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A Dog's Guide to Hill's Prescription Diet j/d Joint Care Dry Dog Food If a domesticated dog could speak human, mobility and joint health may be top of the list. Being proactive about mobility issues early in life can avoid the need for more aggressive treatments later in a dog's life. Even a little extra body weight can impact a dog's mobility, activity, and affect the lifelong general health of your dog. The good news is that there are dog food brands that prioritize nutrition and joint ca... Read More

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I would buy older style food not sure about the newer one
The product has helped my 9 year Border Collie very well, but prefer the older style product. The new food is too small, seems better designed for a small breed, also you need to feed more of it, which might become a weight issue. by on 09/20/2022
Product Change
My dog thrived on this food until you changed it's makeup in the last few months. Have seen similar posts stating the same. She wants nothing to do with the food now & has begun to deteriorate. Thanks :( by on 09/18/2022
Did the content or quality of the food change?
My dog has done great on j/d JOINT CARE for 2 years (picture of border collie on front of bag). Then we got a bag of MOBILITY shipped instead, picture of Golden retrieving bag and the size, shape of the kibble was different. After a few servings my dog refused to eat the kibble, which he has never done before What is different about the mobility labeled food and can I still get the former food that was titled j/d JOINT CARE (not mobility) ? by on 07/12/2022
Follow me
Have been giving this to Paddy, our Australian Cattle Dog. for over a week now on advice from our Vet. He is a very discerning about what he eats. I have wasted good money on expensive foods in the past. This morning he was at the back door waiting for me. When I opened the door had gave me the 'follow me' look as he lead the way down stairs where he sat next to his food bin. He started to salivate (never done that before) as I took the lid off. He loves this food. The stiffness in his back legs after he has been lying down has diminished significantly. by on 11/27/2021
11 year old 3 legged dog going strong
My pup lost her back leg at 4months old due to injury (pulled from shelter with severe breaks). I knew joint health was a top priority for her remaining back leg. I also know I am not the best a daily medications myself and wanted to make sure she had the best I could give her. I started her on Hills J/D at 4 months and it is the only food she has received in her 11 years. Her back hock joint looks great and x-ray showed no signs of arthritis yet. She still loves to run and swim. She is a 45# lab mix and this food has kept her at a healthy weight. Her coat is average, some slight dryness in winter. Her teeth are fantastic. Nails are healthy and grow pretty quickly (we don't have a lot of concrete for her to naturally wear them down.) I have no proof but I believe this food has added years to my dogs life as far as mobility being a factor. by on 05/31/2021
Sold out everywhere
Worked great when it was around by on 03/11/2021
Playful despite elbow dysplasia
My 4.5yo female desexed Labrador has been doing well on this for 2.5years now. She is a former guide dog, that was retired due to elbow dysplasia diagnosed at 6mo. I regularly tell people that I attribute her success to the j/d as she is comfy 98% of the time, and only requires occasional prescription medications after a big day of activity. Her coat is also glossy, and she loves the taste. The kibble size is ideal for most kongs or other feeding toys as well! by on 07/19/2020
The food took 2-3 months but with this food and a change in medications my 13 year old lab can now do stairs. by on 07/16/2019
Got dog through FHO surgery and rehab with flying colors!
We adopted our dog Lupita after she was rescued from a drainage ditch with her puppies in Mexico. We soon realized that she was limping slightly and were horrified to see a SEVERE old hip dislocation on x-ray. We scheduled surgery to take care of the problem, but she needed months of rehabilitation and physical therapy after for such an old injury. We started her on j/d as soon as she was diagnosed and continued it throughout her entire rehab period. A lot of bigger dogs don't recover full range of motion after an FHO surgery but she's now the fastest dog at any dog park and you can't even tell she ever had a problem. I fully credit j/d with keeping her comfortable and mobile so she could work through her physical therapy. by on 01/03/2019
Great Product!!
Before starting this food Lexy was having a lot of issues with her hips and joints. This food has really improved her mobility. by on 08/03/2018
Perfect for degenerative joint disease
My 4 year old shihpoo Oscar has degenerative joint disease. Since he's been eating this food, he has not needed any pain pills. He's very active and playful. At the shelter, he was on regular food and needed Rimadyl daily. This food has done wonders for Oscar. Nobody would ever suspect my little guy has DJD. by on 06/13/2018
Best food possible
My dogs are very active. Not only is this good awesome for their joints and mobility, but their fur has gotten so soft/shiny and they love the taste. by on 03/03/2018
Pug Approved
This food has been a game changer for our pug. A month into feeding J/D a definite improvement was made in his mobility. He is now his playful silly self and back to enjoying long trail walks again. No longer lagging behind, limping or unwilling to want to walk outside. I cant express how happy I am to see my little guy feeling better and enjoying life again! by on 12/12/2017
Hello again!
Our 14 year old deaf pug began to interact again with the family instead of sleeping 24/7 and actually broke into a trot instead of walking painfully and slowly. We tried to figure out what had changed and the only difference was the switch to Hill's J/D prescription diet. After 2 weeks she became perky, attentive, and more active. Amazing what a diet change can do. by on 04/21/2017
Excellent Senior Food
I've been feeding this to my 13 year old labrador for the last year or so of her life and it has positively impacted her mobility. It's also formulated well for an aging pup so I can give her the 4 cups of food she's used to without giving her too calorie dense of a diet. Keeping weight off of her was more of a challenge before I switched her to this more age appropriate diet. by on 02/23/2017
My Review
I would love to continue my dog on it for her joint health but it doesn't come grain free and she itches when she eats it. by on 07/10/2016
Has really helped Lucy!
Lucy is almost 11 and has been eating this the past couple years. I really do believe that it has helped her mobility. by on 06/29/2016
My Review
Got this small bites for my Yorkie, she is 11 years old. I can't tell you how happy I am that I did, Lady is walking without limping and seems to be her old self. Thank you for your great work in this Hill's brand. by on 05/31/2016
My Review
My dog is all about taking walks again. She would just stay laying down when asked to go on a walk while my other dog was all forit by on 05/10/2016
My 10 year old dog is like a puppy again!
If anyone has an older dog who has slowed down due to hip pain I HIGHLY recommend this food. It is fairly expensive, but I have seen a world of difference in my 10 year old large breed dog since he has been on this food. He had gotten to where he was laying around and not even willing to go down the deck stairs to go to the bathroom. We had to let him out the garage. He is now running up and down stairs and jumping around like a puppy again. He has been on this diet for approx. 8 months now. We saw a marked difference in him after being on the food about a month. Amazing! by on 02/08/2016
Works for my girl
She started having some issues with mobility and after being on the JD for a month or so she is a lot better. I will keep her on this for life. Thanks. by on 12/18/2015
JD great support for joints and skin
My dog has been on JD since October 2009. She was lame and it helped tremendously without the need to add medications initially. Her coat quality (which was always good ) improved tremendously as well. She loves it and with the wet food as a "treat" she loves it even more! Very pleased and recommend it to clients all the time. by on 12/17/2015
Great food
This food has helped my dog so much. Not only has the omega threes and antioxidants helped my senior pet to get around a little better, it has helped his coat to look amazing. It is wonderful that it is a long term maintenance type food. It is a senior styled diet that surpassed any and all of my expectations. It, like most prescription diets, is not cheap but the food is greatly fomulated and has a good caloric balance making it easy to feed any small to large dog. by on 12/17/2015
Amazing food my dog loves!
I purchased J/D for my 8 year old Rottweiler (Honeybear) a few months ago. She was starting to get stiff every now and then and J/D showed results within a couple weeks. She gets up quicker and plays like her normal self! Thanks science diet for helping our baby! by on 10/06/2015
Smells bad
Too expensive..................................... by on 10/01/2015
good features for pets with joint issues
This product was recommended by my vet for older dog beginning to have joint issues, like struggling to get up from a lying position. I have purchased it at the vet and it is quite costly for a bag. However, I have another dog that is 7 years old and is very picky on what he eats and he likes it. by on 09/23/2015
Expensive, and vague nutritional information
This food is very expensive for the product you are getting. For 1/2 the price you can get Science diet, but the nutritional information is different (obviously two different products). I've been trying to find out exact information on the product I've been feeding my dog, but only been given the run around by Hill's. Very frustrating. My husband and I are very frustrated and would to like to change the food, but our dog is 11 years old, almost 12, and we don't want to risk his health by switching to Science diet. It's frustrating that on the bag of Hill's J/D it says glucosamine and chondroitin added, but yet it never gives you the amount of glucosamine and chondroitin that is in each serving. Yet, Science diet has the amount listed in the nutritional facts. by on 09/16/2015
jd Mobility
My dog likes this food okay, I have to buy large and small bites and mix them for her to eat it. She's funny that way. I think this food is very expensive and have not noticed a marked improvement in her movement. On the other hand, she isn't having the stomach issues she had on other foods she has eaten. Big plus. One other odd thing that no one else has noticed on this food, she has many BMs. This isn't common for her, just on this food. She has eaten it for several years and as I mentioned, it sits well in her stomach so we are sticking with it. by on 09/13/2015
This product is loved by the Chocolate Furry son .
This product was recommended by the veterinarian. He said it is great for labs and has vitamins that they need. It is very expensive. Would be great if the price was cheaper or got a larger bag for same amount of money ! by on 09/09/2015
Amazing product
This product is amazing... I saw changes within about a week in my dogs... they felt better and also seemed to have more energy. by on 07/27/2015
He loves it!
I had adopted a large dog two years ago. Four months after I got him, he was not able to walk due to joint issues, He underwent joint surgery and the orthopedic surgeon put my dog on this diet. He recommended that I keep him on this for the rest of his life. The surgery and the Hill's diet have brought my 5 year old back to his energetic self again! The food is expensive but if it extends his active lifestyle, it's worth it. by on 07/20/2015
Amazing food
Our 9 year old golden retriever recently began having problems with her rear legs. We found out she had two torn cruciate ligaments in both rear legs and had probably had this condition for years. We swim both her and our other golden every two weeks so think this is what helped her the most. The vet did not recommend surgery but did recommend this food. She is up and running around now, just a little over a month after her injury. We still swim her and her brother but this food is well worth the money. Plus you don't have to bother with the extra supplements of fish oil and glucosamine and chondroitin. Great food!!!! by on 06/14/2015
love love love it. great prescription food
my dog "Bane", is a year and a half old bully. I adopted him when he was about 5 months old. well immediately I noticed him whining and limping. well I took him into work and of course ran bloodwork and gave medications. none that helped a lot. well after I decided to take xrays it was obvious!! He has no hips. Awful for that young. well I have had him on J/D dry and he is better than ever. no mediactions , no limping. just fantastic. few years back I also had my 21 year old cat on feline j/d. and let me tell you that her time left with me I saw the difference in weeks, not months but weeks for her lil old self to move around! it's awesome!! by on 06/08/2015
Great food with great benefits
I started feeding my 7yr old Golden Retriever j/d after her mobility problems increased as she aged. Previously she had been on medication to help with mobility, but after starting on j/d, she has been able to almost completely eliminate the need for it. Great food that I would recommend to anyone! by on 05/28/2015
This product has greatly helped my girl!
I have noticed a great difference in Lizzie since I have been feeding her the J/D food. She has a condition that would cause her to limp severely whenever I tried to walk her. She has been on this food since January and she has better mobility and is able to walk longer without starting to limp. And when she does limp, it's slight. by on 05/27/2015
It's like having a new dog. While she used to have trouble getting around, now has a spring in her step. by on 05/26/2015
From slow, to go go go!!!
Maggie my 7 yr old Springer Spaniel, was starting to get stiff, limp and getting slower to rise etc. She would be the non-fun dog at any party, hanging around the humans not playing with the other dogs. Within 6 weeks of changing her to Science Diet j/d mobility, she was a completely different dog! With no other change to her everyday life, I believe the food made all the difference! She is very spry, jumping like she did in her younger days; catching frisbee's. She no longer gets up with trouble and looks sore when she moves around. I would HIGHLY recommend this to any aging dog big or small to help them get around more freely without pain/discomfort and needing theur humans help to jump on the bed. by on 05/23/2015
Wonderful joint health & pets love the taste!
I am so happy that my two dogs love this food, especially since they are large breed dogs. They need as much joint health as possible to help support their large body frames, and with the j/d they are getting that and more! They can't wait for meal time, and gobble it down no problem! It also seems to have improved their coat quality with nice silky fur, and no flaky skin. Highly recommend this food! by on 05/22/2015
new energy for an old pup
My dog has been slowing down and seems achy during the stormy weather. I switched her to J/D on the advice of my vet and she has new, boundless energy and is like her old self again. by on 05/20/2015
Great diet for pets with orthopedic/joint challenges
I'm a small animal veterinarian. I have found this diet to be flavorful, patients love it and I have had more than 50 patients on the dry food with wonderful success in enhancing their overall comfort with whatever orthopedic condition they are challenged with and are maintaining well. Added bonus is the enhanced amount of omega fatty acids makes J/D a great diet to use for skin issues due to allergic conditions too! I LOVE this diet and can ask any of said clients I've used it with to state their happiness with it and their pets. by on 05/20/2015
This product has great features
This product is delicous and really helps improve mobility by on 05/20/2015
Palatability is wonderful!
I have 2 dogs. The one was placed on J/D due to having severe hip dysplasia. My second dog who is the most finicky eater who we have resorted to buying a different flavor of food each bag broke her way into the cupboard where the bag of J/D was and inhaled it. And has continued to love it ever since! by on 05/19/2015
Great food for dogs with osteoarthritis
I have seen dogs with osteoarthritis improve with the diet alone. by on 05/19/2015
Hills is a brand I trust
I am blessed with a wonderful 14 year golden retriever that has difficulty with his mobility. My veterinarian recommended Science Diet prescription J/D and I have seen great improvement in his gait and mobility. He was slipping and falling before I switched his feed and now he is much more stable and has a better quality of life. I am an employee of a vet clinic so I have used Hill's products for years, It is a brand that I trust. by on 05/19/2015
Works great without having to remember medication
My border collie had cruciate ligament surgery as a pup, and 10 years later was starting to slow down. j/d was a great thing for her, up and around, wanting to work again. She even started jumping up and down when she was excited! Great product. by on 05/19/2015
great food
I am the owner of 2 boxers. We have been giving our 11 year old boxer j/d for the past 5 years. It has done wonders for her weight control as well as her mobility. We recently put our 3 year old boxer on it as well and she loves it also. I have nothing but good things to say about this food. by on 04/03/2015
Product lives up to expectations
Use of this product (Hills jd mobility) has resulted in improved activity levels in my senior Labrador . He walks minimum 3 miles daily and is back to enjoying being out doors. Daily use of this food has greatly improved his life style. Highly recommend it for any dog with mobility issues. by on 04/03/2015
Great diet for any aging/less mobile pet!
Before trying the Hill's j/d, I had my dachshund on a weight maintenance diet and fish oil and glucosamine supplements as well as a daily prescription pain reliever. He was still in obvious pain and discomfort. I was looking into adding more pain medications to make him feel comfortable. I heard about j/d and started the transition over. My dog absolutely loves his food and I noticed a difference in his coat, skin and joints soon after switching. That was in January 2014. To date, my dog has not had any pain medications in months. I believe his last dose was in the summer. He is off of all his joint supplements, and we are weaning off of his fish oil (he was put back on due to an auto-immune skin condition). He is walking, running and acting like he did as a 5-6 year old dog. He is absolutely more happy and comfortable than he was before the switch. I always tell people to believe in nutriseutical treatments over pharmaceuticals, but that food treatment is ideal. I am saving money on expensive supplements and prescription medications and all I did was change my dog's diet. He is happier and I am, too. by on 02/10/2015
This product has help our pet
Our dog has had severe joint issues. As he aged our vet recommended this product. It has reduced his decline in mobility as he has aged. And he enjoys the food. by on 12/26/2014
Kept 'em ACTIVE!
I have used the j/d (dry and canned) for all my dogs (my own and my foster/rescues) - with excellent results; all were very active dogs who put in lots of miles as my trail running partners. When they were older, we alternated trail days (walking more than running, then) with dog paddle days! Almost all lived to almost 16, and were quite mobile until medical issues took them : > ((( by on 12/16/2014
The food seens very pallitable.
My dog is a finicky eater. She is always ready to eat her meals when I put the food in her bowl. She cleans it up immediately. by on 12/07/2014
This food really seems to help my great dane's joints.
This food really seems to help my great dane's joints. by on 11/20/2014
Best Food Around
Hands down this is the best mobility food there is. It is what kept 2 of my pets going for extra years! by on 10/30/2014
very happy
very good product make a big diference. Dog is walking better by on 10/15/2014
Trustworthy ingedients and very digestible
This is a healthy reliable product to feed my 75 lb mature chocolate Labrador retriever He is almost twelve years old and going strong Vet suggested its use many many years ago I have confidence in it and he finishes it up at each meal gladly Some nights he gets an extra handful as a bed time snack if he's been out running in the park by on 10/12/2014
This food changed my dogs life!
Before feeding my 11 year old, Miller, (Great Dane/Lab Mix), this food, he used to seem lazy and not very playful, etc. Well, he's been on this food for about a year now and he plays like a puppy almost daily! Miller had a period of time where he tweeked his back/neck. His Vet recommended this food because of his general age and breed. But, what sold us was when the Vet told us that all her clients swear by this food and that it's changed their dog. She couldn't be more right! Thank you so much for making this product! I can now have more playful and happy years together with my big boy! :-) by on 10/10/2014
this product was amazing
We have a rescue dog who is approximately ten years old and 44 pounds. She started having difficulty this spring with her ability to get up after laying down, going up and down steps, jumping in and out of the car etc. Our vet recommended the jd mobility and the results were astonishing. Within 48 hours there was a marked improvement and in no time at all, she was her old self. I was amazed. The jd mobility is awesome. by on 09/27/2014
This diet has given me my dog back!
My 12 year old Australian Shepherd was sleeping a lot and stiff getting around. She had been a competitive herding trial champion but was really slowing down. I put her on J/D diet at the recommendation of my veterinarian and was amazed with the change. She is like a puppy, we use her for daily chores and to give herding lessons. This weekend she did herding demo's for the entire day and was up and ready to go the next morning! I would recommend this diet to anyone with an active senior dog, even if they are not displaying significant mobility problems. by on 09/25/2014
Excellent Choice
The convenience of having all the supplements my dog needs included in a food from a manufacturer I trust is only outweighed by the fact that my dog loves it! I know the incredible amount of research that has gone into the addition and quantity of every ingredient and am assured of the highest quality as Hills is held to international standards. by on 09/24/2014
What a difference!
Within three weeks of starting Ty on the Hills J/D diet I noticed increased ease of mobility! Will keep him on this as long as he needs it! by on 09/16/2014
Love this product
I have three dogs, Border Collie, Heeler/Aussie X and a Shih Tzu. I feed all of them J/D dry but do add a couple of tablespoons of Science Diet wet to their bowls two times a day. I have used Science Diet Products for over 15 years and started using this product because the 7 year old BC has bad hips and the Heeler/Aussie X has an injured front foot joint and an injured rear leg joint. The dogs lost approximately 7-8 pounds each after about a year on this product. I decided to switch to a Regular Science Diet product and noticed in 6 months, that the dogs weren't doing as well on this diet and had gained back some weight, so therefore they are back on J/D and I believe they feel much better on it, more active, less painful for them and have lost the extra weight they gained. by on 09/16/2014
Product appears to help my dogs mobility. He does not like
The food appears to add in my dogs mobility. It is taken with an anti inflammatory. He is a senior and he walks every day. Without the combination of the mobility food and the anti inflammitory he would be unable to walk. by on 09/15/2014
is wonderful for my pets joint issues and her coat shines
the food is wonderful for my pets joint issues...the cost is a bit high and should be lowered to make the food more affordable to all pet owners...also there should be more available discount coupons for the food on a monthly or bi-monthly basis...over all the product is great for my pet by on 09/06/2014
Love this product!
Both of our dogs love this food! It's definitely made a huge improvement in our male who has hip dysplasia, he doesn't limp anymore and doesn't have to take pain medication. The price is a little high, but I work at a vet clinic so I get the staff pricing which really helps. I always recommend this to clients. I wouldn't feed our dogs any other food! by on 09/05/2014
Very good product
J/D seems to be a very good product for my 12-year-old golden retriever. He walks approximately a mile a day. by on 09/05/2014
This product supplies the mega doses of essential fatty
I love the J/D diet. my dog is only 6 but was diagnosed with hip dysplasia when she was only 6 months old. since then, we knew that she would need special care and our hopes of making her a working dogs (she came from a line of pulling dogs). the vet wanted us to put her on fish oil every day. ..2-3 capusule twice a day. it was hard to get those pills in her. this J/D diet was recommended to supply the large doses of omega 3 fatty acids that our dog needed. she loves the food and we don't have to push those big gel caps down every day!! by on 09/04/2014
We had an older dog with arthritic hips and this food seemed to benefit him. Later, we got another adult dog and we just continued to use this food. Our adult dog liked the taste and so we kept using it. She is now 9 year old beagle/german pointer mix and gets around like she's half that age. We currently have a 7 month old terrier/boxer mix and she prefers the Prescription Diet over her puppy chow so we mix it in. She picks out what she wants to eat. Since she was a stray that was hit by a car (broken leg), I feel that your food is also aiding in her recovery. by on 09/03/2014
My dog improved on this product.
I have been using j/d for the past year. My dog is an 11year old Golden Retriever that still enjoys going for walks, and still plays with his toys, because of the benefits from his j/d diet. I was using another Science Diet formula food previously, along with a fatty acid supplement, and considered using a glucosamine product as well, due to mobility issues. The j/d provides everything my mature dog needs, so I no longer need a fatty acid supplement, and didn't need to purchase a glucosamine product. My dog also loves the food! It's great to see him enjoying a good quality of life, even at an older age! by on 09/02/2014
Really works!
Saw significant difference in my dog's mobility after just a few weeks on this dog food. Would highly recommend, for any dogs with joint problems. by on 08/29/2014
Excellent food for athletically competitive dogs
My two dogs are titled in agility competitions. Their careers have been supported by J/D diet and now that they are retired seniors, 10 and 12 yrs., they are still very mobile. This truly significant because they are large breed dogs that are known the show signs of aging at an earlier age. by on 08/29/2014
Great product for my old girl!
I have had my 10 year old Husky cross on J/D for the last three years! Ever since she was diagnosed with mild hip dysplasia. She has been great ever since! She jumps, runs and plays like a 5yr old! Very happy with this product and recommend it to all geriatric dogs! by on 08/29/2014
This product is great
I only have a two year old Shep/golden/border and he is always on the go. He is VERY clumsy. When throwing a ball for him his back end would always give out and he would fall. We did x-rays and everything was totally fine. So we put him on J/D mobility and within a week or so you could already see the difference in his running and jumping. I believe this diet has helped him and it is wonderful. It is a bit of a strain on the budget as he is a large dog! But since it works I will not turn back now! Thank you! by on 08/26/2014
Great product, noticeable results
I am a veterinary professional and feed both of my dogs this product. One of my dogs is a senior and needs mobility support but the other is younger and still benefits from its joint support. I've noticed a big difference in my senior dog's mobility since feeding this diet as well as healthy weight management. Very pleased. I also recommend it to the clients I see with senior dogs. by on 08/24/2014
Helps my 3 legged friend
J/D mobility has helped bring new life to my 3 legged Lab. She improved greatly after starting the food after just one month. She enjoys her walks and play time more and loves the taste of the food! by on 08/24/2014
Happy Hips
A little over a month ago my husband and I adopted a 5 year old German Shepard. She was a bit of a mess and I had already noticed how she wasn't running properly. After talking with the vet we put her on J/D and have noticed a HUGE improvement in her mobility in just a month. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product that has helped our new family member in such a short period of time. by on 08/21/2014
My Dog has shown improvement in mobility since using this
We started our dog on JD after she began to show signs of having problems getting up from sitting or laying down position. After just a few weeks we noticed she was no longer struggeling to get up, and she is able to go on longer walks. The only issue I have with the product is that it is very expensive. It costs about 3X what I was previously spending. However I will contunue to purchase this for my dog becuase she is doing so much better. by on 08/20/2014
This product has made a great difference!
Thank you Hill's for making this brand specifically for joint mobility. My dog was started on this after his knee surgery and had remarkably recovered fast like he hadn't had surgery after all. He doesn't like to eat dry so we also give him the wet canned version as well. We also would like to thank you for the special offers you have on the website, we were able to save a few dollars while feeding him this brand. We hope that you continue to keep up the quality. by on 08/19/2014
Golden Retriever with soft tissue damage 100% recovery with
My Golden, Archie, came to me through a rescue with some behavior issues and severe soft tissue damage to his left front shoulder. Xray could not reveal anything and MRI was next but before having the procedure my vet, DR. B. prescribed Hills J/D. He was confident it would work and was right, Archie is 100% and it is all because of my vet's recommendation of the right food and exercise. With the online coupon it is really not much more than good food from a pet store or online and is better quality. I now feed my Japanese Chin and Staffordshire mix J/D mixed with their regular food. All three maintain a healthy weight and are happy, well adjusted and always excited when it is time to eat. Thank you Hills. by on 08/16/2014
This product is used for joints but i use j/d for my Puggle's skin. Hes been on j/d for 3 years and he doesn't itch like he used to in the winter i haven't had to give him any skin medication. The j/d food is an excellent choice for Stewarts coat and Im very pleased. Also, the large bag lasts me like 3 months, so its well worth it! by on 08/14/2014
Really has helped my dog with his mobility
I had my doubts when the vet recommended that I start my dog on the j/d diet. I have to say that this food has really helped my dog. He has torn ACL's in both hind legs and is a high risk for surgery. The j/d diet made a big difference in how easily he can walk. I saw the difference for myself. I highly recommend this product. by on 08/13/2014
This product is vert good for my dog
That is the product that my dog can actualy hold . He used to have diharea with other products but with J/D Mobility, now it has stoped. The product also give him great skin. by on 08/13/2014
Has helped my pet a lot
Since starting my 10 yr old Shepard on this diet he has become more active and will fool us into thinking he can run like he used to when he was a puppy. by on 08/11/2014
My dog is now chasing squirrels again.
My dog had a limp and was not as spry as she used to be until the Vet recommended J/D. Within 3-4 weeks she was chasing squirrels and as peppy as ever. Thank you J/D by on 08/11/2014
Best food on the market
I started using j/d for my 9 year-old lab mix a few year ago at the first signs of joint aging & slowing. I'll admit, the first few days, it took us both getting used too.There was a strong smell to the food as I opened the bag, he even spit it out. But by day 3 he was eating it well, he actually liked it, and by day 6 or 7 he was bouncing around again! He is now 13 years old and still going strong, I know it was the food that has helped him this far. I don't know how bad-off he'd be without it. I was so impressed with it, I also feed it to my other dogs, no problems with them yet as they get older and their coats are shiny and stools are right as they should be. I recommend j/d and Science Diet to everyone. They're one of the only companies that I know that have reliable AAFCO statements (when it says it's for adult dogs, it really is for adults and not "all life stages"). My dogs are much healthier and happier because of Hill's. by on 08/10/2014
lean and mobile
Hudson is my 10 1/2 year old Old English Sheepdog. At the age of approximately two, he was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. In 2011, my vet referred me to a surgical vet as I was considering hip replacement. Upon the surgical vet's recommendation, I started Hudson on the j/d canine mobility diet to aid with weight loss and mobility. Hudson has gone from 93 pounds in 2011 to near his goal weight of 74 pounds today. He also enjoys his walks more even tolerating longer distances. Hooray! My vet says the best thing I can do for my sweet boy is to keep him "lean and mobile" and I believe j/d canine mobility food plays an essential role in that prescription. by on 08/07/2014
great stuff
My 10 year old german shepherd has been on pain meds for the last year for aches and pains. After two months of feeding J/D we have stopped the pain meds and she is doing great. No signs of pain in her hips. so pleased :) by on 08/07/2014
9-Year Old St. Bernard plays Like a Puppy!
I began feeding Rosie j/d when she was about 4 years old for preventative reasons. After watching my black lab go through his senior years with painful, limited mobility, I knew I wanted to start Rosie on a food that would help her stay healthy as long as possible. I am so happy to report that this food works! Not only have I seen it in my own pets, I have recommended this food to others and have seen the remarkable results with my own eyes. Rosie does not have to take any additional supplements with this food because it contains fish oil, flax seed and Glucosamine Hydrochloride (which is absorbed more easily by the body than Glucosamine Sulfate.) We are very happy with this food and trust Hill's as well for our other 5 canine family members! Thank you! by on 08/06/2014
Provides great mobility support and longevity.
I started feeding my pyrenees, lab mix the Hill's Large Breed formula when she was two years old. I transitioned her to j/d about two years ago. My dog is very active. She loves to play outside and though she is nine she runs like a much younger dog. j/d provides great joint support and keeps her quality of life up. by on 08/05/2014
This producy is really helpful
I have 2 dogs on this product and it works really well by on 08/04/2014
this dog food has made an amazing difference for my dog and
This dog food has made an amazing difference for my 12 year old labrador and his joint pain. Before we started using this food, he was whimpering about walking up or down the stairs. Now stairs are no problem. He is also playing and running more often too. by on 08/03/2014
Great diet for dog with pain on walking
I started my now 10 year old golden retriever on this food three years ago and was amazed to see the improvement in her gait. She had mild changes at that time and has only minimally progressed from there. She loves the food, it sits well with her stomach, and her coat still looks great! by on 07/27/2014
It has worked
My lab has hip dysplasia. Because JD food expensive, we've tried alternating it with other cheaper food every other month. If we keep her on JD, she does well. If we alternate with some other food, she suffers. So, even though it's expensive, it works. We put our pup on regular science diet food as she was having stomach issues. That has worked for her. Thumbs up. Just wish it didn't cost so much. by on 07/26/2014
Great Product
Great product that seems to help our Golden Retriever's coat. by on 07/21/2014
This food has been great for my dog.
I love this dog food for my dog. He was having a lot of mobility problems. Since he started eating this food he made it the entire winter without needing any additional prescription medication for the pain. I do have concerns about the price continually going up. It is getting out of my budget to buy this food. Especially with his other vet bills. I continue to buy it because it works. by on 07/21/2014
Great for my Weim!
My Weimaraner "Mollie" was on a different large breed dog food when I started noticing her skin was starting to get dry and flaky. She would have period where the skin on her belly would turn red and smell very bad. While playing ball, she would often yelp and hold up her front legs - I'm assuming soft tissue injuries in her carpels. I changed her diet to JD and haven't looked back. It's been 6 months since the diet change, her skin looks perfect. There are no dry, flaky patches. The red spots are all gone and her coat is shiny and soft. I run ~ 20 miles a week with her with and play ball all the time! She has had no instances of the wrist pain she used to experience while on the other diet. She is happier, she looks extremely healthy and fit and that makes me a happy dog owner :) by on 07/20/2014
Great product!
My lab mix has been on the J/d for years. She is almost 15 and still runs like a puppy. Her coat is beautiful and she really loves the taste. by on 07/19/2014
Canine Mobility for dog of various ages
Canine Mobility is blended for our 12yr Pointer mix, 7yr Lab mix and 7yr Husky mix. All are high energy pets who beg for their long 3 mile walks in the preserves when we're off or to go out and throw a ball. They actively chase backyard wildlife and do hour long therapy visits at the nursing home. Over the year weight is consistently maintained, even through the winter snow. by on 07/17/2014
Nutrition makes all the difference!
Only weeks after adopting our dog Monkey, we noticed a significant limp and pain after he was active. I am a veterinary technician and the veterinarian initially prescribed multiple medications to help deal with pain and inflammation. The medications helped to a certain extent, but the limping continued. Then I began working at another clinic that had a strong relationship with Hill's and their diets. The veterinarian suggested putting Monkey on Hill's j/d diet and seeing how he did. He loved the food and within a matter of weeks we had not only discontinued the medications, but Monkey showed no signs of limping, even after a long active day. Monkey has been on j/d ever since (about 6 years!) and I know it has significantly extended not only the length, but the quality of his life too. We are constantly complimented on how soft and shiny his fur is, too, no doubt a side effect of all those good Omega-3's! As a vet tech I'm constantly telling clients about the benefits of j/d and what it can do for the quality of their pet's life. by on 07/16/2014
AMAZING product!!!!
I began my husky mix on this at a young age. Not being sure of his genial background, I wanted to ensure he would not suffer from arthritic hips as he got older. So far, so good. He is 8 years old and acts like a newborn puppy! In my heart of hearts, I truly believe that I owe this all to your dog food! Keep up the great work and thanks for making the lives of our babies better with your terrific food! Kim & "Bruno" by on 07/14/2014
I can tell a difference!
My dog is a very active 6 year old Labrador and once I started her on j/d I could tell a difference right away. She was not near as stiff and sore in the morning after an afternoon of hunting as she was before we started her on j/d. And an added benefit is how shiny and healthy her coat looks! She will be on this diet for life. by on 07/09/2014
We have been using j/d Canine Mobility for several years now
Our 14year old Weimer has been on j/d Canine Mobility for several years now and we began seeing signs of her old playful puppy self after the first bag. She is interacting with her play friends now instead of just watching them play. She is able to get up and down with ease and no longer needs help! Great product! Thanks for helping us keep our Weimer healthy and happy! by on 07/05/2014
Fantastic results!
My dog was on an nsaid tablet once a day and pain tablet twice a day for joint pain. I started feeding Hill's j/d 2 months ago and now I only have to use the nsaid as needed which is only periodically if he's had a strenuous workout, even then sometimes my dog doesn't need it. Feeding Hill's j/d has saved me a significant amount of money due to the fact that I no longer have to buy a bottle of nsaids from my veterinarian monthly. by on 07/04/2014
Great product
I wish we would have known about his hip displaysa sooner so we could have started him on this food many years earlier. by on 07/03/2014
Hopefully product will help our dog.
We have only been using the dry food for a couple of weeks. Hopefully, it will help our border collie to have better mobility. We are looking forward to seeing our border collie getting up for sitting and lying position a lot easier. by on 07/02/2014
Giant breed dog on J/D
We have a seven and a half year old, 160 pound Newfoundland. His breed, size and age make him prone to joint problems. He has shown signs of joint pain over the last few years, and although supplements and medication helped, the only lasting difference has come from being on J/D for the last year. On top of the excellent joint benefits, his ears and skin have improved as well. by on 06/27/2014
improvement in mobility
I have been using Prescription j/d for my 12 year old Staffordshire Terrier for about 4 months and have noticed improvement in his mobility. by on 06/19/2014
definately helps my dog
This is my second time around with this product. It has really helped my two dogs with mobility. I do think it is expensive and really hurts my budget...however I love my dogs so I buy it. I would have given it 5 stars if it used more organic ingredients. by on 06/13/2014
Very pleased
It seems to be helping!!! My dog enjoys the taste and always eats all of her meal. by on 06/08/2014
Product has improved mobility!
After sharing our concerns about our dog's diminished mobility (seven year old beagle cross), with our veterinarian during Dakota's annual check up, he recommended we try Prescription Diet j/d. In addition to the obvious goal of reducing joint discomfort, our dog was somewhat over ideal weight, and the j/d product was also recommended to help with this concern. We noticed some positive changes after about 3 weeks, and more significant improvement after a month. We were happy to buy a second bag of the food, confident that Dakota was moving more easily, and was less hesitant on stairs and jumping up on the couch. Dakota settled into his new food quite easily (he had not changed food before) with no digestive discomfort at all. by on 06/04/2014
I buy this for my dog once a month. I tried to print a
I'm on my way to the Vet now and I can't print a coupon! Not very happy! by on 05/30/2014
This has helped with the mobility of my corgi
My dog loves it. Very expensive but seems to be helping his mobility by on 05/29/2014
great product for arthritic dogs
This product has had an impact on my dog arthritic condition. by on 05/17/2014
My dog is running again.
Almost three years ago our Pekingese, Snickers, was having trouble getting up and down stairs. He would stumble when we took him for a walk and would not want to walk very far. I was explaining this to our vet one day and he suggested J/D. What a difference it made in our dog. In a very short time he was running and chasing is tail again. Now he beats me up the stairs. I was very impressed the the results. Hill's you gave us our dog back again, thanks. by on 05/12/2014
Worth every penny!
We put our 70lb dog on JD when she was 11-1/2 yrs old. At 13 she's more mobile and active than she was at 10 yrs old! I resisted my Vet's recommendation for a couple of years due to the high price and the fact that is was mostly made of corn. Once the vet explained the quality of the other ingredients, such as the very large quantity oh high quality of fish oil, I decided to give it a try. Since I no longer have to purchase fish oil supplements, the cost is more reasonable. My only regret is that we didn't put her on it sooner! by on 05/12/2014
Vey good product!!
My dogs have been on J/D Prescription Diet for about 7 years since my oldest dog, now 12, was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. They love the food and my dogs are very, very active and flexible for their ages. I am happy with the continued agility the food is giving them in their senior years. Any pain is slight & they have avoided medications. Their coats are shiny & beautiful. My only complaints are the high price (and the limited coupons on the Hill's site so I cannot use them as often as I need to purchase the food) and I would like to see less grain as the primary ingredients. Overall a very good product! by on 05/09/2014
Love this product, highly recommend
Hill'sยฎ Prescription Dietยฎ j/dยฎ Canine Mobility is a blessing for sure. Ever since I have used this for my dog her limp went away. She now walks like normal again. Wow what a difference. We decided to try it under the recomendation by my vet, it works wonders. Thank You!!! by on 05/09/2014
Best diet for my dog
I have a large breed dog that benefits from the joint & mobility support provided with this diet. It came recommended by my vet, and I wouldn't have my boy on anything else! As he ages, he's likely to have more joint issues; for now, it keeps him healthy, happy, and active. He gets very excited at mealtime & there has never been a single piece of kibble left - no issues on taste! by on 05/08/2014
This product has worked wonders with my dog
My vetinarian recommended the JD diet for my 13 year old border collie. She never wants to stop running and seemed to be having issues with her back legs stiffening up after running. Instead of buying separate expensive supplements, it was recommended that the food was a great way to get her what she needed for her joints. We started her on the JD diet and she has been great. She doesn't have issues after running and we are extremely happy! by on 05/07/2014
works great
One of my dogs is senior and has joint issues. This food has really helped her get around. Not only does it improve her mobility, but she loves it! It does have a rather strong odor, though. Thanks to how well it works, she does not need pain meds as often as she did before switching to this food. by on 05/07/2014
very pleased
Our golden loves it and it seems to help. he is 9 and has trouble doing things he use to find easy. It also is very easy on his system. by on 05/04/2014
Was surprisingly happy with product
I have 2 Mini Schnauzers that are 10 and 11 and I've started to notice them slow down a little, so I wanted to feed a food that would help them with their joints and overall health. After only a couple weeks I've noticed a little more pep to their steps and the biggest thing right now is that my dogs bark to be fed! They usually get excited at meal times, but now they bark at me to feed them faster! That can only mean that they love the food! I was feeding a high quality food prior to the J/D too, so it was just a surprise that me dogs love it so much! by on 05/02/2014
Awesome product really helps the pet.
I have an Aussie 7 years and a Border Collie 4 years that both compete in flyball and agility. Putting them on J/D has pretty much stopped the soreness and laying around for a couple of days after a trial. They love the taste, have beautiful coats and are pretty easy to keep at a good weight even though it is a little higher in calories. I recommend it to my friends and family all the time. Thank you Hills by on 05/01/2014
Really helped with joint mobility