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A Cat's Guide to Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Digestive Care Canned Cat Food If a cat could speak, we might hear about digestive care. The good news is that there are cat food brands that prioritize digestive healthcare, nutrition, and diet. When you need the right food for your cats, consider Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Digestive Care Canned Cat Food that will make your cat meow, my stomach doesn't hurt anymore! Their recipe maintains a highly digestible nutritional blend of pure protein, fa... Read More

Rated 4 out of 5 by 126 reviewers.

Picky cat likes it
I have a cat that won't eat most wet food but am able to get her to eat this. by on 05/17/2023
Cats Love It
My picky eater Norwegian Forest Cat loves this food. She had to be boarded at her vet and he gave her this so I continued when she got home! by on 05/25/2022
Excellent Experience
Fast ship great experience by on 02/28/2022
Great for Ibs and is the only thing that has ever helped.
I feed this twice weekly to go along with her normal I/d dry diet. She was diagnosed with Ibd and ibs at 16 weeks old. She is also a special needs kitty. I had tried different foods/medications, just nothing seemed to work. Finally I asked the vet about trying I/d since it was the only one we hadn't tried yet. Within just a week she and I were getting some relief finally. Eventually from being on I/d her bowl issues stopped within about 3 weeks altogether. I can not recommend this food enough and am so grateful that it exists. I buy both the wet and dry version of this food for her. The downside is that this food can be a bit expensive at times but if it helps her then I guess it's worth it. All I can tell you is this food works for her, it might not be the case for everyone though. by on 01/02/2022
Need smaller cans of the pate
My cats like it first opened but I waste a lot of the pate because of the large cans. Please make smaller cans and a different flavor. Fish please!! by on 12/17/2021
My 13 week old bengal kitten won't eat this
Have been trying this for about a week as recommended by my vet to treat soft bowel movements. The kitten will hardly touch it, but seems to like the Hills I/D dry food slightly better. Was hoping there were other flavor choices that included fish flavors. He will happily eat human grade tuna, and the Blue Wilderness chicken, salmon, and chicken and trout wet cat food. by on 07/30/2021
This is a great canned cat food I /d chicken and vegetable stew for my cat with pancreatitis! Other brands of cat foods just don't work! by on 07/28/2021
Hit or miss
One of my adopted cats had to have all his teeth removed and is on a mostly wet food diet. I don't know if cans of the I/D Chicken and Veg Stew come from different manufacturing facilities, but some cases I buy he loves and eats it right up, others he would rather starve than eat it. This has happened many times. We return the unopened cans to the store for a refund and note the lot number so we don't purchase it again. It's really a pain, but because of his wacky stomach issues, I don't want to change his diet. There has got to be a reason why quality varies from lot to lot!! by on 04/01/2021
Please offer 2.9 oz can
Cats don't like foods coming out of refrigerator even if you leave it out for few minutes or using microwave to Warm it up. Please offer 2.9 oz can. Plus human don't like cat food smell in their refrigerators . by on 07/22/2020
What happened to the old formula?
My cat, who has pancreatitis and needs to be on this special food, will not touch the new formulation. She loved the old one, and it really helped her get better. After a recent attack, the vet suggested going back to ID (rather than her usual KD), but I have opened and thrown away an entire case. Very disappointed about this. by on 09/26/2019
Our Kitten loves this product
Since getting our rescue kitten at 11 weeks old, he has continually had tummy troubles, despite trying many of the expensive cat foods, he would either get diarrhea or vomiting. However since being recommended this wet food by our vet, our kitten who is now 6 months old is happily eating his food, without any tummy problems at all. by on 08/28/2019
Tiny black spots in each can
Started feeding my cat with Hill's i/d and noticed the presence of little dark spots in the stew. First i thought it to be pieces of veggies, but after closer look i found them on the pieces of chicken. Does Hills make it from spoiled chicken? Is it mold? Attaching pictures below. Pleaae carefully check your food! It can be easily overlooked as each can contains only about a few pieces of chicken with such spots. by on 08/15/2019
Sick cat LOVED this
My cat, Bella, was pretty sick for about a week. She couldn't keep any food down and was extremely lethargic. Our vet gave us an antibiotic and a prescription for this food, which we were hesitant to try because she usually doesn't like wet food. We were surprised to find out that this was all she would eat for a few days. It is a little pricey but the quality makes it far worth it. We feed her a mix of this and her usual dry food and she has not had any tummy problems yet. THANK YOU for helping my cat get better. by on 06/22/2019
Smaller cans please!
I would give this a 5 star rating and recommend it if it came in smaller cans. The whole can is too much for the average cat. None of the cats I have fed prefer the stew that does come in a smaller can. The vets I have spoken with tell me their requests are ignored as well. Maybe someone could read the reviews requesting the smaller cans of pate and respond accordingly. by on 03/18/2019
My two cats hate it! They tried to cover up with their paws!
It looks like rubber in a can! by on 12/16/2018
Please offer small cans of the Pate!
My cat loves the Pate (but not the stew) and he won't eat the leftovers. We waste a ton of food and money because it's too much for one meal. Please consider adding the Pate in smaller cans. by on 12/08/2018
Great for my young cats belly!
My young cat loves to eat most anything she can which can make her a bit gassy and my older cat has never been a fan of canned foods. I tried this food with the hope that it would help with my young one's stomach issues. My little one loves the food and my older cat even likes to have a little bit which is something totally new for her, normally she just likes a bit of gravy and she's done. With this food, my older cat may not eat a bunch but she does actually take bites and my young cat's stomach has settled down quite a bit! It makes me happy knowing I am feeding them food that is better for them and vet recommended. They do not eat wet food all that time and since this is a prescription I plan on switching them over to the sensitive stomach formula with hopes that it has the same effect for them both! by on 11/30/2018
cleaned the bowl-a first!
My calico zooie used to have a very active lifestyle till our living situation changed... she ended up gaining weight and we live across the country now. I switched her to the Hill's dry food and the vet recommended the chicken & stew digestive care for wet. Normally zooie will leave most of the wet food and eat only the gravy part. With this food though, she cleans the bowl-its quite remarkable. I will definitely be purchasing again. Additionally other cat foods were making her vomit a lot, so far since switching she hasn't gotten sick once. by on 07/22/2018
Only cat food he will eat!
My 11 year old cat Bear suddenly got sick 3 weeks ago. He was diagnosed with blood cancer. After 2 blood transfusions he regained his strength. The vet sent him home with a few cans of Hills Science i/d chicken and vegetable stew. This and canned tuna are the only things he will eat. Bear is on steroids for the rest of his life. I don't know how long he has but for now he looks healthy and happy and gets all the chicken and vegetable stew he wants. Thanks Hills Science! by on 07/01/2018
Saved My Cat
My cat suffers from chronic gingivitis. When the pain sets in, he refuses to eat anything... Even the canned food because of the pain. I found the i/d stew at the vet and tried it and he LOVED IT!! This literally saved my starving cat! The meat is not as big as the youthful vitality which makes it easier for him to eat. Thanks for a great product! by on 06/16/2018
Cats won't eat it.
Per the recommendations of my vet, I just tried putting both of my cats on this diet, but nether of them would eat it. So I've had to go back to what they were originally eating. One of my cats was throwing up quite a bit and this food was recommended . Won't help if they won't eat it! by on 06/02/2018
Excellent product!
I give it to my cat and she eats it. by on 05/21/2018
bad taste
my cat will not eat this brand of cat food. by on 04/25/2018
Won't buy again
Tried this after reading the reviews. My cat will lick the liquid off the food but will not eat it by on 04/23/2018
formula change
Cat was on the canned for years, until formula changed. He won't eat it any more. New formula too dry and obviously doesn't taste good. by on 04/11/2018
Great product but need smaller cans
Need this product in a smaller can. Have two Maine Coon cats and they love it when the can is first opened. However, after the first feeding, the aroma fades considerably and the cats will not eat it. We find that we waste about 1/2 of every can. by on 02/02/2018
Kittens refuse to eat!
My vet recommended the dry and canned i/d to my 7 weeks old foster kitten and its brother. They both hate the formula and have never eaten it. I always have to throw it away. They however do eat the dry formula with no issue. by on 12/08/2017
Cat loves, but question on Pate version
My cat has a sensitive stomach, and the mini cans of ID have been great for her. However, the fact that they only come in the mini size is tough. I would consider the larger can size of I/D, but I have serious concerns about what the difference in ingredients are, since her stomach is so sensitive. They are both I/D, but the consistency is too much to believe that the ingredients are the same in both. I know to transition slowly when going to different foods, but these are both labeled I/D, but I can't imagine that they are not the same since they are SO different in smell, color and consistency. I can't seem to find anyone who can answer what makes these two different - what is in (or isn't in besides the vegetables) the larger can that is not in the smaller can. Anyone who has a cat with stomach issues knows that any small switch is a big deal, so it would be helpful to get some clear answers on why the two sizes are so different, yet are both called I/D by on 07/28/2017
feline canned i/d
Please bring back the original formula of canned i/d. I thought I was the only person who has cats who won't touch the improved formula. Please read the several reviews stating many people have felines who are not eating this improved formula. Many of us have depended on this food to keep our cats alive and healthy when no other food works. Please bring back the original formula. It makes a difference for our cats. Please. We have trusted your products and you make a difference in our lives by making these prescription foods available. Please bring back the formula that cats will eat. by on 05/24/2017
Cats Don't Like New Formula
My cats liked the old ID, but don't like the new Formula. Hills: Please look at your reviews for this product. There are a lot of people saying the same thing. Please bring the old formula back. by on 05/20/2017
Cat wont eat new formula
My cat has been on both dry and canned i/d for years to help reduce vomiting with his sensitive stomach. He used to love both types but has now stopped eating the canned since the formula change. Still a good diet, but I wish the new formula was more palatable for my cat. by on 05/08/2017
Small senior cat with chronic constipation, loves
The other id used to be more like the stew, but the improved formula is really dense and immediate aggravated my cat's constipation. We switched to the stew and she loves it, and her bowels are moving. Please don't change it! I would like larger cans though. by on 03/30/2017
Not Improved Formula
I've been using i/d moist 5.5 oz can for 7 years. Since they changed formula, my female cat will not even touch this. I rounded up as much of the old formula as I could once I realized they made a change, but now I'm out, no stores anywhere have the old, and my female cat won't eat the new formula. Hope that she'll be OK just eating the r/d dry kibble. We got her on this diet for diarrhea 7 years ago, and it worked great. Now, she's miserable, and just looks at me and can't understand why I changed her food. Not happy after spending thousands on Hill's food over the years. by on 03/22/2017
The formula changed and my cat won't eat it now!
My 13 yr old kitty got very sick a month ago and would only eat the canned I/D. He loved it and it brought him back to my healthy guy! However i just went to get more and they have a 'new improved' formula and now he won't eat it!!! Please make the old formula available again!!!! by on 02/07/2017
My Cat loves his i/d food.
My old cat, a Scottish Fold named Max, now 14, looked like he was dying after 13 healthy years. The vet told us to feed him Hill's i/d. Max loves this food and he is healthy again. Thanks Hill's on behalf of Max. See Max on instagram: @maxhasnoears BTW I thought this food was expensive until I checked out the protein, fat and lack of ash content. Its great value. by on 01/26/2017
My cats won't eat the "Improved Formula"
After struggling with g.i. problems and frequent vomiting, my 15 yr old cat was finally doing well and gaining weight on the old formula i/d. Now he will barely touch the "Improved Formula" (neither of my cats will). I'm very disappointed with the new formula, and frustrated worrying about what to feed him now. by on 01/23/2017
Feline i/d
My cat has been on feline canned and dry i/d for a few months. It has been wonderful. It took care of his stomach problems. Recently the cans say "improved formula". He no longer likes the improved formula. He loved the original. It was softer and smelled more like real food. The improved formula is not as soft. by on 01/14/2017
Improved Formula---Cat hates it!!
My Vet put my cat on your Prescription Diet i/d due to food intolerance. My cat LOVED your food. Recently I purchased the Improved Formula from my Vet and my cat refuses to eat it. WHY DID YOU CHANGE??? I would like to talk to someone in your office to discuss getting the old formula back. by on 01/13/2017
My cats won't eat the "Improved Formula"
A couple of years ago I finally found i/d and it helped my cat's digestive issues so much. In the last couple of months I noticed a different consistency of the food and I have had to throw away can after can of this very expensive food because they won't eat it. I now see that it's because of the "Improved Formula". I have wasted so much money and now don't know what I'm going to do. PLEASE bring back the old formula. by on 12/15/2016
Improved formula?
Our 7 yr old cat was put on this I/d wet food 9 months ago and he was thrilled; it was an adjustment because he was being fed dry food via automatic feeder. We give him the plain/chicken flavor. This week I picked up a few cans from our vet office to tide us over until shipment arrived - thus the discovery that food had change ! Our cat does not like it - he will eat some of the serving, but it takes him one to two hours to do so - He/We much preferred old formula. It would have been nice to get notified by the company before hand. by on 12/09/2016
Not Better Formula
My cat has been on the I/D Digestive care food for a couple of years and her stomach issues had improved greatly, until the "Improved Formula" came out. My cats is having stomach issues coming back since eating the "Improved" food. Disappointed that we found something to help her and now what we gained by the diet is being reversed by the new formula. by on 12/07/2016
So easy on a cat's stomach!
We were so happy that when our cat needed something that was easily digestible so that she could get back on the road to recovery your specially formulated food was available for us to use. Thank you so much for all of the research that your company has done to help cats out in their time of need. by on 12/06/2016
Cat *HATES* "Improved" Formula
Kitty was vomiting all the time with periodic "box trots" and had lost 2lbs... a lot for a kitty; so vet put him on the I/D food. At the time he LOVED both the dry and wet food; then we got a flat of the "new and improved" formula... now he's refusing to eat and has lost the pound he'd managed to regain this month!! WHY did they change the formula?!?!!! by on 12/04/2016
My cat is doing very good on this food!
My 16 year old cat has been on I/d chicken for several months now. It's gentle on her stomach and her health is really good on it! I'm happy there's a product I can buy from my vet that works for my cat! Cons- She did prefer the older formula but I appreciate the improved ingredients! New formula is thick and gummy. I usually have to add water, especially if it's the 2nd half of the can that was refrigerated for later feeding. If I don't add water, she has trouble with it getting stuck in her mouth and she freaks out! by on 12/01/2016
Improved Formula my cat won't eat!
I had been feeding my cat the i/d for digestion and he LOVED it - was all he would eat. He has a problem with digesting dry food and I was so happy to find this. Yesterday I bought a case and he turned up his nose - it is a new "improved Formula" and I had to return it to my vet. He won't tolerate this new formula. by on 11/30/2016
New improved formula rejected by our cat
This food was prescribed by our vet and it really helped our cat with her digestive issues and she loved the food. This last month Hills changed the formula and our cat will not eat it. The smell is different. We tried mixing with the old formula and that also did not work. I fail to understand why you would change a formula instead of just introducing a new product. Please return to the old formula! by on 11/22/2016
An appetizing cat food
My cat had suspected nephritis. The ER vet suggested a bland diet. At the recommendation of the regular vet, I tried to Hills d/i. Much to my delight, Buddy truly liked it and devoured it with no problem. He is one of the many picky eaters in the feline world!!! Although this was a temporary change in diet, it was with great delight and comfort that I knew Buddy liked what he was eating. And, to my surprise, it truly did not have a cat food smell. I was given 3 cans free as they were samples to my vet. Dr. T. Trujillo in Millersville, MD. No other products were tried as this one was completely satisfactory. by on 09/08/2016
Looks like real food
My 19 y/o cat hates every other kidney diet out there. He couldn't eat this soft food fast enough. He ate most of it, he doen't even eat most of regular his regular soft food. It looked like chicken and veggies. It also didn't smell terrible. by on 08/31/2016
Helps my little girl
My senior cat had to change her diet. Upon request from my Vet, she is now using I/D wet food. Seems to be getting the job done and she gets excited when it's feeding time. by on 07/18/2016
My Review
Seems to work well with my cat's recent diagnosis. by on 07/15/2016
My Review
great product but very expensive for this day and age when everything else is too. Kind of hard for an average American class family to keep up. We would have more pets if we could afford to keep up with their needs. by on 07/14/2016
Great texture
My cats have been using this for about 2 months and they have been eating better than previously and digestive upsets seem to have cleared up. by on 07/09/2016
Great diet!
My boys love i/d. It is very moist and they gobble it up. I know I am feeding them the right diet for their needs! by on 07/09/2016
She likes the taste
Happy that with no teeth my cat Gabby can eat this food. by on 07/07/2016
Recommended by the vet for a finicky, older Persian. she loves the taste. by on 07/04/2016
i/d best food to help your cat get better
I purchase ONLY Hills Prescription Diet Wet & Dry food for my 2 cats. I buy at my Vet or at retail pet store. Along with my vet, the i/d food has helped my cats get better after a infection. They are my family, so we only want the best for them. by on 06/29/2016
Wonderful product
My cat, Jack, who is approximately 11 years old, began vomiting overnight lately, and so I began feeding him Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Digestive Care. Immediately this condition cleared up. It has been months now, and he's doing just great. And he loves it too! He can't get enough. I have just one question. I notice that there is no ash percentage indicated on the can. Would you be able to tell me what it is? And what it means? Thank you. by on 04/10/2016
My Review
My vet put my 17 yo cat on this food. Her bathroom issues got worse. I see it has flour, corn and rice. My cat has grain sensitivies. I switched her to a raw diet and guess what? Potty issues are gone. I'm sure this food is good for some, but not all. And my cat hated the pate. I fed her the stew. by on 03/08/2016
No more upset tummies!!
My elderly male kitty needed to go on the chicken ID Digestive prescription diet. After watching my elderly female kitty want to eat the food as well, I started giving her some of the ID food - the upset tummies they were having have been resolved and I don't have to separate them when they eat. I also found that Hills had a web site with coupons that help defray the costs for the food - that is terrific!! I appreciate the discount and thank them for that assistance. Mthkitties, Firestone, Colorado by on 03/03/2016
This product has great features
This product contains more moisture than the original flavor. My cat was over-enthusiastic..he loved it! The smaller can is much more ideal for a single cat by on 11/03/2015
Excellent appeal.
The id Chicken Stew has encouraged my small, lean female cat to eat with greater enthusiasm and gusto, It agrees with her and has helped her digestive issues, by on 10/02/2015
Really Works
My 15 yr old kitty was having issues with going to the bathroom & with this food & some prescription meds she goes 3x a week...she had not gone for a week & 1/2 when I took her to my vet...I'm so thankful for this food & my vet keeping my little girlie healthy & happy... by on 09/30/2015
Product seems to be helping cat with digestive issues
Cat did not do well on over the counter dry cat food from science diet (sensitive stomach or petromalt brand). In attempt to stop vomiting we switched to I/D chicken wet cat food (not the stew mix which she rejected)and seems to have resolved most of the issues. not sure why it's just not sold in stores other than consumers may not buy any of the other wet food products. by on 09/21/2015
I like the product because my cat likes it.
Our cat is 15 years old and the vet recommended this cat food. He loves it, but it's quite expensive. by on 09/21/2015
Flavor my two cats enjoy.
Both of my two cats, ages 10 and 8, began experiencing digestive problems at the same time. At the recommendation of my veterinarian, who has been caring for the cats since they were kittens, I began feeding them the Hill's i/d can chicken, the chicken Vegetable Stew and i/d dry cat food, alternating the food throughout the day. In the morning they get the can chicken, evening the can chicken and vegetable stew, and the dry at night time. The cats clean their plates, are more active, and playful since changing over to the i/d cat food. They appear much happier and content. . . almost kitten like. Chasing each other and wanting to be with us humans through out the entire day. And I like their being with me as I tend daily task and interacting with them. I do find the cost of the food a bit high, especially for us senior citizens, however, the on-line coupons do help. by on 09/10/2015
This product got my child eating again!
My 17 yo child has a very sensitive tum so the only thing she can keep down is Hill's Prescription Diet ID canned. Thank God she's eating! I just wish it was more affordable. However, the coupons do help, so please have more available! Thank you! by on 09/09/2015
Ever since she's been on this ID Rx diet food she's hasn't gone to visit the Vet I've looked into when the Rx end and found out they sell it separately not the same but at least it's from Hills Diet food so her tummy won't get upset. by on 09/06/2015
Very Helpful
My cat has a sensitive stomach and the vet recommended this food. It has made a positive difference in his health and I appreciate it greatly. by on 08/06/2015
The only food that helped my cat!
My cat was continuously throwing up due to severe constipation. According to my cat's vet the brand I was feeding her contained a lot of bone and she recommended I switch to a wet food versus the dry I have always given her. My cat would not any any wet food. After several attempts of different brands I found at the store; I asked the vet what she recommended & she suggested the gastrointestinal prescription diet wet food. I was shocked when my cat ate the entire serving in one setting!! She had turned her nose up to all the other brands but, ate this one immediately! It's easier for her to digest and she hasn't thrown up in 3 weeks now! I am so pleased with the quality of this food and according to my cat, it taste great!! It's a little pricey compared to what you get in the store but, you get what you pay for! It's worth it for a healthy happy kitty!! by on 07/30/2015
Cat is partial to type of wet food
My cat is older (16 yrs old) and needs wet food for when her stomach is upset or sensitive. She never liked the mushy pate wet cat foods in her life. The prescribed wet food only comes in pate. She won't eat it alone. So I have to mix it with some of her other wet food (sliced, chunky food) for both consistency and flavor. But, she doesn't throw up her food anymore! by on 06/19/2015
Old Cat Help
We have older cat w/stomach issues. This food has stopped the liquid doo doo issue and cat loves it. Biggest issue is he seems starving all the time. We feed him same amount as regular food. Can't do crunchies as this gives him uti all the time. Food is spendy by on 06/02/2015
I'm sure it's ok
It doesn't matter what is in it if the cats won't eat it ... 6 cats in the house and not one of them would even take a bite ... they sniffed and turned away ... it just doesn't work if you can't get them to eat it. by on 05/16/2015
my cat loved both samples
I have a fussy 9 year old Siamese and she went absolutely bonkers over both of these samples. She has been eating plain chicken in Hills for years now, not liking Ocean Fish too much and this for sure will go on her list of likes. by on 05/02/2015
My cats absolutely love the dry and canned id food. Their vomiting and hairball issues have been reduced, not all the time but better than before.Their breath issues have definitely improved. It took awhile to see a consistent improvement but the cost is worth their quality of life! I have 5 pure breed kitties and I do everything I can for them to be happy and healthy! Thanks so much for helping me improve their life! by on 04/29/2015
My cat loved it!
I have been mixing powdered medication into my cats i/d canned food for some time now and she always leaves about half her food in her bowl. I tried a sample of the stew from the vet clinic that I work at and she LOVED it. She didn't even leave any of the meat chunks behind. She begs for her canned food now and I am able to be confident that she is getting her entire dose of medication. by on 04/09/2015
My cats seem to really enjoy this food.
When our kittens need healthy food for medical reasons, Hill's always seem to have the right choices and they love the taste. Our cats have been raised on Science Diet and seem to be very healthy because of the quality and nutrition. by on 02/26/2015
Cat loves it and doesn't throw up anymore
My cat enjoys the food and it keeps her from throwing up. I give her a combination of this and the dry i/d. She loves them both. by on 12/05/2014
Life Saving
We have 3 amazing cats, one is a purebred (Norwegian Forest Cat) he is 10years old. He has suffered with IBS from day one. He has suffered so terribly and it seemed like nothing we were doing was helping him. We tried everything and I truly mean everything. Our vet put him on helped for a month. Many years ago we tried the I/D but he just wouldn't have anything to do with it. Since the formula has changed he absolutely loves the food, but the most incredible thing is that we finally have a HAPPY healthy cat. We saw the change in Max in about 3 days and we haven't looked back, it's been incredible. We are sooooo grateful to Hill's. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, Max thanks you as well. by on 11/11/2014
this product is great
My cat Abby loves the chicken and veg. stew she has always eat dry food and likes it but now she is waking me up early every morning to go get her can cat food by on 11/10/2014
Cat wouldn't even try it, after smelling it
I was so excited for my cat when I found out from my Vet that there is a new flavor of the i/d. She is only able to eat the i/d Gastrointestinal Health food. I opened the can, and it looked and smelled great -- to me that is. I put it on her plate, she walked up to it, gave it a sniff and walked away. I tried 3 or 4 more times over the next couple of days and got the same result. So disappointed by on 11/05/2014
ID canned stew has helped our cat.
our cat loves the stew - she was sick for a while and has greatly improved ! thank you by on 10/20/2014
Sassy can't wait to eat this
I have been feeding this to my 14 year old cat, Sassy, for a little over a month now, along with the ID dry food. She enjoys both and is looking so much better. She especially loves the wet food and can't wait for me to open the can. by on 10/14/2014
Good food but.....
Cat will only eat the gravy and leaves the chunks untouched. I end up throwing it away. Since this is a common problem with older cats becoming picky, I feel making the product chunk free would be a huge improvement and my cat would get more of the nutritional value. by on 10/07/2014
helpful for my feline with GI issues, thank you
It has greatly helped our cat who has gastrointestinal issues by on 10/04/2014
Excellent Product my cat took to it right away.
Excellent Product, my cat took to it right away. Can't wait to buy more. by on 10/03/2014
Cat loves it
Senior cat that started having trouble with other cat food. Changed to this and she hasn't had any issues. She loves the taste. by on 09/28/2014
This cat food worked very well for our cat's problem.
Our cat had a very "touchy" stomach. Many times, he would eat his food, then upchuck most of it. Our vet recommended that we try Hills Prescription ID. Since he was a finicky eater, we were reluctant to experiment with a more expensive food for him. However, much to our surprise, he seemed to scarf it down and lick his dish clean. The best part, he seemed to keep the food in him, and not on the floor for me to clean up. I highly recommend this food for any cat that has digestive problems. It is well worth the extra cost. by on 09/15/2014
Great Food in a Small Can
My Penelope has sensitive stomach is very picky. Every time she tries a new food, she gets diarrhea. Since starting on Hills i/d prescription diet, Penelope has not had any issues. I am so pleased to find something that she loves that works for her. Thank you Hills! by on 09/05/2014
Keeps my cat healthy and happy.
My cat has digestive issues and needs to be fed small amounts several times a day. He looks forward to his feedings, which means he loves his food. He is healthy and energetic and I contribute this to the quality of his food. by on 08/28/2014
I love that my old cat eats all of it not just licking the juice by on 08/25/2014
Works for my cat but expensive.
This food has been working well for our cat and his digestive issues. The major downside is that the food is really expensive and I couldn't print anymore coupons. by on 08/18/2014
My cat loves the wet food and she no longer vomits!!
I am overjoyed to find the I/D wet food for gastrointestinal problems, with my cat! Bella is healthy again and she loves this product. Ann Taylor Happy cat owner by on 08/17/2014
My kitty loves it, as does her tummy.
We adopted a kitten with digestive issues. This food (both wet and dry) seem to be making a difference. With no success, we tried a variety of other "high end" foods before vet recommended this one. by on 08/11/2014
Hill'sยฎ Prescription Dietยฎ i/dยฎ Feline Gastrointestinal
Recommended by our Vet for GI health. Both of our Abyssinians like the wet and dry foods. by on 08/05/2014
Hill'sยฎ Prescription Dietยฎ i/dยฎ Feline Chicken & Vegetable
I received a sample from my Vet. Both of our Abyssinian cats turned their noses up and walked away. One of our cats will eat anything. The food did look appetizing but the cats thought otherwise. So, will remain with their regular RX 1/d diet both wet and dry foods. by on 08/05/2014
My cat loves this product!
My cat loves his canned food so much he asks for it all the time! by on 08/01/2014
Not tasty but it made kitty better
Samba was vomiting and couldn't hold anything down. The i/d formula was not enjoyed by Samba but she would eat it and hold it down. She desperately wanted kibble and after a week she sneaked a little here and there from the other kitties. She is completely on the regular Science Diet kibble now, with no ill effects. Samba is a 13 year old lynx point Siamese who still plays like the dickens; she came to live with us as a kitten from our local SPCA. by on 07/13/2014
My cat was having diarrhea fairly often until my vet recommended id food. He loves the taste and he has been doing great ! by on 07/01/2014
Canned food has actual chucks of meat which is more
My vet originally prescribed a different brand of food to treat my cat's GI problem but he just wouldn't eat it so we tried Hills and my cat loved it. His appetite is back and he finishes his meals every time. He's gaining weight and seems to be himself again. I'm very happy with this product. by on 06/30/2014
This product has improved our lives.
Before our vet put us on this food, we were a mess. Fur balls, and cat puke everywhere. Now that we use this food, the messes have dwindled to almost none! It is wonderful!!! We also use the dry form now as well. He seems to tolerate it way better than anything else we have tried! by on 06/29/2014
I wish there were more flavors.
I wish there were more flavors. Sometimes my cat gets bored. Overall a good product. by on 06/27/2014
Cassie Loves i/d Hill's Prescription Diet
Cassie is our cranky 16 year old Siamese. She had been having issues with weight loss, bathroom accidents and just didn't seem to want to eat her dry or wet food anymore. I discussed with our Vet and was introduced to i/d Feline Gastrointestinal Health. Cassie loved it right away and within a few days, she stopped having accidents and seems to have reverted back to teenage years. She is much more active and loves to play again. Thank you Hills Prescription Diet! by on 05/21/2014
My cat loves the flavor. However, he won't eat all of it due
Canned I/d has large pieces of hard product. My cat eats until he encounters those and leaves them in his bowl. When I open the can, the very topmost layer is soft like a pรขtรฉ' but as you get further down in the can, the gristle pieces are more prevalent. I suggest you blend the the product to dissolve the gristle pieces so the texture is the same throughout each can. by on 05/19/2014
My cats couldn't love any other food more!
With my cat's GI troubles, my vet gave me this food as a sample along with another brand of GI food. He loves this one so much! And I love how large the can is as well. by on 05/17/2014
It works
I have one cat that tends to occasionally have a tender stomach. The i/d wet food for cats has been a god-send in him being able to eat and keep the food down when going through those spells. by on 05/15/2014
Cats food
My cat usually will eat the wet and dry i d diet but I do wish it was a little more appealing for taste. She bulks at it from time to time. The food seems to have very hard chunks of something in it making it difficult for her to eat. by on 05/03/2014
Excellent product.
Our 13 year old cat developed digestive issues that escalated to daily vomiting and severe diarrhea. Our vet prescribed I/D canned food and it has eliminated these symptoms completely, 100%. She loves the taste, and it works as intended. The cost is more than supermarket brands, but still less than the higher end pet store foods. Great product, great value. by on 04/17/2014
Product has helped
Our cat is 13 and started have problems with his stomach and had stool problems. The vet recommended this and gave us a prescription, Since using it he is feeling better and the stool problem seems to be solved. I just wish you could get more coupons for this product since we are on a fixed income it is a little pricey. by on 04/16/2014
My cat likes it!
I was very pleased that my cat likes this food so much - he eats both wet and dry. The texture of the wet food is appealing to my cat. Thank you for making a great product! Not only does he like it -now he's a very happy, healthy kitty. by on 04/13/2014
This has helped my cat
This has helped my cat. I would recomed it to others. by on 03/09/2014
Hill'sยฎ Prescription Dietยฎ i/dยฎ Feline Gastrointestinal
My male felline has had de-ostipation problems since he was two months old. This product is the only one that helps him with his obstruction issues. by on 02/17/2014
Cat loves it
This is the only food she can eat without vomating by on 02/08/2014
this product helped our cats gastro issues
we have 2 cats, 12 and 18lbs. the little guy had issues with getting sick after eating so we took bith for their checkup and talked to the vet. she highly recommended we try this product and it seemed to have solved the issues. have been using it for 3 months and wont use anything else. this is their breakfast and we feed them dry the rest of the day. looks like our fatcat is trimming down a little. thanks alot hills and keep up the good work, A GREAT PRODUCT by on 02/01/2014
Food has solved the problem!
Alex Tree had been very ill with digestive problems-and with in a week after going on this food he has almost made a complete recovery-he has to stay on it though or his problem with serious digestion comes right back. He loves the food too. I give it an A+++. by on 01/27/2014
Great Product
My 15 year old cat has been vomiting on and off since she was young, however, the last year or so it has been almost weekly. She had an upset stomach for about a week (after a bout of vomiting and diarrhea) and didn't eat for almost 2 days. Long story short, almost one month later she has been on the ID and she has not vomited once--and she loves the food! Vet said it was "bland" food so I am surprised she likes it, but she does. The food really made a difference and at her age it is important that she has food she can digest easily without getting sick so frequently. Would recommend!! by on 01/21/2014
So pleased with the results
My older cat's health immediately improved within two days of using this food. He is lively again and obviously feeling better. I plan to cut use down to once per week, but never discontinue it. I have also added the dry I/D to his diet as he seems to love the flavor. I want to do anything I can do to prolong his life and keep him comfortable and this product is helping me do that. by on 01/13/2014
Gastrointestional Health for cats works if I can get my cat
I had such great hopes for this product. My 8 year old rescue cat has had loose to mushy stools for several months. Vet says try different foods, stay away from chicken and white fish-did, no change. I asked about your GI Health food and she agreed that it was worth a try. I had read so many great reviews I knew it would work. With the coupon I received, I was able to buy my first 5 cans and when I could get the cat to eat it, his stools looked firmer. Initially I mixed it with his regular wet food and he would eat a little of the mixture but did not like it, he left most of it on his plate to dry out. I had the cat on a can food diet (recommemded by the vet) because he is an indoor cat and has been gaining weight. He did loose about #1 in a year and the vet was happy. The loose stools started with the can food. I'm going to try the GI Health dry food to see if my cat will eat more of the food.I hope so, because it works if I can get enough our your Prescription food in him. by on 01/06/2014
My cat Loves your id wet cat food
My Cat loves your i/dยฎ Feline Gastrointestinal Health She has not had an up set stomach since on id wet cat food She knows when I open the can. She comes running to me Thank you so much Donna by on 12/29/2013
Best Cat food
If it was not for Hill'sยฎ Prescription Dietยฎ i/dยฎ Feline Gastrointestinal Health food . I would not know what to do for my Cat . She loves it so much. I would tell all my friends. to buy this . It is great. Thank you so Much Ever Grateful Cat Parent by on 12/06/2013
Awesome product!
My 5 year old kitty had diarrhea and was put on this food, she also suffered from hairballs almost on a daily occurrence. Since she's been on this food for 2 months she's had maybe 2 hairball episodes and the diarrhea stopped immediately. The food is more expensive but it's so worth every penny in my opinion. by on 11/13/2013
great product
My 13 year old cat had problems digesting solid cat food so my vet put her on this wet food and she is doing great . Her quality of life has improved. She had been vomiting her food everyday now she can eat without any problems . I haven't seen her vomit in weeks. I am so happy with this brand. :) by on 11/11/2013
Overall the product is excellent
My cat is 20 years old. She has been on this diet for the last 8 years and nobody can believe that she turned 20. She is doing GREAT!! This product is excellent!! by on 09/21/2013
Helps with GI probs/cat doesn't like wet food
My cat gets extreme hairballs and had to have surgery to remove 4 which had turned into rocks in his intestine. Ever since (6 years ago now) he's had to be on both the wet and dry formulas of the i/d cat food. 2 problems - cat doesn't like the taste of the wet food after a day I find I have to leave it in the fridge or it really gets stinky. Then I have to mix some of regular wet food with the i/d for him to eat it. Then the other cat I have to give the i/d dry too or the sick cat gets into normal food then gets sick again. So I'm having to feed 2 cats the product. Other major issues is the price. It's EXPENSIVE! and only available at the vets. Which means no competition and a higher price than if was the regular Science Diet food. by on 08/15/2013
Good quality/our kitty dislikes it plain/expensive for our
My kitty won't eat without the i/d being mixed with a wet food she likes. Since eating the ID some of her GI symptoms have diminished in frequency (YAY). I chose quality as good since Hill's is a top manufacturer of specialty food for pets. The only downer is the price - when using coupons it is affordable, otherwise cost exceeds what we actually have to spend. by on 07/03/2013
This product was recommended by my vet for my cat's illness
This product was recommended by my vet for my cat's illness and charm and has prevented vomit as it did before. I love it. by on 04/20/2013
My kitten was sick
Loves this food. Made her feel better in two days. by on 01/03/2013