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Hill's Science Diet Adult Chicken & Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food Product Reviews

When your dog is in the prime of his life, he needs a quality dog food that keeps up. Hill's® Science Diet® Adult dry dog food uses a high-quality protein source for lean muscles, natural fibers for healthy digestion and omega-6s for a beautiful coat. Specially formulated to make grown dogs come running for mealtime, this adult food provides the right balance of nutrients to help your grown-up dog live a happy, healthy life. Science Diet dog food made with natural ingredients is #1 Veter... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 232 reviewers.

Excellent transition from puppy food!
I was a little nervous about switching from Hill's Science Diet Puppy Food to a "big girl" food for our 13-month-old Husky/Golden mix. My worries were unfounded... Lacy LOVES this chicken and barley mix and seems to like the bigger bites. The transition was seamless! Thank you Hill's! by on 06/14/2023
I will continue to buy
He's been on the food about 8 months and he's happy and healthy. One photo at adoption day and one 8 months later. by on 04/09/2023
You/we so not need this artificial stuff. Your dog's system needs food as clean as possible. We feed our German Shepherd cutup zuccini, nonallergic kibble, half a cup of raw hamburger and a raw chicken part like a leg. AT now 8 he's healthy, playful and his coat shiny. by on 01/15/2023
I'm a convert.
I switched from a very expensive boutique dog food and am so pleased. Her fur is shedding less and she looks great. by on 08/20/2022
I feed this food to my 2 toy poodles. The food makes their breath smell really bad. Why? by on 12/26/2021
Dog wont eat it.
Dog wont eat it. by on 09/14/2021
I would buy this product again and again
We feed this twice a day. Both of my girls love it. I finally found a good they'll eat!! I'm happy if they're happy. by on 07/18/2021
Best dry kibble yet!
Our 1.5 year old 75 lb. Golden became super picky after coming off his puppy food. We tried 3 other brands of adult dog foods, 2 of which were for large breed, and he refused to eat them (we had to mix in toppers to get him to touch it) because the kibble was so large. Another formula was smaller sized kibble but was salmon flavor and that did not succeed either :( After reading other reviews and doing a careful look at the ingredients to select a food that is within the AAFCO guidelines and was not grain free, we decided to switch to Hill's adult chicken and barley and give it a try. Result - he loves it! It was the first time we saw him gobble his food down in close to 2 months. We have fed our 11 year old Golden Hills Prescriptive Diet since he was 5 years old and now we are a total Hill's family. If you have a picky eater, this formula and medium kibble size will not disappoint! by on 05/25/2021
Oshie's Favorite!
We currently have a 7 month old puppy at home, and when I tell you it's been a real struggle to get him to eat on a schedule, it's an understatement. When we first brought him home we started on Baby Blue and after our first vet appointment we switched him to Royal Canin Medium Puppy and he would eat that, but it was still a struggle (It was a lot of hand feeding). About 2 months ago our vet recommended us to start switching him to adult food, and there were 3 brands she recommended, we started with the Pro Plan (my family has a lot of dogs around so thought it might be good to do the same food as others) he would NOT eat it. So I passed that along to my sister-in-law to finish that bag. So finally, we ended up with the Hill's Science Diet Adult (1-6) Chicken and Barley and at least with this past week we have NOT had any issues with him wanting to eat. He will finish his entire bowl when it's given to him!! We've had solid bathroom breaks with no issues. I couldn't be happier! My only wish was there were more flavors with the regular adult food. by on 04/30/2021
Unsatisfied. Not a replacement to Advance Fitness as claimed
Not satisfied with new changes or "improvements" made to the food. AT ALL. I have used Science Diet brand food for three years. My dog loves it and will not eat anything else, until RECENTLY, when the company made CHANGES. I have a 4 yr old pit mix and we have always preferred the Science Diet Advanced Fitness food with Chicken & Barley flavor. Recently, the company changed their packaging of food, name of the food, and the shape of the food. They claim that the food is the same flavor. HOWEVER, I was recently told that the Advanced Fitness dog food was renamed/rebranded to Hill's Science Diet Adult 1-6 dog food. Yes, the food is a different shaped as stated, BUT, it does not seem to be the same flavor, even though it says otherwise on the package. It is a different color/smell as well. My dog refuses to eat it. I've noticed my cat now tries to eat it so the flavor has to had change.. The cat never wanted to touch the dog's food before. We've transitioned her food by mixing the old with it and she still won't eat it. I am very unhappy with their new marketing, for food purposes. I understand about new packaging but there is no reason to change certain things with the food itself. I have friends who are having this same problem and it's very frustrating. The food is great quality and I wish they still had the same food. We're currently looking at other brands of food for our dog but it shouldn't need to come to this. Will be calling the company personally tomorrow to figure out if there's another food they have that is somewhat comparable to her Hill's Science Diet Advanced Fitness. If anything changes, I will edit my review. by on 02/10/2020
I will never buy Science Diet again
I have used Science Diet Adult regular kibble for 20 years for both of my Corgi's. I am very disappointed that you have made the kibble size much smaller and now my Corgi swallows the kibbles whole. He doesn't chew it. Why would you change the kibble size to smaller? It does not make sense. Dogs are sensitive to change in their food and usually not for the better. I will never buy Science Diet again. by on 12/04/2019
Best nutrition for your pet; 100% digestible!
This food is 100% digestible so there are no by-products to cause problems in the gut. Less poop, less odor and my dog is satisfied after her feedings. SHINY black coat too! by on 06/24/2019
The best food
Our Golden retriever was on Science diet Large Breed his whole life. He lived to be 15.5. Goldens typically only live 10-12 yrs. He was very active and energetic right up to the end. In fact our vet hospital had gotten a new vet added to the staff and he didn't believe our dog was 14 at the time. He'd have said 6 or 7. We had to show his adoption papers from when we got him as a puppy. Sadly he passed of a brain tumor. We recently adopted a 2 year old lab who came to us on an organic salmon and sweet potato diet. The foster mom said she did that for all her fosters because she thought it best. We figured she knew best so we continued that brand/flavor. OMG! It was horrible! He was soooo gassy and hyper and pooping 3 times a day! We decided to go back to what we knew. We did the proper food transition and the farts continued until all the old food was gone and a fresh un-blended bag of Hill's. No more gas. Calm dog now. and few poops. These pet food fads are getting way out of hand. Stick to the tried and true. by on 11/19/2018
my maltese love it
I love this for my maltese pupy sice he was a baby .. by on 06/29/2018
Great energy !
I have a mix breed (mini Aussie/Beagle) and his energy is awesome on this diet ! Although both his breed have high energy already, I only give a small amount and that does it job. Nothing wrong so far :) by on 05/08/2018
Great for my active dogs
My dogs run with me every day, and I feel good about giving them this food to maintain their health and stamina and provide great nutrition. by on 06/21/2017
Perfect for my dog!
I recently adopted a shelter dog and was given a sample of Hill's Science diet advanced fitness dog food as a trial. Since then I have continued to purchase and use the food because my dog seems to appreciate the taste and his GI system seem to stay pretty regular on it. Additionally, my small sized dog can sometimes tend to "inhale" is food thus the larger size of the kibble encourages him to slow down and take time to chew before hastily swallowing. by on 04/14/2017
Our only choice for our Daisy
After months of trying different foods, we finally tried Science Diet and will never use anything else! Daisy is happy, healthy and loves meal time! by on 02/03/2017
Easy to switch
I have 2 dachshunds that were started on Hills Science Diet Jan 1st. I was leary because doxies are picky eaters and dreaded the switch. Low and behold.....they loved it. Actually was spitting out their regular food on the floor and only eating the new food. Thank you for a great product. We also have lost a few ounces in just a couple weeks. by on 01/16/2017
Dog on the bag?
My dog looks like the dog on this bag. Do you know the breed? BTW Maggie loves this food and is healthy and happy! by on 01/01/2017
Very good quality
no more stools and farts. this it's the best brands for bulldogs. by on 10/14/2016
My Review
Switched my puppy's to adult science diet dry food and both my doggies have been in the vet hospital for 3 days with IV's and really sick!!! I was going to throw out the food but defore I did my hound dog found it before I did and now he is back at the emergence vet.. Thanks science diet.. I'm just praying be best friend makes it!!!! by on 07/12/2016
Great features!
We've been feeding Kali Science Hill Diet ever since the animal shelter gave us a free bag when we adopted her almost 4 years ago! She loves it! It keeps her black coat so sleek and shiny and keeps her healthy! by on 07/06/2016
great product
I have a senior Shih Tzu who has mobility issues. He also had an accident when he was a puppy and upon moving back to Kansas with cold winters and age, he was having problems. Vet recommend Hills H/D and it has been a miracle for him. I do need to keep him on it all year round which he thoroughly enjoys as he loves the taste. I highly recommend product. by on 06/20/2016
What a difference!!!
My dog Taiga is a blue nose bully, she got real bad irritation on both sides of her with bumps and lose of fur, I completely freaked out, it costs a lot to take her to the vet, and I've experienced skin problems with other dogs I've had, I remembered when I had went a long time back for a similar situation they switched her right onto science diet and she had a medicine. Anyways so I took myself down to Petco 1month ago, got Taiga science diet and itch relief spray that's all! Literally 1 week later very little bumps, no irritation, no severe itching! Not to mention we sawthe fur was coming in agian slowly. It is now a month later and her skin is excellent!!!! Her fur that's grown back is perfect! Such a energetic girl, what a difference in both body and mind, she's done a complete transformation! I'll never use another food, I'm telling you this is a great dog and cat food, and treats! Thanks so much, this product has saved my dogs coat and really just made her a all round better, happy dog! Happy pup, happy mama! Lol by on 04/29/2016
Happy dog happy owner
My dog Sasha has been on this food since we rescued her four years ago. She absolutely loves it (we actually use it for treats as well). She is very healthy, and always had a shiny coat. I definitely would recommend this food to everyone! by on 12/16/2015
What vets STILL feed their pets!
My dog is my world and I want only the best for him! His health and happiness is honestly my number one priority!!! I am a vet and would never feed anything but Science Diet! Science Diet does extensive research into pet nutrition. As a vet, I would only trust Science Diet with the health of my pets. Period! If you want the best possible food that has record statistics for a long life, feed ONLY Science Diet!!! by on 10/29/2015
I already see a difference
My fiancรฉ and i recently rescued a pit bull from our local SPCA. they were already feeding her Science Diet, so we continued on with it. after a few weeks of feeding her Science Diet, we noticed a dramatic change in her coat and skin. She had a dull coat, and flakey skin when we rescued her, and she's only 10 months old. Her coat is beautiful and her skin seems a lot more "normal". She loves her food and her vet highly suggested we keep her on it. by on 10/10/2015
This product is great for dogs with sensitive stomachs
We rescued a lab/boxer mix puppy from a family that was just going to leave him tied up in the yard. He had bowel problems from the get go. We thought it was just from the deworm medicine the vet gave him but it wasn't. After trying 2 other brand dog food we discovered that Science Diet has a easy digestable food. It has done wonders with him & we have switched our other 2 dogs to Science Diet. by on 09/28/2015
Love this dog food.
Full of all the nutrition that's pup needs to grow and mature! And he loves this brand of dog food!! Deff worth the money! by on 09/22/2015
Helped skin
We adopted a new dog and he had horrible skin. Within a week, his coat cleared up from eating science diet. by on 09/20/2015
Our dogs love this product
We own two dogs who absolutely love this dog food. They truly get excited every night when the dog food container is opened and they smell the Science Diet dry dog food. I am very pleased with the product. by on 09/19/2015
Advanced Fitness
We have been loyally using Science Diet for our three dogs for over 4 years now. On the few occasions that we had to subsitute food with another brand due to availability (i.e. Pet Store was closed and had to go to a discount or grocery store to get food) our pets seemed to have more issues with digestion of the food. Although expensive, I try to find coupons that help us continue to afford the quality food that we have come to trust for our 3 large fur babies! We also use your dry food for our 3 cats...! by on 09/18/2015
We switched to Science Diet because it helps our dogs skin. by on 09/06/2015
The Dog's seem to like it...
I have purchased this dog food for nearly 7 years and the dogs seem to like it. I will continue to purchase. by on 08/10/2015
consistency matters
The compact solid wastes that I pick up are perfectly revealing to the true health of my pets. As well as so convenient and environmentally conducive. I highly recommend to anyone that asks to try your products for just one bag....the resistance I run into has to do with cost. By that point in the conversation they usually do not want to listen any longer.... so I give up my soap box! The main reason I choose Science Diet products is because of the quality of the hair coat while on it! Definately have a hold on that market!!! Love It!! by on 07/28/2015
Dog keeps weight well.. seems like a good product
My dog has maintained her weight well, healthy shiny coat. Only improvement would be the cost.. as it's a bit more then I would like to spend. by on 05/19/2015
science diet
LOVE the dog food and so do my dogs they are VERY PICKY eaters, but come on can't we get some coupons once in awhile? pretty pricey! by on 03/19/2015
Keeps my dog healthy
Perfect food that keeps the dog healthy and with perfect coat and skin. I will never change from Hills. by on 01/19/2015
Great Dog Food
My dogs just love it! The only dog food I give my 4 dogs. by on 12/18/2014
Good product for my dog. She loves it!
My dog absolutely loves this food and I love giving it to her. Great value too. by on 11/07/2014
Good Quality Food
I have a very active dog, so I wanted to find a food that would help keep him fit. Science Diet did just that. Good Quality food for a reasonable price. My only complaint would be to receive more coupons for the food. But over all very satisfied. Dawn Clark by on 11/03/2014
Great product. My dog loves her food
Great product. My dog has never had an issue with digestion or constipation as she has had with other dog food. by on 10/28/2014
Eats it right up
When we got our dog from the SPCA they sent us home with this product. He seems to like it because he can't get enough of it. It does not upset his stomach and he seems to be really happy once he eats. by on 10/02/2014
My 3 labradors have eaten it all of their lives
The dogs always start on Science Diet Growth Puppy and advance to the Adult Advanced Fitness Original Dry when they are 1 to 1 1/2 years of age. I never have upset tummies or flatulence within the group. by on 09/22/2014
Weight Gain
After adopting my dog from the shelter, he needed to put on some weight. Advanced Fitness has given him more energy while reaching the correct weight for his body. by on 09/09/2014
Great food for a hard working Shepherd!
I recently switched our German Shepherd to Hill's Advanced Fitness. The food is fabulous. He loves the taste, his coat is healthier looking and I'm actually able to feed less than his old food. He works cattle on our beef farm so he needs a really good food to keep up with his energy level. Thanks! by on 09/08/2014
my dog eats it up!!!
my dog loves it - my vet loves it. Keeps my dog fit and happy. have only purchased science diet since my dog was a puppy and she is very healthy, high energy, beautiful coat and healthy teeth - this food is the complete package! by on 09/06/2014
I love Hills for my dogs
I have a very neat story about my Heeler/ border collie on Hills. She did not look so healthy from the outside about 3 months ago. I got her started on Hills and now that is all she will eat. Her hair is shinny and she gained some weight that she also needed to do. I go to college at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture in Curtis and I will not EVER feed my dogs anything else. Thank you for making sure an awesome dog food!!!:):):) by on 09/04/2014
Science Diet Advanced Fitness Original Does the Trick
We had been feeding our 1+ year old lab mix another dog food brand and when he was seen by our vet, we were told he needed to lose the extra pounds he had gained. Within a couple of weeks of starting Science Diet Advanced Fitness Original, we noticed the difference in his overall appearance and energy level. Plus, it was easy on his tummy and he really seemed to enjoy the taste of the kibbles. (He's normally a very picky eater!) Overall, I'd say that this product did the trick! Thanks, Science Diet! by on 08/18/2014
Love Hills Pet food
My dog loves the food and great for hair coat and dry skin. by on 08/17/2014
Our dog has Thrived!!!
Our Shiba Inu has enjoyed Hills Science for the past three years. She has thrived physically and emotionally with this product and I wouldn't feed her anything else! by on 08/16/2014
Since using this brand, my dogs coat is super shiny and soft! by on 08/13/2014
happy pup
I cant tell you if he likes the taste but I can tell you that he eats a as soon as I put it in his bowl. He is always very energetic and always very happy. I've tried other foods but this one seems to keep him up and happy by on 08/11/2014
This product is GREAT for my dog.
My dog has had soft stool since we brought her home at 3 months old over a year ago. It started getting worse, that I took her to the vet. I mentioned it to my sister in-law and she recommended Science Diet. My dog has now been eating Science Diet for about 1 month and her stool is finally normal. Thank you!!!! by on 08/11/2014
First choice of food
As an employee in the Veterinary field, I have opportunities to read and evaluate materials used in the making of several diets offered for our pets nutrition. I choose to stay with hills due to the well balanced formulas, ingredient selections and the cost incurred. My dog enjoys his food and his coat is just fabulous. I know he is getting quality and I am getting less waste to clean from my land. by on 08/03/2014
Great food
Our dogs love this food. Vet recommended and easy to recommend to my new puppy owners because it can be bought most places. Good nutrition for the money. by on 08/02/2014
My dog eats it right up
I have a 90# dog so we use a lot of this food. It keeps her healthy and active but I sure do like coupons when I can get them by on 07/31/2014
Dog Loves it
When we first brought our rescue dog home we fed her what she was getting at her shelter, but it was giving her stomach aches and terrible gas! We did some research and started slowly switching her over Science Diet and now not only does she love the food, her stomach aches are gone and for the most part no terrible smelling gas (we all have our moments lol) by on 07/24/2014
Longer Life
I started using Science Diet when I got my own dog as an adult. My female golden retriever lived to 16 and my male (20 lbs larger) 14. Their life... 2-4 years longer than expected. I now have 2 one year old dogs and have chosen to continue to use Science Diet... Hoping my new best friends live long, healthy lives! by on 07/16/2014
this is a great product !
my only complaint is not being able to print off coupons more coupons .I have printed off coupons once and this website will not let me print off any more by on 06/28/2014
I use Healthy Advantage but it was not listed
I love healthy advantage dry food for my Chihuahuas. It has made a big difference on the care of their teeth. They stay a nice weight too. by on 06/24/2014
Love the resealable package
My dog gets very excited when he sees me take out the dogfood bag! He finishes everytime and i use a few pieces to entice my other dog to finish his! by on 06/21/2014
This product is ok
She didn't seem to like it as much as others she has tried.Maybe just too bland.She ate a little of it but not like she should.May be if I had tried to add some broth or something else to it it might have made a difference.She loves quina and other rice.Maybe I will try the rice combanation next time. by on 06/02/2014
Only the best for my dogs
My dogs love science diet. One cocker is on advance fitness . She is four years old. The other cocker is on weight management . He is 8 years old. It's the only food they seem to like in dry. by on 05/30/2014
I've bee'n feeding my dogs Science Diet since the 1990's
Every dog I have owned has been fed Science Diet dry. Every dog has enjoyed the taste and lived a long life. I recommend this to my friend and family pet owners and have made believers out of many. My only objection is the cost is getting too high. I feed large dogs and am retired, so I have to watch my money in this economy. Hopefully, Hills will work hard to lower the price and keep it from getting too expensive. My dogs are healthy and active in large part to the Hill's Science Diet food. Thanks Hill's. by on 05/28/2014
Good quality dog food, high protein content, my dog love the taste by on 05/18/2014
Annie Loves Science Diet
Love your product. Just wish it wasn't so expensive. It would be awesome if you guys would send out coupons or have some sort of a repeat customer program. by on 05/09/2014
Dogs seem to love the taste.
Dogs like the taste. A price I can afford. Fills them up and keeps them trim at the same time! by on 05/06/2014
dog food
This is the only food my dog will eat, I sometimes buy a different brand and she won't touch them, till I take them out of her bowl and put in Science Diet.. by on 05/04/2014
Price per feeding is Pennies
I have used and sold this food for twenty feed less a and stools are and coat looks good. I also like the fact that the food is designed for their age and their needs. by on 04/27/2014
Good size pieces
My dogs love this food. They sometimes don't like the food I buy, but always clean their bowl when I buy Science Diet. by on 04/18/2014
My dogs love the taste and I enjoy the health benefits
Great taste recommended by our veterinary My dogs like it a lot by on 04/15/2014
great food
This is the only dog food my pug will eat he loves it and it keeps him healthy by on 03/29/2014
Most trustworthy dog food brand
I only buy hills products for my dogs, because I believe it is superior to other brands. I have done research on different types of dry dog foods, and Science diet foods have never had a recall in their history in which any animal was harmed. They have only had one recall issued by Hills, because they didn't like the quality of a certain ingredient. Which I find this to be a very trustworthy company, If their ingredients are not up to their standards they will not put the product out. Where as there are many dry dog food brands that regularly have recalls due to animal deaths, and the companies do not really even care. I love my animals, and want to give them the best lives that I can. by on 03/22/2014
My dogs like it and good quality
My dogs like the taste and they don't like the big kibble food.I trust hills food by on 02/28/2014
My dogs love it.
Science diet has amazing products. Both of my dogs love the food. by on 02/27/2014
My dogs love it!
I have used other diets in the past and have to say hands down in my opinion Science Diet is the best! My dogs love it! I do not have to feed as much as other diets, so cost per day is less. I also love that I have less puppy piles to scoop out side! It is nice to have all my dogs love the same diet and get so excited daily to eat! Happy dogs, happy me! by on 02/27/2014
pleasant surprise
My dog loves this product!! He has been fussy about other products and this one seems to fit him well..Thank You by on 02/26/2014
This food has been great nutritionally for my dogs.
Both of my dogs were adopted from a shelter. They came in as strays and were slightly underweight. I started feeding them Science Diet and they blossomed. They are now at a normal weight and their coat shines. They love the taste of the food and is a great nutritionally balanced food. by on 02/23/2014
dog food review
I have my puppy rosco on science diet since last month I brought him sd advance fitness lamb/rice I see the change in his coat he loves the food best food for by son by on 02/19/2014
Great Product!
My 3 year old Pit bull LOVES this food! Right before each meal he gets so excited to eat he runs to the garage (where his food is) and watches me put food into his bowl, then he runs back inside and starts barking until I put is food bowl down. He can't wait to eat! He loves the taste and I love the kibble size. I have noticed that his stool is much more solid than it was when he was on any other diet. I will only keep him on Science Diet products and the Advanced Fitness is working for him! Total believer in a good diet will keep your pet healthier/happier and they live longer! by on 02/10/2014
Good balanced diet
I have 6 dogs 3 of which eat the advanced fitness and 3 that are on prescription diets (CD and RD) i only wish there were more coupons offered for all of these diets. I do however, go to the website and I'm able to download a coupon there occasionally, but they are far and few between. It would be nice to receive them on regular diets also. by on 01/22/2014
This product has great value
I love the way my animals look while on Science Diet. The coat is soft. Less stools. by on 01/07/2014
Hill's food overall- great selection!
I love the overall selections, however if the prices were a bit cheaper on the non-prescription diets, I'd be happier. My dog loves the food though! Thanks for all your hard work with research! by on 01/01/2014
SD produces quality products
I like this product b/c SD does the research needed to ensure quality products and my pet likes it!! I feel more comfortable knowing that I know where my pets food is processed and where the ingredients come from. by on 12/27/2013
feeding science diet prolongs life.
As a veterinarian, I see the benefits of feeding Science Diet to the pets. Animals fed science diet for their whole life tend to live longer with fewer health issues. For example, several unrelated Labradors fed the science diet tended to live over 15 yrs. of age. I really attribute it to the food they ate during their lifetime. by on 12/23/2013
Great Product!
I love the large kibble and my dog loves the taste! by on 12/22/2013
The food keeps my pet happy and healthy!
My certified therapy dog Sasha has been eating this food since we rescued her almost 3 years ago. She is in excellent shape, and very active. by on 12/20/2013
Great product
Science diet is my food of choice for my pets because the name has been around and is well trusted by my veterinarians. by on 12/19/2013
Science diet Adult Orignal review
Although I love science diet because it is a clinically proven diet, I find it hard to continue feeding my dogs a diet that is corn based & they didn't do well on. My dogs will eat anything and the first few days they ate the science diet adult original bites but, my dogs slowly started turning their noses up at it and refusing to eat it. (I doubt they read the bag and I doubt it had anything to do with the ingredients) but both developed runny yellowish stools and stopped eating the diet. Which led me to switch diets again, to something meat based chicken and rice, adult. I love science diet as a company but, my dogs don't like the food so much. HOWEVER, My cats LOVE the Prescription diet c/d for years now! by on 12/19/2013
Great food!
Have fed this food to all of my dogs and they have done wonderfully on it!! by on 12/19/2013
Great food, my dogs love
My dogs are picky eaters and I have tried multiple kinds of foods, but this is the one they like best. The moment I put it in their dishes they run to eat. by on 12/19/2013
Overall great product
As long as the feeding guidelines are followed, overall great product by on 12/19/2013
Hill's is a great pet food.
I have been in the veterinary field for over 10 years & have yet to find a better pet food. The quality & care that goes into Hill's Science Diet makes all the difference in the world. by on 12/19/2013
Great Product
My dogs love it, and I don't have to worry about them gaining too much weight due to the easy feeding guidlines. by on 12/19/2013
Can't go wrong!
Both of my dogs are doing great on the Adult Maintenance diet! They are anxious for meal time and love the taste of the food. I even use it as treats for obedience training because they are willing to work for it and I know it is safe - not to mention less fattening than treats! As a veterinary team member, I feel good feeding a diet that all of the doctors in my office recommend, stand behind, and even feed their own pets. My dog's teeth look great, their stools are normal and less frequent, and their coats are in excellent shape. I just can't go wrong with a trusted food that is giving excellent results! by on 12/18/2013
High quality, great results
The Advanced Fitness dry food helped to improve the softness and shine of my dog's coat in just a week. She loves the taste and it is gentle on her stomach (no digestion problems and consistent bowel movements). So far, it's been a great product and I will continue to use it. by on 12/16/2013
great dog food
my two dogs have so much energy on this dog food. we fed our last dog another brand which was cheaper and I can see the difference. so much more energy on science diet. our vet said she fed her own dogs science diet so I thought lets give it a shot, now that is all I will buy. by on 12/16/2013
like the sizw of the nuggets
my dog like this flavor the best out of all the others he has eaten. by on 11/28/2013
Great product!
This food is a great choice for my dog because it is healthy and scientifically designed for my dog. I love feeding her Science Diet products because I trust the brand and know she is getting good food. by on 11/27/2013
2 dogs now on Science Diet
My 3year old rescue was using Science Diet at the shelter. She eagerly ate the food so I tried my fussy 5 year old dog on it as well. I initially was mixing a small amout of wet food in but now have converted completely to dry. They both gained weight on the Science Diet. The dogs are active and stools are uniform in size. by on 11/25/2013
Very Good. A bit pricey.
Very good. A bit pricey. But Hugo likes it! :) :) :0 by on 11/18/2013
Recommended by vet, trainer, and dog
Our adopted dog Teddy ate Advanced Fitness at the animal shelter. We assumed the food was only okay since it's what they had the shelter. We were surprised when our vet said it was excellent food and to keep him on it. Then our trainer did a class on nutrition and Advanced Fitness was highly recommended. Most importantly, Teddy loves it and is happy and healthy. by on 10/03/2013
My dogs do great on SD Advanced fitness original!
We started our newest 2 dogs on this food and were able to put weight on one and take weight off the other. Now, they maintain perfectly and consistently (which speaks to the consistency of the formulation). They eat it quite readily and have very normal BM's. I will continue to feed it as long as I can afford it-dog food prices across the board in all brands have really gone up. by on 10/03/2013
My large dog really like this food!
Thank you for such a great product! Our dog is very active and he loves the taste! by on 09/25/2013
very good and heathy
my dog loves it and she needs it to control her weight. by on 09/24/2013
I've used it for 20 years
I've used Science diet for 20 years back when I had schnauzers, The oldest one lived to be 17 years old before we put her down. I have black labs now, I've always had labs, I just love them so much!! My 3 year old lab started having loose stools, So like an idiot I let the lady at the store we buy our dog food from talk me into a grain free dog food, OMGosh was that ever a HUGE mistake!!! Anyway, the grain free dog food caused both labs to have horrible diarrhea and horrible gas as well, it was a miserable 2 months!!! I finally got tired of my dogs being so miserable I loaded up the 2-1/2 bags I had left, took it back to the store we buy our dog food from and told them I needed to return it. I grabbed a cart and loaded up 4 bags of Science Diet and 2 cases of the canned (packed) dog food, checked out, went home, I didn't even do the slow transition, I just opened the bag, filled up their bowl and then grabbed 2 smaller bowls and opened 2 cans of the canned dog food and they were in heaven and after about 3 days their stools were back to normal, never again will I switch!!! by on 08/02/2013
I feel confident feeding my dogs this brand!
I have two Weimaraners, and I began feeding them another popular brand of dry dog food. They were having some stomach issues and just not eating it. After researching your brand I switched to Science Diet Healthy Mobility and, boy, was I happy with my decision! My dogs are healthy and thriving and they lick the bowl when all of the kibbles are gone. Their stool is consistently good, their coats are beautiful, and no more stomach issues to deal with. Thank you for making available such a good product for the pets I love so much. by on 07/02/2013
We are very happy with this product. Would love to be able
We are happy with this product. We have two jack russell terriers and they both love it! by on 07/01/2013
great for labs with skin sensativity
We have a 4 year old Chocolate lab. We started her on Science Diet right from the time we got her because of the recomendation from a family member. We didnt think much about what kind of food to get or how it affected her until we switched out of convenience to another popular brand because it was sold in a store we frequented. We quickly saw the difference! Her beautiful shiny and smooth coat turned ashy and began to fall out. She never had a shedding problem before. Then we noticed that her skin was red and she seemed to lick certain spots all day till they were raw. We found out that Labs can be prone to skin sensativity and realized that the food was not good for her. We switched right back to Science diet and her skin went back to normal and her beautiful chocolate coat that everyone loves was back. We have recomended it to 2 other people we know who have labs and they have the same result. Thanks science diet for a quality lab friendly dog food for a great price. by on 07/01/2013
Science Diet Fits the Bill
Our three big dogs eat less and are more satisfied since we switched them to Science Diet. Other dog foods don't even come close and now they don't want to eat anything else. by on 06/29/2013
Good product
We adopted our big puppy joker from a local animal shelter and this is what they used there. So we decided to just continue it. It is a good value and our baby has never gotten sick and no dental issues as well. Our vet recommends it also. by on 06/29/2013
My dog likes it
My dog is kind of a picky eater and I have tried several different types of dog food. When I had to put my cat on prescription cat food Hill's Science Diet was what I started giving him and he really likes it. So I decided to try the Hills wet and dry for my dog too and she really likes both. by on 06/29/2013
Pound Pup Loves It
I recently had to put my best friend of 14 years down and decided to adopt a new friend in his memory. We went to the local shelter and looked at all the pups up for adoption. We settled on a pit mix that is the sweetest animal I have ever had. The shelter gave us a coupon for Hill's Science Diet Dog Food. My 1st thoughts were of my old friend that had just passed. He was a very picky eater and would only eat canned food. We bought it by the case for him . Sometimes he would eat at other times he would just try to hide it. I was a little skeptical as to whether or not the new pup would like it.I went to the pet store a bought her a bag of dry Science Diet. Well Shadow ,the new pup, Loves it. She has a special way of eating it one piece at a time. I guess it's great for digestion but it can be a little messy. I am happy to say that this pup (she is 3 ) loves eating Science Diet and since she has been with us she has really started filling out. Science Diet is amazing. Wet or dry she loves it all.Her hair looks better and her energy is up to max power. by on 05/21/2013
Great Product
This was the only dog food my oldest dog could eat since she was a puppy. We tried everything. Then used Science Diet and she loved it and never had any tummy problems. So we have used it for the last 8 years. I would recommend this product. by on 05/21/2013
Excellent For High Energy Dogs
Our German Shorthaired Pointer wouldn't keep on any weight no matter how much we would feed her. Our vet recommended we try Advanced Fitness and we have been believers ever since. Not only does our dog look more healthy, but she is more healthy. And she loves the flavor! I absolutely recommend this food! by on 03/04/2013
My Bird Dogs Favorite
Our German Shorthair Pointer has enjoyed this food for years. It has kept her in tip top shape through the hunting season. by on 01/25/2013
Science Diet Adult Advanced Fitness
We have had our American Eskimo on Science Diet since we got her 14 yrs 2 mo ago from a breeder. Yes we did try other excellent foods but she never cared for it and always ended up back with Science Diet. When we got our puppy, now 5 years ago, a poodle sitzu cross she went on Science Diet also and it is the ony food she will eat. This breed is known for its fussy eating habits. Both of our "girls" are health and fit. Love Science Diet! by on 01/09/2013
Multi litters of Golden retrievers were all raised on
Multi litters of Golden retrievers were all raised on Science Diet Puppy. WE always send our puppies how with Science Diets by on 12/23/2012
Great Food!
Summer, my Yorkie loves this food....I have only fed Summer Hill's Science Diet, it's the only food she knows and she eats with enthusiasm every day! by on 09/10/2012
Our dog Max has eaten Science Diet all of his life and he is now 6 years old! He loves the Adult Advanced fitness and will beg for more when he empties his bowl! by on 09/01/2012
Much loved healthy product
Great ingredients for pets overall health. Obviosly great tasting as dogs seem to love it. Science diet already has the reputation of being a company that is truly for wellbeing of our furry friends. by on 08/31/2012
Great Product
My dog is very sensitive to her diet. This is the best food I have found for her. She is a lifelong customer! by on 08/29/2012
Love it My Dod Loves IT and better for him he cant wit till i feed him by on 08/26/2012
Good for active pet!
She always seems to have e energy she needs for her lifestyle! by on 08/26/2012
Adult-Small Bites
I adopted a 5 lb. Miniature Pinscher . He was rescued from a horrible situation. 5 lbs. of skin and bones. Coat was dull, skin was dry. Eyes had no sparkle. Bought "Red" the Adult Small Bites. Well/...he sat there at first, smelling and looking as if to say..."I don't know what this is, but I'm gonna eat it up"! and boy...did he!!! He little teeth chewed each small kibble with precision. And dainty too. Ok, I thought. He's just hungry. NOPE. Twice a day I fed him and twice a day he ate the Adult Small Bites as if it were steak!!! Today, Red has gained 2 lbs. and with the vet's approval,I might add. His coat is shiny, his skin gleems and so do his eyes. See what a good food will do. And Red is now an OFFICIAL member of our family!!! by on 08/25/2012
Good dog food.
My dog likes the Advanced Fitness. My only negative comment is that it does not have a small bites alternative. by on 08/23/2012
Your dog will love this food.
I put two bowls of dog food out for my dogs and they all chose Science Diet Adult Advanced Fitness Original over their current food. Good taste, good quality at a good price. by on 08/23/2012
Our SPCA recommended Science Diet when we adopted our dog
This formula had a dog that looked like our newly adopted dog so we chose it. It has been the right thing for him. Now that he is relaxed and settled in to his new family he has shown his high activity level mixed with mellow laziness. He is a perfect weight and has loads of energy when he feels like playing. He is a very healthy dog without any supplements... We are very pleased with this dog food. by on 08/23/2012
My dogs love it. They want more. They go crazy over this dog food. by on 08/22/2012
My 5 Dogs Eat Science Diet
I have 5 dogs... all are rescues. My first was a White Shepherd mix. Then we adopted a Boston Terrier. We fostered for Florida Boston Rescue and ended up adopting 3 more Bostons. They are all fed with Science diet... most of them get the adult advanced fitness. Every dog we own or fostered has done extremely well on Science Diet... even though they had various problems. It is easy to find the right food for each one on your website. I will continue to use Science Diet for all my dogs and will recommend it to everyone. by on 08/22/2012
One of the few dry foods my dog will eat.
My dog is a ShihTzu mix and is a very picky eater. She does not hesitate when offered this food! by on 08/21/2012
Healthy Results
Incredible to see my dog's skin nd coat improve. Maintains a healthy diet my dog has been Abe to maintain the weight and as improved her digestion. Science diet is what I will continue to feed my dogs. by on 08/21/2012
Finicky dogs choose Science Diet!!!
My 2 jack Russell terriers are finicky eaters, and they were all over this food. They could smell it through the box and could not wait to try it. They CONTINUE to want it, too, and that's the part that makes this doggie owner happy!!! by on 08/21/2012
my dog lives this!!!!
I have a very picky dog and I had a hard time finding anything he likes.I have recently started purchasing science diet and am very happy that my dog loves it. by on 08/20/2012
great food
My dog loves this brand, always eager, always happy. A happy dog makes me and family happy. by on 08/05/2012
My dogs love this!
When I adopted my second dog he was already eating this food, so I switched my other dog to it as well. He loved this food more than the other I fed him. It's also much better for him. by on 07/21/2012
great food, great value, great benefits.
My dog Amber loves Oral care. During a time of financial difficulty I switched to something cheaper for a few months and what a mistake. She gained weight, she started having health problems, and she lacked energy. Any other food that I have tried her on she never got full. She would eat as much as I could give her and then be begging for more. On oral care she has great teeth (at over 7 years old) she has lost the extra padding without starving, and her health problems have cleared up. She has a gorgeous coat and her breath is that of a 1 or 2 year old dog. She has energy and can out run all the guys on my husbands softball team. Thank you hills for providing a food that we can count on year after year. by on 07/17/2012
Awesome food all around!
Anarchy is a 17 1/2 month old pure breed american pitbull terrier. She came to us when she was 7 months old. The first 7 months of her life were not easy for her at all. She was way under fed when we got her. After a few weeks she finally started to show some progress only to be shoved right back down to the bottom by parvo. She got treatment and as soon as she was done with that we started the process over again. She slowly put the weight back on but still wasn't where she needed to be. We had her on a name brand food, that wasn't the greatest but it was what we thought was one of the better ones but was still on our budget. We went out of town early this year and my sister suggested that we put her on science diet. We didn't bring any of her food with us as we planned to just buy some while we were out of town (she isn't allowed to eat before car rides because she gets car sick). I went to a local pet store and picked up the science diet advanced fitness. She was kind of iffy about it at first, which I expected since it was a new food. Within the first couple of weeks there was a major difference in her. Her coat was softer, looked healthier, she had more energy (she was already a high energy dog!) The most significant change however, was her muscle definition. It amazed me that her food could do change that. Hill's Science Diet Advanced Fitness is Anarchy approved, which means mommy and daddy approve too! by on 07/10/2012
The only food I feed my dogs and cats
I have had several dogs and cats for the last 20 some years and my vet r commended Science Diet and my animals have lived a long life and always healthy. I really like their shinny coats. Because of our dogs our kids also feed their dogs Science Diet. by on 07/10/2012
science diet
my dog love science diet dog food and thankfully it is good for him too. by on 07/05/2012
skin and coat condition is GREAT
I volunteer at a local shelter and foster Dobermans. I also own 3 Dobermans. I cannot get over how much skin and coat condition improves in 1-2 weeks after feeding Science Diet. This food consistently gets rid of dandruff and dry skin even on a Black Doberman. After 3-4 weeks they have a shiny coat. Keeps them at a good healthy weight and they LOVE eating it.... all of them. Exercise, love and good diet that is all they need. Don't listen to the people who try to get you to go to grain free. Dogs need grain in their diet (unless they have allegergies), it is all about balaced nutrition and this food has it. by on 07/05/2012
Finally found a winner
After changing my dog food based on sales associates and pet food sponsors for the natural stuff and a much higher price, I have finally found something my dog likes and fits into the budget as well. by on 07/05/2012
Beautiful Coat
We just adopted a four year old Black Lab from Pet Network Humane Society. We had a little bag of dog food, so we started her on that. Then we switched to SD Advanced Fitness and what a difference! Her coat is a beautiful, shiny black and she loves the taste. We are totally convinced it is the best dry dog food around. by on 07/04/2012
Two lab mixes:
Both my dogs love it. Never a problem! My one dog kept throwing up her old food, now no problems:) both dogs are healthy and happy. by on 06/26/2012
My dog stays full
I love this product. It keeps my dog full. I feed her two times a day. She is calm and isn't wanting more. by on 06/14/2012
love my dogs
yes I would tell other dog owners about this,my dogs are in perfect health and love eating their dinner. by on 06/10/2012
Great food for your pet
I love this product. My dog is healthy and happy and so energetic. He's a German Shepard and always on the go - the neighborhood kids call him Hoppy because he's always hopping around ready to play. He loves it too. It doesn't have a bunch of fillers so his waste isn't as bad either then. Have been using for 3 years and will probably only switch when he is mature. by on 06/08/2012
Long Time User for multiple pets
I have been using science diet for over 15 years - have used other brands just to see if pets would like better, but only for a while - so have stayed with Science Diet for constancy and the pets ALWAYS like it. Shiny coat, strong teeth and muscles, keeps them regular (if you know what I mean) and Vet Recommended, too! The value is in that your pets will keep getting clean bills of health at the vet, less dietary complications, and reaping the beneficial amenities put into Science Diet products specific to your pets age and needs. Note, that they do have a line of products should you pet need dietary special needs due to illness or weight issues, too! by on 06/02/2012
Works well for my Lab
I have a beautiful Lab and he became overweight. My Vet prescribed Science Diet "diet" food for him and he lost the weight. He is now on Adult+ and loves it, also. He is in fine shape. I am quite pleased that SD offers various kinds of food for problems. Thank you. by on 06/02/2012
Dogs like it
My dogs are healthy and happy and this is the food they eat. They always like it and want to eat it and I have had fussy eaters with other kinds of dog food. Also my vet recommends it. by on 05/31/2012
This product is wonderful
Our lab is high energy, loves to run, play and eat. He's not just our pet, he's family. We want what's best for him, and Hill's Science Diet Advanced Fitness gives him everything he needs when it comes to nutrition. It's the only food that seems to keep up with his appetite & energy level. And, he loves it! If you try to offer him anything else, he just won't eat. We have tried other products, but they don't provide the right amount of nutrition, or satisfy him. Other products do not agree with his digestive system either. Science diet is the only brand that does. It's been a totally wonderful experience for all of us! A happy, healthy friend is a great thing! by on 05/26/2012
We had trouble finding the righ dog food.
We have tried three other dog foods. We finally tried Science Diet and it has been great. Our dog is a yellow lab, she has been over weight and has had joint problems. Since starting her on Science Diet she has lost 5.5 pounds and her joints show vast improvement. We truly believe this is entirely because of the Science Diet food. by on 05/25/2012
Hank loves his Advanced Fitness!
When we adopted Hank from PAWS Chicago, he was eating Hill's Advanced Fitness. Rather than make a change at a time of great disruption for him, we stuck with the same food -- and am I glad we did! I never worry about quality issues; I know Hill's cares as much about their product as I care about giving it to Hank, who is more than just our dog, he's a member of our family. And Hank loves it, too! He races for his breakfast and dinner as if he's never eaten before. Thanks, Hills, for keeping Hank happy and healthy. by on 05/25/2012
He seems to like it alot
Peedie likes the taste, but his palate may be too rich for our wallet. Fairly expensive for a doogfood! by on 05/23/2012
Healthy food I feel good about feeding my dog!
About 2 years ago I took in a stray dog. He was in resonable good health but his coat was dull and rough. I started him on the Advanced Fitness and almost immediately his coat became soft and shiny. I am a big fan of your products, this is the only proof I need to know I am feeding my dog a good quality food. Plus, he likes to eat it! by on 05/23/2012
Trustworthy and healthy.
I feel I can trust the food is good for my dog and will maintain healthy balance of daily needs. by on 05/22/2012
Working as a veterinary technician, I highly recommend this food to clients and pet owner out here. I also feed my 3 German shorthaired Pointer this brand of food. Maintenance there coat, skin, and good health. Pet owners do appreciate good quality food and Vet trusted brand. Highly recommend it, awesome. by on 05/22/2012
Over All the Choice would be....
SCIENCE DIET for any of my animals. I have been buying Science Diet for a long time and I have no problems with my animals health. Science Diet is always finding new sulutions for helping family pets and their needs... for one... creating a light meal because some of us tend to over feed.....what a great idea....thanks! by on 05/22/2012
My dog loves this product.
I've been feeding my dog Science Diet ever since she was a puppy, and I could not have asked for better. Her eyes are bright and clear, she's nice and lean, and her coat benefits from this product. I would recommend this food to all my friends and family. by on 05/22/2012
Keeps my dog in top shape.....
While every dog prefers table/human food to dry kibble, this Science Diet formula really keeps my dog fit, energetic and regular. He enjoys the taste (especially when supplemented with the canned Science Diet formulas occasionally) and has been eating SD for over 6 years. His body composition is ideal for his breed mix (according to the vet) which I attribute to the steady diet of this dog food. by on 05/22/2012
Great Food
This brand was reccommended by the kennel I got my dog from as a rescue and decided to keep him on it, he loves it, and eats all of it daily. by on 05/21/2012
Nice blend for active dogs.
This recipe works well for my beagle, who gets regular activity everyday. He enjoys the taste and I enjoy the ingredients. It helps keep his coat shiny and healthy too, which some formulas fall short on. by on 05/21/2012
Loved it since my vet recommended it.
My vet recommended Science Diet when we began with him over 15 years ago and I have never looked back. My dogs were able to get to and maintain their healthy weights and we never have any stomace or intetinal problems. Even as the older dogs graduated into the senior they still maintained exellent health and stamina by on 05/20/2012
This is a great product to feed your dog
This is a great product. My dogs eyes, teeth and coat looks very healthy. by on 05/19/2012
Excellent canine diet!
Hill's Science Dog Food is outstanding in quality and nutrition and it keeps my new dog and I on the go all day! I believe the feed is very good for its price and that a special diet is important for dogs, according to age, activity and weight. Thank you for helping me to keep my dog happy and healthy. by on 05/18/2012
This product makes a great difference!
This food is the best type I have bought for my dogs yet! It makes them much more energetic and happy. They loved the food when they first started trying it and they still do. It makes me happy to know that they enjoy what they are eating and it helps there body get the nutrition they need all in one. Hills science diet made me realize the huge difference between dog foods. Now me and my dogs are with hills science! I love it! by on 05/18/2012
great food for active dogs
We feed our 2 dogs this product and have for 2 years. They are very active, as they get to walk and/or run every day. They are so fit and strong , and this product keeps them ingreat shape. Their coats are shiny and the food gives them all the energy they need. Always an empty bowl after their meal! by on 05/18/2012
Everything we are looking for!
We have a very active dog that loves to run and play. I know he is getting the nutrients he needs with this food. by on 05/18/2012
Won't ever change
I have had boxers for 10 years. With my first I was told about Science Diet from my Aunt whom was a vet tech. I would never give my dogs anything else. It is very healthy and keeps them active. by on 05/18/2012
Great Quality Food
I have a 5 year old German Shepherd and a 7 month old Pekingese puppy. I use Science Diet for both of them, just different formulas. Both of them love it and each of them tries to sneak to the others bowl and eat their food instead of their own! I find that Science Diet dog food keeps my dogs healthy and active and their coats shiny all the time! by on 05/18/2012
This is a wonderful product and the best for your toy breed
I would not buy any other product for my poodle. I trust Science Diet for pureness and top quality. by on 05/17/2012
My dogs love it!!
My dogs love this food! They can't wait until it's feeding time. Their coats are nice and shiny and their body condition is great! I wouldn't feed anything else!! by on 05/17/2012
This product is the right size for my dog.
My dog stays healthy and is in very good condition. He is "right on" as far as keeping regular. This product is the exact diet he needs. by on 05/17/2012
This product "Science Diet" is the only food she likes...
I have an 8 year old Brittany Spanial and forever she would refuse to eat "dog foor" of any variety. She wanted and would eat "only people food". One day I purchased the Science Diet dry and wet food and this is all she wants now. It is so great that she eats something now that is great for her in all ways and very easy for me too!!!! by on 05/17/2012
Best food you can buy.
Since using this dog food our dog no longer has dandruff. His coat is very shiny. We wont feed our dog any other brand. We are highly satisfied. by on 05/17/2012
Great food all the way around!!
I love Science Diet, I have used various types of it for 10+ years now. From puppy to adult, dog to cat. It keeps my dog's coat shiny and soft; no dry, itchy skin for my labs. Helps maintain a healthy digestive system, we never have loose stool issues. I have friends who do not use SD, and the difference in the smell and amount of poo is enough for me to keep buying SD!! My dogs love it and have never gotten "bored" like with other foods. I have tried other "high quality" foods at much higher prices, but for the cost/value SD is the way to go!! by on 05/17/2012
My dog loves your food
My dog came from a shelter that fed her science diet puppy food. After she turned 1 year I changed her food to the advanced science diet for 1 - 6 year old dogs. She loves your food. by on 05/17/2012
Good quality
Both dogs love this food. I just wish more coupons were available for the ones that they eat....Adult Lite Regular and Adult Lite Small Bites. I also mix Adult Advanced Fitness in with the Adult Lite Regular for my lab mix. by on 05/17/2012
My 15 year old Pekingese enjoys good health thanks to Active
Bubba is a 15 year old Pekingese, who has been fed and raised on Science Diet canned and dry food. He is now on Active Longevity, and still looks like a puppy. His coat is gorgeous, and he is very active considering his advanced age. I give him canned Science Diet with the dry as goodies. He loves it, and I love the good nutrition your food provides. It keeps him healthy and fit. by on 05/17/2012
Dog loves
I don't know if it is the size or the taste but I mix Science Diet Sensitive Stomach with Oral Care and my dog picks out the Oral Care chunks first to eat. He just loves them and they do help somewhat to keep his teeth clean. by on 05/17/2012
Good stuff for my boo boo(dog)