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Hill's Prescription Diet z/d Skin/Food Sensitivities Canned Cat Food Product Reviews

Why Use Hills Prescription Diet Skin Food Sensitivities Z/D Hills Prescription Diet Z/D cat food is specifically formulated for cats who have sensitivities to certain foods. Cats that are allergic (or sensitive) to certain food groups/ingredients typically experience skin problems when they eat those specific foods. Food allergies in cats are very common, which is why Hills Prescription Diet Skin Food Sensitivities cat food contains limited ingredients chosen by feline nutritionists and veteri... Read More

Rated 4 out of 5 by 87 reviewers.

Vet was right
I recently adopted a dog who had come in just absolutely scarred and emaciated from her incredible allergies to probably about everything. My vet and I are in the process of figuring out exactly what so we started at the ground up and while she's been on this food and the driver version of it, her skin and inflammation has cleared up tremendously. She clearly feels so much better by on 03/19/2024
Different but EXCELLENT
I had a cat who has passed that was not a fan of can food. However, he actually ate this! He had become allergic to protein toward the end, but not to this food, which hydrolysizes its chicken. All his skin problems cleared up. I have read that hydrolysized chicken is good for their kidneys. I still have his sister, and she LOVES this food. I give her 1/4 can 2 x a day, (or 1/2 can a day) along with WD dry, all controlled meals. No free feeding. The WD dry is multi purpose and is wonderful. (They did not like the WD can, which they discontinued, but loved/loves WD kibble.) This ZD can food is a bit difficult to work with, yes. I take out the quarter, microwave for 7 seconds, and she loves it! And she is a fussy eater. I fill a plastic small container with water and put two spoons in there so they will be wet and stick to the ZD. I make a "row of food" that is like a corn on the cob. She eats it like corn on the cob! From left to right! Hydrolysized chicken promotes a strange texture, and if you try to conform it to "normal" cat food it will be hard for them to eat and they will get discouraged. Make the food "stand", not flat, put in the shape of corn on the cob, and they will probably be able to eat it better. by on 02/11/2024
Some cans aren't fully filled with food
I order Z/D very regularly bacause my cat has dietary requirements. These days when I open the Z/D cans, I can notice that there are air pockets at the bottom of the can beneath the paste. How can I be assured that the can is filled to 156g of paste? Not entirely happy that I paid expensive cat food for some air. by on 08/03/2023
Smells and tastes bad - Cat does not like it
My reviewย is aligned with the other reviews about the horrible smell and taste. The wet foodย smells bad and after refrigerating it'sย even worse. My cat usually loves wet food, but I can barely get him to eat this. With the amount of money we pay for this product you would think the company would take the feedback coming from the majorityย of its customers seriouslyย and fix the problem. There are other brands like Royal Canin and Purina that make the prescriptionย hydrolyzedย diet. May have to try them instead.ย  by on 07/24/2023
It's either hit or miss once or twice a day or not. I need this in smaller cans. by on 03/27/2023
Inconsistant quality
This food is great and my cat likes it. I don't like the inconsistant quality. Usually I can scrape all the food out of the can. In about 3 years I've had 3 cases of food that are so cooked to the can it is hard to scrape out. This food is VERY expensive and I want to give my cat as much as I can. Please watch the manufacturing processes closely. The first 2 photos show normal cans, the second 2 are the overcooked cans. t253044a 330 33622 by on 01/24/2023
No small cans, can't refrigerate
The smell is awful , the texture is rubbery, makes it difficult to mix with other food, and WHY NO SMALL CANS? cats don't eat that much at one time and I don't want to refrigerate it. by on 12/16/2022
Texture and palatability--come on Scence Diet
We have one cat with allergies, another with sensitive skin, so we feed all four of our cats Z/D dry and canned. The dry is more accepted by our bunch, however the wet is a challenge getting our cats to eat it, even after warming it up a bit and adding enough water to make it a puree' texture, and perhaps half of what We give them will be eaten. The rubbery texture of the food right out of the can baffles us...Science Diet should make this more appealing, and offer smaller cans also. Any leftovers might as well be discarded, as refrigerating this "food" makes it even worse. No doubt the benefits from eating this food are positive. We will ask our vet to find an alternative, and likely won't be purchasing the Z/D wet again. by on 11/27/2022
Bring back old formula!
My 2 cats hate the new formula. It smells horrible, it looks rancid, and it can't be refrigerated. They both loved the old formula and it worked wonders for skin allergies. by on 11/04/2022
PLEASE OFFER THIS WET FOOD IN SINGLE SIZE PORTIONS!!! My kitty has loved this food but like so many other reviews stated, she is not interested once it is refrigerated. This creates a serious problem for me because I need to give her powdered medicine 3x daily for a condition called Hyperesthesia . She takes it with ease with a fresh can but not interested otherwise. PLEASE HELP!!!! She loves the z/d dry food and is doing really well on both. Thank you for your assistance. by on 08/28/2022
Rubbery, most unappealing food
My cat was just prescribed this diet and I purchased a half dozen cans, hoping that he'll eat it. The food is incredibly dense and rubbery. He wouldn't touch it. So I mixed it with some water and heated it in the microwave. Still won't touch it. Has been begging me for food, so he won't even eat it when he's hungry. I'm at a loss. by on 06/22/2022
Happy cat
My cat are fussy eater, this is the only can food they like and doesn't upset their stomach. I hope they naintain the formula thank you by on 06/09/2022
Will keep buying this food
My cat likes it. He's had ear infections and very itchy ears, but after switching to this food he's much better. His coat looks great and his ears are healing! No more scratching, redness, hair loss, rashes and vet trips. It's kinda pricey and like everyone says it would be nice to have smaller cans, but oh well. I'll keep buying without complaints, I'm just happy my kitty is better! by on 01/09/2022
I love this brand. This is the only brand my little one can eat due to his sensitive stomach. It pains me to think that there's been a national outage even up to the manufacturing company. Im aware storeges happen but there's animals out there are going without food due to this. by on 01/09/2022
My cat hates this!
My cat will not eat this. The consistency is disgusting and the smell is horrible. What a waste of money. by on 09/23/2021
I would not buy this product again.
Our cat will not eat this food. When we open a fresh can, he will eat one bite. That's it! He will not eat any refrigerated food left in the can later that day or the following day. Very, very disappointed, as our cat has skin sensitivities, and no other remedies have helped very much. Even if he would eat this food, he NEVER eats more than a small portion of wet food at one time. As many reviewers have remarked, PLEASE make wet food available in small cans, as many of us have cats that will not eat leftover refrigerated canned food. by on 04/23/2021
Is this food made with jello?
My cat is picky eater begin with, and he has hard time to consume this food. I think he likes chicken flavor, but he hardly can eat. He licks for 30 minutes and he hardly eat 1/5th of can. by on 03/25/2021
Great for sensitive stomachs
Need smaller cans. Please hills read the reviews and make changes. It's a good food mixed with water and toppers. They will eat it But it needs a gravy formula as well. Please make changes and read the reviews!!! by on 03/02/2021
This food has changed.
Recently the Z/D wasnโ€™t available from many sellers for a week or two. After it became available again it was obviously a different formula. I open a can every day and again, obviously different. Our cat doesnโ€™t like this kind as much. by on 12/17/2020
Smaller cans please!
My cat will only eat it when first opened and not after refrigeration, even if I warm up it. I see many others are asking for smaller cans....this would be WAY better. He also likes variety and won't only eat there any way to offer more flavors or textures? I am not sure if I can make this product work, but I will try and report back later. by on 03/04/2020
Stop messing with the formula
Did you recently change the formula for your z/d Skin and Food Sensitivities canned cat food? My cat has been on this for numerous years by vet order. With the last 2-3 cans I've used, he is refusing to eat it. I noticed the food is much more dense then previous cans. In the past, I know changing the formula was tried. The new formula at that time was almost a mush consistency. At that time there were many complaints about cats that refused to eat that formula change. Please, stop making formula changes. Like the name says, cats are on z/d canned food because they have Skin and Food Sensitivities. If the cats didn't have SKIN or FOOD Sensitivities they would NOT be on the formula in the first place. Stop messing with it. by on 01/06/2020
My cat spits it out.
Scooter was diagnosed and the vet gave me a prescription for Z/D. I tried it and Scooter will Not eat all of it, he eats as soon as he is served and his hunger is satiated he refuses any further serving. Second servings from the same can are spit out by Scooter. by on 11/14/2019
Can't get my cats to eat this stuff..not even the feral cats
My wife bought this for one of our cats with irritable bowel. She wouldn't eat it, my other cat wouldn't eat it, the feral cats at my warehouse wouldn't eat it, the wild ducks wouldn't eat it...I haven't found a creature on earth that will eat this stuff yet. by on 11/07/2019
I was hesitant to buy this due to bad reviews about their cats hating the texture. MY CATS LOVES THIS! She gobbles it up! I mush it in with water too. I can't say the same for the dry food, my cat is not a fan (she hates all dry food so far though). by on 10/16/2019
My cat likes it.
My cat will eat a half can. The other half I throw away because she won't eat it later after it sits out. She also won't eat it after it has been in the frig, even if I warm it in the microwave or let it sit out a while. It's an awfully expensive food, especially when half is waste. Why no smaller cans?!!! by on 05/12/2019
OK, but weird texture
My cats will only eat a little bit as it is, but if we mix it into a soup with warm water, they love it! Smells bad, but so do all cat food. Would be nice with smaller cans, tho. by on 04/23/2019
My cat Vinny has crossed ice pancreatitis and IBD. He loves the Z/D dry and I have transitioned my other 4 cats onto it as well. For and Rx diet everyone loves it. I was worried about the wet because hes very picky but e looooves it. The other cats too. This food is a life saver for him, literally! My vet said they dont carry the traets anymore because they said every cat they gave them too hated them and they threw away 24 bags. I ordered them and Vinny lives them too. It's nice I have something to give him when the other cats get the regular treats. A smaller can would be a great option as he eats the wet for mealtime but grazes on the dry. Thanks again Hills! You saved my Vinny's life. by on 04/06/2019
Make smaller cans
Cat will only eat after first opened. It helps with her vomiting but I am throwing away 3/4 of every can. Too expensive to end up throwing it out. by on 03/31/2019
Need Smaller Cans
I have three out of five cats that show allergies. We have not yet determined what kind of allergy so we are trying this because they are losing hair or scratching it out at this point. I personally think it all started with the change in their current other brand of cat food changing their ingredients. However, this food is very pasty so I add water to it to help with the ability to chew it. We will see how it works. Some eat it right away and some will eventually eat it after letting it sit there for an hour. There is just great waste with such large cans. Please make 3.5 oz cans!!!!! I will only recommend this if it works for my cats. by on 09/02/2018
Pasty rubber my cat will only eat when he is starving!
How can cat food that is so expensive be so unappealing to a cat that loves food? And, he is stuck with it because Royal Canin doesn't make this for cats. The treats he will eat. But can't something be done with making it a more normal and appetizing texture and smell? It is really nasty. I feel like I could plug a hole in my tire with it. And, the cost!!!! They have got you where they want you as there is no choice so why bother to make it better. Also, after 3 months-very little change in stool. Plus, he is unhappy about the change from his Royal Canin and/or Wellness Core. by on 06/30/2018
Totally eliminated my cat's miliary dermatitis.
My cat's chronic but with remissive phases (of four years) miliary dermatitis/eczema was totally eliminated by z/d. Treatment by injections of dexamethasone when the miliary scabs were getting out of hand were hit and miss. Very low dose oral prednisolone she reacted to extremely badly. After oral prednisolone there is little animal dermatologists can do (had a phone consult). Was thinking of a naturopathic veterinarian as a last resort. My veterinarian recommended Hill's Prescription Diet z/d skin/allergies exclusively and advised I would not see results for a month if any. I witnessed big changes within 3-4 days, and total elimination of miliary symptoms within 7-10. Her coat is now very lustrous and markedly thicker, her eyes super-bright, and even her mood (she has become very docile and happy. I look at her 10-year old face and it looks kittenish again sometimes. Some redistribution of fat and muscle on body without weight loss, she appears leaner. Luckily she loves the taste, in fact adores it. Not quite as much as roast chicken however. :) I wish the tins were LARGER, my (2.4kg/5.3lb) cat would eat a full can a day but after experimenting with amounts 2/3 of a can spread out with a larger evening meal fulfilled both her nutritional needs and foodlust - and my pocket. I am paying quadruple per day from her old diet, so it's not cheap especially for the size. The food itself is quite tacky and clinging in texture - mushing/chopping it up is a real chore as it will stick crazily and rather thickly to any implement (and your fingers!) but at the price it is, scraping all the paste off for him or her is almost mandatory, plus you would waste quite a bit. Highly, HIGHLY recommend that you try this if your cat suffers from skin disorders or general allergies. Despite the price, it could just be the ticket for your fluffy friend! by on 06/25/2018
Gelatinous mess
This food is gelatinous and rubbery. It also smells bad and it is difficult to add water. My 2 cats won't touch it. by on 04/30/2018
It's just ok
Too expensive and needs smaller cans. Pretty sure Hill's won't read or care by on 02/26/2018
My poor cat Willow had very extensive ear surgery and we nearly lost him due to infections. Two and a half thousand pounds later we changed vets. First thing they did wad put him on z/d. Unbelievable! Back to being a kitten. Running around. The change is incredible. YES the tins would be better smaller as Willow only likes it when first opened. It has made a huge difference to us. Thanks by on 01/11/2018
Need smaller can
My cat (15) has been on zd diet for years. The only time she will happily eat it is when I first open it. She now is eating less and less. Almost every review I read customers are asking for smaller cans. Do you care what your customers say. We love our animals and want the best for them. by on 12/24/2017
Smaller can please
This food definitely helped with our cat's vomiting. But we REALLY need a smaller can. Her interest in the food declines exponentially as the large can is used. Too expensive to throw away. by on 11/29/2017
My cat hates it
I bought a 24-pack for my cat who has digestive issues (frequent vomiting). At first my cat was eating 1/4 can at his evening meal. He was never as excited about this as he usually is about his wet food, but he tolerated it. After a few weeks, he started eating less. Despite much coaxing, he now only eats 1/5 can per day. And he refuses to touch the stuff after it's been in the fridge for more than 24 hours. So I throw away 3/5 of every can (I've tried heating it, mixing it with warm water, mixing it with cold water... nothing works). In the 13 years I've had my cat, he has never refused any other food. He is NOT a picky eater, so for him to turn his nose up at this is really saying something. Hill's response to previous customer complaints about the consistency (nevermind the smell) about a year ago was that they were working to improve the "improved" version and make it more like the old formula again. If this is the end result (1 year later, I would hope they're done?), the problem is not fixed! Moreover, my cat's vomiting problem has not improved. Smaller cans would definitely be helpful, but only if my cat was willing to eat the food, and it actually improved his health. I will not be buying this product again. by on 11/28/2017
Cats do not like this food at all
My vet sent me home with this food for my vomiting cat. It has the appearance of tan aspic, doesn't even smell like cat food, and neither one of my cats will not touch it. Plus, it is VERY pricey by on 09/29/2017
My cat loves it!
My cat loves eating the food. We brought him home from a 4 day stay at the hospital and he wasn't eating anything. He's now eating this and even though I don't enjoy the smell he somehow does! by on 08/30/2017
Happy family and happy vet!
Our cat LOVES the flavor and has gotten much better since starting on z/d. I would love to have smaller sized cans though. Our boy doesn't like the second half of the cans the next day (refrigerated or microwaved warm). So I throw out product that is costly. Currently feeding 5.5oz cans. by on 08/11/2017
Great for allergies to food
My cat was on d/d and it went out of stock so we are trying z/d. My cat will eat it as long as I warm it up. I don't like the consistency of the food and my cat does not like as much as the d/d. When will you bring back the d/d? by on 08/04/2017
Almost no more vomitting!
My 12-year-old female cat has been a vomiter ever since I adopted her 5 years ago. At the time she weighed about 9lbs. For the first several years, the vomiting was manageable ... maybe 2 or 3 times per week. It was usually food and also the occasional hairball. In the last year or so, the vomiting had increased alarmingly. Emma was down to 8lbs. After many trips to the vet, much trial & error, the vet finally recommended your Z/D canned formula. I am happy to report that Emma has gained back the weight she had lost & we have only had 2 or 3 occasions of vomiting. Yes, the food is expensive but I figure the money I am saving on paper towels & carpet cleaner, I'm ahead of the game. I am guessing that the food I have been buying is the "new improved" formula as my first purchase was in early April. I will say, I was taken aback by the odd texture & rather off-putting, cloyingly sweet smell, but Emma will eat it if she is hungry. So, thank you, Science Diet, for helping my cat keep her meals down and for my piece of mind! by on 05/25/2017
Vomiting Cat
My Vet prescribed the z/d formula for my cats intestinal distress. Not only has she stopped vomiting, SHE LOVES IT!! My only suggestion is I wish it came in smaller cans. She is 6 years old and only weighs 7.5 lbs. so a can lasts her like 3 days. by on 02/24/2017
Great food
My cat has been eating z/d dry food for several years and he is really doing well. I want to add the canned food to give him a little variety and he does love it..... but only on the first day. I wish you would offer z/d in the small cans as you do many of the other prescription products for different issues. It is very me - I always throw the second half of the can in the trash. Thank you by on 01/23/2017
Hills: Consider selling both old and new formula
To whom it may concern at Hills: Since so many people liked the old formula, and their cats did well on it, might you consider selling both old and new formulas concurrently -- at least until you finalize the improvements to the new formula that you indicated in your responses is currently being further improved to better match the old formula? If the retooled new formula takes months to get to market, you risk losing a loyal customer base. I personally am not familiar with the old formula, only the new formula, and based on appearance, I'm a bit concerned that it looks a bit jello-like (just doesn't look anything like a desired food for an obligate carnivore). I'd love to have the opportunity to try the old formula, as others have indicated their excitement for it. by on 12/29/2016
Cat Loves
Just started new improved zd canned food and my Tonkinese cat loves. She licks her plate clean. I do wish you would make a smaller can, but my vet said when first open can, to take half in container and freeze. Take out day before needed and I put in microwave for few seconds and she will eat. Lizzie is 14 and been on Zd diet most of her life and doing great. Is expensive, but she is worth it. by on 12/23/2016
Def need smaller cans
Despite the repulsive smell, my cat digs the new formula taste...until the can has been open for a while. He doesn't eat much at once so I am lucky to get through half a can before it spoils or he won't eat it. Please add a smaller can option to this line. My cat, and my wallet, would really appreciate it. by on 12/06/2016
ZD New Formula
My cat loved the old formula but I need to coax him to eat the new formula. Please, please go back to the old formula. I would rate the old formula 5 stars. by on 11/08/2016
I miss the old version...
Thank You, Hill's for making z/d so I can keep my sweet girl healthy. The case I bought 2 weeks ago is my first experience with the new formulation (the label with red and blue). (I've been giving her z/d cans and dry food for a year.) My cat did not seem to mind the change in texture; she ate it without hesitation. But I find it much messier. When I pull off the lid it's always coated with food. At first I thought it smelled more pungent, but it doesn't bother me anymore. It's hard to know how to answer the survey questions below. I don't have anything else to compare with. It's definitely more expensive than what I used to give her (cans on the low end of the fancy varieties recommended by the rescue organization). It was very nice to find coupons on your site! I would recommend it to a friend if their cat had issues. by on 11/04/2016
New formula
The smaller can is a great idea although my cat does not like the new formula at all. He loved the old formula but now turns up his nose. by on 10/23/2016
Great product
My cat Nabisco has been on the wet z/d for a few months. Our vet recommended. It. She loves it. I just cover and refrigerate it till the next feeding. by on 09/18/2016
Z/d diet
My 18 year old cat Cliffy suffered for a long time from diarrhea and very smelly soft stool. He was always a very picky eater and always ate a lot but was not able to gain weight. We did blood work to see if he had a thyroid issue or anything else but all he has is a bit of anemia. Since I now switched his diet to the sensitive stomach ( z/d) diet his stool got firm and less smelly. He Loves it. Since Cliffy has no more teeth I make him a soupy consistency mixed with Rebound OS. He is still thin but otherwise healthy. He is just an old man. Very happy with this diet... although a bit expensive as Cliffy eats 2 -3 cans a day. by on 09/13/2016
Bad "improved version"
Firstly, my cat isn't crazy about the improved version. Second, the new texture makes it impossible to get a good scrape of the can (more waste). Thirdly, as others have said IT REEKS! by on 09/11/2016
new formula - yuck
My cat Hershey has been eating this for many months. When I opened the first can in the newest case I thought perhaps it was spoiled. He still eats it, but I think it's disgusting. It smells horrible, and I don't like the consistency at all - too soft and sticky. The older formula wasn't perfect but better than this. I agree that smaller cans would also be a good idea. by on 09/09/2016
Why the change...yuck
I would have given the old formula 5 stars. I didn't realize the formula had changed and when I opened a can of the new supposedly "improved" version, it smelled so bad I thought it had gone rancid, but apparently that's just the way it smells now. Understandably my cat does not like it as much either. The new version is also really gross to clean up from the bowl. Before the formulation changed, from the very first day, my cat would inhale the stuff she loved it so much. Now she just eats a tiny bit and walks away. It makes me really sad. by on 09/07/2016
reviewers agree: great, but we need smaller cans!
Excellent product. But after that "new food" magic wore off, our cat really only loves it when it's freshly opened. A day or two after opening - even with a tight-fitting rubber lid - it's difficult to get him to eat it. Wet food is the only way we can administer crushed pills, so we have no choice but to open another can, which leads to a lot of wasted food (and wasted money, since it's not the cheapest stuff). Would you please offer it in a smaller can size? That would be a great improvement. I see that this is a common customer request, which you have referred to your team several times over at least the last three years, in response to other reviews. Any chance your team has made some progress on that? by on 09/06/2016
Really Improved
When a new case of this food arrived, it looked slightly different and I thought I was sent the wrong food. It stated Improved Formula. We have to add a medication to this food and the old formula, our cat would eat but slowly. This new formula he loves, even with his meds , so I am a believer that it truly is tastier. by on 09/06/2016
New Formula - Terrible SMELL!
I recently purchased the "New formula" z/d can for feline. My cats have been on z/d diet for several years and I'm quite happy with it. However, when I opened a new formula can, it smelled so bad but I gave it a try. My cats ate it, but still, I was wondering if there is something wrong after opening the second can, I stopped feeding it just in case. Luckily I still have some old formulas, but could someone from Hills clarify that this is supposed to smell very strong? Also, the texture is more "mushy" and it stays that way even after keeping it in the refrigerator. by on 08/31/2016
My Review
My kitty LOVES your wet food! He devoures it without any problens! I bought more food yesterday and uortunately,yl your 'new and improved' formula is something he doesn't like at all! It's really upsetting because he can't eat anything else without getting sick- please change your formula back! :) by on 08/06/2016
Works but need flavor options!
We have been using this food for 3 months. Our kitty had been vomiting for almost 3 years and after other prescription diet's and changing vets twice, the 3rd vet recommended Hills Z/d. No more vomiting! But it took our kitty 6 weeks to eat this food exclusively. He still won't eat the slimy canned version. Every couple of weeks he gets picky again and crys for something else. Our second kitty won'the even come near this dry food...Sure wish you had another flavor option! by on 07/15/2016
great cat food works well
the z/d cat food works very well for my cat. it helps a great deal with my cats skin condition. by on 07/11/2016
Prescription Food for Cats
I have to admit your food has made my cat stop vomiting but I'm not sure I can afford it. She is using Prescription Diet z/d skin/food sensitivities. I tried to get one of your coupons and ended up with a "dog" coupon which the store would not let me use. I suggest you provide "Hills" coupons to make it more simple. by on 07/10/2016
I have been feeding the canned and dry versions of the Z/D prescription cat food to my old cat for a few years now. She loves them. I use the canned version to give her pills mixed into it and she is always a member of the clean plate club. The food has kept her from scratching her face off. by on 06/29/2016
He enjoys his duck!
This is the only food my rag doll can eat & he doesn't seem to mind! by on 06/29/2016
Great for stomach issues
My cat was having stomach issues and the vet had us try z/d. Casey loves this food and while it is expensive, her issues are gone and she's a happy cat. by on 06/29/2016
Wished the texture were more enticing
As others say the texture of this product is "rubbery" as Jello. Our vet prescribed this as trial for our cat's stomach issue. As soon as I opened the can, our cat turned around and left the feeding station (aka kitchen ;-) ). Since our cat is not fond of drinking water anyway, I mixed very small amount of bottled water with this product to make it "soupy" to encourage fluid intake, and topped with her favorite but not desirable for her issue fish based can food. Then she ate some. My suggestion is that the product texture and aroma need to be more appetizing for picky eaters. by on 05/10/2016
Smaller cans would be nice instead of wasting it.
Throw too much away, cat won't eat it if it is refrigerated, yes I do microwave it to heat it up. by on 01/15/2016
99% improvement
One of my two kitties suffered from belly issues after giving him too much dry treats. My vet recommended z/d wet about a year ago and he is doing much better. I add some water to the food as it is quite pastey. I also add a few z/d dry morsels to the top as an added treat. This food has kept both my kitties weights down as well as their appetites satisfied. I too would like to see smaller cans as my cats are not fond of leftover food. by on 01/12/2016
Please make smaller cans
It's the only can food my cat will eat. Please make smaller cans because he doesn't like it as much when refrigerated..sometimes half he can is wasted. by on 01/02/2016
Sensitive stomach food is neeed for some cats.
My cat has a sensitive stomach so this is why it was prescribed. My cat likes the wet but not so much the dry. This is an expensive food, i have tried several times to get coupons online but I'm never successful. by on 09/30/2015
Good but, expensive
Great food. Has helped my kitty. But, very expensive to have two male cats on and sales and coupons are hard to find. by on 09/20/2015
Great food for my kitty
I have a senior cat who has always been a very finicky eater. Since I rescued her two years ago, she has had a series of gastro-intestinal issues, sometimes requiring hospitalization. After her last attack, her doctor prescribed Z/D Feline Ultra food for her. Given that she is a very picky cat, I was concerned that she would not eat it. Wrong! She made the transition from her old food to the Z/D in 3 days! Now, she doesn't want anything else. She seems to be doing very well, and her doctor and I are optimistic that this food will help her. Also, after I received a damaged shipment, Hill's responded immediately to resolve the issue. Thanks, Hill's for all that you are doing for my kitty and me! by on 06/30/2015
helps my cat but is very expensive for my budget
My cat was very sick and allergic to everything. This has helped her gain weight and have a better quality of life. I had to put my second cat on the same food so that the little one didn't get anything that would cause her to break out again. This is very costly but I love my cat and do without other things so she can be ok. Really wish more coupons were available for prescription food. by on 11/20/2014
A food my special needs cats can agree on.
I have 2 cats with very different special needs. For years we had to feed then seperately, until our vet suggested z/d. They both seem to like it as there's never a drop left in their bowls. An excellent choice for cats with very different needs! by on 08/13/2014
Both our cats eat it well.1-5and 1-13.
Our older cat could not hold down regular food ,so our vet prescribed this wet with some of you dry. This seems to help keep her stomach felling well. by on 08/04/2014
This product has helped my cat with his sensitive stomach
I adopted 2 five year old cats last year and they were both vomiting. Put them both on prescription diet. It was getting a little pricey so tried to wean them off it. Now I just have one cat on it both wet and dry. He still vomits almost every day but it is mostly hair balls now. Wish I could solve his problem and just have them both on Science Diet instead of prescription. by on 07/23/2014
It's not me, it's the cats.
As with any Science diet we have ever used, my cats don't like it. Sure the first plateful was gobbled up, because it was new. But by the third can they turn their noses up to it. The dry gets eaten like any dry food, limited, because I (and they) prefer wet cat food and it is better for them also. My other pet peeve is that you usually have one "flavor". Maybe the reason my cats eat a lot of canned food is because they put out lots of flavors to choose from. Whoever says cats don't really need variety, don't know my cats. The texture of the z/d is like gelatin. At least the cat tried it, some of them wouldn't. Besides the z/d, we had used two other prescription diets. I know my cats need a special diet for what ails them but they deserve variety in something that is an important part of their life. So if you could work on the variety portion of it, they may cooperate. I am willing to pay for the food they should be having, but they deserve variety. If they wont eat it, they wont eat it. by on 06/15/2014
This product was not well liked.
My cat absolutely did not like this product. She licked it once and then walked away from it never to go back again. The food just sat in the bowl until the next day when I just had to throw it out. by on 04/29/2014
Our 2 cats can't wait for their Hills Diet RD canned food &
Our 2 cats can't wait for their Hills Diet RD canned food & kibble. They have lost weight & love the taste. We are very lucky to have find this food by on 04/21/2014
Success in treatment
We had tried many avenues of treatment for our cat, but nothing had been successful for long, until we started feeding him the z/d canned food! The red, inflamed eyes and hair loss on his face and body appear to be a thing of the past! He is healthy again and has returned to his loving and playful self! Thank you! by on 04/08/2014
My cat loves this food!
Had trouble with my cat not being able to hold his food down,which just started. This food was recommended by vet. So far the food has been working well, because he is hard to please. by on 04/07/2014
This product is disappointing.
My cat wouldn't touch it. It is very rubbery and very little cat friendly odor to entice. A waste of money. by on 03/17/2014
Great for sensitive stomachs
This really helped my cats upset stomach. A lot less hairballess vomiting and crying when being fed. by on 02/08/2014
4 paws up for z/d!!
I think maybe my cats should be writing this review. I regularly serve the dry; wet as an occasional treat, once or twice a week. Of course, they prefer the wet. It smells the loudest. At least I dont have to call them to the table! I would appreciate smaller, single serve cans. Sage and Skippy don't like leftovers (even if I put it in the microwave).Smaller cans would eliminate waste. Switching to a total z/d diet has significantly reduced the digestive upset Skippy suffers. Sage is just along for the ride. by on 11/16/2013
Z/D canned
This food is for cats with skin problems. It has a lower phosphorous level than the other Prescription diet canned cat food. This food is very expensive. It takes a long time for cats to eat this canned z/d as the consistency of the canned cat food is not the same as the other canned cat food. by on 08/05/2013
Worked great!
Our cat had to much protein in her system and was put on Prescription ZD diet. Our cat is doing great. She was vomiting after she ate and this has stopped. Would recommend that the canned be made in smaller cans because when you have a small cat that only eats a small amount a day, I end up throwing some away, which is expensive. She loves the dry, also. Thanks for the great food! by on 06/22/2013