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Bladder stones are collections of mineral crystals that combine together in the urinary tract. They can cause discomfort and lead to more serious problems that require the care of a veterinarian. Because your dog's food plays an important role in his or her overall health and well-being, Hill's nutritionists and veterinarians have developed clinical nutrition that is specially formulated to help support your dog's bladder health. Dogs need the right balance of minerals to maintain good bladder h... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 68 reviewers.

Stones b gone
I took bubba to the vet for his bladder stone issue. This food was recommended. It has been a great help and bubba likes to the taste too by on 01/23/2023
hills presc diet
urinary works great. should be a promotion once a year. free bag as it is pricey and there is nothing compare to it. by on 01/05/2023
Food works great
I am happy to say this food works great he hasn't had any issue with stones since we started this diet for him. We have noticed that he has put on more weight since switching food and he has become way more active like he was a puppy again. by on 03/24/2021
I will NEVER use Prescription Dog food again
My 3.5 yr old pharaoh hound/Dobermann/Shephard mix forms calcium oxalate crystals/stones for probably genetic disorder reasons. This food is supposed to help prevent them. I can say, with evidence this food does not. It performs exactly like non-prescription dog food, in that my dog formed a large number of stones within 2 months, which was comparable to the Gentle Giants brand I moved to post a homemade diet. My homemade diet at least kept the stones at bay for 6-8 months. And, not to mention, last urine sample taken when his urethra was blocked (4 days ago) showed struvite crystals present in his urine. DO not use this food. Natural raw or cooked diets work best. Eating this food is like a human eating highly processed foods on a daily basis. It does nothing but harm. Thanks Hill's for adding to my stress. by on 08/13/2019
Quality Control Questionable
My pup has been using this product for several years. It appears to be doing the job it is intended to do. by on 10/27/2017
My dog has been on this product for a long time. He is a repeat offender of bladder stones. We mix dry and wet together. The food isn't cheap. So coupons are so great to use. by on 10/27/2017
My dog feels better!
My jack russell is almost twelve. After some health issues she was put on this food! She has really recovered AND she has always enjoyed the taste with no resistance! Before my vet recommended it a neighbor told me her 13 year old standard poodle has been on it and was doing really really well. I never used a prescription diet before with my pets and I am thrilled with the outcome. Thanks! by on 07/10/2017
I can't stress this enough... this product is amazing for the health of your dog. We have an 11 year old Dalmatian (I bet you couldn't even tell he's 11 from the picture below). He's not our first Dalmatian... our first one was fed with No Name brand basic dog food that we bought from grocery stores. We didn't know much about the impact cheap dog food would have on him; he had kidney stones about 2 to 3 times in his life. At the end of his life, when he was only 8 years old, he was frail, he couldn't control his bladder, and he could barely move. He passed away shortly and it was heartbreaking. With our current dalmatian, Billy, we became more educated on the breed and what food works. Dalmatians are prone to kidney stones and this food has been a blessing. He's 11 and as energetic as he was when he was 5. This is the perfect food for anyone with about dalmatian. by on 05/15/2017
My Review
My dog also had stoned. She loves the good. It also has helped her. The only thing is that it is pricey. Especially if you have other dogs trying or eating her food. by on 12/22/2016
My Review
I had purchased this item for a couple of months and found it very soft and smelled different. Was not sure if it was just a batch or if it had been changed and found out that it had been changed and the two vet clinic where I had bought it from didn't know. The dog liked it and so I continued to give it to her. Was happy to hear it was changed. by on 11/19/2016
To Small Dog
Hi to those having small dog and think it too large for it to comsume. Try crush it make it smaller bite, crush an amount for a week and store them in container. My toy poddle enjoying this for many years. Hope this tips can help someone out there. Cheers .. osward by on 11/08/2016
Little Fatty
My 8 pound, 13 year old jack russell began having accidents in the house, which she has never done. i thought it was old age & felt terrible when the vet discovered a bladder stone the size of a dime. Been on the food since April, and she acts like a puppy again !! My only complaints are the big size and shes gaining weight.I cant see her muscles anymore. by on 10/16/2016
pieces too large
The pieces are way too large. I am aware a canned version is available, but prefer the dry food for the teeth. Hoping I can find a competitor product to use. by on 10/12/2016
Good Food, but...
My Briard boy had to have emergency Surgery for bladder stones. He is on this food ever since, but I have to mix Fiber and pumpkin with it or he gets really constipated! To the point that he is in pain. He has water available at all times. Any others having that problem? He had no stones and his checkups are looking good, so yes I would recommend this food. Just pumpkin in his beard all the time is not so nice! by on 08/02/2016
Need smaller kibble for smaller dogs!
My 7 year old Chihuahua has been on this food for about 3 months now. He struggles to eat it due to the rather large kibble size. It would be nice if they offered this in a smaller kibble for smaller dogs. I'm surprised there's not already that option. Please consider making this in a smaller kibble for smaller dogs so they can not struggle while trying to eat this food. by on 05/18/2016
too big
My dogs have been on UD for 5 years, they are Chihuahua, WHY O WHY can't you make this in smaller bites take into consideration the fact dogs come in small sizes too .weekly I have to put it in a baggy and hit with a hammer to make it smaller and dogs don't care for taste.Vet wants me to use dry. by on 04/25/2016
Works great so far, although a little expensive.
Our 13 year old Peek-Poo had bladder surgery about a year ago, and the vet told us to feed him U/D. So far he is doing great. The only thing is he has put weight on since he has been on UD (don't know if it is his age or the UD). We give him a little under a half cup twice a day, and he loves it. by on 03/30/2016
Working so far
My pomeranian had large amounts of crystals and vet recommended hills ud, in just a little over a week there's been a noticeable change, she's no straining to go like she was. Reading another review I would also like to see smaller pieces. by on 03/12/2016
Dog LOVES this stuff- and prevented $4k surgery
Back In Nov 2015 we had to run our Dog in the middle of a stormy rainy night to emergency and learned we need to pay almost $4k after all said and done to remove Bladder stones and some were in his urethra. This was not an option. So the vet drained his bladder, prescribed some pain killers and prescribed Hills u/d prescription food. She said he must only eat this food. I was concerned "Swiper" would not eat this he is picky. But he loves it. Happy to report he passed whatever stones and is loving life now March 2016. Life is Good! Thanks Hills for making such a fine product good enough for my dog to like to eat. Little costly but I still saved $4k in vet bills, so worth it! by on 03/06/2016
My dog loves this!
The vet recommended this food, my 13 yr old shihtzu developed blatter stones. No issues since switching to this food and he loves it! It's expensive but I want nothing but the best for my dog! Our other 3 yr old shihtzu loves the food as well and always tries to get into it so we decided to get him on a hills science diet since he needs no specialty foods currently, but he loves the taste and I assume is better for him than his current food. by on 01/18/2016
very palatable
my older terrier mix developed calcium oxylate stones. he loves the flavor & texture of the u/d dry. it has helped keep his urine dilute & the appropriated pH. I feel confident that it will prevent further stones from developing. by on 12/18/2015
My dog still got stones
This expensive product did nothing to stop bladder stones in my toy poodle. he ate it every day after his operation for stones 2 years ago. Now he just had surgery again same stones. The food does not work! by on 11/06/2015
My pet loves the dry and wet food
My dog loves the dry and wet food. It seems to help her with her bladder stones so far. by on 10/12/2015
Just what my dog's special diet requires.
I'm glad that this food is available but I wish there were a couple of flavor options. We learned that this food would be my dalmatian's only diet for the rest of his life before he was a year old. He's bored with the flavor but we've been unable to find anything else that his system will tolerate. by on 10/01/2015
My Dog Loves this Food.
After our Dog had Surgery for Bladder stones, our Vet told us we needed to give this product to our dog. We were worried our Dog wouldn't eat this food because she tends to be a picky eater but she Loves it! by on 09/11/2015
Improved and great!
Our dog enjoys the new formula and we really like the new bag! Thanks! by on 06/05/2015
My dog loves this food. However it smells awful to me.
I would be excited to see a compatible treat offered for this diet. The food is great and my dog eats it fine. by on 01/07/2015
Great product but too highly priced.
The UD product has resolved my issue with my dogs bladder stones. The only problem is that is priced too high and there are no discount coupons available to help with the cost of keeping my pet healthy. by on 01/04/2015
My baby Loves this prescription Food
My dog had kidney surgery and he has been on u/d prescription for 1 year and loves it. I also use the cans and make treats for him and my other dogs. by on 11/16/2014
He likes it!
My dog has kidney and bladder stones so he was prescribed this particular bag of food. I was also recommended to soak his daily meal(s) in water to add extra water in to his diet and it also softens it up for him at the same time. He eats it immediately at each feeding time. by on 10/23/2014
Hills Science Diet U/D dry and can
My senior dog has been on U/D Hills Science diet for approx. 4 years due to bladder stones. This diet has prevented any further stones and lengthen his life with his family. by on 10/21/2014
My dog really likes your food!
I feed my dog both dry and canned u/d. I am very thankful for your food because we had surgery for bladder stones and it did not seem to be clearing up his issues. After a month on your food he is doing much better. Thank you. by on 10/20/2014
This product has a good flavor.
I have two Shih Tzu's. One had surgery to remove bladder stones, and she was put on this prescription food. I have also put my other dog on it too as a preventative measure. Both dogs love the food, both the wet and dry. I've also made the treats out of the dry food and both dogs love them too. I would recommend it to anyone who needs this dog food for their dogs. by on 10/19/2014
UD diet great for a shiny coat but.......
If you want your Dachshund to have a shiny coat ( must be good) The UD DIET 9 pellets and Tin ) is great. But to get rid of stones or prevent them it just doesn't work. I have 2 dachshunds ( twins) and the one has had stone removal surgery and the other has had 4 operations the last one being the dreaded Bowel bypass surgery from which he is still recovering. ( a last resort op) Both these dogs have been on the UD diet ( pellets and tins for over a year and in that time the second one had one op and the first one ( which was the reason to go on the diet) had 3 ops) the vet says its genetic which I think means "we don't know" but even so the validity of the prevention is non existent. We continue feeding them this because...... well what else do we do! We stuck to the diet religiously for nearly 2 years it must be noted. by on 10/19/2014
Way too expensive and my dogs hate it.
I have 2 dogs onprescription dog food and I spend more on their food than on my family food. They hate the taste so I have to buy some can dog food to mix in with it or they just won't eat it I try to get the coupons and can't get in my account half the time and when I do the coupons won't print. If it wasn't for my pet's health I would not purchase this food. by on 10/16/2014
It helped my furry son!
Urine test confirmed that no crystals are forming so this food is working! Thank you so much! He likes it when I add the ud wet food in the ud dry. :) by on 10/02/2014
Canine u/d dry
This product has definitely helped my dogs urinary issues. She loves the taste but I have heard some dogs don't care for the test. by on 09/15/2014
My dog loves it.
One year ago my four year old was diagnosis with severe cystitis and gross blood in her urine. We were very lucky she could be treated with Science Diet CD. She started the diet program and within a week her symptoms abated. She has had no problems for over a year and continues on the diet program. Thank you Hill's for saving my puggle. by on 09/03/2014
UD prescription
one of the few prescription products available foe urinary tract diet. very expensive. would like to have more availability in larger bags to help offset cost for price by unit. by on 09/01/2014
My dog loves this product
Most pets do not enjoy prescription food tastes; but my dog loves U/D dry, he does not like the wet version by on 08/30/2014
This product does the job.
This product does what it was intended to do. The flavor could be improved since I have to mix it with the canned food to improve my dogs willingness to eat it. by on 08/22/2014
If you dog nned a special diet then Hills has it.
The product seems to be working will not know for a few more months. My do seems to like the taste. The cost is the only draw back. by on 08/17/2014
UD Diet
My dog Beanz was put on this food last year. He is a picky eater and took him a couple days to get used to this new food. Now gobbles it right up and he is healthy as ever! by on 08/15/2014
This product keeps my dog healthy
She has not had any bladder stones!! That is why she eats it. As long as she stays healthy we will keep giving it to her. by on 08/15/2014
My dog has made the switch pretty well considering a
The bigger nuggets seem to slow my dog's speed in eating which is good. Her stool is a little soft, but it seems to be regulating to more normal over time. I do wish the u/d would come in a 15 lb. bag. 27.5 lbs is a bit much to carry for a lady. by on 07/27/2014
This is the only product I know of for this condition
My dog seems to really like it. He usually gets canned food in the morning and dry food in the afternoon. He gets fed twice per day. He is drinking mostly bottled water. He is urinating quite a bit. I feel better about his condition being better under control when he eats this food. Plus he seems to enjoy it. by on 07/18/2014
U/d Hills Prescription Diet for our husky after bladder
This is the only dry dog food that I can feed my husky Timber without making a special raw type dog food. It helps for me to know this food is specifically made for dogs with his condition and not having to guess what crazy combinations of raw foods will keep the bladder stones from coming back. My only complaint is that this gets very expensive to feed my 75 LB male husky, 2 1/4 cups a day and buying the 27.5 Lb bag every 3-4 months. His blood work keeps coming back negative so this food does work. by on 06/03/2014
So far this product seems to be helping my pup right along,
My pup likes this brand and we also give him pieces as treats. Just wish it was a little more affordable, on top of Vet bills and making sure he doesn't produce more stones, the expenses are hard on a pet owner to keep a happy healthy pup. by on 05/28/2014
PLEASE, PLEASE make pieces smaller - like w/d with chicken
I have a small dog with only a few teeth. He has been eating the w/d with chicken small bites for years with no problem. He recently developed bladder stones, so we had to switch to u/d. He loves the canned food, but I like to use the dry food - which he also loves - for treats and some variation. Because the chunks are so much larger than the w/d, I have to sit and cut each piece of the u/d in half - a tedious task. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make the bites smaller - the size of w/d with chicken is fine...... by on 05/22/2014
Works as advertised
We have been feeding our dog this diet since fall 2013. So far he has not had a recurrence of his bladder stones. He loves the taste. by on 05/19/2014
My Schnauzer Loves it !!
My baby had kidney surgery and he is a very picky eater. So when they said he had to use a prescription food i thought i was in big trouble, but guess what he loves it and begs for more. I also purchase it sometimes in the can make small slices and bake for treats....I am happy and my pet is happy !! by on 05/13/2014
Recommended by veterinarian for kidney problems with my
It has been several years since my dog had surgery for kidney stones which had shredded his bladder. Since the surgery I have used U/D Prescription Dog Food exclusively for him. My vet has even remarked that he was surprised that we have not had more problems - I credit the U/D Prescription Dog Food. HOWEVER, it is terribly expensive - I can see where some dog owners would not use it just because of the cost. Some could not afford it. by on 04/16/2014
Good product fair price
Our dog (13 years old) had bladder surgery for stones and was put on a canned food.Since starting the Hills CD dry food she has made a full recovery and loves the food. Thank You by on 04/15/2014
The U/D dry dog fod has seem to help our Dalmatian.
The U/D dry dog food has seem to help our Dalmatian. by on 01/07/2014
U/D prescription dry dog food
I feed my dog U/D dry dog food because she is passing calcium oxilates in her urine. She has been eating it for a couple monthsnow and it seems to be working great. She loves the dry food and I use the wet food to make baked treats for her. The quality of the food is high and I would recommend this brand to anyone. by on 12/27/2013
My Dog really this food.
It agrees with Zoie's system. Helps her urinary tract. No more going outside durning the night. Ya! Most of all Zoie is not in pain. :) by on 12/12/2013
My dog loves the taste and it saves his life
Hill's U/D definitely helps with the prevention of bladder stones with my 14 year German Shepard by on 11/23/2013
prevents stones
We have had two Dalmations, one lived to 13 and the other currently is 10. Both males. We have fed both of them the UD product their whole lives. They seem to like it and I believe it has prevented costly vet bills to deal with stones and other problems associated with this breed. Cost is a little high but worth it in the long run. by on 10/30/2013
u/d is the right size and taste seems apparent by my dog
The u/d prescription dog food provides my 11 year old wire fox terrier with the nutrition and taste he likes. It also seems to aid in his control of reducing bladder stone recurrence. Overall the quality is excellent and my dog looks forward to meal time. by on 10/30/2013
The food is pricey but keeps my best friend healthy
10 years ago my doggie became very ill urinating a bloody discharge and became very lathargic. We had to rush to Veterinary hospital since his life was on the line. We since have used priscription dog food for him to be okay and no complications. by on 09/10/2013
My dog like its better than the UD canned food
I wish they made it in smaller bites as my dog is small and has an underbite. He sometimes has trouble biting and chewing the food as the chunks are a little large. by on 09/09/2013
excellent product,my dog loves it, but it is costly,and my
excellent product,dog loves it,but it is costly,and I have to buy at our Vet's office. by on 09/08/2013
This product works great for my dog.
My dog has not had bladder stones since being on this product. I would highly recommend this food if your dog is having problems with stones. by on 08/29/2013
This food does the trick.
My dog eats it and doesn't have the allergic reaction he did to the other prescription diet food I tried. The other was a corn base and this one has more rice. by on 08/27/2013
Too high of price
My dog have over 30 stones. After spending over $1000 in surgery he now has to be on a special diet. He is prescribed science diet u/d for the rest of his life. He is only 2 years old and a 70 lb dalmatian. Too high of a price for people to feed only this dog food. Looking forward discounts in the future!! by on 08/16/2013
Fairly new user
My adult male dalmation recently developed bladder stones to the point of needing emergency surgery. He did quite well, recovery was quick and he's doing great. This was something new for me, even though I've been a dog owner for many years. My vet recommeneded that my dog's best chance of his bladder stones not returning was to feed him UD Rx diet. I quite willingly want to do the very best I can for him and feed him what is rec. He loves the product, always licks the bowl. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone in need of a special diet for their beloved cannine. ;-) by on 08/05/2013
The only food for My Tyson
I have a lab and pit mix, he is three and has had three surgery's for stone already. Science diet U/D dry and can has made a big difference, along with a drug called Thiola. the cost is not cheap between the three, we spend about two hundred a month for food and meds, on this dog only. but we have already put about two grand into him just in vet bills. science diet is great food but very expensive, we could use some help in that department! by on 03/13/2013
This product is great
I have a 11yr old Yorkie who had to have surgery to remove bladder stones. After this life saving surgery my Vet put my dog on the U/D formula of dog food with strict instructions that he was to only eat this. Well, my concern being that my dog is very picky about his food and at times would just refuse it; I was very concerned that he would not eat this dog food. I purchased the dry and wet food from my Vet and to my surprise my dog LOVES this food !!! He has had more urine tests and still no stones. Also, since he cannot have "store bought dog treats" I use the wet food as his treat and with its texture it works great. Thank you for such a wonderful product.. by on 02/04/2013