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Hill's Science Diet 7+ Savory Stew Chicken & Vegetables Canned Dog Food Product Reviews

Hill's Science Diet Adult 7+ Savory Stew with Chicken & Vegetables dog food is meticulously formulated to meet the precise nutritional needs of aging canine companions. Specifically designed for adult dogs aged 7 years and older, this savory stew provides a comprehensive blend of high-quality ingredients to support your pet's health and vitality in their golden years. High-Quality Ingredients for Optimal Health -Crafted with a selection of ingredients sourced from North America and Europe, ... Read More

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Amazing Products!
I have a 13y old Staff Terrier that started to eat less & less. We had recently lost her "brother" a few months back, and I knew she was sad. We went to the shelter & brought home a new little brother for her. At the shelter, they gave us Science Diet dry & wet food for the puppy. I thought I would do a test & give my older baby some of the food to see if she would eat it, and she gobbled it up! That day, we went out & bought Science Diet food for her. I'm so glad we did, because instead of worrying if she's going to eat or not, she jumps off the couch (yes, we let them on the furniture LOL) and prances to her eating place. Thank you so much! I swear, you and the new pup have saved my girl's life. by on 02/15/2016
My dog Sassy loves her Hills Science Dog food!
My dog Sassy just loves this food. She has been eating it for three years and hasn't had a bladder infection once. When ever I say,..."yummy stew" she runs and jumps up like a jumping jack to eat it. It is very moist. The best food for my precious dog! by on 10/06/2015
A good mix of nutritious ingredients.
My dog is a very picky eater but he enjoys Science Diet canned wet food tremendously. I'm so happy that he is eating good pet food! by on 09/18/2015
Easy to use
Thank you for this great product, new pop top can and great tasting . My dog is a picky eater , had to put steak and chicken broth on other food . this food he acts like a puppy to get to hopping around with anticipation !!! by on 10/27/2014
My dog loves it!
Thank you for making a food that my pug, Miss Hazel, loves! She can't wait to eat, barks and spins around, I can't feed her fast enough! I'm so happy to be able to feed my dog a food that she loves and that is healthy too! by on 09/04/2014
This dog food looks good enough for me to eat!
I noticed that this Science Diet dog food looks like a regular chicken stew with brown rice and vegetables, so I decided to give it a try. My dog, "Kodie" is a Husky mix and is usually a very picky eater. But not with the Science Diet mature Savory Stew with chicken and vegtables. He eats everything up including the vegetables and brown rice. "Kodie" enjoys the food so much, that he has acquired the taste for Science Diet Mature Natural Chicken and Brown Rice dry too. He has been eating this food for about 6 months, and has been licking his bowls clean. by on 02/27/2014
Favorite Canned Food!
This is the best canned food for seniors. The ingredients are great, it's easy on the tummies, and the taste is obviously yummy because they lick their bowls clean! My large dogs get the big cans and my little dogs get the small cans. Everyone is happy:-) by on 12/07/2013
A Nice Surprise!
I have recently started giving my 12 year old dog wet dog food along with her dry Science Diet dog food as an added treat. I had purchased some different brands of wet dog food trying to find the brand that she would like best. The other wet dog food either gave her gas or an upset stomach and the food smelled so horrible... and then I opened up a can of Hill's Science Diet Savory Stew with Chicken & Vegetables! I was completely surprised because there was no horrible smell! Not only that but my dog loves it and it doesn't upset her stomach. And because the Savory Stew with Chicken and Vegetables can be easily mixed in with the dry Science Diet dog food I can make a can of the wet dog food last through several feedings which makes it an unbeatable value!! I will never go back to another wet dog food... We are sticking with Hill's Science Diet wet dog food! by on 09/26/2013