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Hill's Prescription Diet l/d Liver Care Canned Dog Food Product Reviews

Hill's Prescription Diet l/d Liver Care Canned Dog Food is a specialized and clinically formulated diet designed to support the overall health of dogs with specific liver concerns. Developed by Hill's nutritionists and veterinarians, this canned dog food offers a targeted approach to nourishing your pet's liver and safeguarding vital liver functions. Clinical Nutrition for Liver Health: The liver plays a crucial role in metabolizing and converting nutrients, as well as removing toxic substances... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 42 reviewers.

I'm stuck with this product
My dog hates this stuff. She sometimes goes days without eating it. She went from 11 lbs to 9 lbs since she started this stuff. She was on c/d most of her 15 years due to bladder stones. She was never crazy about the c/d but she ate it. I feel like we're killing her with this stuff. I will be talking to the vet to see if we can come up with an alternative. She's old and has issues and we're not looking to keep her going at all costs but we also don't want to starve her to death. by on 03/18/2023
Not available for several weeks!!!
It's a great food and we have been using it for years. I am rating it 3 only because of the supply issues.... My dog (12+ years poodle) needs it daily basis. His teeth are not that good anymore and needs some softer food now. But I cannot get it anywhere (tried online, tried our local stores, the vet, etc.). WHAT'S GOING ON????? by on 01/22/2021
Healthy puppy and LD Food helped!
My sheltie was diagnosed with liver shunt disease at 1 yr old. Prognosis was not good, however, now her her on wet LD food and daily meds and she's back to normal. Never thought I'd see the day she's alive and well! by on 12/31/2020
Picky eater no more!
I must say, I'm impressed! My dog has been diagnosed with a light damage on his liver and been advised that I need to have my dog on soft diet or liver diet. He's a very picky eater and I know for sure introducing him to new food is a no-no. But we dont have a choice, he's been on a recovery food for 2 days and got sick of it and that's the time we tried this. Looking at the back of the can shows that it has 100% satisfaction guaranteed or my money back made me laugh and excited at the same time cause I know how hard it is for my dog to like a new food. So there it goes, he liked it so much and even whines if he didn't get enough of it. I wanted to thank you for it cause my dog has finally liked something that made it easier for me to feed him. Price is too much though but it's worth it! by on 09/17/2019
little hope to happy healthy dog
My 5yr old snorkie and 13 yr old beagle was poisoned with tylenol by a evil person last summer. My little snorkie died horrible. My Lilly (beagle) was at deaths door and doc did not know if she would make it. Lots of meds and this canned food, test and test . From Aug to Nov her liver count was so bad, it was off the chart to measure it. This is the only food she can have and she learned to eat it with dry kibble for a treat. She got great liver markers in Feb and she is more playful than i have ever seen her. Whole new happy dog. I am thankful for this food. Her next lab is in July. She is so much like a young pup again. by on 03/26/2019
Yes and No
At first my Labrador enjoyed the change in dog food. Then she became turned off by it and wouldn't eat. If we gave her the old food she would gobble it up. I would love for Hills to introduce a new flavor of this variety. by on 07/15/2018
Really expensive
Vet recommended because my dog has gall bladder issues by on 05/01/2017
Great food excellent service
We got the L/D dog food recently and are very pleased with the quality. Our dog really loves the food and his health is improving. I was also very impressed with the customer service on the site. George provided all the information and support to give me complete confidence that I was using the product in the optimal way. by on 02/22/2017
My 4 lb. Chihuahua (my baby) has been on this liver diet canned food for 12 years. It's the only food she can have due to her liver problems since birth. My main issue is that some of the cans throughout week (happens throughout every year) are not the same consistency. Some cans when opened are so dry and have hard yellow-ish particles in them-so I dribble a little water on them. Other times it's as thick and GLUEY like glue/paste and sticks in her teeth and mouth. This must be the way it is stored in the trucks that dekiver or at the vet. That;'s the onlyconclusion I can come up with as Iask for the very latest expiration date on every case I buy. Right now she's eating a can that is so dry and crumbles that I'm adding a drip or two of water thereby making it so thick/paste/glue like she won't eat the full portion the vet has her on. This has been a problem for some time. periodically throughout the years.Wish this could be resolved since we are spending a lot of money for this food. ALSO: Would LOVE to have a TINY DRY KIBBLE for extra small dogs. The small kibble in L/D is too large for my little one. So teeth have never been given the benefit of having the dry kibble to eat :( by on 05/27/2016
Returned back to mischief making pet!
Our dog went to vet as one VERY SICK critter.. I was sure she would need to be put down... she could not even move. Between meds and food she was up and jumping within 1 week. She seems to enjoy the food and she is still going strong over a year later. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! by on 02/03/2016
Great quality food for a great price
My Pug cannot wait until it is time to eat. She licks her bowl clean or should I say extra clean! The Hill's L/D is a high quality prescription food at a great price that I can trust and know that will be there to help my dog for as long as she needs it. by on 10/11/2015
Good food for our 4-legged family member
Our dog loves the I/d turkey, no so much the original it is so thick very hard to get into to small bites, even by cutting the food up. by on 10/10/2015
I enjoy the fact that there is food out there just for my
I'm grateful my dog has a food he can eat with his condition. Thank you. by on 09/29/2015
Good for Abby
This diet has helped my Abby feel so much better. She was so ill for a while. by on 09/27/2015
Great product. This is so good for my dog.
My dog loves his food. He was so happy to start using this new food for hi I'm. by on 09/18/2015
Price is outrageous
It's crazy how much we've paid in dog food across the years. Not sure why the l/d it cost so much. My guess is because there is not an alternative and my pets liver condition requires it. Hills, would you just be reasonable. You're killing me here. by on 09/12/2015
happy tummy
my dog gives the ID diet canned wet food a two paws up as well as I. it has been so easy for her to digest that she acts like a puppy again and I love to see her bounce around. she is 6 years old now but acts like she is 1. I really like the fact it is affordable as well and she seems to never get tired of the taste. its nice to see her eat and not stick her nose up anymore. thank you for a great product. by on 09/10/2015
this product has get taste
We have two dogs on the Id canned food and they also get the Id dry food. I only gave them the turkey canned in the beginning and later found the stew, so now they get both and a small amount of the dry , they really enjoy their meals. by on 09/05/2015
brought our dog back to her old self
When we started on the food, recommended by our vet, we didn't have much hope, they told us she was very sick and they doubted she would be able to recover. However, after being on this food for several months she is like a new puppy again - she turned 13 on Christmas Day. Highly recommend this food for a dog with liver problems. by on 01/04/2015
has helped our dog immensely
Since our dog has been on this food she has been so much healthier. She needed to have a low protein diet and this food is perfect. She also eats the dry version of this food as instructed by our Vet. She eats the food right down and it has really helped her condition.She can be picky at times but will eventually decide to eat. The price is high, but what choice do we have? She is a member of our family and we will do whatever we have to do for her. by on 10/05/2014
This Product does help
Our little rescue has been diagnosed with liver issues and we are hoping by medically supporting her liver we will resolve her seizures. We have had an easy time transitioning her to this food in both the wet and dry formula and are hopeful to see her liver enzyme numbers drop into the normal range in three months. by on 09/29/2014
The best on the market
My 9 year old Maltese was dying. The vet did a lot of blood work and discovered he had too much protein in his urine. Our little fellow was drawn up, listless and looked so sad. This all happened within a few days to less than a week. He was going downhill fast. Our vet said we needed to get him on a prescription diet at once. Within a few days our little guy was running and playing like a young puppy. Thank you so much Hills Prescription for saving our precious little guy. Larry and Connie by on 09/13/2014
We have a little dog that has health issues and this is the
I love the product, but it is a bit costly. We try to get coupons off the internet, but sometimes they will not let you access them or I can't get them to download. by on 09/11/2014
Works great on my Pomeranian
Pomeranian was diagnosed with liver problems one year ago. Was prescribed this diet and has done excellent since we began feeding him with this. He loves the taste and always craves for more. by on 08/04/2014
Consistent product over long-term care
My dog has been on l/d over 2 years and her "episodes" have diminished. The product is consistently reliable. by on 07/24/2014
Our picky eater loves it!
Vet prescribed l/d prescription diet for our Dalmatian mix. She loves it and it seems to be helping her condition. We feared she wouldn't eat it since she is a picky eater with a delicate digestive system, but she took to it right away with no problems. I just wish there was a less expensive option. by on 07/17/2014
Great product
Wish dry came in larger bags and the wet in the smaller sizes since I mix together by on 07/07/2014
A canned food that my dog can have,she has liver problems.
Since feeding K.C.(my king charles Caviler) this dog food along with her medication her liver problem has improved and is doing much better. by on 05/28/2014
My dog seems to like it and it is helping him feel better.
After finding out our dog has high liver enzymes, the vet recommended this food. It is bringing the levels down and Scout seems to be feeling better. He also likes the food. by on 05/05/2014
love it
you got a high paw from my dog he loved the taste and smell. by on 03/24/2014
Great even for Picky eater
This product really keep up their name. My yorkie is a very picky eater and she really likes it when I warm them up just a tiny bit..I do recommend this product and she has lost one pound within two weeks and she got her energy back. by on 03/13/2014
The good and bad of it
My dog was dying from to much protein and ammonia so the Vet recommended this dog food. There are a couple of issues. We are an older couple and the dog food it rather expensive for us. It does stink but dogs loves smelly things. Having to use wet food his teeth are not as white as with dry food. The major problem is the last case was nothing like the first two. I am guessing it froze sometime on it's way to the Vet's. It crumbles and you can't pack it. Seems dry. Tried adding a bit of broth or water but no luck. Please bring the price down for us older folks. by on 03/02/2014
My Min Pen loves this food and it helps with his Liver
I would recommend this to anyone that has a pet with liver conditions. by on 01/25/2014
This product serves up great.
Our 9 year chi has been put on this by his vet due to his liver enzymes being off. Hoping this will do the trick!. He has no problem eating this food, and a can seems to last at least a couple days. by on 01/13/2014
This product probably saved our puppy
We have a tiny Yorkshire Terrier puppy who was given to us in poor shape at about 4months old, and he'd barely gained any weight since the original owner had acquired him at 9weeks. The pup had hypoglycemia issues and probable liver shunt and was not eating well, even using Nutrical supplement. After being put on l/d canned food by the vet, in 3 weeks his weight increased from 2.0 to 3.1 pounds! He is full of energy and looks terrific, no longer the fragile-appearing little boy he was. Thanks for making such a terrific product! The l/d will continue to be his only diet, probably for his lifetime, if it is verified that he has a liver shunt. by on 01/07/2014
first time canned food user
Had to try this food. My dog seems to be feeling better since eating this food. Its a little sticky so you need to have water close by but that is what the product says. My dog never ate canned food before and she seems to really like this one. Food pricey but my girl's health is worth it. by on 12/03/2013
Hill's l/d prescription diet
We were happy that they improved the canned food to include more moisture. It's great that our schnauzer likes something that she has to eat. by on 11/27/2013
Our dog was prescribed this food for her liver.
At first is was hard to get our dog to eat the wet food so we also bought the dry food and we mixed it. It has been one year and her liver test have came back great I would recommend this food. The only draw back is it is a little expensive. by on 11/18/2013
Toto's liver problems and diet
Toto, my pet who is a mix of Schnauzer/Terrier, has had a high liver reading and was put on prescription food by his vet. After a sonagram revealed a mass on one of his liver lobes, he had surgery to remove that section of his liver. The surgery was successful. He had been on dry prescription food but we switched him to wet after his surgery. He loves the food. His latest tests show no sign of tumors or mass development. Toto is ten years old and I hope he lives another ten. He is a happy fellow and still active. by on 09/27/2013
good dog food!
my dog needs the special food and she is very picky! But she loves this stuff! I mix it with her dry food and she Is very happy. I am hoping to get good results w her blood work in a few months. Love the coupons too!! by on 09/14/2013
It worked, thank You
My 3 yr old walked into my life about a year ago and he was the prefect fit to me and my Pomo, we had done his yearly vet exam and his liver # was 175. my Vet said critical and we need to do something since his # went from 105 to 175 in a year. She said 20-100 is what it should be. At first, we thought surgery then my wonderful vet decided to treat with diet and we used this product. in 7 weeks my babies # is 81 which falls into normal . THANK YOU for this product.. Everyone, if your dog has a liver issue, try this product. I cant' tell you what a blessing it was due to this food.. by on 08/20/2013
Helped our poodles bloodwork readings improve
In 2012 when our toy poodle was due to have her 6 mo dental cleaning the vet performed the pre-cleaning blood tests. Much to our surprise her liver emzyme readings were too high. He immediately recommended that we include Hills Veterinary l/d in her daily feedings. We did so immediately. A year later we had her re-tested before her dental and the readings were much closer to the acceptable range. The only change we had made was including l/d in her feedings. Good going Hill's! by on 06/29/2013