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Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ Savory Turkey Entree Canned Cat Food Product Reviews

Your cat may be getting older, but the need for love and interaction doesn't change. Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ Savory Turkey Entree wet cat food is specially formulated to fuel the energy needs of aging cats during their golden years. Made with purposeful ingredients for a flavorful, nutritious meal, this mature cat food made from natural ingredients contains quality protein for muscle maintenance and antioxidants for lifelong immune support. There’s more to love with the new look of Sc... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 10 reviewers.

Totally rejected
My senior cat gave this one sniff and refused to eat it. Since I had a case of cans, I tried feeding to the dog--- a young hound/pit mixed breed. The dog won't eat it either. It was a complete waste of money. by on 09/22/2022
The queen approves
I have an older ragdoll who up until now, only eat 'lil soups! Not the best sure but I didn't want her to starve. Switched ALL of my lovelies to Hill's. But Sunshine Daydream is loving this stuff. Seriously have tried alot of different kinds of food. She eats this food with gusto and I know that she likes the chicken too. Thank you Hill's by on 09/15/2021
My 5 picky cats!
I have 5 cats ranging from 1 yr old to 10 yrs old, and they each like a different food type and flavor. My food bill has been huge. To my surprise all of my cats ate the turkey Science Diet. Litter box amounts have lessened as well. Happy! by on 12/17/2015
Tiger likes it!!!
I bought Science Diet Mature Adult because I was looking for a quality cat food that is specifically beneficial to kidneys. I am thrilled that he is eating this food and I feel good that I am helping his kidney health. by on 10/07/2014
good protein that kitty likes
I'm not sure how gourmet this is as in the name, but there is good protein in this cat food that kitty enjoys. by on 11/06/2013
Our cats gobble it up
Our cats seem to enjoy the flavor better than the regular canned cat food we have fed them. The older cat seems to have much more energy and a nicer coat after eating Hill's for a few weeks. We feel it is better for them and has improved the overall health. by on 09/22/2013
the Turkey Entree breakfast
my cat love this flavor, waiting for me in the morning to get his breakfast. There is never any leftovers, I believe this food is so much better for him then some other brands! He was having a problem before, I changed his food to Science Diet and he no longer has the problems. by on 05/20/2012
Great benefits for my cat's health
My cat eats a tablespoon for breakfast and she loves it. She licks the bowl clean every morning !!! by on 05/16/2012
My cats love it!!
I recently switched to Science Diet when one of my male cats got two UTIs within three months. I have him on the Hill's C/D but after seeing the quailty of his new food I felt I should take better care of my other five. Their coats are glossy and I can actually feed them a little less than the "other" brands because they are getting a qualiaty food verses a quantity food. by on 05/16/2012
Cat Food: My Mya story
Mya is 14 years old and I hope to keep her around for many years. That is why I feed her Science Diet. She loves to run and I'd hate to give her something that might slow her down. With Science Diet she gets the nutrients she needs. She also used to throw up often until I switched to Science Diet. The price of the food is worth it and I usually buy the cans by the case. My cat loves the turkey flavor. She'll pick at the beef and chicken but will demolish the turkey in no time. Mya only has a few teeth left and one fang so that's why I give her the wet food instead of the dry. She has always been a fan of wet food anyway so it all works out. by on 05/16/2012