just wish it wasn't so expensive. Sometimes we a scraping change at the bottom of the barrel just to buy their food. by on 08/08/2014
Wonderful product!
I have two rescue cats, and both are doing wonderfully well on Science Diet. I've always struggled with which brand is best for my furbabies, so when the shelter suggested Hill's, I was glad to try it. Now I'm so happy I did! by on 08/04/2014
Geno loves this food!
My Geno enjoys optimal care dry cat food from Science Diet. His coat is so shinny and he is a very healthy energetic cat. by on 08/01/2014
The Best of the Best
Hill's is the best of the best in all categories. It's a good product with good ingredients, my cats love it, it's low in the bad stuff so my cats' organs (including kidneys!) are protected, and it's less expensive than a lot of the other, "better" brands. AND Hill's doesn't do any horrifying animal tests!! I have 12 cats, and I won't feed them anything else. Period. by on 07/27/2014
Cats won't eat crumbs
For some reason, my two cats will only crunch the large chunks once, let the rest fall back into their bowl, and not eat the rest. I end of throwing half of it away. Although, for some reason these cats have gone off all Hill's products I have tried after eating one bag. They ate kitten food fine, switched to adult, then switched to prescription CD for urinary health, and they refused to eat any more of it, but acted hungry. And, they both did it at the same time. They will eat the Optimal but only the large chunks. It is a mystery to my vet, we've done gradual changes and tried everything. They do not get any other food (unless, I suspect, something in the neighborhood). After a severe weight loss, they are now up to weight but costing me way too much money in food. Who knows? by on 07/18/2014
Our cat Loves the dry,wet and the grain free treets
Our vet gave us samples of Science Diet food on our first visit and recommended it. Gracie is now a year and one-half using a small can of wet in the morning and 3oz of dry in the evening. She is healthy and happy keeping her weight down .She loves the grain free treats by on 07/15/2014
Great for my barn cats.
I know my two male semi-feral barn cats get plenty of wet food on their own, so when selecting a dry food my two main concerns were keeping weight on them and their urinary health (pH). This food has plenty of fat in it (and great nutrition), and my vet assured me that Science Diet does the research on urinary health-a major concern with felines. I want to do everything possible to prevent urinary blockages/crystals and I want weight on my cats, especially for the winter. This food has done both for over five years now and my cats are healthy and in beautiful condition. by on 07/11/2014
could have better taste
My cats don't like the taste as much as other brands. by on 07/02/2014
pet seems to like this type of dry very well.
your product agrees with our cat ,we allow her to eat when ever needed, but she takes small amounts at will, good product. have refered to neighbors and friends.wally by on 06/25/2014
This product offers superior nutrition
I recently adopted a cat who was underweight and was having digestion problems. After offering her Science Diet Optimal Care dry food her appetite greatly improved. She began to gain weight and looks healthy. Her fur is now soft and shiny. I believe this is due to the superior nutrition of this product. Her digestion has also greatly improved and her eliminations are now normal. Thank you Science Diet for a quality food I feel good about giving my pet. by on 06/20/2014
My cats love it
Not only do both cats love their food, it keeps their coats sleek and shiny by on 06/19/2014
Excellent product being used as treats for my cats! by on 06/03/2014
High Quality Cat Food
I started feeding my cats Scientific Diet as kittens and they now 3 years later they will not eat anything but Scientific Diet dry cat food. Nothing,,,, not wet cat food, fresh fish, or anything else. by on 05/18/2014
It keeps my pets healthy
My cats are playful and very active. Science diet keeps them healthy. They are the right weight and have strong bones and teeth. by on 05/12/2014
My cats have beautiful coats and are healthy. It is well worth the extra expense to know they are getting the nutrition they need. We try to eat a healthy diet so it is just as important for our pets to eat healthy. by on 05/12/2014
So happy with this product and so are our many kitties!
Since we have started feeding optimal care dry food our cats eat less as they are more satisfied, more energetic and the bonus is they took right to it as they love the taste. We rescue kittens and cats so we were worried about nutrtuion and budget. Since they eat less but gives much better nutrition,we are so glad our vet recommended we try this product. The cats give us many paws up! by on 05/09/2014
Great product
My cat really enjoys all of your dry food. She has been so lively and loves to play since I have switched to your food. Plus a bonus is the coupons that get sent out now and then. by on 05/05/2014
MY cats enjoy this product
After having a conversation with the shelter ware I was adopted by my present cats I was informed that this product was very healthy for my pets. They never seam to get tired of the taste. It seems that this product keeps thier energy level up. I would recommend this product to all cat lovers. by on 05/05/2014
I have 4 rescue cats who all will eat this food
I have 4 rescue cats and I've tried various dry cat food and I want them to have quality nutrition so "we " have selected Science Diet Optimal Care dry food for them. They have a couple full bowl to nibble on all day. By morning, bowls have to be replenished. One of my cats won't eat any soft cat food so this is her main diet. None of them eat human food. So this is why I want them to have great nutrition. they are all healthy! by on 04/28/2014
very good for my sweetie rescue kitty
my rescued tuxedo tabby girl had been previously neglected and bullied, and was in pretty shabby shape. optumal adult science diet at the pound got her healthy very quickly. adopting her keeping her on it has been very good for her. mimsey's lingering tendency for nervous overgrooming (and thus upchucking) has been helped considerably by a 50-50 mix of optimal adult and science diet adult hairball formulas. she comes running when she hears the pulling velcro of the bag! being safe, pampered, and healthy has really gotten my kitty out of her shell, much more happy and social. by on 04/17/2014
science diet original dry cat food
This is the only cat food my cat would eat, I try other cat food but my three cats stick their nose up in the air and walk away, so I went back to the store and i bought science diet original cat food, and I will not buy any other brand but that. plus if your cat won't eat it, you can take it back and get your money back. by on 04/07/2014
Loves to eat!!!
All of my cats have been fed Science Diet cat food, from kitten to the food, can't wait to the small nuggets... by on 03/29/2014
Happy Cats!
My cats love this food! You can see and smell the quality of the kibbles! by on 03/29/2014
Wonderful product!
Our local tractor supply store carries this product. The cats LOVE the taste andwe love the results that it provides: shiny coats and energy. LOVE this product! by on 03/22/2014
If It Works Why Change !!
Muffin, our 12 year old ragdoll cat, has been on this Science diet cat food for 12 years. I have tried several other cat foods but she prefers this one so if it works ....why change ? I feel safe with Science Diet because I know I don't have to worry about it being recalled. It always has a pleasant smell......not fishy like some others. by on 03/19/2014
This product is well received by all my cats
My cats have been on optimal care for 3 years and love it. It can be hard to find a food that 3 cats will all like but they love their optimal care and have stayed happy and healthy. by on 03/17/2014
This product is a great maintenance diet!
Very palatable. My cat enjoys this diet completely. Fed properly, he has maintained his weight, has a shiny coat, clear eyes, and is full of energy. Anyone looking for a great maintenance diet for their cat, this is the diet for you. by on 03/01/2014
My cats love the taste of Science diet Dry food
The Science diet Dry Adult cat food is Nutritional and my Cats love the taste. Reasonable priced. by on 02/24/2014
Great food for my felines, and also rescue fosters!
Science Diet has always been the food of choice for my own cats. My cats love both Optimal Care and canned tender chunks with gravy! Several years ago I started fostering for a local rescue group. While I initially tried less expensive food products, I quickly decided the fosters needed the quality of Science Diet! I have cared for moms with newborns, orphan kittens, and some with illness. So far, they have all loved and thrived on Science Diet! Without a doubt, I'll continue using Science Diet for both my cats, and fosters that come my way! by on 02/06/2014
Best Cat Food
My cats do not like any other food and its worth the extra pennies to feed them what they like. by on 01/28/2014
Stray cat cleaned the bowl
There is a stray cat that we are trying to find help for. In the meantime, he is outside in a winter shelter. The wet food freezes so we put some Science Diet Adult Optimal Care in a bowl by the shelter. I went back to check if he ate it and the bowl was empty! Stray cats need good food too. Thank you by on 01/06/2014
moew was the word
My cat Dewey meowed with anticipation when i feed him Science Diet. When he was finished he Double meowed with satisfaction. My cat Dewey thanks you from the bottom of his paws. by on 12/29/2013
This is the only food my cat will eat
The Hills Optimal care is the only food my cat will eat, his coat is always nice and sleek. Overall its a great choice! by on 12/20/2013
My Cat LOVES Science Diet and i save money !
My cat has a Beautiful coat, she does not eat a lot, stays the same weight,. I tried other store brands, they seemed cheeper but I had to feed twice as much as what I feed with the Science Diet and her coat was course and falling out. I Love the results with Science Diet and when friends come over they notice and ask why my cat has such a Beautiful coat and I simply reply, I only feed Hills Science Diet! by on 12/19/2013
Cats love the taste!
Was vet recommended to help with urinary crystals. Knock on wood it does seem to be working! Our 12 all love it. Only wish it was somewhat cheaper or could find coupons more readily. by on 12/15/2013
Dry Cat Food
I believe scince diet for cats is a really good product, my cats like the taste and it keeps them healthy. by on 11/19/2013
I will only feed my cat the best!
My cat Grayson loves Science Diet. And it shows in his silky shiney fir. by on 11/06/2013
This product is good for our cats
We started using this product to keep our cats healthier. We have 5+ cats eating this food. It is a little pricey, but worth it. I am glad to feed my cats something that is good for them. I want to keep them around for a long time. They really like the taste, I can tell by the way they devour it. by on 10/28/2013
Suitable for all three cats
I have three cats that are the same age and have three different body weights and shapes. I feed all three of them Optimal dry and Science Diet canned food. In addition they are indoor cats and I don't want extra weight on them. The features in this foods suits their palate and life style and assures me they are getting a balance of what they need for to stay healthy by on 10/28/2013
great taste
From the moment I fed my cats this food, they have enjoyed every nibble! by on 10/16/2013
Cats love it.
I've started switching my cats over to this cat food, they love it and seem to be full longer. by on 10/04/2013
Science Diet Food
I finally found a dry cat food that my cat will eats, since he is such a picky eater by on 10/01/2013
All my cats love this food!
This product is loved by all three of my cats. They are always ready to eat this when I buy it. by on 09/29/2013
Love it
My cats seem to really like this food. I feel good giving them quality dry and canned food. The only issue is it's a little pricey at the vet. by on 09/27/2013
25+ years feeding our cats Science Diet
We have been feeding our cats Science Diet Optimal Care dry cat food for over 25 years. This product has helped keep our pets healthy and they maintain a very balanced weight with this regime. I would recommend this cat food to anyone wanting to keep their cats healthy, happy and content. Susan by on 09/27/2013
8 out of 8 cats agree - Original Optimal Care Dry food is
When the delivery truck rumbles up the street and then the doorbell rings, I have six swirling dervishes at my feet, excitedly telling me their food has arrived. The Adult Optimal Care Original dry cat food is the only product our cats will eat. They are lively, bright-eyed, shiny, and full of mischief. Our two stray kitties also love this food and they have quite beautiful coats for garage cats. I highly recommend this product for all cats over one years old. by on 09/26/2013
Cat loves it
My cat always runs toward the food bowl when it's meal time. She likes it! by on 09/26/2013
A great choice for providing the proper nutrition for your
I started feeding my cats Science Diet years ago after my veterinarian recommended it as a way to help keep my cats healthy. Since I made the switch my cats have been healthy and happy. They also love the taste. by on 09/26/2013
Kali Love this food - The Proof is in the kittie! =^..^=
My adopted kittie - whom just turned one on the 13th, loves this dry food! When I first got him at 3 months, his coat which seemed dull & dry to me, now after feeding him Hills Science diet for 9 months not only has his coat become very soft, glossy & shiny ( he is a beautiful black, with what seems to be highlights), he is a healthy, happy & playful teenager, and everyone has noticed the difference, when he sees me come in the house with the bag - he seems to know right away it is for him. Amazing results, will continue him with Hill's & will adapt the formula as needed as he grows & gets older! Would recommend to everyone, well worth the price for Optimal health of your pet! by on 09/26/2013
Good results
This is a good food for my picky eater and it has smaller pieces that makes it easier for her to eat. It has the high protein which is what she needs. by on 09/16/2013
Great product at good prices
It is the food my cat prefers and kept her in great shape and health for years. It is the only food we feed our cat. by on 09/13/2013
cats like the taste
if my pet likes it that's what I buy the food bags however seem to keep getting smaller by on 09/12/2013
Great Taste
All four of my cats love this food, which is a major accomplishment itself. When it's time to eat they all come running and eat every last bite. by on 09/07/2013
My Cat LOVES this stuff
My cat, CJ is a Science Diet fiend! Seriously, he gobbles this stuff up faster than he can chew. We tried other brands but he simply refuses to eat anything other than Science Diet. This is a great product and very healthy for my cat. Thanks! by on 07/03/2013
Fantastic Cat Food!
I love this food for my cat! My cat is very healthy and loves the taste! by on 07/01/2013
Only food my cat isn't sick on
My cat was a picky eater and wouldn't touch many foods. They all stopped when I switched her to Science Diet Optimal. She can digest it and process it and LOVES it. She meows me down the hall in the morning until I go to her area and scoop her! by on 06/30/2013
Quality of the product
Science diet is a quality food for my cats that my vet recommended years ago. I have fed my cats nothing else since then. by on 06/30/2013
He was raised on science diet...
and he has thrived. He has not grown tired of the diet and hovers around his bowl at feeding time, "supervising" to make sure nothing is spilled. He just turned a year old and we hope he will have a long and playful life! by on 06/30/2013
my cats have loved this product for many years!
My cats can't wait for me to fill their bowls! They love the flavor and I love the quality and value! by on 06/29/2013
cats won't eat
I don't know why but my cats won't eat your product so I don't buy any more by on 06/29/2013
Isabella's Top Choice
I've been feeding Adult Optimal Care to my kitty since the very beginning, and now she's 11 years old. I've tried the other products more for her age, etc., from Science Diet, but this is her absolute favorite. She still gets excited when I pour this into her feeder. And, I know I'm giving her the best product for her health. by on 06/29/2013
My cats love Optimal Care!
We buy the smallest size bags of dry cat food because my 2 cats usually get bored with the taste about half way through the bag. They loved the Optimal Care the whole bag through! by on 06/29/2013
At first my cats were a bit weary of the food, they had never seen food so small. It took them a little while to try it but once they did in was gone in no time. I think they liked it better than any other food they have had. by on 05/29/2013
A food all my cat's enjoy!
I would not give my cat's anything else but Science Diet. Have 4 cats ... all 4 eat it and love it! by on 05/29/2013
We started using Hills Science Diet Optimal Care with my cat, Jenner, before he was even a year old. We really had nothing to lose. You see Jenner was a very sick kitten and he struggled to gain weight despite trying "the best" foods. After switching to something more natural he gained about a lb in 2months, but he was still very under weight. Our vet gave us some of this to try after winning the bag during a special open house. We gave it to Jenner and he started having less gas, he was more energetic AND he was finally gaining weight. Jenner still has health issues but being underweight is no longer an issue and as long as he isn't on antibiotics his "tummy issues" aren't a problem anymore. We owe a lot to Science Diet. Between my obstinate never give up attitude, careful vet care and SD Jenner is now a healthy 7lbs with the silkiest coat around. by on 03/26/2013
Great for healthy happy cats
I transitioned my cats to this product when they were old enough to move from the Hill's kitten food they received at the shelter from which I adopted them. They have been and remain healthy and I believe happy with shiny coats, appropriate weight, and lots of energy. by on 12/18/2012
Vet recommended
38 years ago, my vet recommended Science Diet for our first cat. Seven cats and six dogs later, it's the ONLY pet food I've purchased. I credit it for giving my pets beautiful coats, staying healthy, and a long and happy life! Thanks for a great product for the animals I love. by on 11/23/2012
When i first opened the bag up i thought it smelled great. You could really smell the contents of the food and it just smelled so fresh and real compared to cheaper stuff i have purchased. My cat turned her nose up at it the first day but she got used to it after that and eats it regularly. I think this is good to mix with the cheaper stuff if you aren't wealthy. by on 09/10/2012
Good food equals healthy pets
You are what you eat and this is true for my pets. I would never feed them anything else but Science Diet. by on 08/22/2012
My cats love this food
My cats love this food. They are active and seem very happy with their food. Their coats are in better condition and not as dry by on 08/13/2012
This product is teriffic.
I adopted a 3 year old cat at the shelter and was concerned about her size (she was a little too big in my opinion). After reviewing several cat foods on-line and talking with friends and veterninarians, I chose to start feeding Suki Science Diet Optimal care. Following the guidelines, she has trimmed down nicely and enjoys the food as well! Thank you!. by on 07/26/2012
This food is very popular with my cats. It keeps disappearing! They are a healthy, happy clowder. by on 07/17/2012
Great Nutrition for my Cat
When I first adopted my cat from a shelter I was given a bag of Hills Science Diet dry Kitten food. When he turned One Year old I continued with Science Diet Adult Optimal Care Original. My cat loves this. He is happy, healthy and active. I am glad that Hills Science Diet provides the many formulations so I can provide my cat with nutritious food for a long and happy life. by on 06/19/2012
This cat food is great for my cats & they eat it!
Hills Science Diet Optimal Care dry cat food is the perfect food to feed your cats-the proper nutrional components and they enjoy the taste and actually eat all their food. It seems as if it costs more than other brands, however you feed more of those brands due to the cats not digesting enough "good" nutrients from these brands. You wind up having more waste product fromt the cats-essentially the food is going right through them because it is fillers, not digestible healthy ingredients. by on 06/07/2012
Have used this for generations.
All my cats have been rescues. I want to give them the most nutritious, good tasting food I can. I have relied on Hills Science Diet for over 30 years. There has not been one cat who didn't love this product. The bite size pieces are perfect for those little mouths and tender tongues. No matter what age, my cats love Science Diet Original, and other flavors. I will never use anything else, because my cats live healthy, playful lives, to their mid and late 20's. by on 05/23/2012
Three Cats!
My 3 thrive on Science Dietยฎ Adult Optimal Careโ„ข Original. They love the taste. I've always had good success feeding all the cats I've ever had in my life Science Dietยฎ Adult Optimal Careโ„ข Original. by on 05/22/2012
Our cat's love it
We have 6 cats. Whenever I bring home a new bag of cat food, Science Diet Optimal Care, they can't wait for me to open it! We, the humans, have appreciated how healthy our cats have been over the years, and what kind of food they eat plays a big part! by on 05/21/2012
Price for the quality
My cats love it and let us know when it is their dinner time. It is also the one that my pet's vet reccomends. by on 05/20/2012
This product is the best!
I have three cats and was constantly cleaning up messes from my cats after they would eat the normal grocery store food. Their stomach's did not like something...My vet encouraged me to switch to a higher protein higher quality food. We discussed options and concluded on trying the Science Diet products. I have tried a couple different types and have landed on the Optimal Care original. The cats love the taste and I love that I have no more mess! I have had several compliments on the way that the cats even look - their hair is shiny and healthly looking. They have more energy and are much happier. Thank you Science Diet!! by on 05/19/2012
11 cats and counting
My husband and I have 11 cats and seem to always adopt more . We are both cat people. I have been feeling my cats Optimal Care from the time I find it in the pet store . My cats are very healthly and also active . I will always have Optimal Care in my home for the my cats. thank you from Bob,Stinky,Freddy, Momma Cat ,Toro,Lulu,Bootie,Gracie,Muffin,Spot,and Oliver. by on 05/18/2012
Great benefits, good tasting and my fur babies love it.
I have been purchasing Science diet for many years. Prescription wet and dry, kitten adult and senior. I currently use the Optimal care dry, and all 5 of my kids love it. I think it's worth paying a few extra dollars to get a food that is as good for them as Hill's. by on 05/18/2012
My cat LOVES Science Dietยฎ Adult Optimal Careโ„ข Original
When I adpoted my cat the shelter gave me a bag of Science Dietยฎ Adult Optimal Careโ„ข Original dry food. I was worried that Molly would not eat this food. As soon as I brough her home and fed her she gobbled up all the food inher bowl and was happy and content. She won't eat wet food and will come running whenshe hears me open the bag of Science Dietยฎ Adult Optimal Careโ„ข Original. I would not think of changing to any other kind of dry food. by on 05/18/2012
This product is well liked by our cats
We have been well pleased with Science Diet Optimal care for our four cats for five years. They all really like it when it is time to eat & have thrived very good during these five years. by on 05/18/2012
Great product, keeps our cats healthy
We've been feeding Science Diet for 4 years and our cats love it, they look great, maintain their healthy weight, have shiny hair and haven't been sick. by on 05/18/2012
Premium cat food
Wish this formula was sold in a bigger bag or in a warehouse store. Good for my cat but is more expensive than other brands. by on 05/18/2012
healthy happy cat
healthy happy energetic are the words to discribe the hills science diet for my cat missy. no finicky eating habits because shes getting the right nutritions she needs for a happy healthy life. with the right feeding program provided by hills she gets the right amount of feed for her energetic life style. no fuss no muss no picky eating! the humane society provided the first bag of food but when i discovered the benifits outweighed the cost i invested in the second and following bags and have discovered i have saved money and have given my cat a healthier life by on 05/17/2012
Good food and cats love it!
My cats will not eat anything else! I try to feed other foods even tuna from the can and they wont eat it! They only eat Science Diet dry. by on 05/17/2012
Science Diet is the only food that I feed my cats.
I have been feeding the original/optimal food to my cats for several years.This is the only brand of cat food that I will feed my family of cats. I have two cats presently and they are very healthly, no problems and I attritbute this to the quality of Science Diet products. I will soon be getting for them the adult/mature cat food and I can be sure of the same qualitiy of food as in the reg. food for cats. Science Diet may be a bit more expensive, but in the long run it is cheaper. My cats don't use the litter box as much as when they have been given cheaper food. Overall after 17 years with Science Diet I have no plans on changing. by on 05/17/2012
All my cats love it!
I have 5 kitties, and I have always fed them Science Diet. They have always been very healthy and my eldest lived to be 20 years old! I must be feeding them right! by on 05/17/2012
My cat loves his Sci Diet Dry!
My cat was adopted from a Raleigh cat shelter that feeds ALL the cats Science Diet (adult, kitten, C/D, I/D, D/D when needed), so I opted to continue to feed my Orion the food that he was used to. Science Diet adult has optimal kitty nutrition and my boy loves it. He doesn't gobble his food, but he eats up his Science Diet throughout the day and his bowl is always clean at night. My family has always fed their cats Science Diet and I'll continue giving my guy his favorite food for the rest of his life :) by on 05/17/2012
My cat loves this!!
I love how healthy it is for my cat. My vet recommended it to us. My cat's fur is so soft now and he seems to have a lot more energy. It is great. I won't buy anything else. by on 05/17/2012
The one and only original
This is the first science diet product we tried, and we all still love it years later.. by on 05/17/2012
Very Happy with Science Diet Product
We have rescued 2 adult cats in the past 2 years and starting using the Science Diet Adult Optimal Care per the recommendation of a very pleasant and knowledgeable young lady at our local humane society. We have been very pleased with the product, it is easy to get from multiple sources and we feel the price point is also very good when matched against other products. Both of the new members of our family also seem to enjoy the product very much. They both receive great checkups with our veterinarian. If their happy and healthy that's what matters most to us. Please continue to provide this great product and all will continue to be good. Thanks from a happy home with happy humans & HAPPY CATS!! by on 05/17/2012
Optimum health w/ Optimal Care food!
My cat officially turns 7 next week and has eaten Science Diet since day 1! It has always kept her coat beautiful, her size perfect, her attitude playful and active! She's never had 1 hairball, stomach or weight issue and I contribute that to the good quality of the Science Diet! I give her a few pieces of the oral care (she thinks they're treats) every other day to help keep her mouth healthy, and have started mixing in the new Ideal Balance with her regular food. She's loving it! Almost too active for me-I was expecting her to be a little lazier at 7! MissyCat and I are very thankful we found this brand so early on! by on 05/17/2012
According to my cats this gets 5 meows!
Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow....We love it! One of my cats is allergic to all other foods and tolerates SD Optima very well. They love the taste, I love the price! I feel the quality is great. WE have been using Science Diet Optima for several years and have never had a problem or concern. Thank you Science Diet for such a wonderful product! Mary and the Meowy Bunch by on 05/17/2012
This product contains essential nutrients my very active cat
From the first day that Czar came to the shelter for adoption he has been eating Hill's Science Diet foods. When he turn one year old I started feeding him Hill's Science Diet Adult Optimal Care original. His coat looks healthy, he is very healthy and active. If Hill's Science Diet made food for people and I could be as active as he is, I would buy it. by on 05/17/2012
Science Diet Rocks :)
Science Diet Rocks !! it is by far the best. There is nothing more to say only that it Rocks. by on 05/16/2012
Great product for continued health.
We have 2 cats that were ferrel, both had health issues when they appeared on our porch. We fed them Optimal Care from the time they chose us for care givers and there are no health issues now. Both are healthy and happy little members of our family. by on 05/16/2012
Great choice for cat friends!
Science Diet is a good choice - I have 2 cats, both around 6-7 yrs old, and they seem to like the flavor. They both also stay very active and healthy. Since changing to this brand a few years ago, I haven't tried anything else. by on 05/16/2012
That's a shiny coat
I started my new kitten out on Science Diet Kitten food and then onto Science Diet Optimal care. When I showed a picture of her to a friend of mine that was passing through town he remarked "that cat has a very shiny coat". Indeed she does and my other cat on the same diet has a very smooth soft coat. Both are healthy and very active on Science diet. The readily eat it, and never beg for table scraps. by on 05/16/2012
My cat LOVES this!!!
This product is high quality and my cat loves the taste. In fact, when my sister's cat and my cat stay together, her cat ignores his food and eats Science Diet! Also, my cat's fur is soooo soft and shiny. Everyone comments on it! This is the only food I'll buy and I recommend it to everyone. by on 05/16/2012
this product is great
I have been feeding my cats this for many years and they love it. I tried using some other brands and my cats did not like it as well and reading the ingredients I found it does not have the same quality nutrition as science diet.It is an more expensive food but my cats are my best friends and I love the way their coat feels when feeding them this and I want to keep them around for many years. by on 05/16/2012
5 Healthy Cats
We have raised 5 cats on Science diet. None have ever gotten sick. We have our Vet to thank for his recommendation 30 years ago. Our cats get only the Best, Science Diet. by on 05/16/2012
This is the only food that my Cat will eat. He loves his dry food. by on 05/16/2012
Great cat food!
My cat loves the taste of this food and it provides her with all the nutritional benefits she needs. I will definitely continue to purchase this brand! by on 05/16/2012
In my eyes there is nothing better.
What can I say Jazzman is my life. She showed up here two summers ago not in the best of shape. I immediately took her to the vet only to find out she had feline leukemia. I vowed to her daily that I would do all that I could to take care of her. She went into treatment right away for the leukemia shots and more to maintain her health. Next step was I wanted the best for her to eat. My vet sold the Science Diet foods and I have heard of that brand before. I bought some and I can not keep Jazzman's bowl full enough. She truly loves her food and that means alot to me with her condition. So thank you for your help in helping my Jazzman. by on 05/16/2012
My cats certainly let us know when the bowl is empty.
My most finicky cat loves this food! She'll turn her nose up at many canned foods and treats but never her Science Diet. by on 05/16/2012
My cat loves this food!