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Hill's Prescription Diet Soft Baked Dog Treats is a delicious treat specially designed for adult dogs and crafted with precision by Hill's expert nutritionists and veterinarians to support overall health. Soft and Chewy Texture:Hill's Prescription Diet Soft Baked Dog Treats boast a soft and chewy texture that makes them easy to bite, making them an ideal option for dogs with older teeth and gums. Made with Chicken:The treats are made with high-quality chicken, providing a savory flavor... Read More

Rated 3 out of 5 by 17 reviewers.

Finally found a treat my dog WON'T eat
My dog is very food-motivated and easy to please. There hasn't been a dog treat she wouldn't gobble up... until this one. She was recently put on a prescription diet and while she loves her new food she definitely misses getting treats. My vet gave me the go-ahead to give her these treats even though I use another brand for the Rx food. When I opened the package it smelled awful but hey, I'm not the target audience. Offered it to her... she won't touch it. This was so out of character I was worried it was an indication of more health issues, but no. Her appetite's normal, she can chew just fine, she just hates this treat. by on 06/23/2023
My Husky Loves These
My Husky was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2018. She was put on prescription diet for her kidneys, and I opted for Hill's for her. Of course, food is the easy part. The hard part is finding treats for a dog with kidney disease, and I was so happy to find these for my girl! She loves them, gets 2 after she eats her dinner, and I can feel good about giving them to her! My other dog does not have kidney disease, but eve he likes these, and gets one occasionally! Thank you, Hill's for making treats for our KD dogs! Not many companies do! by on 03/14/2023
My 14 y/o boxer mix loves these but I can't find them anywhere. She was diagnosed with kidney disease 6 months ago so these are the only treats she allowed to have. Please bring back sufficient inventory. So many pet parents with older or chronically ill babies are relying on safe treats like these to increase quality of life of our pets. by on 10/19/2022
Burnt and out of stock again everywhere
Went out of stock once. Then ordered 4 bags when available again. All bags were over cooked I think due to making smaller and not adjusting cooking temp. This is a specialty treat and should not run out of stock. by on 09/28/2022
Revamped product is Awful
I have been buying/giving these treats to my dog for a couple years. Within the past few months, they not been available because they were getting revamped. Now they are terrible! They are so hard that they can't be broken, even though it says 'soft baked' on the package. I will not be purchasing again and do not recommend! by on 09/18/2022
Rock hard
Bought from Chewy. First bag was ok some were kind of soft, second bag they are all rock hard. My dog loves these and is on a strict diet. by on 09/14/2022
subtract that one star
awful awful awful awful what happened these are so hard and much darker - should have included a hammer and chisel please fix these asap by on 09/13/2022
Soft baked not soft
My dog likes these but we like to break into smaller pieces. These are hard as a rock. Just bought them today. The use by date is 3/20/24. Why so hard? by on 09/11/2022
Available no can't recommend something you can't find hills has let MY dog down! by on 08/05/2022
sometimes soft/somtimes not
these treats were suggested by my vet along with k/d food. He is a 10# dog and instruction rec one a day so they have to be broken into pieces . which sometime I can and other times I couldn't even break up with a hammer. product inconsistency which is too bad because my dog really likes them. by on 03/08/2022
No longer soft...
We had been purchasing this product for our dog who requires a K/D compatible treat...then we started getting them rock hard. We thought it may be a fluke so we ordered more, same problem. Contacted Chewy and they were awesome and sent us a replacement order, which we investigated as soon as it arrived, three bags, all three rock snap them against the counter hard, 0 softness at all. Not sure what the issue is but we are unable to use the product any longer. by on 01/18/2022
Not soft
My dog is on a strict C/D diet due to his urinary stones and when I saw they made "soft" treats I was over the moon! So happy that when I bought them online I ordered 3 bags! Well...they are anything but soft. These treats are rock hard. Luckily my dog will devour anything so he enjoys the treats, but I was hoping these were soft as advertised. I feel like these may even be harder than the regular milk-bone type treats they make for this diet. Moral of the story: If you want/need soft treats, don't buy these! You will be disappointed. by on 12/19/2018
My 7 month old puppy loves it
My 7 month old Russell/Yorkie had liver shunt surgery 3 weeks ago. He loves these as a low protein treat. Great price as well. by on 07/03/2018
My little fur baby girl loves these.
My little Cocka-Poo loves these treats. Sometimes she plays around with it before eating it and sometimes she hides it for a later snack and sometimes she just eats it. by on 05/04/2018
Wonderful treat !!!!
My 13 year old Shih Tzu has been on a K/D diet for about 5 years and Had been eating the original Prescription Diet treats that were very hard to chew. Eventually, he stopped eating them,even after I broke them into small pieces. He loves these new Soft Baked Treats !!! They are much easier to chew and he loves the taste. I can easily break them in half so that I can give him the treat more frequently. Thanyk you, Hill's !!!!! by on 03/17/2018
I am terribly disappointed to find that these "soft-baked" treats are rock-hard. Our dog is on Prescription Diet k/d food, so it's important to give her treats that will not interfere with the effectiveness of that food. Being 10 years old, her teeth are not great, so this "SOFT" treat seemed it would be perfect. The bag labels them as being "soft and chewy," but they are anything but. I am disappointed and a bit discouraged because she can't just eat any store-bought treat. Wish the treats lived up to the description of them. by on 09/19/2017
Love these treats!
Thank you for making a soft baked prescription treat. My Boxer and Scottish Terrier love them! by on 04/28/2017