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A Cat's Guide to Hill's Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Urinary Care Dry Cat Food If a domesticated cat could speak human, we might hear about their digestive care. Good thing that there are cat food brands that prioritize balanced nutrition, digestive healthcare, and dietary issues, specifically the Hill's Prescription Diet c/d that maintains a highly-digestible nutritional blend of pure protein, vitamins, and amino acids. Hill's veterinarians, pet nutritionists, breeders, and cat professio... Read More


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My cat's had zero urinary issues in over 6 months now

My cat was diagnosed with a urinary tract issue just before summertime of 2020. After forcing him to take medicine to help with the pain (which neither he nor I enjoyed doing to him), and multiple trips to my vet to get the diagnosis determined, several of which were after hours (find yourself a vet that truly cares and will meet you at their office even after they close to help you with your pet, folks), they turned me on to this food as a possible way to help my cat. My cat started on the wet food becuase he wouldn't eat the dry, but then he stopped eating the wet and we changed to this dry food. He's been eating this food in wet or dry form for over 6 months, and he's had no recurrances at all of his issue. The packaging says it lowers recurrance rate of most common urinary signs by 89%, and I have no trouble at all believing that. I've had a happy, healthy, playful cat again because of this food, and although it looks like I'm going to be feeding him this for the rest of his life, that's totally worth it to me. He loves this food, and I love that it works so well for him. by on 02/13/2021
Vet Recommended

This product was recommended by our family Veterinarian because our cat suffered re-occurring bladder infections. Since putting our cat on the C/D in 2015, she has yet to have a bladder infection. by on 05/25/2020
Hill's Prescription Diet Cat c/d Multicare Dry Food

Website friendly, once they confirmed prescription item was shipped right away. Great service. by on 01/17/2018
The ONLY thing between my cat and the Emergency Vet

My male Tabby has had problems with urinary tract issues since 2010 (FLUTD). He's had at least 3 trips to the Emergency Vet since 2010 and, at least, 4 trips per year to my regular Vet for frequent bouts of FLUTD. Since this newer formula's debut a year or so ago, my cat's urinary symptoms / issues have improved significantly! Amazing diet formula! A bit on the pricey side but, much cheaper than ER Vet visits! by on 03/29/2016
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