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A Dog's Guide to Hill's Prescription Diet t/d Dental Care Dry Dog Food If a domesticated dog could speak human, oral dental care for your pet may be more important than you think. Bacteria-laden plaque in the gumline can lead to long-term oral health issues connected to systematic general health issues affecting the kidney, heart, and metabolic systems. The good news is that there are quality dog food brands that prioritize dogs' dental health with #1 vet-recommended products. Hill formulated... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 44 reviewers.

Need larger size bag.
The product is good. The packaging is too small. If I'm sold on it, let me buy it as a larger quantity. I'm not looking for an annuity. by on 08/10/2023
Bigger than expected
I have a four pound and a seven pound chihuahua. When I opened the bag I thought "no way they're going to be able to eat these", but I was wrong. They have to chew quite a bit, but that's the point. They both seem to love them, and play with them before eating them like they do their treats. The feeding recommendations on the bag do seem weird. For example, it says to feed 3/8 cup or 25 kibbles, but 25 kibbles is far more than 3/8 cup, so I judge amount by how they look. If starting to look plump I cut back, etc. Hopefully these help with teeth cleaning. We'll see by on 05/07/2023
I would not buy this product again
Small bites are not small bites. It doesn't work for small dogs. Additionally, the composition contains too many grains including corn, and only meat byproducts. by on 03/18/2022
Kibble too large for small dogs
This kibble is much too large for my small chihuahua. It is hard to believe that this kibble is correct for the size dogs that it is recommended for. The smaller dogs are the ones with the worse problems. by on 11/11/2020
I would not buy product.
I just ordered this for my 9.5 lb terrier mix. The small bites are NOT small at all. Much too large for my York I sized dog. What size are the regular if this is the small? by on 08/07/2019
Perfection - great taste and size for my tiny Chihuahua
Salsa is only 1.5 kg and eats these small bites without a problem at all. As do my other pups who are 6, 7 & 8kgs. Salsa chooses these over J/d so the size is fine for very tiny dogs as well as the "under 10kg range" . by on 03/07/2019
My dog is crazy about it!
I bought this from my vet with their recommendation. I was worried because it was expensive and my yorkie is very picky. But they offered a money back guarantee. She absolutely loves this stuff. The kibbles are pretty big, especially for "small bites," but she doesn't seem to mind. I mix a few with her food and she gobbles them up immediately. by on 10/05/2018
Need bigger sizes
Works great preventing tartar buildup but I wish it came in bigger bags so I didn't have to buy so often for two dogs. by on 09/05/2018
Larger than expected
These bites for small dogs are bigger than I thought they'd be. For small dog I would expect them to be 1/4 of the size. Won't buy again by on 04/17/2018
Need smaller kibble
The concept behind this is great and is recommended by my vet but why can't it be made into smaller kibble size?? My dog has to chew and chew to break these large pieces.I do not see why the same formula can not be in a smaller size. by on 11/05/2017
Doesn't work as promised
We have been using this for years in hopes that our two dogs will have cleaner teeth but the breath got worse and worse and over the course we had to have in total 31 teeth extracted between the two dogs. Something is rather amiss and I think part of it is that this dog food does not work well. There is no way that this product will work better than brushing teeth. If it doesn't work for humans, it won't work for dogs. It may help a bit but in the end, brushing your dog's teeth is the only way to maintain your dog's teeth. I obviously learned this the hard way. poor dogs and poor wallet. by on 07/02/2017
Great for teeth!!!
I have fed my two minpins 8-10 biscuits each morning for their whole life. Mom made it to 19 years old and her son made it to twenty. Annual vet checks revealed clean teeth every year. Great Product !!!!! by on 11/24/2016
Mini Doxin LOVE LOVE LOVES it!
Our vet sent us home with a bag of Hill's dental care small bites. As soon as we got home I opened the bag and to my suprise the small bites were not so small. I really didn't think my little girl would be able to eat them. But to my suprise she had absolutely no problem at all with the size, and she really loves the taste. She throws them up in the air a few times and chases them around before devouring them. I give her some mixed with her regular food (Hills Healthy Development small bites puppy ) and I also use them for treats! by on 08/27/2016
Look at the ingredients folks
Clean teeth do not override overall health. The first two ingredients are rice and cornmeal, the third is "chicken by-product meal"?? It is common knowledge that dogs need good quality animal protein to thrive---this product contains significant amounts of soy protein. My dog's coat is becoming more dull and the research I have done points to a lack of oils and quality protein in this product. I will be switching products. Please brush your dog's teeth!! I will be very surprised if this review appears on the website. by on 08/04/2016
Just started using t/d . . . LUV IT!
Had my two Yorkies teeth cleaned, my Vet recommended Hill's t/d, they love it and so do I! Have been recommending it my Pet owner clients! by on 03/26/2016
great product
I have found that this is the only food that my dog has been able to tolerate a s he has a senative tummy. by on 10/11/2015
great product
Even though my 13 year old chihuahua has very few teeth, she prefers to eat the TD small bits over regular small bite Science Diet food. It takes her a while, but she sure enjoys it. Our 7 year old Chihuahua loves it too. She will carry 3-4 pieces to the living room rug where she lays down and gets with the eating program! by on 09/22/2015
I love this product!
This is a great product that is great for any dog in the household. My larger yorkie is going to be 2 this year and has been on the food for about 7-8 months now with no brushing and her teeth are flawless. The bag is a fair size and lasts my pet awhile. My smaller yorkie is only 4lbs so he cant enjoy the food like my other one can because the kibble is still too big for his tiny mouth but im hoping one day he can so he can have perfect teeth also. by on 05/19/2015
Bad calculi on chihuahua
My personal chihuahua had really bad calculi on his teeth, so I tried the Hill's t/d dry for small dogs and was amazed how much better his teeth looked after a few weeks. I could really see an improvement. He liked it and it helped with his breath also. Would recommend to friends/family/clients. by on 05/19/2015
Rescue Beagle td dental
My first dog as an adult is a 1 1/2 yr old beagle I rescued from the pound. He is the best and I want him to have the best. I had taken him to see the vet and his overall health was good, so I started feeding him high quality food and he was ready to live a good life.. About a month later, we were back at the vet for some booster shots and I had told the vet that the dogs breath was terrible. He suggested we try Hills dental, 5 pieces after each time he eats. It was like a miracle cure! I give him about 10 pieces daily, We can stand him breathing in our faces and he loves the taste! I recommended my sister trying it for her dogs and her dogs loved it too by on 12/28/2014
Great for teeth that build plaque
One of my dogs has an issue with plaque building on his teeth easily and I've found feeding him this diet helps with his overall heath as well as his dental problems. by on 11/02/2014
Excellent Product...and my dogs love it!!
I wanted to let you know that we use your t/d Small Bites for Dental Health as treats for our four pups. During our last check-up, the vet could not believe how great our dog's teeth were! I told him that we have been buying and giving the t/d Small Bites as treats for the last 8 years. Specifically, he was amazed at how good our 14 year-old Pomeranian's teeth were. While they are not perfect, he couldn't get over how good they looked. The other dogs range in age from 2-5 and their teeth are awesome as well!! The small bites are the only treat they each usually 6-8 times a day after coming in from outside. Thank you for making such a great product that does exactly what the package says it does! You have a customer for life in me!! by on 10/23/2014
The Go to maintenance diet!
My dos and my cat all love the t/d food!! If there is a client looking for a maintenance diet I always recommend the t/d! by on 09/09/2014
Help to clean teeth of a old dog
Vet required this food because dog is too old for standard teeth cleaning procedure. by on 08/30/2014
A very good product.
This dog food is excellent. my dog has been very healthy on this diet. He is 14 years old. His feces is very solid and easy to clean up out of the yard. Very important since we have small grandchildren playing the yard as well. by on 08/18/2014
T/D is a beneficial diet
After a long sickness my dog had lost a lot of weight. I was having trouble getting her to eat and gain the weight back. My vet told me to try adding some T/D to her regular diet. She not only gained her weight back but I also noticed a improvement in her dental health. And, as a bonus she loves the taste. I will continue feeding her the T/D as a special treat. by on 08/07/2014
my pet enjoys the food
he gets 2 scoops per day and looks forward to his meal by on 07/18/2014
T/D does what it says!
I have a 15lb American Eskimo Dog. Noticed 6 months after I adopted her that her teeth were getting tartar build up quite quickly. I started with the T/D and I have fed it ever since. I did get her teeth professionally cleaned since they started off dirty. Now her breath smells good and teeth stay clean. I will continue recommending it to friends and family. by on 05/07/2014
Helps to keep my pets teeth clean
Since feeding t/d canine dental health dry dog food to my german shepherd his teeth remain cleaner and he likes the dog food. I would recomend this food. by on 03/28/2014
This product really works
Our little pup had tartar buildup and our vet recommended this product. We give her 3 to 5 pieces during the day as a treat. She loves it and what we love about it; is it does work. She has no more tartar on her teeth, which means she doesn't have to have her teeth cleaned. by on 03/27/2014
Good for our minature poodle who has seizures
It is easy to give her the quantity she needs and wet it down for her to chew it easier. Cleans her teeth at the same time! by on 03/16/2014
great product. dogs love it !!
Only wish it came in a bigger only comes in 5 lb bags and when you have multiple dogs it goes quick. Other than that I have no complaints. the product! !!! by on 02/23/2014
Dog loves it and we love to see him enjoy all his food
Hills, is one of the best products I have seen on the market. I did my homework before I got my puppy and spoke to my friends about it. Cant go wrong. He will live eating hills from puppy to the end. by on 02/21/2014
finally something he'll eat and clean his teeth at the same
our Boston terrier would never let us brush his teeth so our vet recommended this product. It is also the only prescription diet food he'll eat. However, the food is so hard that his stool is very firm to hard and he has to go much more often from 2 to nearly 4 times per day. The small bites size is only sold in 5 pound bags which requires a purchase every two weeks. The large regular size kibble can be had for larger dogs in giant size bags. The smaller the bag, the higher the cost by weight. Anyway, it works to clean his teeth and firm up his bowels at the same time. by on 02/06/2014
Excellant for my dogs dental health
Jazzmin loves her small bites. I know she is chewing and excersizing her jaws and getting the brushing she needs. by on 01/29/2014
Great product
My dog loves it! Looks forward to getting his "nuggets" every morning!! by on 12/29/2013
My dog likes it
Overall, I feel that this is a good food and has helped with my chihuahua's dental health. It doesn't take the place of a good dental hygiene program, but it does help. So even though they are big for "small bites", they are still a good size for a 6 lb. chihuahua to chew. by on 12/26/2013
Amazing Product for BOTH ends of the dog!!!
I love, love, love Hills T/D because it is a great way to prevent bad breath and dental tartar build up for my pet AND the stools are fantastic (little dry, firm, easy to pick up nuggets!). My dog loves the kibbles because they taste great and the best part is they are low fat, too! I can't always brush my dogs teeth but I can always fill her bowl with T/D kibble! And no more "land mines" in the yard!! by on 12/19/2013
t/d is an excellent product
My dogs have been on Hill's t/d for many years and their teeth have benefitted tremendously. They enjoy the taste and the calories are moderate so they are able to maintain a lean body weight. by on 12/19/2013
helps maintain yearly dental visits
My dog is a 12-year-old Italian Greyhound with the typical breed dental issues. It is the only food that she will eat and it helps to maintain her yearly dental visits. by on 10/15/2013
Keeps teeth sparkling!
My dogs have little to no tartar on their teeth. I attribute this mostly to TD diet. I feed them a few TD kibbles on top of their healthy mobility food at each meal. I have a 7yr old small breed dog with no tartar and she has never had a dental! Pretty amazing! by on 06/29/2013
My dog loved it.
I have a 6lb Yorkie. She had her teeth done cleaned and a couple pulled a few days ago. Went back for a checkup and they gave me a sample. She loved it. This is the first time I have seen her gobble up food this fast. I was worried at first about the size, but she had no problem. The vet said they are that big to help clean the teeth or something to that effect. I will definitely be buying this for her. by on 06/06/2013
Small bites are not small. Need to make for under 10lbs.
My 5 lb. Yorkie couln't get in his mouth. I broke them up with a hammer. He liked them, but I don't want to do that all the time. Need a size @ least 1/3 the small bites. by on 05/11/2013
Saved my dogs teeth!
My beloved Italian Greyhounds -- I have 8 --- started loosing their teeth even as pups due to food collecting in the gap between their gums and teeth. This is a common IG problem because of the structure of their mouths. The vet suggested I switched them to TD Small Bites. They are all almost 10 years old now and have been exclusively on TD Small Bites. I also have their teeth cleaned once a year. If it wasn't for TD and regular cleaning, they would all be toothless. Instead, They have retained their critical teeth. Most have lost their front teeth because they do not bite down on the dental food with their front teeth. Their back teeth are in good shape. The vet is amazed and so am I! Thank You for such a great product! I try to let IG owners I run into about the product. by on 03/05/2013