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Hill's Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Stress Urinary Care Canned Cat Food Product Reviews

Hill's Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Stress Urinary Care Canned Cat Food is a specially formulated feline nutrition crafted by Hill's nutritionists and veterinarians to support your cat's urinary health. This clinically tested cat food is designed to provide the right balance of vital nutrients while addressing the specific needs of cats prone to stress-related urinary issues. Targeted Urinary Health Support:Hill's Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Stress Urinary Care is tailored to promote... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 53 reviewers.

Excellent Customer Service
I've been completely satisfied with for about 2 years. We order Hills C/D Chicken Veggie Stew every month. But this time the food didn't look right. It was all dried out & the color was different. I called PetcareRx to see if there were any recalls or change of recipe that they knew of. The very sweet agent suggested I call the manufacturer. So, I called Hills. I was amazed at the knowledge these reps have about the food. She told me that the food can freeze inside the truck if it's very cold outside. She thinks mine had been frozen. I was relieved that it won't hurt my kitty. But, she said I should call for replacement food at no cost. They have a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Well, it arrived quickly and was of excellent quality. Thank You by on 04/15/2024
Formula changed, my cat does not like it now.
I have no choice but to buy this brand for my cats. One had surgery and has been through enough already. He used to love the Chicken Stew and now hates it. I feel bad for him, he now has to eat the Tuna flavor which he mildly likes. The Chicken Stew even smells different. It used to actually smell good. Please add more choices in the Urinary Care Prescription formulas and Please change the formula back! by on 06/05/2023
Something changed and my cat hates it now
I have given this to my cat for years, but noticed that some batches had more rice, while some had very little rice, etc. I just blamed this on the supply chain with the pandemic and didn't think much of it because he was eating it and that was the point. However over the past 2-3 months, something changed with the chicken because my cat won't even touch it, and this is a cat who will eat just about anything, I now have 2.5 cases I can't use. Please change it back! by on 04/25/2023
My cat loves it
I am so glad this urinary care c/d multicare stress comes as a stew and in a smaller size can. Perfect for one feeding. My cat loves it, she is not a fan of pรขtรฉ. It would be great if there was another flavor, maybe ocean fish. Great product. by on 04/01/2023
Eats some-But need a pate
I must chop this canned Stress up finely for her to eat. Need a pate and maybe turkey or some type fish. I purchase through my primary care veterinarian at a good price (good price considering).. by on 10/20/2022
NEVER in Stock
This "STRESS" formula is NEVER in stock so I'm going to try to buy the non-stress variation, but I'm not sure I can purchase it because my perscription states "STRESS" formula... What a HASSLE to acquire this product, it's STRESSing me out...! by on 05/05/2022
Hills urinary stress canned cat food
My cat has but had any of her previous, stress related behaviors since starting this food. We're very relieved something worked! by on 04/25/2022
Cat hates stew!
If only this came in pate!!! My cat will not eat the stew. We really need the stress component and the pate is great for hiding other supplements and meds in too, but this only comes in stew. Super disappointed that I have to feed the regular c/d pate fish flavor version instead. Hoping they start making this in pate and fish flavor soon! by on 04/21/2022
Very palatable
Works well for UTI. Cats like it. Very consistent flavor. We like Hill's Science Diet products. by on 04/18/2022
Love love love
All three of my old fur babies crave thisโ€ฆ. Love it by on 02/27/2022
Seraphina LOVES this food!
Our girl is an extremely picky eater. For the majority of her little life, all she would eat was the feline equivalent of "junk food": Fancy Feast. When she developed a very large bladder stone that required it be surgically removed, we had no choice but to stop feeding her the less-than-nutritious food and switch her to the Hill's Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Stress Urinary Care Canned Cat Food. Much to our surprise, SHE LOVES IT! She's put on weight and her coat is shiny and soft. She looks healthier at almost 11 years old than she's ever looked. We're so sorry for giving you such yucky food to begin with, Seraphina! It's going to be Hill's Prescription Diet c/d Multicare Stress Urinary Care Canned Cat Food from now on! by on 07/06/2021
Product is great. Manufacturer isn't. by on 10/19/2020
What has happened?!
I've been using this food for my cat for over 18 months and it has been great until now! My cat loves it but the last batch I bought I had to return to the vet. When opened it looks like it had separated in the can. No stew - just solids and water. My cat won't touch it! Where is the gravy? Please tell me you haven't changed the recipe!! The one without the stress component is still the same thank goodness. What's going on ? Was this a bad batch? by on 10/07/2020
Flavour and fibre
Sacha needed to put on weight so I've been buying the larger tins. She really doesn't like the flavour and when you buy a box it's enough for more than a month. I've had to mix it with other flavours from the supermarket. as a result she never finishes the food in her plate which means problems with ants and flies and how to get rid of it. I'll buy small tins next order. But she does eat about 3/4s of the serving and she's putting on weight and quite healthy otherwise. Lack of fibre is also a problem. Not sure why an order of smaller tins is so much more expensive that an order of the larger tins. ? I wish you could buy a box with mixed flavours. Wish there were other flavours than chicken and fish. If i wanted to recommend it I'd give them a sample to see how their cat likes it. by on 02/17/2020
Need a bigger size can!
This food does work, but it's super upsetting how small the cans are This food is already super expensive, but now I need to feed two cans per day Please make a bigger size can! by on 09/09/2019
Nothing to say more than it works !!!
It works !!! by on 01/06/2019
larger can
I cannot place a real review yet as I just ordered it but Hill's really needs to make a larger can. This food runs about $1.58 for a small can which is quite costly when it is all that your cat can eat. by on 04/05/2018
It works as advertised
My cat loves this stuff, and since being fed this food, he's had not a urinary tract blockage. Also, since putting on this food, his coat has gotten ridiculously soft! Like others, I wish it came in a larger can because giving my cat three cans of this stuff a day gets quite expensive. It think it cost more to feed my cat than it does to feed my kids! by on 01/31/2018
Behavior Problems Solved
My Veterinarian (she treats cats only) prescribed this cat food to address my 2 cats "issues" one was guarding the cat box and the other was holding her urine and eliminating outside the box. The behaviors started when they turned 4. This food is a miracle worker! I've been feeding it to both of them for 2 years now and zero problems. They love the food and the slight chunks slows them down when they eat. Both cats are spayed females. by on 09/03/2017
good product; no large can size
This food has helped our cat immensely, but why is there no large can size? It's so much more expensive per ounce in the small cans. by on 08/24/2017
My cat loves it!
My cat loves this flavor but we go through the cans so fast! And we need the stress because I have noticed a difference in his mood when he eats it. Only problem is the bigger cans don't have the added stress ingredient and the smaller ones are too expensive. I wish you guys would make a larger can for this flavor. It's just frustrating when we don't really have another option for food due to his condition and this brand is not only expensive but not all flavors comes in all sizes. It's very limiting. If it weren't for this, I would give a 5 star. by on 04/17/2017
Cats hate the stew
I bought this to reduce the stress and for urinary problems. We were in the original (non-stress one), but since switching both my cats refuse to eat the stew version and there is no other option. They do better with a pate or chopped wet food, but there isn't an option for that with the stress component. by on 04/14/2017
Great food! Need bigger cans!
My cat loves it but there really needs to be a 5.5oz option! I can't afford to feed him 3 cans a day!! by on 03/21/2017
It Really Works!
My can has been on the c/d diet for 2 years and has had great success. The stress formula really helps my cat to be more calm and relaxed. She's just not so stressed out. The only problem is I really need the larger size can of 5.5 oz. I wonder if Hills' Prescription Pet food can start making the c/d stress formula in the larger size, 5.5oz. This food is rather expensive and making it in a larger size would help to reduce the costs to the pet owner. Instead of feeding my cat 3 small cans, perhaps I could feed her 1 1/2 cans. by on 09/12/2016
My cat loves this food
he weighs 15 lbs so i would need 5 cns a day or over 6 cases a month. really need this is larger cans. by on 07/25/2016
expensive; but life saver
After my cat's surgery for bladder stones, I was told to use this - and it has kept him alive with no more symptoms. Plus his coat is shiny and his tail is up. Worth the extra .50 per can. by on 07/22/2016
Kitty Health
This product has been instrumental in keeping our kitty healthy. by on 07/10/2016
Cats love but...
My cats love this food but it is too expensive. Wish you offered more coupons! by on 07/09/2016
happy cats
I have 3 cats while one was subscribed this food I decided to feed them all the same and they LOVE it. So far they haven't gotten bored with it as they have with the other popular brands. by on 06/29/2016
great for my cats urinary tract
it has prolonged my cats life and he really likes the taste by on 06/29/2016
Love it but not the price!
My cats love it and need it to survive but it is so expensive. I wish you offered more coupons or made it not as expensive because of the smaller can size. Most cats that are on this already have medical conditions that are costly and to add the cost of the food makes it financially difficult for owners. by on 06/29/2016
Need larger cans to cut down on cost!
These cans are so small. The feeding chart says use 5 cans a day. That comes to a crazy price to feed my cat. Larger cans at a reasonable price would help. Also, for the price of the food there are lots of "fillers" in the food that are bad for cats. by on 03/24/2016
My finicky eaters LOVE it
I use C/D dry to handle my one cat's urinary tract problem, so I normally use non-prescription wet for evening dinner, although still top-quality human-grade. Only one needs it, but to keep it simple I feed it to both. These 2 cats have gotten to the point that they love tuna-based wet so much that they usually will start, but not eat much of, anything else. Well, my point in posting this, is that (my vet had given me a can of this to try) my 2 finicky wet food eaters absolutely destroyed a can of this from start to finish without hardly breathing. There is definitely something about this food. Like everyone else I just wish it was not so pricey - I already pay for top quality wet food but this is significantly more. by on 03/23/2016
cats love it!
Having 5 indoor cats I wish the product was available in larger cans. Although it was prescribed for one cat in the beginning, they all like it in addition to the food being good for them. Please....bigger cans. by on 03/07/2016
The stress relief component is awesome!
I have multiple cats with urinary issues. I had been using another urinary diet until my veterinarian recommended the Hills C/D stress diet. What a difference! The food really helped to cut down on the urinary issues that our cats were experiencing and they loved the stew's flavor. We will continue to use this food for years to come! by on 12/16/2015
My cats love this chicken stew.
I needed to find a food that all of my cats would like. Because I have one cat who has had health problems with developing kidney stones since he was very young, it was necessary to find a food that would meet his medical needs, as well as his picky tastes. When my vet recommended it, all of my cats immediately accepted it. Please make more coupons available, as we use a carton every 2 weeks. by on 10/11/2015
Helps our elder cat with special diet needs
Have been using Hill's Prescription Diet products for long time. Our vet recommended it and our cat loves it and seems to benefits from it. by on 09/26/2015
My cats love this and willingly eat and enjoy it! No more
As chronic UTI kitties for the past 5+ years, brothers Frazier and Niles are tired of eating CD and feeding time is a frustrating struggle of begging them to eat their food. Often I have to include other food or treats to entice Frazier and Niles to eat their food. This is very exhausting and unpleasant for all of us. I was delighted to put this food down and have Frazier and Niles immediately start eating and not stopping until it was gone. A welcomed change in our feeding struggle. I have attached pictures of the two brothers eating their food until the bowl is empty. by on 05/23/2015
He < 3's It!
I have been concerned that my cat has been eating far less of his c/d than he used to. The vet suggested mixing this with his dry food instead of the canned c/d as I have been trying, and he ate the samples within a day. This is wonderful progress as he needs to gain weight, and has been on c/d for 4 years now. This is fantastic if your little person has developed a finicky taste! by on 03/26/2015
Hills Multicare urinary stress stew big hit with skinny
Our cat, Easy, could not gain weight and he suffered from painful urination. We switched to Hills c/d multicare urinary stress canned chicken and vegetable stew at the vet's suggestion. Now he is the picture of health, the perfect weight for his size and he never cries those pitiful yowls when he urinates. Thank you Hills. by on 03/13/2015
kitty ate it
Vet gave us two tiny cans. Kitty ate them a little at a time. He was very sick! When I went to purchase more the store only had one case. It wasn't this, it was that's what we are using now. If the store has this in a case in the future & the price is comparable to the chicken, I will buy it. by on 03/04/2015
Hill's C/D Prescription Diet Urinary Cat Food
My 1 year old Male Tabby had to be treated in an Animal Hospital as his Urinary Track was blocked. The hospital recommended Hills C/D Prescription Diet Urinary Dry and Wet food when I took him home. He has not had any problems in 1 1/2 years and is a very happy little boy! Also, I also give my female cat the same food and she marks the area after she eats! (female cats are less likely to get blocked) but she loves the food as well. Recently, they are having something new, 'canned Vegetable, Tuna & Rice Stew' and 'Chicken & Vegetable Stew'. I also use the C/D Urinary Dry food. The food is a little bit more but after you have paid over $2,000 for your loved pet being operated on and 3 days in hospital, the cost of buying Hill's at an animal hospital is worth it. I have seen that PetValue is also selling this food. I recommend Hills C/D Prescription Diet food, just buy one can of the new wet food I mentioned above and see how your cats like it! Don't forget, We are responsible for what we feed our cats. -Martin B. by on 02/24/2015
Cat likes it!
My cat very much likes this food. Like many other reviewers, I wish it came in a larger size can and that it was less costly. It is very challenging to stretch our budget to accommodate the price of this very expensive (but vitally necessary) food. by on 01/26/2015
I wish it was available in a larger can size.
The cans are available in only a 2.9 ounce size. I have four cats, which means I go through multiple cans each day. It would better suit our home if this food was also available in a larger size. by on 01/05/2015
Bobby can't get enough!
my cat loves the new c/d stress canned. He is a pretty chill cat so I didn't really think he needed stress food - I didn't realize how much our dog bothered him! He is more social with the family since adding this into his regular meals. by on 12/21/2014
He likes it!
A veterinarian suggested I try this for a cat who urinates and/or sprays a lot. We are hoping this food will calm his anxiety and change his behavior. What I can say is that, based on two sample feedings, he is calmer and more confident. I hope that he will not feel the need to relieve himself everywhere. And I also hope there will be another flavor so that he doesn't become bored - as they all do. by on 11/14/2014
A Great Alternative For All Pets in the Household
When we needed to put one of our new kittens on this food, we had to worry about how to feed her brother and our older cat without her skipping this and them eating it instead. We decided, since it might be a short term treatment, to feed it to all of them and they haven't complained, ha. Because we feed it to three cats for morning and evening meals, I wish the cans came in a bigger size as I have to use two per meal and I have to get a case every week! by on 10/20/2014
Albert loves his new food.
Our cat was having issues urinating outside of the litter box, after treating for UTI's, with little improvement, we switched him to c/d food, canned and dry. His accidents diminished almost immediately. Albert loves the new stew flavor, and the smaller cans help decrease the amount of storing and waste. Thank you Hills! by on 09/15/2014
Zoro Loved the Samples
My vet gave me a sample of this product as a change from the other Hills CD canned food he's been on for years. He loved this stew and it certainly looks more appetizing to human caretaker. I indicated value for money as average as I don't know what it will cost and am afraid to ask. I'll probably buy some of the stew in the future and use it as a treat. If I keep Zoro on the CD products he never has a problem with the crystals he tends to produce in his bladder. The times I've experimented with other high quality nonprescription canned foods he has issued. I guess I've learned my lesson and it CD only from now on for my guy. by on 09/12/2014
Great texture and flavor
Great texture and flavor....that is according to the cat of course! She loves the new c/d stress food. It is great because she loves to eat it plus it helps her urinary issues and stress issues. I love the new smaller can so one meal is in each can. It makes it easier to serve and not have to think about serving size. Great new product! by on 09/04/2014
This product is new
This new flavor variety provides another choice for a change in my cat's diet. by on 08/31/2014
They love it!
Over the years and the many animal companions I have had, there have been very few times that a prescription diet has been well received by my critters. At best they tolerated it and typically they wouldn't have anything to do with it. However, this version of c/d has been a huge hit at my house with ALL of the cats. Straight out of the can or cold out of the refrigerator, they eat it up! Thanks Hills for a product that will helped improve my cat's health and keep 'em happy at meal time, too! by on 08/20/2014