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Hill's Prescription Diet w/d Multi-Benefit Digestive/Weight/Glucose/Urinary Management with Chicken Dry Cat Food Product Reviews

Why Hill's Prescription Diet w/d Cat Food Hill's Prescription Diet for cats (w/d formula) is designed to aid in managing your cat's weight. This specific recipe utilizes an optimal fiber level to ensure your cat can properly digest its food. Some cats can be more prone to gain weight than others. Even a little extra weight can impact the pet's quality of life and relationship with family because that extra weight can reduce play time, impact mobility, and affect the lifelong general health of ... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 94 reviewers.

Never buy this!
was prescribed this food for my cat with diabetes. And long story short this was one of the reasons my cat died. This food contains ingredients like rice AS THE FIRST FEW INGREDIENTS! that is basically asking for your cat to develop diabetes and bunch of other issues since cats ARE CARNIVORES. don't buy this unless u want expensive medical bills or get rid of your cat. And please just spend that money on good high protein wet food. by on 07/07/2023
Hills is great
My cat is requires to eat this food. Itโ€™s a great food. by on 06/30/2022
Always deliver by on 01/13/2022
The only food both my cats eat
Great food for our 18-1/2 pound cat and our 10 pound dietetic cat they both love it by on 09/21/2019
Too expensive!!!
I love that this product is amazing for my diabetic cat, but I can't always afford it! Not a fan because of the price. I would buy it more often if they'd bring down the price by on 03/25/2019
Cat feels better
My cat was having issues with not keeping her food down. Hasn't had an issue since she started this. by on 01/07/2017
My Review
Our cats share a can of the w/d with chicken and the dry food later. Once in the morning and once at night. They love their food and are happy, healthy cats. by on 11/14/2016
we buy this every month. I feel it is expense!
n/a by on 07/09/2016
Great product
I have a cat w/history of bladder crystals and he has been crystal free four years now since eating WD by on 07/06/2016
Pet formally on ID due to daily vomit of Long Hair food. Needed more fiber so Vet switched her to WD. Enjoys and keeps down! Had no problem with transition:> by on 07/04/2016
Cat loves it. No problem switching formula
Switched to W/D without any problem. Cat had stones in the intestins and was switched to W/D. by on 06/30/2016
Easy weight control
Recommended by my Vet. Totally did the job! I have two happy, healthy cats! by on 06/29/2016
Great for cats with sensitive stomach!
My cat used to throw up regularly, my vet recommended trying Hill's Prescription Diet I/d or w/d dry food. It definitely has helped and throwing up has stopped. Both of my cats love this dry food! by on 06/29/2016
Prescribed by VET
Way to expensive, but want to help my pet so I am stuck between a rock and a hard place by on 06/29/2016
Cats are happy and healthy
Cats digestive systems like this food and keeps them healthy. by on 06/29/2016
So far the best food I have feed my cats!
One of my cats has a urinary issue while both have a small weight issue. My Vet suggested the w/d formula to take care of both issues. My cats love their food, they have been caught a few times trying to feed them selves. Urinary issues are gone and they have lost then maintained their weights for several years now. by on 06/29/2016
w-d feline
all 4 of my cats eat just this product and are very happy with it by on 06/20/2016
Life Changing Difference!
After trying almost every cat food under the sun (grain free, super expensive, best of the best, etc.) to no avail, my vet recommended the Hill's Prescription w/d for my kitty who had loose stools for the past year. Within a short period of time, she had her first normal bowel movement! It is hard to express the crazy joy I felt over this - I had almost given up. I know she is feeling so much better now as she no longer has the stinky gas or large volumes of mushy poo (sometimes tinted with blood). She has always received wet food with a dry supplement, but she is eating more dry now since she favors the dry w/d formula over the wet w/d formula. I have no problem getting her to eat the dry version, but getting her to eat the wet version is a challenge. I have tried mixing it with other food, covering it with other food (not mixing), sprinkling it with the crushed dry version, you name it - she just isn't a big fan of the w/d wet. I am still trying to get her to eat it when I can, but at least the dry has made a huge difference in her life and I am so thankful. If you have tried everything else and nothing is helping, ask your vet about this food. Even though the ingredients aren't what most people consider to be top of the line (wheat, rice, corn, etc.) they have the perfect blend of fiber to help bowel issues and make my kitty more happy and healthy and that is what matters to me. I am so glad I decided to give it a try! by on 03/11/2016
Velcro bag closure
At my vet's recommendation, I've been buying Hill's Prescription Diet W/D cat food for many years and want to thank you for changing the packaging to include the Velcro closure. It's much easier to use and I'm sure it helps keep the contents much fresher. Good work! by on 01/26/2016
The "wonder" diet
Hill's w/d diet for felines is by far my favorite diet! I've had several felines on this diet over the course of many years for various medical conditions. This is such a versatile diet and comes in both dry and wet formulations and also the new addition of the stew. My felines have always loved the taste of this diet and they have maintained very well over the years. by on 12/18/2015
Great for digestion!
We switched my cat to Feline w/d and his stool have never been better! He now acts like a "regular" guy and couldn't be happier! Thanks, Hills! by on 12/17/2015
gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood by on 12/12/2015
It helps keep my cat healthy
I love how this food helps keep my cat healthy and UTI free. The only downfall is the price keeps going up. by on 10/07/2015
This product was recommended by my vet.
My cat had digestive problems as a kitten which seemed to be caused by the corn in other cat foods. This is all she's eaten since then and is now 11 years old. She could benefit now from a diet food now as she is not very active. by on 10/02/2015
my cat likes wd dry weight management
I like the new packageing much eaiser to zip close. by on 09/28/2015
This product has helped my animals with age/weight related
This product has helped my animals with age/weight related issues. Stones in urine went down significantly after having been on the w/d food for a month or so. Vet bills are down, and cats seem to do well with the food. by on 09/28/2015
Wonder food
We have 6 cats. All love Hill's W/D. They sit in line for their portion each day. The quality of the food keep them healthy and happy. I wouldn't use anything else. It's a little disturbing that each time I buy more at vet, the bags get small and cost more. With 6 cats that can be expensive. by on 09/21/2015
Great for overweight and urinary tract
My cats, once switched to this food no longer had urinary tract issues. I spend a lot of money on urinary tract medicines but just changing to this food made a world of difference. by on 09/16/2015
very expensive but does seem to help my cat
when I can get her sting only this food, her digestive problems do get better, but she doesn't seem to like the food, and it is extremely expensive. I don know if I can continue buying it for her. I wish there was a less expensive alternative.B by on 09/13/2015
good product
Good product but a bit expensive. Would be nice to purchase in a regular pet store instead of a vets office. by on 09/09/2015
My pets love this food.
I have 11 cats and one of them was prescribed CD for bladder cysts. They all ate it but, a few of them were gaining too much weight as CD has a lot of fat in it. My vet switched him to WD which he said has some of the same qualities as CD. They all love this food even though no one has lost any weight nor gained any more. It's been 4 yrs. and we've had no bladder issues. by on 09/04/2015
This product suits both of or kittys.
When we adopted our two girls three years ago our vet recommended this food and it was a perfect choice for them both. It has a pleasant smell and they still run to their food dishes every morning anxiously. The food is more satisfying than store brands making it a better value also. by on 09/02/2015
Great product.
Our clinic cat, Sly, has been on w/d for years. He still begs for that fresh, new bag to be opened for him. He sticks his whole head in there. W/d helps him stay slimmer than he would have been on another brand. Thanks Hills for the good quality, always safe to serve, food. by on 05/25/2015
New size is a bust
With the most recent change to the size, my cats will not eat the product now. I've been using W/D for 7 years and my cats loved the small size when I first started feeding them this food. It was changed a few years ago to a size that cat's preferred which was slightly larger and they still ate it. Now, the size is almost double and they will not even touch it. It's disappointing that the size keeps changing. by on 04/04/2015
Hills Prescripton Diet w/d
I started feeding my cat w/d as he is very prone to weight gain and has a tendency to have soft stools. He has started losing some weight, and the quality of his stool has improved on w/d. He seems to like the taste, although he has never been a picky eater. I only wish it was less expensive and that Hills used less grains and by-products. The food has helped though. by on 10/29/2014
The last bag of wd was full of crumbs and my two cats were not happy so I took it to the barn cats I care for. Other wise thenext bag was okay! by on 09/30/2014
This product is good for my cats.
I have given this product to my cats for years. I have seen very good results in my cats when they have been on this food. by on 09/09/2014
my pet is doing very well with this diet
I would recommend to my family and friends with pets by on 09/03/2014
Prescribed by Veterinarian.
I would not choose to give this food to my obligate carnivore. I feel brewer's rice should not be the primary ingredient in cat food. But it was prescribed by my veterinarian. by on 09/01/2014
Keeps our cats in great shape.
Our cats have done very well with this food. It's a little pricey, but the online coupons really help. by on 09/01/2014
This product is great but costly
This cat food is great for my cat and his needs but is quite costly. by on 08/28/2014
this food has really helped with my cat's urinary tract
my cat was having urinary tract infections and after my vet recommended putting him on this food this health issue seems to be resolved. I tried going back to his regular food but soon found out the infection was coming back. I will now only feed my cat this food. I have 3 cats and they are all now eating this food and seem to love the taste. by on 08/22/2014
Works for us
It works and they like it. But I think it's too expensive by on 08/09/2014
Great stuff but costs too much.
I have to buy this food, as the vet has made it a must. However, I think because we are a captured audience, there is no competition and we are very much overcharged. by on 08/04/2014
W/D Dry Food for Felines
My cat Rocky was very overweight - 22 LBS. His Dr. recommended feeding him W/D. Lucky for us that Rocky really likes the flavor and crunch of W/D so we had no difficulty giving it to him. He is now down to about 18 LBS. He has more energy and is enjoying his new figure. We are grateful to Hill's that Rocky will live a much healthier life. Thank you by on 08/01/2014
This product is healthy
I have had my cats on your RX products for many years. Myh first cat had bowl problems and the vet suggested W/D. She felt that she was allergic to the chicken byproducts in regular cat food and treats. that she was It seemed to help her. I have kept all of my cats on this product. We have an overweight cat who was on R/D but she got sick of it and the vet said it was ok for her to have the W/D. I have 3 cats and they are all on the W/D now. I feel that they will live longer with this excellent food. by on 07/21/2014
My Cat Inari Two years ago I thought Inari was going to die. She had been to several vets and had lots of test and diagnoses that just cost a lot of money and did nothing to help her. One vet put her on the WD diet. I am glad I listened to that vet. She has lived an extra two years now and is still purring away. I would recommend Hill'sยฎ Prescription Diet if you love your pet and want her around as long as possible by on 07/20/2014
pleased with hills
My cat jax has been on it for several years recommended by the vet. agrees with him and he seems to enjoy it. he seems to like the new shape even better. by on 07/18/2014
Glad this available for my special pet
I am glad my vet recommended your product. My kitty seems to be doing quite well on it. by on 07/16/2014
Weight and urinary tract diet
So far as I can tell, this product is helping keep our kitties struvite crystals (one of our 4 had this problem which is why the vet suggested we feed it to them) at bay however they aren't necessarily losing weight, staying about the same. The price point used to be more acceptable than it is today. Not only was the price increased but to add salt to the wound, the package size was reduced. Sorry to have to say that, but it is true. by on 07/15/2014
This is the only food my vet recommends.
My cat does well with this product. However your customer service dept is lacking in its ability to satisfy customers, I had trouble printing out your coupon ($7 off-I have the correct software and had printed it on a previous occasion-this time the paper came out blank-and your system wouldn't let me try to reprint it). I called and was told there was nothing that could be done except to mail out $5 coupons-I was going to the vet same day and needed to purchase food-no help. by on 07/13/2014
This product has great features.
This product has helped my cat so much, She has lost a lot of weight and has no other problems. I would defiantly recommend this product. I now have my second cat on it also to lose weight. by on 07/11/2014
My cat loves the taste of this!!
My cat is a pretty picky eater, but she loves this food. She is pleasantly plump and I am hoping this will help her lost a pound or two. by on 07/11/2014
This product has managed my cat's health for years, and has
Would recommend for cats with health issues, has helped extend our cat's life. by on 05/25/2014
My cat loves it.
Bandit, my cat, was on c/d which he really liked. In fact, he liked it so much, he started putting on weight. We switched to w/d and he even liked it better, but he eats more. He really loves it. Luckily, he doesn't eat anything else which makes us all happy campers. I highly recommend either w/d or c/d. by on 05/24/2014
Our cats enjoy this food, the dry and canned.
Our cats enjoy this food and that's half the battle. if they didn't like it we would really have a problem getting them to control their blood sugar. by on 05/03/2014
Cat is ok with it.
Product is a little high in price, but it works for my cat. by on 05/03/2014
This product solved my kitty's problem in a day or two.
I brought my kitty to the vet because he had loose stools. I had tried a few different foods on my own, but the problem continued. When I brought him to the vet, he gave Sherlock a shot and started him on Hills Prescription Diet w/d Feline Low Fat-Glucose Management-Gastrointestinal (with chicken). Within a 2-3 days his stools were normal. I am grateful because Sherlock had loose stools for two months or more. by on 04/29/2014
W/D is a great food!
W/D does amazing work for one of my cats Tigger. Without that food his weight is unmanageable!! The only thing I wish that science diet could manage to do is keep costs down.I have a very strict budget and it is breaking me trying to feed my animals. This is why I chose Fair for the value for the money. by on 04/25/2014
The packaging can be improved
The bag is tough to seal. We transfer the food to another container immediately. by on 04/21/2014
Only food I give to my cats.
I have used in the past, CD and now WD & RD for my two cats. One is 11 and one is 6. They all love the food. The price is a little high especially when on a fixed income but I still feed them the WD and RD. by on 04/18/2014
My cat is doing very well on this food
My cat was diagnosed with IBS and does very well on this food. She loves the taste and has even put on weight. by on 04/17/2014
Prescribed to control urinary tract problems.
My male cat had crystals in urine causing blockage. W/D prescribed, and after 4 years there has not been a reoccurrence. The food is quite expensive, but worth it compared to potential vet bills. by on 04/07/2014
w/d dry cat food is well tolerated by my cat
My cat transitioned from another dry cat food to the w/d without any issues. Our vet recommended this change due to a recent surgery my cat had needed for an obstruction. We had tried the wet w/d, but my cat did not care for it. Can you please allow another coupon? The cost of this product is pretty high. Thanks. by on 03/24/2014
Good product for pets with special needs. I would recommend to friends. by on 03/22/2014
I have to see what it does to my cats glucose first. So far
I have to see what it does to my cats glucose first. So far after a month it hasn't gone done very much. by on 03/15/2014
Works for health issues.
My cat's health was at stake and eating this diet returned his blood levels to the normal range. by on 03/04/2014
We use wet and dry
Both cats love it. We use dry for their meals and can just before bed as a bedtime treat. by on 02/25/2014
My Cats Love WD
My two adult male cats loved WD immediately. They have not lost much weight, but have not continued to gain as they had on other foods. They both have thick beautiful coats and are very healthy. I work in a veterinary office and tell our clients of my boys and how well they have done on WD. by on 02/21/2014
They changed to shape of the hard food and the old cat is
Our cats like this dry food. They have been on this dry food for a long time and have not tired of the taste. They also eat the soft food. by on 02/17/2014
4 out of my 5 cats seem to like the dry food
I have 1 cat that had UTI issues and the vet recommended c/d but then figured Sammy would put weight on so he suggested w/d. I have 5 cats and their ages range from 3 to 8 and all but one of them will eat the dry. None of them are too crazy about the wet food. Fortunately, Sammy has had no more UTI issues. I have always fed my cats Science Diet products as I trust the company very much. by on 01/09/2014
Really helped control weight
My cat can get fat just looking at an empty food bowl. The w/d has helped him meet and maintain a healthy weight. He loves the taste, though he probably loves just about any food. by on 12/19/2013
My cats give it 5 stars!
My cats love this food! They only eat dry and will turn up their noses at over the counter food. They want Science Diet and they want it now! The only problem I have run into is that they like it too much and I think I will be switching to the new Metabolic soon. :-) by on 12/19/2013
Cats love this food!
I have several cats and they all love the w/d, they have had great success in losing weight with this product - I strongly recommend it! by on 12/19/2013
We have reached the goal in weight loss for both my cats.
It's been a good weight loss regimen for my cats who both have somewhat sensitive stomachs. by on 12/02/2013
Healthiest Diet
I have one cat that needed to be on prescription dry/wet food per our Vet but since I have 4 cats I can't stop them from eating out of each others bowls. So they all eat the prescription food. I prefer it this way because it's healthier for them. It was an easy switch to make and I'm guessing it was because they like the taste because trust me my cats are picky eaters. My only complaint is I wish your company offered more coupons for prescription food. It's easy to get coupons for your nonprescription food but not prescription. It is very expensive to feed four cats on an all prescription diet. by on 11/23/2013
eeATee likes it, she has been very fussy in the past
I like the price and the fact that you have coupons for the dry food. CeeATee likes it that is what is important by on 11/22/2013
Cats love it
All my cats love this product even the ones that don't have to eat it. by on 11/19/2013
Change in shape easier to eat
My two cats have been eating w/d for a few years. One cat is a short haired Persian with a flat face. The prior shape of the food, pellets, was hard for him to eat and the food would fall out of his mouth as he chewed. It would take him 20-25 minutes to eat, and he would get tired of eating before he finished the bowl. Now that Hill's has changed the shape to flatter disks, he eats his entire bowl of food in about 10 minutes. It wonderful! by on 10/16/2013
I prefer the pellets. My 2 cats will eat whatever dry food but I find the new product very messy. There is too much dust matter and leaves their dishes very messy. I have to clean them daily. The smaller pellets did not leave this mess! I'm going to another brand! by on 10/03/2013
All Five Loves This Food
It works well but slowly. Our male kitty is a Perfect now. All love the taste . by on 09/21/2013
This product benefits my cat, per my vet, so I will pay the
My cat is not especially fond of this product since you changed the shape of it recently. I cannot comment on the taste, yet I hope that it didn't change. My complaint is that it has gotten to be a very expensive product and you offer very few coupons / discounts; (I use a 17# bag in less than a month as I not only feed my cat but also the homeless cats in the neighberhood.# My pet is worth the cost of food that is good for him per my vet #he would prefer wet but he is at 21#s and wet food will just make him eat more. I have used the k/d per the vet but it doesnt work (my cat would rather starve). by on 09/10/2013
Good but pricey
This is a good product but very very expensive.However my cats need it so I will keep buying it. by on 09/02/2013
Very good but very very expensive, however we need it for our fat cats by on 09/01/2013
My cat loves it.
My cat(Rocky) love this cat food(WD), he has lost four pounds over the past 2 years also. We also give him a 1\6 of a can of the WD wet food, he wakes us up in the morning to be fed. No complaints from Rocky. by on 09/01/2013
The food helps my cat lose a few pounds and improves his
"Moonpie" has done well on this reduced calorie diet food, likes the taste. He has lost a few pounds. Doesn't have the urinary track issues as before. Thank you by on 08/27/2013
does the job
have been using feline wd for 8 years for both my cats. Started using it because our older cat had crystals. Both cats like both flavors by on 08/26/2013
Great for all
My vet prescribed this for my oldest cat, as she tends to vomit fairly frequently, as she gets older. Since my other 2 cats are slightly overweight and the fact that they all eat out of the same bowls, I switched all 3 over to this food. My oldest one has definitely shown marked improvement with how much she vomits and the other 2 eat this just as well as any other variety (although not seeing too much weight loss). Overall, I think this a great product - with my only negative being the high cost. by on 08/26/2013
The Best!
After my beloved pet dog reached her ideal weight, she was put on W/d food and she loved it. It was great for her. by on 08/19/2013
Excellent for urinary issues
WD prescription has been very effective for my kitties urinary problems and also a great preventive for future problems. Also is excellent in controlling a healthy weight. I have used WD over 35 years and will continue using it along with other Science Diets excellent foods for all my 10 kitties. by on 08/14/2013
Only food my cat can eat
My vet recommended this food after my cat suffered an impacted colon and numerous bouts of vomiting and dehydration. Feline W/D is the only food that my cat can eat without relapse. I'm thankful that this food keeps my cat healthy. His coat is shiny, his eyes bright, and he's full of energy, well, when he's not napping. ;) by on 08/12/2013
My cat has been healthier ever since we started using
My cat loves this food. Just the sound of the bag opening, and he magically appears. I know this food has kept my pet healthier. I want to prolong his life as much as possible and Prescription wd will help. by on 06/29/2013
Yummy says my kitty!
I have a newly insulin dependent 10 year old cat. Lovey really woofs down the w/d dry and canned varieties and seems to l-o-v-e it! Thank you for a product that is both good for her and, in her opinion, good tasting. by on 03/26/2013