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Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Weight Management Cat Treats Product Reviews

Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Weight Management Cat Treats are specially formulated crunchy heart-shaped treats designed to support healthy weight loss and maintenance in adult cats. These treats are an integral part of the Prescription Diet Metabolic Feline Treats line, expertly crafted to complement the nutritional needs of all healthy adult and senior cats. Tailored for Healthy Weight Loss and Maintenance:Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic Cat Treats play a crucial role in the healt... Read More

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Great Treats
It seems UTI Treats are becoming harder to find. These treats are out of stock nationwide. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is frustrated about the shortage. My little baby has no treats. No happy cat means no happy cat mom. Please don't respond with your automated response. Have these been discontinued? Honesty goes a long way. And the HYPO treats were a no go for my boy. ?? by on 02/17/2023
dissapointed that this product has been out of stock for cou
I am really dissapointed that this product has been out of stock for couple of months already in the US but seems to still be in other countries like Canada. Will these be produced ever again in US? by on 01/29/2023
I would buy more if someone had them
These are the only treats my cat likes. He's overweight so I want something to reward him. I cannot find them anywhere. I hope Hills didn't discontinue these. by on 01/15/2023
Cat treats
Hills prescription diet metabolic weight management cat treats are the healthiest treats ever. My Sammy loves them! by on 05/10/2022
My cat is a picky eater, however he gains weight quickly. So my veterinarian recommended a prescription diet and he actually likes it and we are feeding him this on a regular basis. Rx pays attention to my needs. In a prompt manner. Thanks Petcare rx. by on 04/07/2022
Meow meow!
My cat Loves her kibbles! by on 08/01/2021
Cats loves them
I give these treats to my cat as a reward for getting her insulin in the AMs and PMs. She knows it treat time when I grab the bag. Lol And it works with her Hills W/D food by on 06/17/2021
doesn't taste good, its green, idk by on 02/15/2021
My cat did not even eat one.
My cat, Nick, eats W/D exclusively. I guess he likes it. I thought it might be nice for him to get a treat once in a while. I had thoughts of training him to do a few tricks like fetching. I gave him one of the treats when I got home from PetSmart. He stared at the little heart shaped treat for about a minute and walked away. Later I gave him another. Same reaction. Waste of money. Nick eats no human food. He only eats Hill's Science Diet W/D. He is 16lbs. by on 07/08/2020
I would buy this product again.
Just brought this today and Sammy showed interest before I could get the package open. He loves them and could eat the whole bag if allowed. Hopefully these will align with his diet. by on 05/31/2018
Duke Loves It!
My vet recommended this product. Duke is a very finicky eater and I was concerned he wouldn't like it. Now he turns up his adorably pert nose at any other food offered. by on 07/07/2016
Tasty Food for Cats
My cats love this food and all four of them are so trim and healthy and happy. by on 06/29/2016
The prescription metabolic treats are WONDERFUL Giovanni loves them and puts my mind at ease that he is eating a safe and healthy treat since he recently experienced a urinary blockage. HE LOVES HIS TREATS What a Cat ! by on 09/10/2014
These treats are great
My cats love treats but a couple have weight issues and a couple diet issues, so we put them on the Metabolic treats and within three months of being on the metabolic treats, my 27 pound cat dropped 10 pounds and he is maintaining his weight now. All the cats love them and they obviously are doing a great job helping my cats maintain a decent weight. I wholeheartedly recommend them! by on 04/01/2014
My cats love these treats!
I have 3 cats who love these treats. Just rattling the treat jar causes loads of excitement, and they all come running. Of course I would never rattle the jar without handing out treats! It's great to be able to give them "cookies" and still keep on the diet. by on 01/20/2014