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Hill's Prescription Diet Gastrointestinal Biome Digestive/Fiber Care with Chicken Dry Dog Food Product Reviews

Hill's Prescription Diet Gastrointestinal Biome Digestive/Fiber Care with Chicken Dry Dog Food is a high-fiber dry dog food meticulously crafted to support your dog's digestive health. Formulated with the revolutionary ActivBiome+ Ingredient Technology, this diet takes a different approach to digestive care by actively promoting a healthy gut microbiome. ActivBiome+ Ingredient Technology:ActivBiome+ is a unique blend of prebiotic fibers designed to activate the gut microbiome, ensuring a ba... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 73 reviewers.

The S+OX Shield causing increased incontinence
This product works great firming up my 14 yr old female cattle dog's diarrhea. However, her incontinence issues have significantly Increased. She takes a hormone that worked great, until she started the gastrointestinal biome feed. Suggestions??? by on 07/31/2023
Life changing
I have struggles for 10 weeks to get my dogs stool firm from a Giardia parasite. I spent thousands of dollars on testing and everything came back normal. Sleepless nights, liquid stool, urgency, accidents in the house, and belly pain. Felt so bad for my dog I could not help him. My vet recommended I try this and within 24 hours i started to see semi formed stools. Within a week, he had the healthiest stools he has had since the day I adopted him. His energy came back, and he loves the food. We have struggled with food because he is so picky and now i think it was due to stomach upset. Thank you for giving my dogs quality of life back and making this great product! by on 07/28/2023
My rescue dog was a mess two months on the street. Then rescued. Two months under a rescue supervised vet they say they improved his GI. After traditional other methods and multiple changes in diet we tried this and why not. He's been great for two of the 4 months we have had him. Honestly I don't care what if costs it worth it. My breed is a Dutch shepherd and they have sensitive GI tracks. This even works at 75% Biome and another Hills food. Great product. I mix it with carrots, broccoli and pumpkin. Good brown solid poops. by on 07/19/2023
Pecans are not safe for dogs period
Every website including the American kennel association, all state pecans are a huge no no! Pecans maybe a good source of fiber but that doesn't erase the fact that dogs cannot eat pecans.. by on 07/17/2023
Firmed up stool but the cost is hard to handle by on 07/04/2023
Game Changer!
I run a nonprofit dog rescue. I have a 7 month old husky that despite mutliple food trials, bloodwork, and fecals we could not find a cause or cure the constant diarrhea. I had a bag of this and decide to try it. Within 24 hrs stool was firm. Legit AMAZING! by on 06/26/2023
Biome Dogfood
When I saw Ground Pecan Shells in the ingredient list - oh no there are other ways to clean out the track with nut shells. Ground or otherwise. I like Hills products so I'm a bit surprised. by on 06/09/2023
"Magic" Food
Since he was 10 weeks old, our 2 year old small rescue dog has suffered with boats of diarrhea and consistent loose stool. It got to the point that I carried paper towels with me on walks just to be safe. Multiple stool samples never came back negative, and we just thought this was something we would have to live with. After his last diarrhea bout 2+ months ago, Toby started on this food. Within a day, things were hardening and we haven't had issues since. No more paper towels and consistent picture perfect poop! Something I never thought I'd celebrate but so happy to have found this food! by on 06/04/2023
Love this food for sensitive stomachs!
My pup, Elsa, has eaten sensitive skin and stomach for about 2 years now but recently had several episodes of vomiting/diarrhea and became extremely sensitive to stress or eating anything at all out of her norm. She has now been eating Biome for 2 months and does great! She has normal stool, very frequently, and loves every meal! by on 05/08/2023
The product has changed
After 3 years being on this product she has stopped wanting to eat it. I think the ingredients have changed. Way too expensive to suddenly stop eating it. Any recommendations? Does Hills sell something comparable? by on 05/07/2023
This was delicious
My cat said it was a delicious treat and i think that too. My dog didn't like it by on 04/11/2023
best product ever, would recommend to a friend by on 04/10/2023
awesome product that i would recommend by on 04/10/2023
Fantastic Product
This product is wonderful. The hair of my dog is perfect now with this food. by on 04/05/2023
Excellent product..
I used this product and it worked great. But after 3 years his stools are getting a little to firm. I bought the Derm from my vet. Wondering if this is a good solution. I also use Pepcid and pumpkin daily for his sensitive tummy. by on 04/04/2023
If works!
After blood work, stool analysis, limited ingredient commercial diets, home cooked food, dehydrated food, herbals, supplements, clay, and probiotics, all over the course of 10 months, my vet recommended this food. We saw improvement almost immediately and within days our dog finally started consistently producing formed, solid, healthy stools. by on 03/27/2023
A lifesaver!
Our pup had runny bum since we got him at 10 weeks - tried allergy meds and a couple of other foods before finding this one. Heโ€™s been eating this for about 2 years now and although I donโ€™t love the price (and heโ€™s a Great Dane so he eats a lot) itโ€™s so worth it. by on 03/23/2023
Goodbye, diarrhea!
This food saved my dog's stomach. When he was just a few months old, he got an intestinal parasite called coccidia, and that really messed up his GI tract. He had diarrhea for a whole year afterward. We tried countless different types of dog food, none of which solved the problem. Never in my life did I think I would pay so much attention to my dog's poop, constantly checking to see if the new type of food helped. It never did. Finally, we tried this one and instantly saw improvement. We haven't had to worry about diarrhea since. If your dog is having GI issues, this food is definitely worth a shot! by on 02/28/2023
Immediate Improvement
My 13-year old Poodle/Bishon mix pup had been on grain-free kibble her whole life. Very healthy, never a problem. Suddenly, massive diarrhea, straining and liquid for 3 days. Lost 2 lbs! Not acting sick otherwise. No blood or mucous. I gave white rice and broth. No improvement. All tests came back normal, numbers good. Vet recommended Hills Biome. Like magic. Within 48 hours, stool became normal. I soak the kibble and add a teaspoon of the wet. She loves it. It's been 3 weeks and she is her old self again. Vet says she can stay on this diet forever. Thank you, Hills. by on 02/22/2023
Works quickly, and he likes it.
Our vet prescribed it after months of our Frenchie having GI problems, worms and then viruses. He grew just fine and had lots of energy, but after 7 months of diarrhea, we started him on GI Biome and within 2 days he had his first "normal" poop. Still some diarrhea later in the day, but we're only a few days into the diet. by on 02/05/2023
Worked to firm up my dog's poop
Did exactly what the vet wanted it to do. However, this Hills site is showing incorrect nutritional values for this product (dog dry kibble Gastroinestinal Biome), Per my bag it's 17% protein, 9% fat and 9% fiber. Hopefully Hills will fix that on the product's info page. by on 01/25/2023
This food saved my dogs
My kelpie had Hemorrhagic gastro and after she came back home from ICU, she still had diarrhoea. Our first vet told us to feed her chicken & rice but this did not help as she still had runny poo. After 5 days, I took her to another vet who recommended gastrointestinal biome. I started feeding it to my golden retriever as well and his stools improved significantly. by on 01/10/2023
Ew a vet should know better
Chicken alone is way too much omega 6, way to get peoples dog into the office because they won't stop itching themselves. Brown rice should not be a staple in a dogs diet. by on 12/12/2022
Saved my dog's stomach!
We adopted a 5-month-old shepherd mix and his poop was either mush or complete liquid for a good two months. His vet prescribed this food and it worked within a few days. His poops are completely normal now and no longer smell rancid. It's not cheap, but 100% worth the extra cost! by on 11/20/2022
Yes on again, yet expensive
It works, yet expensive, and don't like fact can only get with a prescription and get at the vet by on 11/18/2022
Unable to get for 5 months
It took me a long time to find the right dog food for my dog. Now we have been unable to get the Hills Prescription Diet Gastrointestinal Biome dog food for 5 months. I would not expect this to happen to a large company like Hills.can you tell me when this will be available again. by on 10/29/2022
Turned my puppy around
My poodle puppy struggled with loose stools from about 11 weeks onward. After a couple of rounds of antibiotics and an antiparasitic medication, the vet suggested Biome. The prescription dog food didn't work in a day or two as stated by some but after a week my puppy resumed normal poops and a normal schedule. I would highly recommend this product. It is expensive I will admit but worth every penny considering where we were before starting it. by on 09/18/2022
Works for my whippet
my puppy Whippet had diarrhea and soft stool. The wet biome firmed it up overnight. I moved her to the dry biome which is pretty good too. I am looking for a wet food or topper that will not cause soft stool or diarrhea. Unfortunately she is not liking the dry biome or wet biome and it has been a struggle to get her to eat it. I am currently adding chicken broth and cooked chicken bits. Is there a hill product that can be mixed with the dry biome? by on 09/08/2022
100% Pirate Approved!
He may be blind, but the Pirate is a professional food thief. Most recently, he came into possession of a barbecued boneless pork rib through very unscrupulous actions. He has a very sensitive little system, and he can't pillage and plunder in the kitchen without upsetting his little tummy like he used to. My vet recommended this to get him back on track after 2 days of horrible diarrhea and not being hungry. He gobbled down the wet and the dry and he was literally back to his charming self the following day. His poo was so fabulous that I literally took a picture of it and sent it to my husband it work. If you have a four legged pirate who needs some help in the pooper department, this is amazing stuff. by on 08/03/2022
The company who produces the product can't sell it online?
How can Hills produce this product yet it is not able to be purchased from the company online when so many other Hills products are available for purchase and delivery? How can this be? My dog was prescribed this food from our vet, yet we are having trouble finding and buying the product. We thought, HURRAY the company who makes the food has a website you can order from....yet we still can't get it??? How is this possible? by on 06/01/2022
The only thing that worked for my dog!
My senior pup was having a several month long battle with colitis. She was miserable and started having accidents in the house which she never did before. Her stools were watery, mucousy, sometimes bloody, and she had horrible urgency. After fecal testing, bloodwork, bland diets, flagyl, probiotics, GI protectants, etc I finally ordered this food. I should mention that I work at a vet clinic so I have access to all kinds of medications and prescription diets for dogs with bowel issues. NOTHING worked like this diet! By the second meal her stool was formed. She is acting better and her appetite is increased. What a relief! IMO this food has magic ingredients that quite literally reset your dog's whole system for the better. I am going to try to convince my clinic to keep this diet stocked because it really works better than any other GI diet on the market. by on 03/20/2022
We buy the big bag
We were having a hard time with our Border collie she had the runs all the time. We try different foods it would work for a couple of days. Our vet Told us about this food it worked right away and she has been on it for months now she doesn't have any issues it was a life saver .......thanks by on 12/16/2021
Siberin Husky Approved
My husky was having tummy issues. I tried ALL the fancy expensive brands to no avail. Finally my vet recommended this food and BINGO!. This food has been great and has cured all her issues. I know it can be expensive but it sure is cheaper than than the constant vet visits and tests. Maggie says this is the best food she has ever eaten! by on 12/06/2021
This product has allowed Georgie to thrive!
Georgie struggled with chronic diarrhea and inability to gain weight since the day we brought him home from a shelter at age 7 months and severely emaciated. Housebreaking was virtually impossible for months. We did numerous tests and were preparing ourselves to have a specialty diagnostics performed for suspected histiocytic ulcerative colitis (aka, boxer colitis), which can have a very poor prognosis. This was just as Biome first became available and we decided to try it until we are able to have the diagnostics performed. At that point, all of our lives changed for the better! It was like a switch with his housebreaking, as he began being able to hold it until we could get him outside. He obviously began feeling better, transforming into a very happy dog. His appetite generally stabilized and he actually began gaining weight! Because of his dramatic improvement, we decided to hold off on the specialty diagnostics, as the treatment would have been drastic without a great chance of significant improvement. Since being on Biome, he has continued to improve and thrive. Now at three years of age, we are having to cut back on his food amount because he is starting to get "thick". He has gone from 42.2 pounds to 70 pounds. We NEVER thought we would be having to actually cut back on his food because of his weight. So impressed and so happy with this product. While it may not work like magic in every situation, it certainly did for us and we could not be happier! by on 10/12/2021
I have struggled with my shi tzu's sensitive system for 16 years! I have tried everything. It would be normal, then soft, wet, slimy, etc. Spent a fortune on fecal tests that were always normal. My friend recommended this food and it has changed everything!! Thank you Hills!! by on 10/03/2021
Expensive but worth it
We adopted Simon in Nov 2019, and he's never had a solid bowel movement the entire time we've had him. We tried every kind of food imaginable. He had hemorrhagic gastroenteritis and the ER vet suggested selected protein food. Still didn't work. We switched to hydrolyzed protein. Didn't work. Finally the vet suggested we try this food, and within a day, he had more solid stools. It's been two weeks now and this is the most normal he's ever been. He had awful anal gland issues from the soft stool, and this has completely fixed that. He seems much happier, likes the food and it's been a relief. 100% would recommend. by on 07/29/2021
Miracle dog food
After months of struggling with my dog's runny stools, purchasing countless other brands, wasting money and time, I was recommended hill's gastrointestinal biome from my local vet. This product worked after the first meal. So pleased and relieved. by on 07/03/2021
Best dog food
Cured my dogโ€™s GI issues he had for over a year. Normal stool. No more diarrhea. Can now mix half GI biome with half regular dog food. by on 07/01/2021
This food is like magic
My 10 month old puppy has had many intestinal infections with loose stool. This food almost instantly turns his poop into firm, normal looking dog poop. It does a little bit too good of a job and he sometimes strains to poop. We mix it with his normal food, which is even better because this stuff is expensive by on 05/19/2021
Without a doubt this product works likes magic.
Following up from my previous review. I am thrilled to say this product works like magic firming up my boys poops, it took a bit longer than it did for my female greyhound, but given the road his been on over the last 2 years it's amazing. He's such a happy hound now and so am I with no more mush! by on 04/30/2021
This product really works
I have been using this product on my siberian husky for some time now and can honestly say it really works! Since the first time I fed her this she has never again had a digestive issue. Never have I seen a product work so fast end effectively. I know that this has improved my dogs life and because of that you have a customer for life! Thank you for such an outstanding product. by on 04/26/2021
Questionable about buying this product again
I have recently put my 2nd greyhound on this product knowing how well it has worked for my female greyhound who has IBD. However, initially this product seemed to do the job of firming up his poop, but over the last 8 days it's one big mush pile, but in amongst the mush there are signs of formations. He's been on it for 11 days now since he started this product. I am willing to give it a month and hope this product actually works for him in firming up his poop. I am recommending this product due to the positive results with my female greyhound. by on 04/19/2021
I can't actually believe how well this work. My senior bulldog is on Palladia which gives him bouts of diarrhoea and he's constantly on metronidazole for it. Recently the metronidazole wasn't able to keep his diarrhoea at bay so I decided to try this before our next oncology appointment. His urgency to run for a poo went away within 2 hours of eating his first serve. His stool went from mucous yellow to a well formed brown within 24-36 hours. Absolutely amazing! My boy has loads more energy now too and absolutely adores the taste! by on 02/12/2021
A great food for dogs with sensitive tummies
After many, many, many tests for my cockapoo's diarrhea, as well as trying so many, many, many different foods, we finally have something that works! His stool is solid - wahoo! And he loves it!! We mix the dry with 1/4 cup of the canned version of the same food and he gobbles it right up. This has been a life saver for us!!! Especially for my little's guy little bottom. :-D by on 12/16/2020
This is a great product!
This product is fed to my bull mastiff puppy who is almost a year old and has a sensitive stomach. We have had issues on and off with diarrhea. We have tried other products for sensitive stomach but nothing seems to work for any length of time besides this product. Yes, it is more expensive than we are used to paying for dog food but as long as it keeps his stool solid and regular, we are happy. He seems to love the flavor too! by on 11/21/2020
Great product, need bigger bags!
This was recommended by my vet to try as my boxer has colitis and her stomach problems were severe. This is the best food she has had , and I have tried many. I have dropped a star only because the size of the bag is crazy. She is going through a bag a week and that means so much packaging!! I would much prefer just buying a bigger bag. by on 11/12/2020
MAKE A BIGGER BAG by on 08/29/2020
Strutvite and Diarrhea
I am so hopeful for this food to give me longer with my aging schnauzer prone to strutvite and in last 6 months prone to Diarrhea....I found only by research this has regard to strutvite stones. Earlier general knowledge of advantages I would have appreciated...wonderful hope for my schnauzer and i by on 07/06/2020
Wow! This food is amazing!
My vet recommended this food for my Boston terrier. He is a little over a year old and has never had a normal firm stool. His stools became normal on the second day of transitioning to this food! So happy to finally find a food that he can tolerate. Thank you science diet! by on 06/22/2020
This diet has saved my dog!
I have a senior dachshund that has health issues he began loosing weight but I was increasing his food intake. I tried every diet, multiple prescription diets and he still had diarrhea and continued loosing weight. We tried multiple medications and no improvement. It wasn't until I put him on the Hills GI Biome that his still firmed up and he began gaining weight. This diet has saved my dog and given me more time with him. I highly recommend it! by on 11/25/2019
I adopted a cat with intestinal parasites. Even after treatment she was still having major digestional issues. A few days of this food solidified everything and she's been doing much better. by on 09/11/2019
So far so good. After spending a large amount of money on tests for my dogs diarrhea/vomiting issues, we finally have something that works! His stool is formed and the best it's ever been. No more gas either. And he loves it!! Great Product by on 09/09/2019
Great Product!
My dog has been doing amazingly on this food. After months with pancytopenia and added gut problems, this was the only food that gave her consistent fecal movements and less stress diarrhea. After seeing the slogan at a conference, "solves diarrhea in 24 hours", i was sceptic of living up to the slogan but it really works! Even after adding medication and hydrolyzed food, nothing solved her problems more than this! by on 09/03/2019
Works much better than expected
Our 1 year old corgi was having loose stools. His poop was regular and he appeared happy, energetic, with a good disposition. His fecal tests came back negative. After trying 6 different dog foods, some of which were vet only approved, none corrected the problem. My Vet recommended this new product, and asked for my feedback.The label said to expect results within 24 hours. I was skeptical, but true to their guidance his first stool the next day was pretty much normal. The label says to transition your pet to this food, but my Vet said to start him exclusively on the product. He seems to like the food, which I serve dry. We have now gone 3 days and his stools are consistently firm. by on 07/23/2019
great product
We own 2 Jack Russels both have allergies, each year symptoms interfering with their lives (and ours) one has hemorrhagic enteritis which flares its ugly head at least twice a month Our Vet suggested your new product and up to know a 100% turn around not so high strung, no stomach gurgling, no bloody stools, no scratching by on 06/25/2019
Wow! GI miracle worker
My 11 year old Morkie has stress induced colitis. This has worked really well, even better than your digestive care. by on 06/23/2019
Great food!!!!
My 1 year old mutt, Remi does great on this food! He was having chronic diarrhea and after a week of this food, he is back to normal! I can tell he's feeling much better. Not to mention, he loves this food! Thank you Hill's! by on 06/21/2019
A miracle food!
This product saved us! Our cockapoo, Cory, had been having excessive diarrhea for over 4 months and we've tried everything... different diets, different medicines, naturopathic, nothing worked! After just 2 days on Gastrointestinal Biome, he is a NORMAL dog again! We are so thankful and hope that this dog food will return our household back to what it once was... healthy & happy! Thank you Hills! by on 04/27/2019
Long, long life
We currently have five cats and two dogs. This past January, our beautiful Bandit dog died. She was a larger mixed-breed dog who lived to be almost 17 -- very unusual for large dogs. She lived a happy and healthy life. We started her on Science Diet when we found her at about a year old pup. She ate it throughout her life. Other than her last month, she lived very, very well. We attribute that to Science Diet. Our 15-year-old cat has also been on Science Diet since coming to live with us about 14 years ago. He is happy and healthy. His coat shines as do his eyes. He remains active and playful. Again, we believe that the food we feed our critters has caused them to be healthier, live longer and be happier and more playful. by on 09/14/2017
Good stuff!!!
We adopted our girl from a Humane Society in 2005 she was 2. She has not eaten anything but Science Diet. We might change it up once in a great while but will ONLY feed a Science Diet brand. Our animals have always been healthy and happy. We appreciate you!! by on 06/06/2017
New Life in an Old Dog
I began feeding Mature Adult food to our geriatric (13+) dog and after about a month, my husband remarked on her increased energy level and playfulness. The OFAs and antioxidants markedly improved her brain health and joint mobility. A few months ago, we let her cross the Rainbow Bridge. Recently, we adopted a geriatric dog from the local shelter. Her coat and skin was in TERRIBLE condition and had limited mobility. So, knowing how well our other girl did on Mature Adult, I ordered the new girl a bag. WOW! Her skin and hair is so healthy, shiny, smooth and she is so much more mobile and energetic. I tell everyone about this "wonder food" so their "old friends" can enjoy life more. by on 02/09/2017
Barley causing GI problems. Gas is so smelly
Recently hills has changed the diet for large breed regular diet. My dog now has the smelliest farting and very soft stools. by on 02/06/2017
Excellent Product
I have been a Science Diet customer for over 30 years and have always been pleased with the product. Not only do I feel that it is a quality product, but it has contributed to the extended lives of all of my pets. My only criticism is the bags of food continue to get smaller and the price continues to increase. It also seems that certain varieties are on sale more often and those same varieties offer a "larger" bag (+16%) at same time they are on sale. Unfortunately, these are not the varieties I purchase. by on 10/25/2016
Good Stuff!
Been feeding my 13 yr old puppy your food for about a year now. He has a sensitive stomach and handles this well He likes it and I think the small chunks are good, although a little larger would be nice as he is a large dog. Also, sensitive system for the mature dog would be good as well. Shepherd with Chow. We rescued him at age 9 months. AWESOME BOY! by on 08/16/2016
My Review
started using a few weeks ago and my older lab is more active and further is shedding less. great product by on 07/16/2016
Awesome product
Dogs both loved your product. I love it due to their shiny coats and to be frank they poop less so I have less "land mines" to clean up. Again to sum up it up the dogs love the taste and I love what it does to them. Keep it up and don't change a thing. Eric by on 06/29/2016
No Worries
After my 10yr old yorkie Sonnie had a dental (where half of his teeth had to be removed), worries set in on finding a dry food that he'd eat. Not only does he eat his new food, he never leaves a crumb...No Worries! by on 06/29/2016
Doctor recommended!
Our nine year old German Shorthair pointer was having bowel issues and the doctor put him on Hill's prescription diet food. I could not believe that he was 100 percent better overnight after the first feeding! He continued on the prescription and the transitioned to the regular diet for his age and size and he continues to do great! I have also noticed a in change in the quality of his coat it is so shiny and he looks like pup again. Neighbors comment how beautiful he is! I always fed him an expensive food that was suppose to have great reviews but there had been many recalls on it over the past few years and now i believe something was causing my dog to be sick. Buyer beware of what your pet is eating! Check first if you see any changes in their health,you just can not trust that it is good no matter how much it costs! P.S. My dog loves the food! by on 06/29/2016
Excellent diet!
I cannot say enough great things about Hill's diets! As a vet. tech. I not only recommend their diets to my clients but also feed them to my own pets. My German Shepherds coat has never looked better or felt so soft! She is also a notoriously picky eater but has never complained about the taste of her Hill's diet. Each dog has different needs and preferences but I would always recommend giving Hill's a shot! by on 12/17/2015
Dogs Love it - Energy level increase
As stated in my summary, my dogs love it and their energy level has increased. I have 3 Boston Terriers and an increase in their energy/activity has been noticed since starting on Science Diet. They love it. I can open my back door in the afternoon and they run run run, where before they would just go out and use the restroom and come back in. Thank you for putting out such a great product! Now we just need more coupons!! by on 10/05/2015
great product
my dog just loves this and it is so good for him.Boss eagerly gobbles his food up and I would not buy anything else.Boss is a very picky eater so I am very happy about this dog food. by on 09/02/2014
Good nutrition is important
Hi, as my dog is getting older I am looking for great products to make his life easier. The Hill's Healthy Advantage does just that. It make me feel better to know he is getting the very best. I am suggesting you give it a try for your dog or dogs! by on 08/20/2014
Worth it!
The dry food is definitely enjoyed! Knowing that you are giving them a healthy diet is comforting. Easy to stick with what they like and what works! by on 08/14/2014