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Hill's Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Urinary Care Canned Dog Food is a scientifically formulated solution designed by Hill's nutritionists and veterinarians to address the unique dietary needs of dogs with urinary tract issues, particularly those prone to bladder stones and mineral crystals. This specialized clinical nutrition offers a comprehensive approach to supporting your dog's urinary health and mitigating discomfort associated with conditions like struvite and calcium oxalate stones. ... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 90 reviewers.

Selecting a dog food
So far we have no problem getting my dog to eat his food with this brand. We struggled for nine years trying to get him to eat. We switched from one brand to the next and tried different flavors as well. Some dried food bothered him. Others he won't have anything to do with. We don't have to add anything extra just to get him to eat. He appeared to be enjoying this one quite well. by on 08/02/2023
Kira likes this food!!
currently we feed 1/4 of a 13oz can in combo with a little more than 1/4 c of dry RX C/D by Royal Canin, food 2 X daily. we also use the Hills RX C/D hard treats (bone shaped) as she can have up to 3 a day as opposed to the soft baked which is 1 daily. We almost lost Kira, our 8 yr old Shih Tzu, d/t complications from surgery to remove struvite stones in March of this year. She was transitioned to the RX diet from a raw diet which at first was quite trying for all. she can be picky and this combo is working well. We are also hoping to obtain coupons to help offset costs as my husband is on disability and looking on how to go about that. any info you can provide is much appreciated. by on 07/14/2023
Morkie gaining weight
Stella receives 1 TB of canned C/D Stew and just under 1/4 c of Dry kibbles C/D in the morning @ 6:30 (she eats it when she wants) and just under 1/4 of the dry at 5:00. by on 06/25/2023
Excellent choice of food for urinary tract issues
I have a male dog that develops crystals in the urine, making him miserable trying to void. Hill's Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Urinary Care Canned Dog Food not only gives him a choice over wet and dry food, but it deters the formation of urinary crystals. He loves the taste and it does not add more weight onto him, when fed in the correct proportions. His coat is soft and shiny, and I do not have to worry about any blockage forming. by on 04/10/2023
yes my dog never would eat canned food until i bought this
tater has to eat the food with c/d on it. he never would eat canned food until I found this by on 04/09/2022
Fast delivery. Good prices
The product to good. The dogs like it by on 01/11/2022
Nadia's Wet Food
Nadia loves the chicken stew! I wish there were still 5.5 oz cans, but Hill's privided information on how to reheat since Nadia is a Chiweenie and cannot eat 12 oz at one time. Thank you Hill's. by on 05/26/2021
I would buy this Product again
My 2 girls love this, however, this has been out of stock for months now with no communication as to why. 1 of my girls is very fussy and absolutely enjoys this product that she really wont eat much of anything else. After having 2 rounds of Bladder Stones, i'd really appreciate the product being available again or at the very least, advise what the hold is by on 02/16/2021
Can size is a problem
MY Lulu has bladder stones and has to eat special foods for the rest of her life--she is 9 now. So, I buy this product because her vet told me she has to have a special diet. This product comes only in the large can and I can't find the 5.5-oz. size anywhere--including right here on Hills own website. I end up throwing away 1/3 of the food in the bigger can because she won't eat it if it has been in the fridge for more than 3-4 days. She's not crazy about it anyway so to try to get her to eat something that the doctor tells me she MUST eat and then throwing away most of the food is crazy...Why not make a smaller size can??? by on 02/01/2021
Great Product for keeping the crystals away
Its a very good product for Urinary track infections and keeping the crystals away so bladder stones dont form. the only issue I have is with the supplier as this product is constantly out if stock it is very frustrating. by on 11/17/2020
Re: Garbage
This food is garbage. Just use supplements to balance ph of urine with ph papers. This food is very high in FAT and most lightly will cause 2nd health issues. Also the ingredient that is used to control crystals can be purchased and you can add to your pets food. by on 08/16/2019
Life Saver!
My 16 year old was peeing blood from bladder stones (calcium oxalate type) & started this 2 months ago. It takes time to work but he's doing great now & feeling spunky! He'd had bladder stones removed surgically 2 years ago so I was hesitant to do it again due to his age. So we gave him antibiotics for awhile & started him on c/d & it appears to be working - I'm ecstatic! This stuff will reduce the size of the stones so they can be passed. Meanwhile I also give him potassium citrate pills (about 640-680 mg) daily, & they help prevent formation of new stones by binding the bad chemicals in the body so they can be passed out too. I hope this combination of treatments gives him several more years of feeling good because I love him to death! by on 09/30/2017
Your my heros!
I finally found a food my super picky Bichon LOVES!! I have been fighting her to eat the food I had and finally got smart and found Hills!!!!! I'm afraid she will start gaining weight, she seriously would eat almost of the time!! Totally unbelievable !! I am your BIGGEST FAN, by on 06/08/2017
My dog loves it
Recommended by my vet and my dog seems to enjoy it. by on 01/30/2017
she loves the chicken
my dog has urinary problems and she has been on this for a yr. Since i am a senior and care very much about her health i really appreciate the coupons that u sent me. I will continue feeding my Roxie prescription diet and the best part is she loves it. thank u by on 01/07/2017
My dog usually eats the dry c/d, but I wanted to mix in some wet food. Well, my dog loves it. I've never seen him eat so fast and enjoys it until the end. by on 12/24/2016
she likes it!
My little dog has some very special needs and she's a fussy little eater. She likes this food and happily eats it. It likes and smells great. I was very concerned as to how I was going to feed her, but this fixed that problem by on 11/03/2016
My 17 yr old poodle loves it
We were have to add things to the solid and dry. But the stew she loves. We still add string beans. My younger poodle will sneak and like the bowl he likes it too. I wish it came in beef so he doesn't get tired of it by on 10/14/2016
Good for reducing crystals in urine
my pug has been on the diet for a year now and seems to keep the crystals down. but i must say c/d is high in carbs and kibbles are large for a little pug to chew on especially an older one. by on 09/17/2016
Inconsistent formula
Per my Vet's recommendation, we moved by 13 y.o. Jack Russel from RC's SO diet to Hill's c/d. She is only supposed to eat canned food, to assist with the amount of fluids she consumes daily. Since the switch, I've alternated between the pate and the stew products, hoping that mixing up the routine would entice her to eat. Ultimately she just really does not like this product. With that said, what concerns me most is the inconsistencies from one case to the next. I've had cases of product with mostly meat/vegs and very little gravy, to my current case appears to be between 40 and 50% gravy per can. It literally looks like soup, and makes a mess on the dog and my floors. I would expect a lot higher QC from Hill's, especially at the price we are paying for this product. by on 08/09/2016
Loved it!
My dog recently had surgery for bladder stones. Our vet recommended a new diet and gave me samples of CD Chicken and Veg. Stew. She LOVED it! This will make her diet change much easier! Only wish is that the coupons included are expired. :(. by on 07/26/2016
After Canine Bladder surgery
My tripod Chihuahua was given to me after the dearth of a friend. I took her to my local vet and to my surprise, her X-Ray showed huge stones along with small ones. Needless to say she had surgery-tolerated it well and was given the Hills Urinary C/D Chicken and Vegetable stew. She is a picky eater, but loves this food. I heard that stones are very common. I hope the stew does prevent the stones from returning. Her last X-rays six months later was negative for new stones. I wish everyone would save themselves a Hugh expense by feeding their pets a high quality dog food. The food cost more but is well worth it. If she was given a quality dog food from the beginning I could have saved 1,500.00 dollars. The stew has real chicken and nutrients. I am so glad that there is a quality product that looks good enough for a human to eat, the Hills Stew is one of the best foods I have ever seen. They also make other types for other ailments, but need a vets prescription to buy it. by on 07/24/2016
Expensive stuff but works
My dog had stones and had to be put on cd she loves the stew I just wish it was alittle cheaper by on 07/10/2016
did not work
my shih tzu never liked the dry or the canned chicken or the treats. He actually got worse with this diet. Check with your vet and make your own food; it is less expensive in the long run. by on 07/10/2016
Health can cost too much.
I have been buying this dog food for my dog because she has had bladder stones. I bought it in dry and canned and the cost is almost twice as much as for regular Hills dog food. by on 06/29/2016
I will ONLY feed Hill's
I am so thankful for Hill's Rx foods. My Chinese Crested, Miss Prada, constantly had bladder infections. They would have to get a urine sample by ways of sonogram and injecting needle directly into bladder for sterile sample. I can only imagine how painful. And the money I spent you would not believe. But only the best for my babies. They are family. If you can't afford the vet don't get the pet. Once Miss Prada finally got over infection which was at least 6 mos after she has had nothing but Hill's C/D happy to say resolved all problems. I won't even think about trying any other brand. Plus it has the AFCO approval. by on 06/29/2016
Therapeutic Nutrition
I have purchased 2 cases of Hills' Prescription Diet C/D Chicken and Vegetable Stew. They have coupons for $7.00 off. The coupons are already expired. I also purchase the C/D dry food and the U/D dry food. None of the coupons are negotiable. I would certainly be a happy camper if someone could send me some negotiable coupons because my Maltese love the Chicken and Vegetable Stew. I mix the dry food with the stew and add a little water so they get enough water. Thanks, Pjmax, IN. by on 06/18/2016
My Review
My dog has done wonderfully with this product and there has been no further trouble with her urinary tract! by on 03/07/2016
My Review
My small sag passed a bladder stone the size of a lemon seed! She had had problems with frequent visits to the vet. One of the assistants shared about her small dog having same experience and was now on this product and was better. We started Ginger on Hills urinary care and she is feeling so much better. Her hair is healthy, she is her little self again! Thanks for a great product. by on 01/27/2016
dissolved bladder stones
Shelby canine had bladder stones and Vet decided to dissolve them (hopefully) by diet. She wouldn't eat the S/D at all, so we tried the C/D. Took a little longer, but the results were successful. Now both my dog's eat the canned and dry mixed together and love it. Their bowls are cleaned every night. Just wish it was cheaper .. costs are high to feed two dogs every month. by on 10/02/2015
my dog loves this food
My dog is almost 15 years old and still gets excited when I start getting her food ready. She absolutely loves the CD Stew! by on 09/26/2015
Saving my bichon
My elderly bichon frise developed a large bladder stone. As I worry about invasive surgery at her age, the vet's prescription for canned c/d food from Hills Prescription diet was ordered. It's working already (six weeks) and it looks as if we will avoid having to have our pup have surgery, which was dangerous at her age and quite costly. We also give her the dry variety of this prescription but she had problems with chewing it - the vet suggested adding no-sodium chicken broth and it did the trick - now she readily eats that as well. by on 09/19/2015
This product is great !
My 5 year old English Spriner spaniel developed 41 kidney stones which had to be removed . She continued to have struvite crystals with a high urinary pH. After using all of the CD products her urine PH has been around, 6.5, and the crystals disapeared. This food really works. by on 09/14/2015
My Dog has been on this diet for three years
My dog was prescribed this food as the only food she can eat for stones. She has had two surgeries and very hopeful she wont have to have another one. I really wish it was not so expensive. Really thankful for the coupons that we get sometimes. by on 09/13/2015
My dog loves this product
Our four year old lab mix Layla has chronic urinary tract issues and his has been a great addition to her diet. She loves it! We will continue to include this in her diet daily. by on 09/12/2015
love the product but not enough coupons.
My dog loves it but the cost is just to for some people. More coupons or sales would help. by on 09/08/2015
Nice Change
This new stew recipe is a nice change for my pet. She seems to enjoy it much more than the other recipe that is more of a solid consistency. My only complaint is that when I purchase the stew, I often get cans that are filled mostly with gravy and very little of the meat and vegetables. It's almost like it is from the end of the batch when the cans are filled and all of the heartier ingredients have been used up. I hope that those in charge of quality control will address this issue because the price is a little high to pay for mostly gravy. by on 08/15/2015
Great for what we need, but a few issues
Our dog needs this particular food for a health condition and it appears to be doing the job. Price is an issue. It's very expensive, but appears to be our only choice. Since our dog is only 13 pounds, we're doing OK. But I could see price being an issue for larger breeds. And the canned product is inconsistent. Since portioning is very important, it's difficult when the product either has too many air holes or breaks apart too easily. But again, this is a product our dog needs and we're happy it's available. by on 08/14/2015
Very appealing on opening can
My dog had diarrhea and was throwing up. My Vet gave her an anti nausea shot and recommended this product to be given in small amounts. She took to it right away and finished it with no problem. by on 07/20/2015
Animals Love It
Great response from clients about this new product. Very useful in office for troubled eating. by on 05/19/2015
Very Good
I am new to your line of food as my bison friese just had to go through a surgry for a bladder stone. I did not even realize that dogs could be affected by these. My vet recommended that she go on your diet food and she went in for her first check up since the surgery and I am excited to report that her PH levels are back to where they are suppose to be and that so far she is on the right track thanks to your food for urinary tract problems. by on 05/16/2015
13 yr old ditch bi@!ch from Edgefield County South Carolina
My little girl dog has bladder stones and was having repeated UTI's and was loosing weight. Since putting her on Hills Science c/d she has gained weight and eats all of her food now and has not had another UTI since she started this diet. My 11 year old American Bulldog was loosing weight too and because he still has his junk I put him on the same diet too. Both are now gaining weight and love their new food. They especially like the chicken and vegetable stew. No more UTI's, no more weight loss, Happy and Healthy dogs! Thank you for the bottom of my heart! by on 04/19/2015
Did wonders for my dog
My dog was put on a RX diet, she eats this food along wtih the dry twice a day. She is a happy doggie by on 01/10/2015
my dog is a picky eater and she loves it
also like the coupon they help alot. the quality of the food is very good annd smells good too . its doing its job also keeping crystals from forming in the urinary tract. thanks for a quality product by on 01/04/2015
The Food is palatable
My dog is a very picky eater and she loves the stew by on 01/04/2015
my 14 year old lab loves the C/D Stew!
my dog just loves this new stew that Hill's has added to their product line. As soon as we pick up the bowl she starts doing a dance and finishes to the last bite! by on 12/28/2014
Apparently this does not have much flavor as my dog will only eat it when he is really hungry.! by on 12/21/2014
My dog has been on your RX food for about 4 months now and is doing great ! I have since switched all my cats to Science Diet food also, they love it by on 11/21/2014
Helps with Stones
My vet recommended the c/d for my rescue dog Cassie who has stones. We are hoping this will help them decrease so we can avoid a surgery. I would love for c/d to have treats by on 11/21/2014
Treats she can enjoy
Since our girl can only eat C/D food, it is wonderful to have treats that she likes and can have. Thank you, Science Diet! by on 10/22/2014
Worked for Struvite Stones
I took in a stray female dog and she was in very poor condition. She was diagnosed with very large Struvite Bladder Stones. She also had a really bad bladder infection/ UTI. I felt really bad for her and knew she was in a lot of pain. She would strain every time she used the bathroom and wet her bed at night. She couldn't hold her urine at all. The vet and I decided that we would try the Hills Prescription Diets and Antibiotic treatment first since financially I could not afford the $3000 surgery to remove the stones. After a 2 rounds of antibiotics, and feeding both the Hills Prescription C/D and S/D diets, her UTI is gone and she was actually able to pass some stones on her own. So far I think that the diet is working. Its taking a little longer than most since her stones were really big. I didn't think it was even going to be possible and even the vet told me that she thought that the best thing for her would be surgery to remove them. Now a couple of months later I have notice a big difference from when we rescued her off of the streets to now. She is more playful and has a lot more energy than before. The diets seem to be working great. My only issue is that the cost of the food a little on the expensive side! I would like more coupons since it seems that she will be on this food for life. Also, as for the food quality, I would like to see one made with a lower fat content. I even used the Hills Prescription I/D when she had diarrhea one day from a treat she ate which worked great too. So far so good! by on 10/17/2014
Urinary Tract Concerns
At age 2, my Bichon (Lucy) developed the chronic condition of Urinary Tract Infection with mineral crystals. The doctor prescribed your CD formula and since then no such concerns have reappeared,. by on 10/09/2014
Best Food Ever
My dog Bella had to go on Hill's prescription food last June. I was very leery because she was always a very picky eater. To my surprise Bella loved it! She ate it up with no coaxing. Now she begs for her food at dinner time and gobbles it right down. by on 10/03/2014
Not enough flavor variety and too expensive
Not enough flavor variety and too expensive for my dog by on 09/26/2014
No more uti's
My dog was experiencing frequent urinary track infections I didn't think that this product was Goodnuf for my dog but once I decided to try it I am convinced that it has been worthwhile UTIs have stopped by on 09/14/2014
Bella Loves It!
Bella has recently been switched to c/d and really enjoys the c/d stew. We mix it into her dry food and she loves it! by on 09/04/2014
Maggie enjoys
I began mixing the canned w/ the dry c/d and it gives my Maggie more variety seems palatable. by on 09/03/2014
Dog loves it
Was given a trial to my dog because he had some bladder stones. They originally gave him some other food that looked like conjealed fat and he did not like it. He devoured this down and i am happy because i know he's eating healthy. by on 08/26/2014
Great tasting food that will keep your dog healthy and your
A few years ago our late dog developed bladder stones and he had to have emergency surgery performed the next morning. The vet that performed the surgery told us the stones were caused from his diet. Recently we adopted another Shih Tzu and we put him on a better food as we did not want another episode of bladder stones. Our dog has been on this pet food since he turned one. We always had a problem with getting our dog to eat and since he has been on this food we have not had a problem...he looks forward to meal time!! Our dogs are our kids and we only want what is best for them. We found Hill's to be #1!! by on 08/19/2014
my dog has a bladder problem & your c/d is want the vet prescribed. what is keeping me from recommend this product to anybody is because of the cost & I need 2 1/2 cases/mouth ,you let me have only 2 coupons per year to help with the cost, I could use 2 coupons / per mouth , not total per year , it would be nice to hear from you on this matter, but if I don't, I will understand, Tom by on 08/18/2014
admittedly my dog goes without urinary problems with this
My issue is that I have two dogs and only one has any urinary problems, so they eat different kinds of food. As a loving dog owner, I hate knowing that my one dog has to eat the same thing, all day, every day, while the other one gets to eat a variety. I have not found any other food or treat to offer my dog. My dog that has no urinary issues I cannot afford to buy the special food for, especially since it is not necessary. I hope in the future someone can come up with a different answer for these health issues. by on 07/20/2014
This product looks and smells yummy enough for even me to
My dog is a very picky eater and is 13 1/2 yrs old. She loves this new cd food and has gained 2 lbs in the past week which was a huge concern for me as she was losing weight from not eating. My dog highly recommends this diet by on 07/18/2014
All three
My dogs do not like the treats at all. However they both seem to like the wet very much even though it was only prescribed for one.. The dry is okay my shih tzu nibbles as needed. However I would be grateful if you could create a chew bone from c/d by on 07/13/2014
good quality but could be cheaper
My dog gets recurrent bladder stones & is on this food along with an antibiotic. Too hard to get coupons & it shouldn't be. I requested a coupon sometime ago and still haven't gotten it. She has also had surgery to remove the stones. I wish there were some other answer to treating the stones. I am a senior & appreciate any help I can get. Elaine by on 06/25/2014
Too soon to tell.
My dog is in just the first full month with this food,so I in all fairness,my opinion will come later,but I can say she does eat it pretty well.Which is saying a LOT!! She is super picky! I am hoping this diet keep's her in good health:) by on 06/21/2014
great dog food
I started using this dog food years ago because my vet told me to. My dog had surgery for stones and had to change her diet. She has not had stones since she has been on this dog food! by on 06/18/2014
No uti,s
No uti,s. All I care about...................................... by on 06/16/2014
This dog food keeps my Rottie girl out of the vet's office.
We have used the C/D formula for a few years now and I haven't had to worry about coming home to a sick dog in quite some time.When my dog isn't feeling well you can bet that I'm a mess until she feels well so it is Hill's at our house. Hill's keeps my pack happy. by on 06/14/2014
Excellent product overall.
For several years my dog "Minnie" would randomly have blood in her urine. It was always treated and corrected with antibiotics each time. After starting her on the c/d prescription diet, she has not experienced any more problems. by on 06/13/2014
My dog likes the c/d
I am happy that my dog will eat this food. I am hoping it will prevent bladder stones from reoccurring,, by on 06/10/2014
Great Product
My dog has always been a finicky eater. When she recently had UTI the vet put her on Hill's Prescription Diet CD - for urinary tract infections. Her old dog food would sit for awhile until she got good and ready to eat it. With Hill's prescription diet, my husband takes her out for her morning walk while I am preparing the dog food for her and she literally pulls him up the street to get in to eat this dog food. She is 8 years old and it is the first dog food she can't wait to eat it without letting it sit for awhile first. Also, for the past several years - she has itched and itched terribly - we tried everything to relieve it - well guess what - since being on this dog food - the itch is gone. So it has helped her in more ways than one. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Great Product. by on 05/20/2014
Helps my dog have a great life
My vet put Sprouty on this food because he kept having urinary tract infections and crystals in his urine too. Since he started this food, 4 years ago, he has only had two infections. (and he had a whole lot more before) He really likes the food too. It is easy to get from the vet too. it is a little pricey, but well worth not having to worry about him getting sick again. Also, it's made in the USA. by on 05/10/2014
dog seems better
good product but price to high. Need more coupons for product. by on 05/06/2014
C/D is a blessing !
Thanks to the makers of C/D, my dog has not developed any urinary track infections or bladder stones. Great products in the prescription diet line! by on 04/14/2014
highly recommended by vet
Marty, my Shih Tsu, has been on prescription food food for 5 months. She is eating well, weight stable, and no evidence of bladder stones. by on 03/22/2014
Keeping my dog healthy
Since he has been on this food he has maintained good urinary health. Without this food I believe he would have had to undergo many more procedures. by on 03/18/2014
too expensive
Does the Job
This product keeps my dog healthy and she seems to enjoy the taste. by on 02/16/2014
Great product
When my dog started having urinary problems, we were put on this food. My dog has loved the taste from day 1 and is always excited when it is feeding time. by on 02/16/2014
Picky eater still picky
It has been a month now since Quincy started C/d food and he is not all that thrilled with the food but does eat it... I have to mix dry with the wet and I add some water to make kind of a gravy and to add moisture to the food.. I did this for 3 days and he did not eat so I finally broke down and added a small amount of boiled chicken thighs to the mixture. Not a lot but some..He will eat the food this way.. I don't know if this is a good idea or not as all I see is recommendation not to give table foods to your dog; I don't know if boiled chicken would be considered a "scrap" or not. I wish there was a contact on this website so I could talk to someone at Hill's to answer my questions.. Hoping I can wean him off the added chicken and he will eat the c/d only.. If this food keeps him from another surgery I will be very thankful by on 02/11/2014
a good product
definitely a good product cost seems a little high but good for our dog . no streuvite crystals anymore by on 01/27/2014
Great Dog Food
My dog had struvite crystals and was in severe pain. The vet said they could do surgery to remove them or try c/d wet dog food. Within a couple of days my dog was fine and he loves the food. by on 12/31/2013
Great alternative
I like the idea that my dog is able to eat healthy in order to prevent UTI's. She looks forward other meal everyday. I learned not to give too much or she will throw up. by on 12/16/2013
This product is helping keep my pet alive
all the moisture and ingredients that my dog is allowed to eat are helping keep my sweet dog alive so that makes it worth every penny in my book. by on 12/09/2013
Keeps my dogs healthy
I have 4 Bichons and 3 of them are on UD. We started out using it because one of them had a urinary infection. Once that was cleared up she was going to have to be on UD for prevention of another UI; so I asked my vet if the other 2 could be on it for prevention also and she said YES! My dogs love it!! Thank you for making such a wonderful product. by on 10/24/2013
Hannah loves this food
Hannah my chocolate lab has been treated for UTI's and did have a large bladder stone removed. I know this food is good for her and she likes it but it is just too costly for me to feed her only c/d. I mix a regular brand food and c/d so the c/d last longer. Since starting the food Hannah has been great with her bladder problems by on 10/17/2013
The product has great features
It would be great if this formula was also created in a low calorie formula to assist with weight loss. by on 08/18/2013
Our dog "Posie" will be on this product for the rest of her
Our dog "Posie" unknown to us had problems since she was a puppy. After a while she developed bladder stones which made her life very uncomfortable. We brought her to our Vet, and they said she would need surgury to correct the problem. After her recovery, Our vet gave us a sample bag of Hill's/Prescription Diet Urinary. We have been very pleased with the transformation of our dogs health after the surgury and thanks to our vet for recommending Prescription Diet. Today our "Posie" is a happy loving dog that enjoys running, playing, and of course sleeping. We know we can trust Hill's /Prescription Diet not only because it is a good houshold name, but it was also recommended by our Vet. But the proof is my dogs overall health has improved, plus she is a happy dog now. I wouldn't trade that for anything second best for anything in the world. Thanks Prescription Diet! by on 08/04/2013
Didn't need surgery
My Dusty was prone to bladder stones. Doc suggested that I change her food to the canned c/d. Once she began a steady diet of c/d, we didn't need to have surgery to remove stones! Whew. by on 07/18/2013