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Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic + Mobility, Weight + Joint Care Canned Dog Food Product Reviews

Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic + Mobility, Weight + Joint Care Canned Dog Food is a revolutionary blend designed by Hill's nutritionists and veterinarians to address the unique needs of overweight dogs, promoting effective weight management and enhancing joint health. Clinical Nutrition for Optimal Weight Management:Hill's Prescription Diet Metabolic + Mobility features advanced clinical nutrition to support your pet's weight management journey. Whether your dog is carrying extra weight... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 16 reviewers.

Out for stock
I can buy this product anywhere! SOLD OUT! Why can't we buy this ? by on 05/10/2023
Why did they stop making it !?
This food helped my morbidly obese senior Cavapoo Lose 70% of the weight he needed to lose. We're we're making great progress and I haven't been able to get him to lose weight with any other food. He really needs to lose the rest of his weight. Im praying they will bring back this product :( by on 09/01/2022
I Would buy but can't it's been out of stock for a long time
I'm not satisfied will Hills, because I can not get the Metabolic + Mobility wet dog food. My dog will not eat the dry dog food. by on 12/01/2021
Surprised by the response
I just bought this product on my vet's recommendation- this is the frst time I have ever had to purchase a prescription diet. I was afraid to buy a case online because my little Pomeranian has to be one of the most finicky eaters that exists. So I bought just 3 cans, at a local retailer, to try it out. Came home, put a couple of tablespoons in her bowl and used a fork to break it up a little, never believing she would even taste it. Not only did she immediately clean the bowl, she came to me and basically asked for more. NEVER, in over 10 years, had this happened. Usually, wet food sits there until I have to throw it away. I was shocked and happy, as I was seriously doubting I was going to be able to make this diet work Thank you for an excellent product- the Metabolic/Mobility Tuna Stew- is it to early to ask that you make other flavor options, to change up a bit? I ask, because I think this diet is going to be somewhat long- term and I would guess she will get tired of the flavor eventually. I will update in the future, but I feel this food is a great option, seeing the initial success! by on 03/09/2019
more flavor options needed
My dachshund loves metabolic. We tried it for weight loss and it worked great. Also completely cleared up any itchy skin related problems he was having. My dog No longer needs medications for skin and itch problems. We switched to metabolic + mobility but wish it came in canned solid form and my dog does not like taste of the dry. He has never liked any seafood flavors. Wondering if Hills could consider more flavors and a solid canned type? by on 05/13/2018
Great taste for my my dog.
I have been feeding my dog Prescription Hills Metabolic for two years and now have switched to Metabolic and Metabolic. She can not get enough of it. We recently took her on a long trip driving from Illinois to Florida. She did not want to eat. I popped the lid on her food and she acted like a new dog. She loves the taste and can't get enough. She gets a can everyday. She is a 13.7 year old Pit bull. Awesome stuff. by on 06/29/2017
Carrots consumed!
A while back, I had written that the carrot chips in the Vegetable and Tuna Stew stuck to the side of my 13-yr old Pit Damien's dish despite his best efforts to lick them off. Now, with the carrots in chunks, both Damien and I are happy customers, the bowl licked clean at every meal. He loves his food! Thanks for responding to our concerns and making a product that Damien loves and is good for him. by on 01/11/2017
It works!
My picky eater loves it and she is feeling like her old self again. Thanks Hills by on 12/04/2016
Our vet prescribed this along with dry for our overweight 8 year old Siberian Husky. Gave her this in for breakfast and just dry for dinner. She needed to take off 25 lbs. This worked better than we could have imagined. She loves it. She is like a puppy again running and playing. by on 09/26/2016
Our dogs love it
I bought this for my Yorkie & Poodle as a additive to their diet. I was not sure they would like it because of the tuna. The dogs love it. Great choice. by on 04/08/2016
All my dogs love this weight control food!
Some of my dogs are a little on the chubby side and after a recent trip to the vet she suggested the metabolic diet. I have a lot of dogs so it's easier if I can feed them all the same diet. This will help the chubby ones lose and the others maintain. Well, I tried all 3 flavors of the canned metabolic including the chicken and beef with vegetable and they go nuts for all of them! I've never had them all like a diet food so much!! Of course I wish the cans were a little less expensive but at lease you offer coupons to help with the cost. Thank you Hills! I'm hoping to see results very soon :) by on 01/03/2016
Our furbaby has a calcified joint in his back. Our veterinarian recommended this food and after about 3 weeks, he does not even need any medication! His coat is very soft and shiny and he has started acting like a puppy again! by on 12/24/2015
Tasty and helps my pup loose weight
My dog was prescribed this wet and dry food for his weight loss and mobility (small bones) to help with his hips and knees. It has indeed help him loose weight which is very hard for a small dog. He loves the taste which means I don't have to fight him to get him to eat it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a dog with the same issues. by on 09/26/2015
My dog has no problems gobbling the stew down! She has lost weight ... not sure how effective the mobility side of it is working. by on 09/06/2015
Fussy dog loves this food
My dog went on this food for weight loss. She has improved so much on it even when she loses her total weight goal I`ll keep her on this for her health by on 08/16/2015
So Excited About This New Hill's Product!
I have been on the wait list for this Weight & Joint combination food for 6 weeks....and it arrived at my Vet's office today! When I picked it up the 1st thing I was so happy about is that it has "pop-top" cans and the actual calorie count on the side.....I requested the pop top lids months ago for the canned food...thanks Hill's for listening to us - it makes our life easier! I am hoping that this food lives up to my expectations of both the mobility AND weight loss issues that my 2 toy poodles are experiencing. I opened the can and it actually smells and looks like a real "people" stew/ smells apetizing. I set it down for the girls to eat...well.....gone in a flash...they loved it! I will keep you posted on how it actually works for their weight and mobility issues. Thanks Hill's for coming out with this new 2-in-1 product. Signed, a happy mom and 2 happy poodles. by on 04/29/2015