Image of Hill's Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Urinary Care Canned Cat Food

The clinical nutrition formula is meticulously crafted to uphold your cat's urinary health, significantly reducing the recurrence of the most common urinary issues by an impressive 89%. Enriched with natural ingredients and fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, it nourishes your cat and fosters a stronger bond between you and your beloved feline companion. Ingredients -The formula includes pork by-products, water, pork liver, chicken, brewer rice, corn starch, soybean meal, chicken li... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 721 reviewers.

PU Surgery
My cat recently had PU surgery and has been on this diet since. I haven't had any problems with him urinating. He loves the chicken and ocean fish flavor. Great high quality food. by on 05/27/2024
Just as Promised
The food was in proper order and received on time. Would recommend! by on 04/27/2024
Sick cat
Our senior cat has a lot of health issues and this at least helps her get way less utis! She loves it mixed with fresh grilled chicken. by on 12/18/2023
Works but Not a Favorite for Picky Cat
Unlike some of the non-prescription urinary cat food, this stuff actually works. My picky cat ate it for a while but then went on a bit of a hunger strike until I got a prescription for her preferred brand. My less picky cat liked it fine. by on 12/11/2023
Lots of gravy, Cats love it
One of my 2 cats had crystals in his bladder, so after surgery, the vet prescribed special UC food. Both my cats now eat it, as the vet said it's not only safe but healthier for any cat. This Hills stew version is just like their old Hills food and they love it, luckily. The non-stew pate version they won't eat, so I stick to this one. Wish it came in larger cans. by on 11/24/2023
My kitty loves it!!!
My cat loves this brand and flavor! She has to have special food for her urinary issues, and the kind I was giving her before, she would always leave about half of it on her plate. But with this food, she eats at all and she is very excited when I put it down for her!!! I definitely recommend! My kitty loves this food!! by on 09/18/2023
Wanted it to work.
My Cat will not eat it. If it had more gravy she would like it better. by on 08/02/2023
You changed the formula
My cat has been on this door for 2 years and it was the only thing she would eat. She loved it, thankfully. I noticed recently she's not eating as much and spitting out chunks. It's because you changed the formula. Why would you do that? by on 07/01/2023
Vet Recommended
my cat likes the flavor by on 04/08/2023
Urinary tract cat food
You are always there for me when I order. In stock, and I get on a timely basis. by on 03/20/2023
Make this in the big can please!
Please make this in the 5.5 oz can!!! This is the only flavor my cats like and it is too expensive to feed two cats the small cans. by on 03/12/2023
Help my cat with Urinary care
good amount of food and my cat loves the Flavor. by on 02/27/2023
Yes, only because I have to
This is supposed to be a pate or a smooth consistency. This has hard chunks in it. My cat will avoid the chunks. I end up wasting some of the food because of these hard chunks. by on 02/25/2023
Simon stays healthy on this!
My cat is required to have the c/d diet and loves this. He's been on it 2 1/2 years, with good control of his tendency to develop those deadly crystals by on 01/28/2023
My Cat Loves It
This is my cat's dry food every day. He loves it, but needs c/d treats to go with it and none are available. by on 01/19/2023
Lack of quality control
Some batches are as dry and crumble others are cans of stew. My cat is reliant on this food for his health and wellbeing. I only gave it 3 stars and not 1 because he reluctantly still eats it no matter how it is prepared. by on 01/13/2023
Great food
My cat mainly eats the stress formula c/d. He loves this intermittently for a little variety. I can tell he notices & loves a little change now & then. I always order both. by on 12/09/2022
My cat loves it
He won't eat any other wet urinary food. He's been on it for about 8 years and has been crystal free. He has FIC, but in remission for about 5 years, thankfully. We love chicken veggie stew. by on 12/09/2022
Prince loves it!
Best cat-food! by on 11/17/2022
Your Cat Will Love It
Per any cats veterinarian he wanted me to try the prescription c/d and immediately I started noticing the Dodger was not only peeing a little more frequently but I noticed that the amount was more like when he was 4 or 5 year old!! The reason he pee's a little more frequently is because he drinks a little more water!! by on 10/18/2022
Hill's Urinary Care Soft Food
My guy loves this food. His coat is shiner, his breath smells better and he is happier. by on 10/11/2022
Hill's Diet c/d cat food
For this to be prescription, it must be good because my cat loves all of the flavors tried so far! by on 09/22/2022
My catโ€™s Favorite
My cat will not eat any other can food. It is Urinary Prescription can food. He loves it and it is keeping him well! by on 07/23/2022
I would buy this product again and again
I feed my cat this product by on 05/27/2022
Nothing but great things to say about this company. I had no idea they were out there, and now I know they are โ€” Iโ€™m sold! Friendly, delivered, happy kitty, happy kitty mama. Thanks, guys! by on 05/01/2022
Products not consistent
The quality control has really went downhill lately, my cats used to love it, seems like more water added , and large pieces in both chicken and tuna . Last cases they ate fine , now they walk away and it gets thrown out by on 01/16/2022
Great food
Kittie loves it by on 12/31/2021
Urinary care
Love the convenience of ordering online with pretty quick delivery. Great prices by on 12/14/2021
Great Stuff
We have 4 cats and one has some urinary issues requiring special food. One thing you can't do with cats is assign dishes to them and expect they will follow your wishes. So, we talked with our vet and she said it was OK for all the cats to eat the special urinary food. That sounded good - what made it perfect is they all love the Hills Urinary Care canned cat food and the Urinary Care dry food. Problem solved! by on 07/07/2021
I have 2 cats with urinary problems and the veterinary diets from Hill's helped them a lot! One of the causes of their urinary tract disease is: not drinking enough water. It would be very helpful if you also produced it in the form of soup. Thank you! by on 06/11/2021
c/d has helped my cat for almost a decade!
My cat has Lower Urinary Tract Disease and has been on this food for almost ten years. He has been blocked twice and then we switched to c/d. This food has prevented it from happening again. He is almost 19 years old now. I'm very grateful he is still with us and I know it's because of this food. by on 04/21/2021
Saved my cat from blockages and crystals, not enough variety
My cat had a bad blockage and crystals at only about 2 years old. This food was recommended by my vet, and though expensive, seemed like my only option to prevent it from happening to him again. It helped for a while, I went through a rough patch financially and decided to try a knock off brand instead. He immediately started to get a blockage, luckily I caught it soon enough & it was a much easier process this time. Since then I have been feeding him nothing but this food, and he has had no blockages. My only complaints are the price, it's really hard to afford. $38 a month at least. That adds up to nearly $500 a year. My other complaint is that he has gone through several periods of losing interest in the food and practically refuses to eat and has experienced dramatic weight loss during these periods. I'm scared to feed him any other kind of food because the vet bills are more expensive than the food. And trust me I've tried the few other flavor options available, and he only likes the chicken and vegetable stew. There should be more variety. For a cats whose diet must be limited to this food exclusively, there should be more options. Cats need a variety in their diet. by on 11/29/2020
My cat LOVES the stew!
Our vet recommended the Hill's C/D wet food for our 9 year old male Siamese cat. He's had 1 blockage and another partial blockage within this year causing two very costly emergency vet trips. We were told that this will continue to occur unless we feed him a urinary diet and only the wet food. Last night was his first meal of the Chicken and Vegetable Stew; he loves it! He's gobbling his dinner tonight as I'm writing! Of course, he hasn't eaten it long enough for us to see if any future urinary issues will be warded off, but I'm hopeful. by on 11/20/2020
Need a smaller size!
This is the only kind my finicky cat will eat. But he only it's 1/2 of a can so I end up wasting it. And its expensive!! And it isn't consistently liked....sometimes it's dryer and he sniffs it and doesn't eat it at all! But a smaller can would be awesome! by on 07/03/2020
does not work for us
We have 2 cats, one with and one without stones. We have to feed them the same food to make sure that they both eat and our cat with stones gets his recommended diet. We switched per recommendation from our new vet after we moved, from a more organic and natural feeding routine that worked for years. Now he seems to have flareups several times a week. Our other cat eats around the wet food as much as possible, which says a lot because he prefers wet over dry (We mix the wet and dry together). I'm not saying that it can't work, but it does not work for our cat, and our vet made me feel like a bad pet owner for not wanting to continue his prescribed diet. There are other options, prescription and otherwise. As long as my cat is not in pain and we seek medical care when he needs it, I don't feel like this is the best choice for us. by on 03/15/2020
Varitey- since I have all senior cat's and one with issues
Since one of my 3 boys have issues- we are feed all 3 this wet food. One issue is that they are used to a variety of flavors. For the typical family it is really expensive to buy a case lot of the 2 flavors that you have. I would also like the 2- maybe 3 flavors in one case price. Another issue for me is that they only eat pate, anything else and they eat the gravy only and leave the rest. Help us out please. by on 03/12/2020
I would by this product again and again.
No chicken or beef protein. Only pork and ocean fish proteins. My cat find it delicious and for his urinary protection and his allergies to beef and chickens proteins condition, it's perfect. The formulation is perfect like this. Don't change anything ! by on 09/05/2019
Pork by products in ocean fish?! Yuck!
Please make an ocean fish formula with just seafood. I will never buy anything with farmed animal products. by on 05/23/2019
CD cat food works for my Tuxedo
If you cat doesn't like it, change from the pate to the stew. Mine likes the dry in ocean fish, but since he's a bit heavy, vet prefers the wet. For 8 months he ate the canned pate ocean fish but didn't want it after trying the tuna stew. Now we introduced the chicken stew which is now his favorite. Still eats the tuna so we mix it up every feeding so he doesn't get tired of it. I've picked up his dry food in order to get some weight off him, but since he gets up at 3am I make sure his has a few morsels of dry until I get up. His ph levels have remained good. No more crystals or stones. He had surgery November of 2017. by on 02/27/2019
Food of choice for my cat's FLUTD
My cat's been eating this for years - ever since he was diagnosed with FLUTD. He's a very picky eater and this is the one food that he consistently will eat. But he HATES the carrot chunks!! I wish Hill's made this food in pate since Bowie doesn't like chunky wet food. I spend a lot of time mushing it up for him. But I do think it helps with his condition. by on 02/15/2019
Gristle bits
My cat is a hearty eater, but always leaves bits of the canned Urinary Care c/d with chicken. I add water to soften it, but he still leaves about 1/8 of his serving. It must be gristle. This food costs too much to have inedible parts. by on 05/10/2018
Good product
Both of my cats need to be on this food due to urinary crystals. It has saved both of my cats. I do wish that the ingredients were better especially for the price. by on 01/25/2018
Good, but could be better
My oldest cat was diagnosed with struvite crystals and prescribed C/D. I have four cats so I had to switch all four of them over to it since there was no way for me to keep my oldest one from stealing a different food from the others. (When I say, oldest, none of them are very old. Sansa is 3, Arya is just about 2, and Dany and Tyrion are both 9 months.) It works just fine. The cats all eat it and the oldest one has been clear of crystals since she started on it. My issue is that the ingredients aren't very high quality. I mean, the first three ingredients are Pork By-Products, Water, Pork Liver. Only the fourth ingredient is fish. And after that is more fat and carbs. They really just call it Pork Formula instead of Ocean Fish. Considering how expensive this food is, I would expect the ingredients to include actual meat. by on 12/14/2017
Great for urinary health, but need more variety
My kitten was prescribed this food after being diagnosed with crystals in his urine. He likes the taste of both the fish and chicken flavors (no vegetables. In no scenario in nature does a carnivore eat vegetables!), but I have to order 48 cans at a time because you can only order by the case, and each case is only one flavor. He won't eat the same flavor of food every day for days on end. Nor would I expect him too. It's extremely frustrating that it's not possible to mix flavors. Given that it must be ordered online and is quite expensive, I would appreciate more flexibility. by on 11/30/2017
Different flavors and textures in one.
My 13 1/2 year old cat just had to start eating this. He likes this and the tuna rice mixed one a lot because it has the different flavors and textures in it and it's not pasty like the other two flavors. The only problem is, is that there aren't enough different flavors. Cats like people like a variety in their diet and these two flavors are great but they tire of them dry quickly. Especially when it's an older cat that has to start eating it and is used to a new taste at every feeding. Your product is great to keep them healthy and free of crystals and getting blocked but I give it a thumbs down for taste and variety. by on 09/26/2017
Vet recommended
My cat was prone to having bladder infections, but since I put him on this food he doesn't have that problem any more. I'm glad my vet recommended this solution. by on 08/03/2017
My Review
When I rescued my cat he was sick. My veterinarian put him on the Hill's CD Urinary Cat Food. My cat is very happy now. He has been on the food for almost a year. I'm very happy with him as well. by on 07/31/2017
Helping My Cat Greatly
My 17 month old kitty suddenly had urinary issues and had to be hospitalized in April this year. She was started on c/d and hasn't had any issues since. Her coat looks great and she loves the taste of the canned varieties. The price may be higher than other foods for cats, but it's definitely worth it to keep her healthy and happy for the rest of her life. by on 07/11/2017
Helped my cat
I'm thankful that you made the stew in the c/d formula. My cat had been on Holistic food when she developed crystals in her bladder she is much better now but the only one she will eat is the Tuna. I see that you have several grain free selections, is their any way you could develop a small can (she will only eat the first two tablespoon and won't eat the rest) with salmon or fish. She doesn't like the large can pate first scoop only. by on 06/30/2017
Hill's Prescription Diet c/d
Both our cats love this wet food and are very stable on it. by on 06/27/2017
my cat was having a little problem going potty an
my cat was experiencing urinary problems and I started him on the CD right away and it helped clear him up very quickly. by on 06/23/2017
Great product
My cat was very sick with his kidneys, he almost needed surgery. My Vet put him on the CD product three years ago and we have had no more sickness. He was having to go in and have his kidneys drained before and it was very expensive and painful to him. Love the CD product. by on 06/11/2017
CD Multicare
My cat Blackie was put on this, it has made his and our lives so much better. We no longer have to worry about Struvite stones returning, my little angel is no longer in pain.. always his happy loving self . Thank soo much by on 05/13/2017
Works as advertised. Worth the money.
This food is prescription only and I buy it at my vet's office. They told me I can buy it at one of the large pet superstores in my area, but they require a note from the vet. Naturally, this prescription food is more expensive than other cat food, but after my cat had struvite crystals and required expensive surgery, this food has kept the struvite crystals away. He has been eating this food since 2011. He seems to enjoy the taste although he is not very picky when it comes to food. I only feed him the dry version, so I can't comment on the wet food. Buyer's tip to save money, if your cat likes the taste you might as well buy the big 17-pound bag and keep it in an airtight container. The 17-pound bag has the lowest price per ounce. by on 05/09/2017
Too many big chunks!
My cat MUST eat Hill's prescription diet foods because of a problem with his bladder. The food comes with too many big chunks in it, and I must chop it up before I can give it to him, or he will eat only the small pieces and lap up the "juice." Why can't the food be chopped finer at the factory?? (Since I don't eat the food myself, I can't "rate" it otherwise. Thank you. by on 04/17/2017
This is an awful food
I can't believe my vet would suggest this! Corn as the second ingredient?! Not what a obligate carnivore should be eating. by on 04/09/2017
It really works
My vet gave me this product for m 15 yr old cat who had A bad Urinary infection. After two days she was much better an back to her old self. Highly recommend. by on 03/28/2017
Really good cat food!!
Both of my cats enjoy your can food. One of them have a urinary tract problem which is why we purchase this food. It helps a lot. by on 03/07/2017
Not an emergency vet in 4.5 years
I'm grateful you make c/d Multicare, Samson & I haven't had an emergency visit since, working on over 4 years. He loves it, both canned & dry food. by on 02/13/2017
Prevents problems
My cat has been on CD for 2 years and has not had any recurrence of UTI or blockage. by on 01/26/2017
Great flavor
My oldest cat was loosing weigh, and after blood work, Dr. H thought the CD would help. He loves the flavor (so do my other two cats), and is already putting a little bit of weight back on. Also he is much more active. Awesome !!! by on 01/08/2017
Both cats love it
One of my cats had to have bladder surgery a year ago. Since then both of the cats has been eating the wet and dry version of this. They love it and I love that both of the cats are healthy. by on 01/06/2017
Smaller cans
I am feeding CD to my female cat and she is doing great! BUT, I throw away 1/3 to 1/2 of a can because it spoils after about 3 days in refrigerator. She also has dry food available but begs for wet food in morning. Why can't it be available in smaller cans? by on 12/23/2016
Best product for my cat
Tried a lot of different brands when my Gatsby got sick and he wouldn't eat any of them. When I found this one I was overjoyed, and so was he. He loves it! He hasn't had any problems with urinary stones since he's been on this diet, for the last 2 and a half years now. Only problem is that he's still a bit chubby, although I restrict his intake. I might have to go for the reduced calorie one instead. by on 11/02/2016
Has my pet my cat healthy for 13 years!!!
My cat had life threatening urinary blockage issues and has been on this food ever since his surgery. It has kept him and healthy and blockage free! by on 10/29/2016
Good medical food product
Our Oreo who is only 2 needed to go on this c/d diet a year ago! So far so good although he would like other flavors and possibly treats. (beef??) I wish it was lower in price! by on 09/06/2016
Reversed all urinary issues.
I put my 8 year old male cat on prescription c/d both canned and dry food months ago and it cleared his urinary tract problem within a couple of weeks. He's back to normal without any symptoms at all. by on 08/10/2016
My cat loves this food
This food is top quality food. My cat loves this food although she is not a finicky eater. If your vet recommends it, I would not hesitate using this food. by on 07/31/2016
My Review
Do to my cat's condition my vet recommended Hills c/d in his diet. by on 07/30/2016
He loves it!
My cat, Dusty, was put in a prescription diet due to urethra blockage issues. He's been eating Hill's c/d for a month and he loves it! It is a little expensive, but I do get coupons from Hill's every few weeks, which helps. Plus, paying a little more for the food sure beats Vet ER bills!! by on 07/27/2016
Great product!
Since switching to c.d we have not had anymore issues! by on 07/23/2016
My cat loves it.
I was worried my cat would not like it. He likes this and the dry as well. It is all he eats and has kept him from having urinary issues again. by on 07/23/2016
Excellent diet
Excellent urinary diet. Along with Dasuquin, it has kept our now 15-yr-old out of the ER for years now. But, PLEASE, Hill's People, make it easier to get your coupons!! It's just impossible, folks. by on 07/23/2016
Cat likes this food!
Cat likes this food and no problem with urine infections/crystals. by on 07/21/2016
Helping my cat
She likes it and the food helps with her condition. by on 07/18/2016
Great products
Very satisfied with results . Our cat has improved since we have started feeding her this brand by on 07/14/2016
My Review
I have been using the C/D food for more then a year. It has help a great deal for my cats problem. by on 07/12/2016
My cats health is 100% now
My vet put my cat on this food 2 months ago after he had urinary problems. Not only is he better but seems more healthy. by on 07/11/2016
Looks like you made it yourself
My younger cat wasn't eating the regular CD canned food that well. I know that the wet food is better for him for the moisture factor. I also use the dry food because my older cat only eats dry and I don't want a non prescription dry food in the dish where by younger cat who has a crystal problem can get to it. My vet suggested the chicken and vegetable stew and he loves it! As soon as I open the cabinet door, he comes running and has his nose right there while I'm opening the can. Just wish it was a little less expensive. by on 07/11/2016
Prescription that the cat loves
this food was recommended by the vet after a $800 vet bill for my male tabby with crystals in his urine. I thought he would hate it because he wasn't eating much dry food. But, once I switched him to this food and cut back on his wet food intake. He has not had another incident with crystals in over 4 yrs! by on 07/11/2016
C/D Multicare Urinary
Both this specifically for one cat, the other cat also loves the taste by on 07/10/2016
Our "Beau" Loves it!
Our "Beau" is a beautiful 5 yr old Domestic Medium Hair/mix (black/white - Tuxedo Cat). We adopted him as a newborn from our County Shelter in Feb/2011. He has always been a fun, healthy, inside cat. However, in Sept 2015 he contacted a urinary infection and we began feeding him (Only) your Hill's Prescription Diet Urinary Care c/d Multicare canned and dry bagged food. And, with the exception of some (Friskies) treats sometimes, he does not eat any other kind of pet or human food. We've actually stopped giving him treats a while back. But, as it turns out, he seems to prefer his Hill's c/d dry food as much as he ever cared for his (not very healthy) treats? He did recently have another urinary flare up, which his Vet is taking care of. Beau's general overall health and appearance continues to be great, his coat is a beautiful black and white, and he seems to be keeping his weight down a bit as well! On a final note, overall we are extremely pleased with your products and we do try to get coupons whenever we can to help defray their additional cost. by on 07/10/2016
Great product love it!
I am so pleased with the results achieved with the CD feline food. It has worked like the package said to reduce and eliminate the crystals. My cat loves the taste and the crunchy nugget pieces are just the right size. Thanks for a great product. by on 07/09/2016
c/d critical for good health
Two kitties have had Prescription Diet C/D for several years. Since starting this food they have never had crystals in their urine. They both had crystals 3 times prior to starting this food. I had another kitty who had a great, comfortable 9 years with kidney failure - I owe her long life with a deadly disease to a consistent diet of Prescription Diet C/D. And best of all all 3 kitties love it! I rated excellent value for the money because I can't put a value on the good health of my kitties. Thank you Hills ! by on 07/09/2016
Hill's prescription c/d
I buy this food every other month and my cat really eats this well. by on 07/09/2016
My Review
My cats prefer the consistency of the stew with the vegetables and rice as opposed to the other although the small cans are rather pricey by on 07/09/2016
My Review
My cat loves this product. It's one of the two flavors that she will eat. by on 07/09/2016
working well
Cat has had no probelms since being on the cd diet. by on 07/09/2016
Prescription c/d can Cat food
I bought them 2 cases so far and more and the cats DID not even touch them!!! Waste of food and money!!! Who make these horrible cat food!!! by on 07/09/2016
Hill's urinary care cd diet. Canned and dry.
I had to change my young cat's diet as she started having urinary infections one after the other. Now I had her on another brands top of the line foods but that was not going to work for her urinary infections and my veterinarian told me that if I wanted to see my little girl grow up with a healthy life I was going to have to put her onto the Hill's Science diet soft food. I told her she wouldn't eat the wet food. Well I started mixing the wet with the dry urinary care cat food and guess what!! My cat loves it!! I now feed it to both my girls and they beg me for it. Oh, and the infections....she hasn't had one since I put her on this food. by on 07/09/2016
Good product
My vet recommended the Prescription Urinary/Stress for my cat. Thankful that I went ahead and bought it because it has made a considerable difference. by on 07/09/2016
it works, but.....