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A Dog's Guide to Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Digestive Care Canned Dog Food If a domesticated dog could speak human, we might hear something about their digestive care. A dog's digestive health can be negatively affected by a great many things that upset their stomach and generally their bodily system. Good thing that there are dog food brands that prioritize a dog's digestive healthcare, specifically Hill's Prescription Diet i/d. The dog food brand Hill conducts 5 million quality and safe... Read More

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I used it for 3 years and have stopped
The product is inconsistent as mentioned in other reviews but the big thing that caused me to stop was all the dented cans. Dented cans are not safe. Sometimes I would get an entire case of dented cans which indicates it is not a shipping issue. Fortunately, my supplier would replace them but it became a constant issue so I stopped buying it. by on 07/30/2023
Dented and crushed cans.
I have repeatedly received cases with dented and crushed cans suspiciously placed in the middle or turned sideways so the damaged cans are purposely not visible until the case is open. Almost every case has damaged cans in it. The last five cases of twelve had eleven damaged cans. Prior the the recent ones there were many more. I have taken photos of all of them. The fact that this is obviously done deliberately is horrible and putting dogs lives at risk. I do not use the dented cans. As expensive as they are the customer is being scammed and losing a lot of money. I am disgusted and am canceling my order with my vendor. I do not trust Hill's and will never buy any of their products. by on 06/25/2023
Worked like it was supposed to.
Dealing with some pancreatitis and this helped get our boy out of the woods. Back on his feet in just a couple of days. Interesting that I can't find a nutrition label anywhere since we have to be cautious of his fat intake. Would like to know since this food is $$$$ and I'd like to know what I should look for in other foods. by on 06/20/2023
Dented cans
The only issue I have is that many of the cans are dented. This makes opening them with a can opener difficult. by on 05/31/2023
I won't buy this product again
I've been feeding my 2 year old Coton de Tulear for about a year. She had digestive issues her first year and this seemed to resolve the them. Since she really liked this food, I've continued using it. However, the last case I purchased was not the same food. Apparently, this product was reformulated and is more like a soup than stew. Given the Weight of each can is the same, there is obviously less actual food for my dog. Since this is a premium priced dog food, I'm not going to continue buying it. I'm sure I can find something that will work for her and not be mostly water. by on 04/15/2023
I used to be on there hate train...........
Its easy to get wrapped up in the world of dog food and dog food connoisseurs telling you what's good, and what's not, I got so wrapped up in trying to feed my dogs the most boutique, high quality, what I thought was 'better' food for him, but he would eat it maybe for a week or two straight then turn his nose, and it went on like this for months until he stopped eating all together for about a week straight and we ran to the vets who after a lot of testing recommended we try the hills science i/d sensitive chicken and stew wet food and he ate like he never did, since then we've kept on the hills science train! He looks excited to eat, he's gained weight and is overall just a much happier dog, I say don't listen to much what social media says about what to feed your dog, if there happy and healthy that's all that matters! by on 03/29/2023
Food is GREAT... most of the time...
I am currently using this food for my 7yo Miniature Schnauzer. He was diagnosed with hemangiosarcoma about 9 months ago. I believe we caught it VERY early, by luck. He has had a splenectomy and we decided to forego cancer treatment, as it would only "buy" him 2 months... I wasn't going to put him through that. Well here we are, 9 months later, and he is still doing great as far as we can tell! Very happy and playful. I started him on this food about 9 months ago, as he was having some issues with diarrhea and throwing up. So he is on a can a day (I supplement unsalted green beans too), and also taking Prilosec (for digestive issues), Benadryl (allergies), Yunnan Baiyao (Chinese herbs for cancer) and I'm Yunity (immune supplement for cancer). All meds recommended by vet. I have found it best to feed him using a spoon to avoid food beard! :) He LOVES his mealtimes, LOVES the canned food, LOVES the green beans! :) The only reason that I did not give this a 5-star review was because of the consistency of the product, it is...well... inconsistent. Sometimes it's stickier than others. This last case we started is the worst yet - it is very coarse like, almost similar to crumbly like dry cornbread. Will NOT hold together and there is NO WAY to hide a pill in it (can't form a meat ball). i turned the can upside down to get the lid off (after i opened it, it was down in the can) and fortunately i was over a sink, liquid oil just came right out of it! I have had it too sticky before as well, like peanut butter! Can't get it off the spoon and it sticks to the roof of his mouth. Please somewhere in between, something that sticks together so a pill can be hidden in it and not stick to the spoon and his mouth, but also not so dry that he has to about choke it down and I can get it to hold shape on the spoon. Very frustrating! I have used this product off and on for MANY years with my dogs that have gotten upset tummy to get them back on track, have never experienced this issue! by on 03/21/2023
Sugar is too high on ingredient's list
Sugar is too high on the ingredients list and does not list how much sugar is in the product. I have a small dog and I don't want to make an addict out of my dog. You don't list the amount of sugar per can. I'll have to use one of the other I/D low gastric foods you provide without the variety the stew to add to my dog's diet. It's a shame. A lack of information leads me unable to recommend this food to others. by on 02/24/2023
Label is a misrepresentation of the product
The can shows a stew-like consistency. It contained a mushy mess that the dog couldn't even pick up. Huge disappointment. by on 02/16/2023
I definitely recommend
Use every day by on 01/16/2023
I have purchased this product for the last 8 years
I wrote my first review 8 years ago when my Boston Terrier Service Dog was about 1.5 years old. I got her as a year old puppy with horrible stomach problems. The problems were so bad she couldn't keep down boiled white rice with chicken breast. I took her to my vet, who had been my vet for 25 years, and he recommended Hill's Science Diet i\d. He also had a Boston Terrier with stomach problems and had had great success with this food. It took less than a week of slowly switching food to i\d and no more diarrhea, no more vomiting. I was amazed at the results. She is now 9 years old and has not had one stomach issue since putting her on i\d. by on 07/31/2022
Question: Did the formula recently change?
My new case of food is a lot mushier/stickier than past cases. Is this going on for anyone else? by on 07/08/2022
Tried & True
Product was what I expected because I've purchased it on several occasions at my vet. However, the size was not what I thought I was buying. I've never seen Dog food in Cat size cans before. That's my disappointment. by on 02/25/2022
Only dog food my dogs will eat!
Both of my dogs have always had super sensitive tummies. After the vet prescribed this food, we tried the the other kinds offered with I/d, but they wouldnโ€™t eat like they eat this kind. I have come to realize during the pandemic my dogs must not be the only ones; the production slowed and this is constantly sold out everywhere! by on 01/13/2022
Bring Back the Old Formula!!
Please bring back the old, pre ActivBiome+ formula, I beg you. My 11 year old rescue pup loved that stew mixed with your ID kibbles plus her pooping was regular and perfect. Now it's a struggle to get her to eat and pooping is not easy or reliable. If you can't bring back the old formula let me know if I can buy any of the old formula you may still have in your warehouse.. I'm desperate! by on 10/22/2021
Recommend this dog food
Our Vet recommended that our Goldendoodle start this food due to his constant loose stools. We started approximately three months ago and saw results immediately. Our pup also loves the taste of it, eats every last bite! by on 10/22/2021
Please Please Please Hills improve your quality control
I have a very large elderly dog with a very sensitive stomach so I buy a lot of this canned and dry food ( he eats 4-6 cans a day) and I keep getting a lot of dented cans. Not a little dent here and there. More like entire cases of dented cans ranging from minor to full on collapsed cans. It can't all be in the shipping because some of the cans with the worst dents are in the inner part of the case and the dents are in the middle of the can. I'm more concerned about the food making him sick. Dented cans aren't safe. One can I opened hissed loudly as I opened it and smelled terrible. The rest i threw away. Because my dog is dependent on this food I have tried buying this at multiple authorized online retailers and my vet. No matter where I buy it I keep receiving lots of really dented cans, so it can't be a problem with an individual retailer. If it was a can here and there I would let it go but I have wasted hundreds of dollars on food I can't use and time trying to get refunds and reorder food. My poor dog seems to be really suffering. He was doing great on the diet before and now not so much for the past couple of months. I know it's a pandemic but what the hell is going on with your canning, storing and transporting process? Please do something about it. I don't want to change foods but this is getting ridiculous. It was a five star product before. by on 10/19/2021
Why did the formula change?
Why did the company change the formula on this particular product? It's so watered down and looks like beef instead of chicken. It's almost like the company tried to stretch out the remaining supply, thus causing delays in shipping (if ordering online) and out of stocks at major retailer pharmacies and vets. by on 10/05/2021
Out of stock!
I know my review and rating may look odd but I have been trying to find this product EVERYWHERE! Having two senior dogs that have been on this diet for the past three years as a mommy to by fur babies it's absolutely sickening to know they are now having to change their diet due to an unknown reason why it's now suddenly out of stock. by on 09/16/2021
Pecan shells???
Just opened my newest case of this food and found the ingredients list is now longer and the consistency is more watery (than the previous version). I'm actually afraid to feed this food to my dog because of his G.I. issues. I'm extremely disappointed at this change in the product. by on 09/03/2021
Your new I/D canned formula is awful!!! My dog somehow manages to consume it but it is a STICKY MESS trying to get it off the spoons to put in her bowl!!! What and why did you change this product??? Maybe you folks don't remember the NEW COKE of 1985!!! PLEASE PUT IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS......YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE YOUR SOURCE OF FUNDS by on 08/22/2021
My picky yorkie used to love this food
I started feeding this to my 12 year old Yorkie after she had bouts with stomach trouble. My vet recommended this to me. I was reluctant because Molly is so picky, but she loved this food. I just recently got a new shipment and the food looked very different, very watery, darker in color just a totally different constancy. Well Molly will not touch it I'm so disappointed. I was reading they changed the formulation. Why? I'm so upset my dog loved it the way it was! by on 08/18/2021
New Formula - Bad idea!
Been on this product for years. The new formula is very watery, and the dog has to be coerced to eat it. He gobbled down the older version. Why did you mess with such a good product!?! by on 08/15/2021
Terrible new formula
There is a recent formula change that is very watery which also related to less food in the can. Previous cans were more dense, when I turn this cab upside down you can feel the water. by on 08/09/2021
New formula like soup
I don't know what they did to change the formula but it is now like soup instead of stew. Half a can of liquid with not much actual food. Please change back to the original formula. I will not buy this anymore. by on 08/06/2021
No I wouldn't
Have brought this product for some years now. My dog enjoyed it very much until recently the formula has changed to nothing but water. Barely any ingredients. I very disappointed with this company! by on 08/06/2021
I would never buy this food for my dog.
I have spent over $500 troubleshooting a problem with my dog that ultimately was caused by the vet placing her on this Hill's "Digestive Care" diet (of which I spent $175 for this "special" food). She originally used Eukanuba Puppy Food and was transitioned toward this food while being treated for parasites. After the parasites were completely gone and after antibiotic treatment, 3 days later diarrhea started and and it was suggested she be put back on metronidazole for 21 days. The diarrhea returned after this treatment. Again the vet suggested putting her back on the metronidazole and I said time out and got a second opinion. The new vet did some testing to confirm no parasite issues (there were not) and agreed that transitioning off the hill's food would be a good test. Her stool was normal in 3-4 days and is back to normal. I contacted Hill to share the story and provide info about the problem for their benefit and when I asked about the Hill's "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" they said I was welcome to return the unused portion (I had been feeding my dog this crud for months). I told them to keep the money and my experience with Hill's is now closed except to share my story wherever people might choose to buy this product. 2nd posting on attempt on Hill's site. No post of the 1st review. by on 08/04/2021
love this but not the new formula
my pup loves this, he has been eating it for 4 months. Now they recently change the new formula and it's watery. He has not been eating it like he used to be in the last 2 days since we got the new case. To add insult to the injury, yesterday I opened a can and saw some bubbles in it. Called the company and they advised to discard and bring the can back to the vet for a refund or exchange. I hate to show up to the vet looking like a cheapo asking for an exchange of a bad can. urghhh. This is so annoying by on 08/03/2021
New formula too watery and messy
This new formula is too watery. My dog has been on this for awhile but the new watery formula is too messy . Please change it to the original. by on 07/27/2021
New formula is TERRIBLE
We have used this food for years with our dog. Recently they changed the formula and the consistency is awful. It barely comes off the fork and our dog can't really chew it. It's almost like a thick peanut butter. Until we could find something else we were feeding her one tiny piece at a time so she could get it down, but that's very time consuming and impractical. I'm sure they had good reason for the change but it's not something we could handle. Sorry Hill's, we'll switch back if you revert the consistency. by on 07/01/2021
Good stuff
Helped my dogs diet by on 06/07/2021
pita by on 05/26/2021
Great food
I had to get this digestive low fat food for my Maltpoo who is 13 years old . She loves and she also likes the I/d with turkey . . by on 05/26/2021
I love it
Great by on 05/09/2021
Changed my Dog completely!
So happy to have found that Science Diet makes prescription formulas for animals specific needs! My dog has had digestive issues since we've had him and this formula did the trick. He is so much happier and healthier now! Thank you! by on 03/19/2021
I'll keep trying for awhile hoping it comes back better.
For awhile the stew had chunks of chicken and now its complete mush. My dogs liked it with the chunks but not now!! by on 08/10/2020
Would not buy
My dog is a Toy poodle age 8 and gets extremely upset stomach alot. Her vet advised me to try hills wet dog food I/d (Chicken and stew) However, I noticed my dog started getting upset stomachs almost daily after I put her on this and also notice she had no interest in drinking water I switch her to fresh pet again and she started drinking water normal the same day. by on 07/18/2020
Would buy again
Chipper just absolutely loves that food by on 04/16/2020
Great food
My dog just started this food he was on the dry food for 6 years because of pancreatitis. Then he didn't seam to interest in the food. Took him to the ER because he wasn't eating they did blood work ex rays. Nothing seriously was wrong. They gave medicine for nausea and 2 cans of the chicken and vegetable stew. I open the can put it in his bowl and you would have thought he has never ate before. He loves it I went out bought a case. I try mixing the wet and dry together and it's works. I now have no problem with his eating. by on 09/26/2019
Helped our dogs tremendously
We have a small poodle and a small terrier mix that we're having problems with loose stools and upset stomachs. After confirming that the problem was not parasites, our vet suggested we try feeding them Hill's canned Digestive Care I/d formula. The difference was apparent after just one feeding. Their diarrhea was completely gone by the next morning and hasn't returned since. While it is somewhat expensive, it's hard to put a price on their good health. I'm just happy that we found something that works. by on 09/18/2019
Dogs won't eat anymore since change
Feed this too both my small dogs, but since the last id formula change they won't eat . Used this for my sick dog years ago and have been hooked since. My last dog had a healthy life of 16 yrs . I been using for 30 years , but this change to the New Formula is just terrible ..!!! Need to find something else?? by on 08/18/2019
Chi -Terrier Loves it.
Stella is a 6 yr old Chi Terrier Mix. I took her to the NORTHWEST ANIMAL CARE HOSPITAL because she hadn't ate for 1 1/2 days, then threw up blood late in the evening and next day her poo had blood in it and allot of drops on the floor. After ex rays and blood tests Vet said she had a high level of bad bacteria in her gut. Started I/D Chicken on Feb 28 afternoon and evening. I got 3 cans and the first can was very dried out and crumbly. I called them and they said that is the way it is suppose to be? Really. I opened second can when 1st one was empty it was not dried out at all, so I don't think it is suppose to be so dried out like that exp date is 01/2021. I added Hot Water to it for a few days then I had my Son go to PetSmart and get the Only Natural Pet nutrition boost Chicken Bone Broth and been mixing it into the food since. She is on this 4 times a day every 4 hours for 10 days and can't have any dry food or treats until blood test is done again to make sure the bad bacteria is gone. Will be opening the 3rd can in the morning, so I will be getting more cans. She seems to be doing allot better, more energy, seems happier and playing. by on 03/03/2019
Perfect food for an IBD dog who's tough to please
Perfect food for an IBD dog who's tough to please..... by on 01/28/2019
I don't know what happened.
Our poodle mix loved the id Digestive Care which we got for her only because our older dogs had digestive issues. Now she sniffs it, but won't touch it for a day. The second day she picks up a few pieces then spits them out. We've been playing this for weeks. She eats other dog food happily. I wonder what did you change that she can detect so strongly ... and if we can trust what's on the label after this. by on 12/26/2018
Spins in excitement!
My Doberman, with the delicate stomach gets 4 cans a day and it's the first time in the two years he's lived with us that he is SO EXCITED for meal time. In the past, we've tried premium dog foods but never got the reaction we get when he hears the i/d can being opened. Due to a GI issue that made him stop eating for almost a week, and with the recommendation of our vet, we switched to i/d and 30 days later he has the perfect poop, great appetite and lots of energy. It's been so good that I also switched my senior cat to Hill's products. Will probably keep him on i/d for a maintenance diet until the vet says differently. Thanks Hill's! Two thumbs up! by on 12/15/2018
My Yorkie luvs it!
Has helped my 9 year old yorkie a lot. He luvs it too! Would like a coupon for it. by on 10/17/2018
I'm not sure what's going on with this product, but in the past 6 months or so the quality has taken a nasty turn for the worse. I have started to buy cases from different locations throughout the Frederick, MD area, as well as trying mail order. 90% of the batches of cans have a ton of water or liquid in each can. It doesn't smell any different, but instead of nice big chunks of meat and veggies, each can is made up of a large amount of liquid. It has gotten so bad that we are having to strain the liquid out of each can before feeding it to our dog. It's really gross. I'm not sure if it's a distribution problem, a manufacturer problem or what, but it's not the same quality that we have been used to while using this product for years. by on 09/23/2018
Will not be buying this product anymore!
I have been buying this product for years. I purchase four cases a month. Recently the formula has changed or something is being left out of it. It is now extremely runny gravy with small chunks of meat. Occasionally minute pieces of carrot and sometimes a few grains of rice. I am very disappointed in the product and will no longer be purchasing it. This use to be a great dog food. My dogs loved it, what happened! by on 09/12/2018
Hate the new formula
Why do you have to change the formula?? My dog used to love this food. It was the only food she would eat and the only food that would keep her IBD under control. The formula changed and she won't touch this food anymore. Now I'm so scared because I don't know what to feed her anymore. Why did you have to change the formula?? by on 05/20/2018
The I/D Stew has changed
Something has changed, there is more liquid than before. I mix 1/3 can with I/D Kibble. It does not go as far and my dog doesn't like it as much. Please bring back the old formula. by on 03/23/2018
Science diet products
All my dog children have enjoyed good food thru hill science products, the only food, beef, chicken treats canned, and dry food we allow them to eat . And is the most recommended by veterinarians. Thank you HILLS for Science diet. Greatful! by on 02/16/2018
I agree with the quality control comment
I am grateful for the Hills I/D digestive care low fat original formula as it has improved my dog's health. However the past several cases I have bought outdated 1/2020 have been as the previous person commented. it is dry and crumbly and very hard around the edges of the can. I give my dogs their meds in the dog food and it will not hold together to do that. it is very anxiety provoking. I have opened 8 cans I can not use. by on 02/05/2018
Dog won't eat the new formula
The previous formula was great and solved all my dogs digestive issues. Thought I may have had a bad bag/date but no...Dog sniffs it, walks away and won't eat it. Don't know why or what you did to a product that was effective to begin with. by on 01/03/2018
Works amazing for my great dane
Have been using this product for years now on my 164lb Great Dane that had a horrible sensitive stomach before switching to SD I/D by on 12/07/2017
dog does not like new formula
Used product for two years They recently changed kibble My dog won't eat it now by on 11/22/2017
My dogs hate the new formula
My two Shi-tzus have always eaten the chicken stew and have loved it their entire lives. However, the formula for the food has recently changed, and they now refuse to eat the food. As much as I love the product and do not want to change it; I may have no choice. This breed of dog is very finicky about their food and despise change in any way. by on 09/05/2017
helps my puppy with diarhea
My vet recommended this for my 4 month old collie cross puppy. She loves it and it seems to help with her chronic diarhea. I am wondering if I am feeding too much. I read the feeding instructions. She is 10 kg and will be 4 months tomorrow. I am giving her 3 cans a day. It just seems like a lot by on 08/22/2017
Presciption i/d
This has really been the best food for my little dog. He loves it and it's great for him. by on 08/03/2017
Does seem to work well.
Have never been a fan of any of Hill's products as my dogs seemed to prefer other brands of dog food, but that changed recently. I have a 2 year old poodle mix that has always had digestive problems. We thought he'd get better as he got older, but this wasn't the case. Although he still prefers his normal dry food, this prescription diet does exactly what it's supposed to do. He has no issues digesting it. No vomiting, no diarrhea, no gas what so ever. Appears to be very easy on his stomach. Will actually be incorporating this food into both my dogs' diet going forward. If there's any complaint, I just wish there was a kibble size for smaller dogs. These kibbles are a bit harder to chew than other brands of dry dog food. It would be easier to eat if the chunks were smaller for their mouths. by on 07/27/2017
Keeps a 14+ years old Aussie in good health
I have my 14+ year old Aussie on a diet of ID both canned and dry. For the past few years this is his only food. We purchase from our local animal hospital. He has very few gastric upsets and really likes the food. by on 07/17/2017
Dog seems to eat a lot more than ever with this fo
I am so frustrated with this food my eight pound dog eats way more than she should on this food as she is never satisfied. The cost of the food is high but don't really have much of a choice as she has to eat this type of food by on 07/04/2017
Prescription diet I/D
Our Vet recommended the Hill's Prescription Diet I/d (dry and canned meat) for our Senior Lab. In the two years since he's been on this diet he has leaned out, is more alert, has more energy, and has added healthy muscle mass. by on 07/03/2017
My Dog Loves It!
I have been using this item for most all of my dog's life (about 10 yrs.), as he has stomach issues. He loves eating it and it helps in his digestive care. I used it for both my dogs, until one passed at age 15+ in 2016. by on 06/07/2017
Really helping my puppy and adult dog
My adult blue heeler mix dog was put on this food for bad reflux and vomiting. She has really cleared up. Then we got a Yorkie pup who developed bad diarrhea. This food is really helping to straighten him out. I hesitate to switch either one of them on anything else. by on 05/20/2017
Why did you change Fomula
My dog was doing fine on ID gastro until you changed the formula . by on 05/08/2017
So grateful!
Thank you, Hills! My 13 year old lab cross loves this food. So easy for him to digest and it supports the medical condition my veterinarian is treating. by on 04/12/2017
My dog just recently started to eat the new I/D and she turns her nose up like it is bad and I can't get her to eat this. The old I/D she gobbled up. by on 04/10/2017
Totally worth it!!
German Shepherds are also known as "German Shredders." Not only does it keep her sensitive tummy issues in order, but for some reason she barely sheds now. What a blessing to kill two birds with one stone!! by on 03/28/2017
Gastrointestinal Health - Chicken & Rice
I am disappointed to learn you have discontinued this product. The replacement Digestive Care - turkey does not have the same benefit for our dog and he does not like the product. by on 03/24/2017
All I know is my dogs are picky they love Hills
Been feeding them Hills for 3 months and my dogs have more energy there happy love this dog food will not change it for any other product by on 03/20/2017
Love ID
I use this food in emergency animal practice all the time! Its super palatable and dogs love it! Great for animals that have GI issues. This is my go to dog food. by on 03/14/2017
Puppy finally eating!
We brought home our new German shepherd puppy three days ago and he wouldn't eat. The vet sent us home with this and he gobbled it up--even ate the kibble we sneaked in! This really does look and smell like "people" food. by on 02/21/2017
Awesome new formula
I am extremely thankful for this new formula!! It has really helped more than ever before with my dogs digestive issues. He has the healthiest stool now that I have seen in years! The new formula has given him less gas & the flavor for him must've improved too because he eats it right away & before sometimes he would avoid it. by on 02/14/2017
Miracle food
After many trials with medication this food is a miracle for our 12.5 year old boy. He was having diahrea every time he was off of the anti-diahreals. Now he is just on this and doing great! No more messes in the house and no more watery stools. He actually has formed stools. Would recommend it is worth the price! by on 02/13/2017
My Peekapoo has a sensitive stomach so Hill's Prescription ID with turkey has worked very well with her digestive system. by on 02/09/2017
Healthy Poodle
My tiny 5 lb poodle has digestive issues and has been eating the Science Diet ID for digestive health. When I read about euthanized animals being used in dog food I immediately started to research the Hills Science Diet ID brand. Does anyone know if this dog food is perfectly safe for my tiny poodle? by on 02/07/2017
Great dog food
My 6 month GS puppy started this food 4 month ago, recommended by her vet, and her stools have firmed up considerably. She really likes the taste apparently. by on 01/20/2017
Size of Can
My 12 year old Shih Tzu has been on this food for many years. I switch off between the canned Prescription ID Turkey and the Prescription ID Chicken and Vegetable Stew. He likes both foods, for the most part. My biggest issue is the size of the turkey can (13 oz). It would be so much more convenient having it also available in a smaller can (5.5 oz), like the Chicken and Vegetable Stew, which is the perfect portion. When traveling with him, I have to make sure there is a refrigerator in the room, which at some places, requires an upgrade. Also, when leaving, I many times, have to throw the unfinished meals away, being both a waste of food and a waste of money. Also, it requires me to pack more cans, in my luggage. Even when I don't travel with my dog, it's a bit of a bother to have to refrigerate the unused portion which also, affects the taste of the food when it's cold. Please, consider the smaller can size, for this food and the low fat version. These little guys, who have issues with digestion, don't eat that much at a time. Thank you. by on 01/09/2017
Delicate stomach
My Schnauzer tolerates this much better than other brands. Happy with it. by on 01/07/2017
very pleased
I have a gs puppy who was having some diaherra and other digestive troubles. Our vet put him on ID and it has helped tremediously. I do have a concern because he is only a 6 month old puppy and is still growing and needing important nutrients for his size but hopefully he will do ok. by on 01/03/2017
wont eat it
My dog ate it at first, but now he wont touch it, it does help with his problem, but he wont eat it by on 12/02/2016
no more soft stools -loves it
my little toy poodle loves this food. She used to vomit every 3-4 days now since feeding her ID hasn't thrown up or had soft stools in over a month. The only thing is I don't go by the amt per day that it says because if I do she has soft bm's--for her I feed her a total of 1/2 cup per day. by on 11/20/2016
New formula is not working
My dog has used ID for several years with great success. Until you changed the formula recently. She does not tolerate it. Wish you had left it alone. by on 11/18/2016
It has been a life saver for our new puppy.
At my vets recommendation we bought a case of your Prescription Diet 1/d Chicken & Vegetable Stew and she loves it. She eats at least one can a day and wants more. In fact over the past month she has gained two pounds by on 10/19/2016
Curious about new improved formula
I recently bought a case of this food which my French Bulldog has loved up to this point, but she is turning up her nose somewhat at the new formula. I'll give her a little more time to get used to it as I believe it is excellent food. by on 10/05/2016
My little man lived this product
Last week took my dog rebel to the vet had problems throwing up and Diarra the vet put him on this food and in just 2 days he's back to normal. But have question is this food all right to feed every day? Cause his belly been making weird noises is this a sign to buy another can keep him on this food? I hate to see him sick again please let me know by on 09/12/2016
Great Product, Fast Results
Our German Shepherd puppy had mushy poop issues since the day we brought him home. His first vet visit noted he did have worms so we contributed the poop issues to that. However, after months of mushy poop and putting the poor puppy on and off of worm medicine the vet finally recommended hills prescription diet I/d. We saw improvements within a few days and would say that 90% of the time we don't have the mushy poop problem. Our puppy loves the food and is never picky when eating it and has really filled out over the last few weeks that he has been on it, and the amount of poop is remarkably less, so win win! by on 09/09/2016
Amazingly great food
We're giving i/d prescription diet gastrointestinal health food (can) from February 2016 to our white colored golden retriever Leo. Our vet prescribed this food as our pet is allergic to almost everything. After giving continuously for 6 months now his stomach is better. Our pet is 1 year and 4 months old. Canned food is more good than I/d dry food. My pet is not tolerating I/d dry food which is chicken flavoured . We're living in Cochin,Kerala, India. by on 08/17/2016
My Scottie loves it.
My dog had digestive issues and was placed on Hill"s i/d chicken and vegetable stew by his veterinarian. Since he"s a picky eater, I was shocked and very pleased to watch him gobble it up and lick his bowl spotless. He even returned to the empty bowl to lick a few more times. That was almost 2 years ago and he still loves it. It actually does look good enough to eat! by on 08/06/2016
Excellent Nutrition
Easily digested and tolerated - they love the flavor. C Pines by on 07/27/2016
Excellent Results!
After much trial and error and several trips to our veterinarian due to loose stools, our vet recommended the i/d line. Baylee eats both the canned and dry food, as she had lost a bit of weight while having digestive issues. My hope is the canned food will help her gain weight and then we can continue with the dry food. Although we're still unsure whether her digestive issues are due to a recently developed food sensitivity or due to stress because of a change in work schedules, the food helped settle her stomach and produce firm stools within a week. My only complaint is that it is VERY expensive, but if it's what helps her feel her best, it's worth it! by on 07/14/2016
Great quality!
I was able to obtain a coupon for Prescription Diet i/d food for my dog and i saved a significant amount of $. Food is great and my dog loves it! by on 07/13/2016
Vet recomended
My Belgian Melanois are doing great and happy very energetic. by on 07/13/2016
Great Food
Our dog has had stomach issues and was put on Hills Prescription Diet i/d food. He is doing great now and seems to enjoy the food. by on 07/13/2016
Finally Relief
Ten months of off and on diarrhea (mostly on) left us thinking this was our dog's last year. Max had lost over 10 lbs. and was ALWAYS hungry. Our vet suggested the Hill's prescription diet i/d for digestive problems. Max now eats a full meal 3 times a day and has had no more diarrhea. She has gained some weight back and no longer acts veraciously hungry. Thank heaven for our new vet Dr. Dana at Buckwalter Vet and for Hill's great food! by on 06/30/2016
Great Food
My dog loves this food and it is very easy on her stomach. by on 06/30/2016
Finally a food my dog can eat!
My Toy Rat Terrier started having problems digesting his food (vomiting & diarrhea). I tried every brand out there, even the paleo, grain-free diets. It got to the point where he started refusing to eat because he knew it would make him sick. My vet suggested i/d. So we gave it a try & it was a success from the first bite! His tummy is healthy & he loves the food. No more digestive issues. I'm so happy my vet suggested it. And the price is comparable to some of the other high end foods that I bought him that were making him sick. by on 06/29/2016
My Basset Hound, Jake, Is HAPPY!
My (3rd) rescued Basset Hound, Jake, has digestive issues. He would be hungry but couldn't eat. He'd circle the food dish, and you could tell he didn't feel well. He wasn't gaining weight (he was so thin when rescued!) Long story short, vet put him on SD I/D dry first, but we still added some oils, etc. It was determined there was too much fat in his diet, and the vet put him on the I/D canned, and we stopped adding anything. Now Jake gets excited and jumps with joy for supper. He licks the bowls and pushes it across the floor. He's beginning to gain weight, and he's more energetic! You can tell he feels good and he acts like a puppy (his exact age is not known, but suspected to be around 7-8 yrs old) THANKS Hills for providing a food that could turn around this basset and help to make him a HAPPY HOUND by on 06/29/2016
Perfect for digestion issues
I have been using the i/d dry and wet food for 8 years with my rescue dogs. It does exactly what I need it to do. It keeps them healthy and with no medications needed for digestion issues. by on 06/29/2016
Perfect for tummy troubles
My vet put my Australian Kelpie on this and within 24 hrs he was a different dog. No more "cow pile" poops. Will never use anything else. It is a little pricy but having to go to the vet for terrible diarrhea is more!!! by on 06/29/2016
My dog up is happy which makes us happy!
Our dog has been on this food a little over a year, it's helped us to help her. She loves it and we love that she loves it. I would recommend this formula to anyone. by on 06/29/2016
Consistently Good!
Our veterinarian recommended this food for our French Bulldog and she loves it! She has a beautiful coat and it's easy to maintain her weight as well. She has abundant energy and looks forward to every meal! by on 06/29/2016
Great for my dog!
My dog had a health condition and this food was prescribed by the vet. To my surprise (because he is a VERY picky eater!), Sunny likes it!!! That is a relief knowing I can feed him something good for him that he likes. by on 06/29/2016
Hill's Dog Food Saved our Dog "Patches"
Our dog "Patches" was sick from eating bad dog food. Throwing up with some blood in it and a small amount of blood in her stool. Our Vet put her on Hill's Prescription Diet Digestive Care i/d Chicken Flavor dry dog food and Hypo-Treats i/d. In less than two days she stopped throwing up and there was no more blood in her stool. Now, after five years these symptoms have never returned and at age 12 she is just as crazy as she was before she got sick. Our Vet and Hill's Dog Food and treats have saved our dog "Patches" from an early death do to poisoning. Thank you Hill's. Regards, Alex Nepitt P.S. signing for "Patches" who can't type yet! by on 06/24/2016
Great for the tummy!
Started my maltipoo on the I/D prescription food, and it is working-- no more need for pepcid AC daily. Wish they would make small kibble for small dogs. PLEASE--need ideas on how to crush kibble. Thanks by on 06/14/2016
Fixes GI issues
My girl has poor motility of the gi. She digest this food with ease no tummy pain and no loose stool. She also loves to eat now! by on 06/08/2016
Works every time!
In the past my veterinarians have always given us PD i/d when any of my dogs had any gi issues. It always helped. My dog now has a very sensitive digestive system and skin problems. Because he is a puppy, I have been very concerned about a diet that will be best suited for growth and will be tolerated. i/d has met all of his needs and he goes nuts at feeding time. He loves it. by on 05/22/2016
wonderful product
My American Eskimo, Dancer, is 11 and had digestion/stomach problems starting at age two. She would periodically vomit, then refuse to eat for a day. We changed to a different veterinarian a year ago who prescribed the Hill's Diet ID. Dancer has not had any problems since, not once! She used to be a fussy eater, but she loves this food and chows it down as soon as I set the dish down. She is my companion and my life and I am so grateful for a product that has given her health and happiness. by on 05/16/2016
Great food for dogs with digestive problems!
I have fed 2 dogs I/D exclusively for several years without one problem. As soon as I would set their dog bowl on the floor, the dog would rush to eat its meal. No after effects, just enjoyment. Both dogs had stomach problems until I switched to I/D. No more stomach problems!! by on 05/10/2016
This product worked!
Man... My dog has lived in a nightmare for the last 6 months. Every two weeks he got sick every time he ate a little piece of whatever (treats, human food, other animal poops...) until I decided to switch to this dry food. Next day he pooped the most beautiful poops I have ever seen in him. No more diarrhea or loose stools, no more pain, cramps or vomiting. The only thing I don't like is this food is 60% grain and only 33% meat. Dogs being carnivores, I think they should improve this formula... by on 05/08/2016
Great product
Has corrected my queens land blue healers eating and digestive problems. by on 05/03/2016
My dog love this food!!
My little dog only eats a little a day. How long is an opeded can good for? I tried to freeze it, but it turned to mush when it thawed out. Suggestions. by on 05/02/2016
Good stuff
I started my new rescued dog on this last month. She's doing great!!! by on 05/02/2016
Great Food for our baby!
At about 3 yrs old our Toy Poddle started having bloody stools...our vet put him meds...and then we discovered this food and it has been a life saver!! I also feed it to my 15 yr old chihuahua and she loves it! by on 04/25/2016
Change the lid of the can
Please revamp your cans and put lids that can be opened by pulling a tab on top. I am going to feed this food for years to come and opening 2 a day with a can opener is not fun. Thanks by on 04/21/2016
Read The Ingredients List!
Rice, corn, Powdered Cellulose? These ingredients aren't acceptable for a carnivore! Don't be so gullible people. Do a little research as to what a carnivore should be fed. by on 03/31/2016
Solved the problem.
Our dog developed an esophagal problem and could no longer eat dry food. This product was recommended and works great. We even use it for treats....just call it a "meatball" and he goes crazy ! by on 03/15/2016
Only food we buy now
We got our 8 week old APBT rescue and he came with very bad tummy issues. Our vet put him on this food and he was fine. Then the technician said to switch him off. Bad mistake...So he was right back on it. We have tried several other foods. Grain free expensive foods, non grain free expensive foods, not so expensive foods. No matter how slow or how long Kane was back to tummy issues. This food is the ONLY food that he seems to be fine on. It's expensive but honestly worth it because the money we spent on other foods and vet appointments we'd rather spend more money for a happy pup and he loves the food too, even our cats try to steal a bite. by on 03/06/2016
Dog loves it!!
Our dog thinks this stuff is the best thing since sliced bread!! Can't believe how much he loves it by on 03/02/2016
Wow. Great results
Have been trying for months for get rid of our GSD Major's loose and runny stools. Finally changed his kibble at the request of our vet. What a difference. Stools are nice and solid . Our 7 month pup is happy and so are we. A little pricey but well worth it for our pup. Thank you Hill's by on 01/19/2016
My Review
Amazing product my little Yorkie loves this food and the wet food She recently had a big medical scare and this food has helped turn it around by on 01/18/2016
Great for my Doberman Puppy
My Doberman puppy came home with Giardia and it really messed up his tummy. After giving him all his antibiotics and him still having diarrhea my vet prescribed science diet and some probiotics to help him with his stools. Its only been 4 days but I can already tell that he is doing much better. His stools have firmed up for the most part and the best thing is that he LOVES this food. He gets excited when its time to eat. Only the best for my Doberman! Highly recommend if your pup is having stomach issues. by on 01/18/2016
Our dogs are thriving and loving the ID canned food....which was not listed on the choices (had to choose either wet or dry and they use both). Any questions we have had, the Hills pet food company has been there in helping us. Thank You! by on 12/16/2015
Wonderful that it now has another flavor
My Poodle has a very sensitive digestion tract and this product has been awesome. He loves the new chicken stew. Thanks rock by on 12/14/2015
My dog LOVES this food!
We got our dog from the BCHS and he was from the streets of the Cayman Islands. Since we got him, he was having digestive issues and since putting him on the Hills Prescription Diet Digestive Care canned food his throwing up has gone from 5 times a week to maybe once! Sure wish I could afford to feed him the dry too! by on 11/11/2015
Longer Life
This food has given our pet the chance to live a longer life and has given him a quality time. by on 10/22/2015