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Hill's Prescription Diet Derm Complete Environmental/Food Sensitivities Rice & Egg Recipe Dry Dog Food Product Reviews

Hill's Prescription Diet Derm Complete Environmental/Food Sensitivities Rice & Egg Recipe Dry Dog Food is a meticulously crafted formula designed to provide the essential nutrition your dog needs for a happy and active life. This clinically formulated diet addresses the unique needs of dogs with food sensitivities, ensuring they receive a balanced and delicious meal that supports their overall well-being. Single Animal Protein Source - Eggs:Our recipe features a single animal protein source... Read More

Rated 4 out of 5 by 12 reviewers.

Great food for my Westies
One of my Westies was chewing her feet and excessively licking them. I switched to Derm Complete a month ago and she has almost completely stopped. The staining is almost gone too. by on 06/01/2023
Absolutely life changing for my allergy pup
Started this 2 years ago on my lab who had severe allergies, incessant ear and nail bed infections, and was needing Cytopoint injects about every 3.5 weeks at a higher than standard dose even with regular medicated baths. With this diet, we have been able to go 8-12 weeks between injections even during peak pollen times. While it is pricey, I am paying significantly less on Cytopoint, my dog loves eating it, and I am certain we both love how much better he feels on it. I recommend this food at every chance I can. by on 05/31/2023
Perfect for my girl with SRMA
My dog has had a ton of health issues, most severely being SRMA and because of her prednisone she had liver and skin issues. After eating for Liver Care for a bit, this has been perfect for her, especially with it being full of omega 3s. by on 04/15/2023
Definitely helps both my dogs!
Both of my dogs have allergies that need medication to manage. Since starting the Derm Complete they have needed their Cytopoint injections less frequently and have had far fewer flare ups than they did in the years before. It was not just a coincidental easier allergy year as many of my patients (I'm a vet) had severe allergies all last year and even lasting through the winter. I have been very pleased with this diet and recommend it for many of my allergy dog patients and generally get good feedback from their owners as well. I do not get any paybacks or extra benefits for recommending Hill's, nor do any other vets. by on 02/04/2023
I am concerned about this product
My ShitZu has serious skin issues. We switched from Z/D to Derm Complete. I now have to take him to have his glands expressed monthly his skin is not much better. He will not touch the wet even if it is an 8th of a teaspoon. by on 01/08/2023
Way to much
I bought a little bag but the bigger bage are like 70bucks I'd love to have a bigger bag so it will last longer than 2weeks. by on 12/01/2022
very expensive, but BEST food for my dogs allergies
for my 15lb dog, 1/4 cup 2times daily for feeding by on 11/12/2022
Solved our Problem!
I had been working with my vet to get my dog Missy off of her allergy medicine. He recommended a few dog food brands and after thoroughly researching them, I felt that Derm Complete was the best fit! After 4 months, I think that it has decreased Missy's seasonal allergies greatly! She likes the food and that's a huge plus too! Highly recommend! by on 06/24/2022
I love this for my chihuahua
It definitely stopped my pet's itchiness and she prefers it over anything else now by on 06/11/2022
Allergies worse
On our second bag and no improvement, if anything, I'd say her itching is worse by on 04/18/2022
I Wouldn't buy this product again
Product has an unpleasant smelll. My dog has been diagnosed with IBD and ever since Then he has been eating Z/D dry and wet food mixture. Currently there is a shortage with Z/D in AUS therefore i was told buy the Hills customer service rep. To try Derm complete, this food flared up his IBD and my dog is on antibiotics. I have wasted time, effort and money and my poor dog is suffering as he cannot eat anything else but Z/D under his conditions. I would not recommend this to a dog with IBD. by on 02/14/2022
Yes stopped her itching
Feed her daily by on 02/03/2022