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A Pet's Guide to Hill's Prescription Diet a/d Urgent Care Canned Dog and Cat Food If a postoperative, injured, or sick domesticated pet could speak human, we would hear about the urgent necessity for a complete nutritional food for your convalescent pet. Pets undergo significant metabolic changes when recovering from trauma which can cause stressful conditions that require maintenance of their natural immune defenses. Animals require the appropriate care and food ingredients after tough situa... Read More

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Why have these been out of stock so long
Please bring these back this is the only cat treat I can feed my cat by on 08/27/2023
Will you ever make these again????
I really do not want to have to make my own treats weekly. When I contacted Hill's at the beginning of 2023 I was informed that you would resume production of these sometime in 2023 - is this still true or have you abandoned those of us with cats allergic to animal protein? I spend lots of $$$ monthly on Hill's products monthly (this cat gets RX Z/D wet and dry, and my other cat is on W/D) and wish you would listen to those of us who have a need for Hypo Treats- or tell us the truth as to whether they will ever be produced again. by on 07/25/2023
Worked like a miracle on my underweight, sickly kitten.
My underweight 8 week old kitten quickly gained the needed weight to thrive, with only a tablespoon of urgent care added to her regular food twice a day. by on 07/24/2023
Out of stock for months now!!!!
These are the only treats that my cat can eat due to her severe skin allergies. We have not been able to get them for months now because they are out of stock. Our auto ship order has been canceled three times now (2 bags every 8 weeks). Hill's Science keeps posting a generic response on all of these reviews that they are working on the issue, but nothing has been done. They suggested a link to make your own treats out of the existing dry prescription food we have, but who really has time for that. If it's so easy to make then why aren't you doing it that way so you can replenish your supply? We had this issue last year too (2022) so it's been over a year since the "supply issues" have been happening, what is the problem? Now once they are back in stock (if that ever happens) people are going to buy them all up in bulk so they have a stock pile, and we are going to have the same problem again. Please fix this!! by on 07/09/2023
Will these ever return?
I haven't been able to find these for months. by on 05/22/2023
Great if you can find them
They are impossible to find ANYWHERE. I don't know why they even list them anymore. I have tried EVERYWHERE but everyone is out. I am so upset as they are the only treats my cat can eat. by on 05/16/2023
Looking Forward to Restock
My cat was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease last year and Hills z/d dry food and these treats are the ONLY thing he can tolerate. Unfortunately, the treats have been out of stock for months. So looking forward to them becoming available sooner vs. later. by on 05/05/2023
Great product, been using it for years.
Our cat never gets tired of these treats even though her diet is restricted. Only concern is availability, difficult to find right now by on 05/04/2023
Hypo cat treats still unavailable
Just wonder if we have made any headway since the post from Abee in Spokane, WA last month regarding the availability. We have been out of it for a good while now and would love for our cat to get that little extra treat mixed into her bowl of medicinal dry food. Curious if any update on when you expect to have them back available. Summer? Fall? Thank you - we love the Hill's food products. by on 05/03/2023
Good product, but sold out everywhere
My cat CKD cat loves these treats. I have noticed that he doesn't need to pee more (in combination with a full k/d diet of wet and dry food) even if I give him plenty of treats: but the maximum is 10 per day for us. However, the product needs to be approved by a vet and is impossible to find anywhere (2022/2023) - sold out at vets, local stores, and online shops. Probably "supply line issues" (business model without redundancy). We will have to go without treats for the next weeks or months: not cool. by on 05/02/2023
Sick dog woukd only east this food
Dog has infection after surgery 105.6 fever. This food is the only thing we could get him to eat. He would even eat treats. by on 04/30/2023
Great treat, but I can't find any
This treat is great, my cat loves them. And that's good because they are the only treat available. Royal Canin stopped making the hydrolized treats. Now I can't find the Hill's treats. I had to track down a few packages at a vets office. When will they be available again? by on 04/03/2023
Can size is way too big
For cats that can benefit from this mix, the can size is way too big. Once the can is opened, it spoils quickly. Refrigerating doesn't help as they will not eat it after. No ailing or elderly cat will consume 5oz in a sitting, so 3/4-2/3rds of each can is wasted. Does it help ? Possibly, but this product is way too expensive to throw away that much of each can. Please make a smaller portion. by on 03/22/2023
I Have A Whole New Cat
When I took my cat to the emergency vet, I didn't think she would be coming home. She had gone downhill so fast. After a couple days she was sent home with a prescription for i/d and within a couple weeks I had a whole different cat. Her ribs and spine are no longer sticking out, her coat is beautiful, her tummy is round, and she is out and about, demanding attention. I look at her and am amazed. The only problem is that the other animals in the house - 2 other cats and a dog - think i/d is as delicious as she does. by on 11/29/2022
Kitten loves it and it works
Vet prescribed it for my skinny kitten and stomach problems and it's working great he loves it wet or dry by on 05/02/2022
Saved my sweet cat after dental surgery
I have a cat recovering from dental surgery. Sadly one of her precious teeth had to be removed and vet said it was harder than expected. I have given my cat the food filling it in a syringe (without needle obviously) and holding it in front of her mouth and gently smearing a bit of it on her lips to stimulate her appetite. She would then lick it while I keep pushing the food through the syringe. Eating from bowl was just too hard. Even with pain killers I could see she was very upset on first and second day. I Bought the food following nurse recommendation who usually grooms my cats (not related to vet). Was desperate because she was not eating the second day after surgery (only small amounts) and vet's recommendation was not helpful (boiled shredded chicken, she did not even want to smell it). I must add that my cat is a rescue and was used to a dry food diet only when I took her home. She is still very challenging with food and would only accept raw food if I feed her per hand. After the operation she was terrified and on edge for 24 hours and it has been the most challenging time for me as a pet owner. Today she has eaten a total of 320 g of your special food and while still not a fan of wet food in general I can see she is finally becoming normal again. So a great thank you for developing this special food. In my opinion vet's advice for pet owners after surgery (in particular dental) should include more specific advice about professional and appropriate food for the animal (be that cat or dog) by on 03/12/2022
Kibble is to large for my cat
Kibble was to large for her to chew. She weighs 7lbs and is 5 years old by on 05/26/2021
This food really helped my cats!
This particular prescription diet has really helped our 15 year old female cat. She has a sensitive stomach and has been very prone to hairballs and vomiting. I/d has really calmed her stomach down. She's also been able to gain a little bit of needed weight. Our 13 year old male cat with hypertension and hyperthyroidism also has a sensitive stomach and needs to gain weight. This has been a very good dietary solution for him. by on 05/26/2021
This is the only cat treat that my cat can have and loves
My kitty is on steroids for her gut and can only have certain foods. these are the only treats she can have that dont cause massive diarrhea. im praying they come back into stock soon by on 05/17/2021
My cat likes them
My cat likes them, he is on a special diet and these have helped make him not left out at treat time. by on 05/14/2021
My cat is 6 years old
My cat wont go near this food...she sniffed it and ran the other way...not so good food.. by on 11/24/2020
This food is exceptional
My cat Walter has chronic kidney disease in the last stages, and is not eating enough by himself, least of all kidney food. We tried to tempt him with all kinds of other cat food too, but he kept losing weight. Then I discovered a/d, and he liked it! What a relief. He is still not eating much by himself, but now he will lick 10-15 ml in one session from my finger, after being encouraged by a dab of it on his lips. I dilute it with just enough water so I can draw it into a food syringe and put pea sized drops on my finger, otherwise half of it will end up in the towel. The texture is fine and creamy, but holds together well. Walter eats half a can a day in addition to his "rewards" (chicken and salmon wet food that he receives after each sub-q and oral medication) and is already looking better, he even nibbles a few pieces of kidney dry food every now and then, of his own accord. I know that his illness is terminal, but I believe that this food is giving him some more days in the sunshine. One day his kidneys will fail, but at least he will not die of starvation. If only I had known a/d six years ago when I lost my cat Paul to CKD after just a few months of illness. He might have lived longer too. The smell of this food is not appetizing to me, but obviously delicious to my cat, and that is what counts! by on 11/20/2020
What has changed?!
Has the formula changed? My cats loved this and now won't touch it now, even mixed in with other stuff. They have been on it for years so it is disappointing to have to find a new diet for them. by on 06/08/2020
Great product
My cat has digestive issues and the vet reccomended this product after months of us trying to sort out what was wrong. Ever since I have one happy kitty with no issues. It's a life saver. by on 11/27/2019
Best product
I found an abandoned baby kitten without its mother( around 2 or 3 weeks old). I gave it commercial kitten milk but it keep losing weight. I bring it to vet. On top of special formula milk for kitten, the vet recommend this food. I feed it with syringe. The kitten loves it and gain weight easily, getting stronger everyday. by on 11/04/2019
My go-to rescue diet for debilitated cats
Easy to syringe feed when necessary and very palatable. I also use as a diet supplement for chronically ill cats to restore lost weight and muscle by on 04/12/2019
A big YES for I/D Digestive Care wet food.
My cat Gizmo wanted wet food to eat with his biscuits so I bought all different kinds and brands to make him happy. He's finally happy and content with Hills I/D wet food in sachets and he's put on weight. He was so skinny for a 2 1/2yr old and now he has a tummy. He only has 1 sachet a day with his biscuits and he's very content. by on 12/10/2018
Possibly saved my cat
My cat quit eating for 6 days. He would pick at his food and was throwing up quite a lot, daily. We took him to the vet, they treated him for worms and gave him this cat food. He's finally eating again and not throwing up. We're not sure what the original problem was and we go back in a week for another checkup but in less than 2 days it has made a huge difference. by on 03/26/2018
i love these products
A/D has helped my little one twice in his life. Recently, my baby got a bacteria and he was not able to tolerate even water, we started with a/d the day before and he ate happily its food, next day he was more energetic and noticeable that he felt better. Thank u very much by on 03/25/2018
Great food that everyone enjoys
One of our many cats was diagnosed with severe pancreatits a couple of years ago and has been on i/d dry food ever since. That wouldn't change although she now has several other of our cats who join her at mealtimes, and they ALL enjoy the i/d. Last year they were still kittens and they would push in to eat her i/d while she would be left with their kitten food which of course was not ideal. Now that everyone's grown up, they can all eat i/d - meal times are much easier that way. The only problem is that because i/d only comes in such small quantities, feeding six cats this food is becoming too expensive. My only wish is that Hills would pack i/d in larger quantities. by on 03/05/2018
Amazing results for a picky eater!
I have two cats, littler-mates, 2 years old. My boy recently got very sick - so sick I almost drove two hours with the flu to an emergency vet. It was determined he had an upper GI infection. My vet prescribed this dry cat food for him to eat (the wet food was not well received). My boy HATES dry cat food. Always has. He will grudgingly eat it if he is hungry enough, but would prefer to have wet food all the time. He LOVED this. Both of my cats loved it (but my girl normally prefers dry food anyway). When I feed them in the morning, they get wet food first, which he is always excited for, but he will actually abandon his wet food when I give him Hill's i/d Digestive care dry food. I am beyond stunned, and since switching to this dry food, I have noticed a huge improvement in the quality of their coats. They are so silky, shiny, and soft! Neither one of my cats have ever looked healthier or enjoyed dry food so much! I had in the past tried a different (non-prescription) Hill's food that they both refused to eat. I don't remember now which kind it was, but they absolutely loved this one! Now that he is better (and our prescription bag has run out), I am going to try to find a non-prescription Hill's that hopefully they will love just as much! (And will hopefully be less expensive!) ;) by on 11/02/2017
My cat was on for 10 yrs and off for 4. On again!
My cat was on I/D from the time I found him as a stray when he was around two. I know I/D is expensive, but I have no complaints because it is high quality. Long story short, but I kept my cat on this for ten years. Then I moved and left my old vet behind. In my new town, I tried over the counter "natural grain free" foods because I am gluten free. Four years later I am going back to I/D again, My cat was examined last year, and his kidneys and teeth are fine despite him being 15 years old. I attribute that to the 10 years on I/D. But his breath had gotten really bad. After a cleaning it was better, but became worse again in short time. After calling to ask for a little advice on this, it became clear to me the vet I had been seeing was in it for the money, and was no help. I was finally advised in a short phone call by a cat specialist. She said grain free is not for all cats, and to change foods. The over the counter grain free foods had made his breath and bowl movements smell hideous like rotting flesh and gasoline. The problem was so bad it was making me sick to be in the same room with him. Just the smell caused me to have phlegm in the back of my throat. I've only had him back on I/D for a few days, but there is a noticeable difference. He cries less. He sleeps better and the smell is going away If you smell I/D and smell your over the counter food, you will likely find I/D smells a lot less pungent. Yes, this is expensive. But it's okay. The alternative is not doable. by on 09/22/2017
It's So Good, It Tickles!
Dear Hills's Pet Nutrition: Thank you very much for following up on my inquiry, especially considering that we buy your products now. Our 15-year old cat, Stephanie, was sick recently. We took her to the vet, and they prescribed Hill's I/D and K/D prescription cat food formulas. What a difference! Once again, she's hopping around like a bunny. Thanks Hill's! Your products are truly appreciated. Sincerely, Terri T. by on 09/20/2017
My cat developed a condition that required him to have all of his teeth removed. He was used to hard food, and lost some weight immediately after the surgery. Our vet gave us a couple of cans of this and my cat immediately ate and has gained his appetite back. by on 06/12/2017
Pretty good
Prescription I/D helped my cats poor digestive system by on 06/07/2017
This has changed our family
We recently adopted a male cat from the humane society, and although they assured us he was in good medical condition, we got him home only to find out it was quite the opposite, he had a very long list of issues we had to address immediately! Even after several rounds of medication he was still suffering from loose... almost projectile stools! It was AWFUL!! For him and for us... it's difficult to want to snuggle with someone who you risk getting stool slimed on you. The vet had him on prescription cat foods, and probiotics and still it persisted. The humane society told us we could 'exchange' him for a different cat....Like... is that an option at hospitals when your baby is not what you expect??? We tried the Hills Science Diet sensitive stomach without much hope...after all... several different prescription cat foods and probiotics had not fixed it...but... we bought a bag and gave it a go.... And over the course of one large bag of the sensitive stomach cat food... he finally has regular formed stools! It's not a glamorous subject...but this cat food has made such a huge difference in our family! Thank you Hills Science Diet... please never change! by on 05/16/2017
Diet a/d
My cats LOVE a/d. It helps keep weight on them when they have been sick. by on 05/02/2017
Pork, pork liver, pork fat, High price...
I would request Hills to consider a different protein other than pork for its prescription foods. I know a lot of pet owners who hesitate to feed their pets Hill's products because their cultural and religious believes prevents them from buying pork or products that contain pork. There are plenty of brands in the market that have questionable ingredients and often also cheap but if you are charging top dollars for your pet food shouldn't the quality also be top notch? We live in a diverse country and that diversity applies to the pets too. Please consider widening your consumer base and removing pork from the ingredient list. by on 04/16/2017
Finally....something that really works
For years General Patton has been vomiting three or more times a week after eating his morning meal. He has eaten almost every cat food on the market and still he throws up and I clean up. The General loves to eat this flavor and cleans his plate every time without vomiting. The customer service has been outstanding and was very helpful in sending me to the right vet to get a prescription for the Hills Digestive Care i/d cat food. My vet would not write a prescription since the clinic did not carry that brand of cat food. Thanks customer service! I could not have done it without you! by on 04/15/2017
Best Cat Food
I thought my cat was on her last leg of life as she is 17 years old. The vet recommended this food. She's back to her healthy weight, her fur is fluffy, her eyes have brightened, she is active, meows and follows me everywhere I go, and is back to sleeping with me. I know she is thanking me for helping her get better. Now she is spoiled; she will eat nothing else but Hill's a/d food. That's OK. I love her. by on 03/11/2017
my cats favorite food
my cat has a digestive problem and she will probably be on this food for life....i'm very happy that she loves it so much.....she also like to play a game with it....i throw the pieces and she loves to chase them....she looks forward to this game every night....and since she has been on this food she has not had any problems with digestion....thank you hills by on 03/06/2017
Ecstatic with this product
I can not say enough about this pet food. We had a 8 month old kitten who had to be bottle fed after its mother had abandoned him and he would not eat cat food of any kind. Lived off of turkey and chicken lunch meat and our vet finally gave us this wet food and he loves it! Without this I believe he would have died. Thank you so much for this pet food product by on 01/19/2017
Best Product For My Cat
We tried other digestive health prescription diet foods and my cat would eat one or two meals and then stop. These foods were dry and did not have enough moisture. My cat then tried Hills I/D Prescription Diet canned food and loved it, full of moisture and great flavor, he loves the I/D Dry Food just as much and maybe more. He's been eating these foods for over 5 years. I hope Hills never stops making this food. This is the best food for my cat, it controls his vomiting so well he rarely gets sick anymore. It also keeps him at a healthy weight. by on 10/21/2016
Healthy Food
My cats love this product. I love it because it is healthy, excellent quality food for my kitties. by on 09/13/2016
Saved my Bengal
Our bengal, Guinness, was quite lethargic, not eating, not drinking and not doing much of anything. Thought it was the heat/humidity here in the NE but after a few days we knew a trip to the vet was what had to happen. The little guy was quite sick. He needed nourishment immediately or we were going to lose him. We fed him by syringe for the better part of a week (along with meds) and he hated us for it. That was last week. Today we watched him eat most of what was in his bowl and smiled watching him drink water. Hill's food along with our nurturing daily routine brought him back to us. I know there are many components to bringing any animal back to health but this food was a large part of it. I will highly recommend it to anyone I come in contact within the cat world. A heartfelt thank you to Hill's. We got Guinness back. 8-) by on 08/06/2016
My Review
My cat's liver numbers were so high that the vet was surprised she was still so healthy. Started my cat on this food, although her liver isn't healed, it has helped tremendously. by on 08/05/2016
Very helpful
This particular product has vastly improved my cat's medical condition. by on 07/25/2016
My siamese has had constant issues with regurgitation (usually daily) for so long I can't remember. We have been on Hill's i/d Digestive Care Dry Food and she is a changed cat. It's been 8 days and no regurgitation or overeating. THANK YOU HILL'S!! by on 07/16/2016
My Review
My cat got very sick last year and we though we were going to lose her. She got to the point of not eating. The vet could not figure out what was going on. We decided to stop her current food that she had been on for years. We started her on the Hills Prescription i/d and she was able to keep more down and has less hairball issues. by on 07/09/2016
My Review
As KC was getting older he needed something to help his digestive problems. Hills I/D was recommended and that was three years ago.Since then he has only a very rare occurrance of any digestive problems. by on 07/09/2016
Better Health!
I have been using this product for several years. My cat was throwing up and have bowel problems. Since I have been using this product, his digestive health is much improved! by on 07/09/2016
thank you
After 10 months of trying various other prescription foods, this one did the trick. no more vomiting. While still on various medicines, at least my 8 year old Siamese isn't vomiting anymore. AND my other non- sick cat will also eat it so I don't have to restrict/separate the food any longer. We also feed the canned I/D chicken. by on 07/09/2016
Big difference!!
Gates uses this food and his tummy is a lot happier. Just wish it was not so expensive. by on 07/09/2016
Amazing food!
My cat is 4 years old, and for a longest time she would vomit constantly. She went through diagnostic testing, different food trials, and finally we came across I/D. This has been a fantastic diet for my cat. Ever since we started her on this food there is no more vomiting! She is a happy, healthy cat! by on 07/06/2016
This has helped my cat a lot!
I started giving this to my cat about 7 months ago. He is healthier and has less bowel problems. His tummy is getting filled out. This has given my 14 year old cat a new lease on life. :) by on 07/05/2016
My Review
I bought this for my cat who has a very sensitive stomach. She is doing so much better with this food! I can definitely tell that there is difference! by on 07/03/2016
WOW! This stuff works!
My 9 year old was suffering from chronic diarrhea and daily vomiting. I was preparing myself for the expense of multiple tests and medications to help her feel better. The vet recommended we start with Hills I/D first. I was skeptical because she was already on sensitive stomach food. I didn't think a solution as simple as changing her food would work. Oh my goodness was I wrong! in just two days my cat has firm stool and so far no vomiting. I am so grateful for this food! by on 07/01/2016
Kitty likes it !
My cat loves dry food but with his digestive issues we have to be careful. He likes the ID and that, combined with a bit of wet food seemed to do the trick. I do have to give him some other things for his larger issue but this food helps me to keep him well fed with little fuss or drama. by on 06/30/2016
Great food
My cat has been on this food for 4 years and has done very well. She loves it. by on 06/29/2016
Good for Kittens & Cats that don't want to eat
Operating a Cats Rescue & Rehoming Organization, I frequently need to use the Hills Prescription Diet Canine/Feline A/D canned food for young kittens, sick, and older cats that just don't seem interested in eating. They usually go for it on their own, but it has a good smooth consistency that can be thinned down with broth or water, and then drawn up into a 10 cc feeding syringe for force feeding if necessary. by on 06/29/2016
Brought our injured cat back to health
Our vet prescribed this when our 13 year old cat broke his jaw. He could not eat or drink, and this restored his health within 2 days so that he could be treated. We are so grateful for this product. Thank you! by on 06/19/2016
Worked great!
I am so happy I bought this after the vet recommended it when my dog was sick. Rocco is a 2 month old yorkiepoo and this food did the job. It worked great. by on 06/17/2016
Harry Approves 100%
Little Harry came into our lives back in December of 2015. His mama was a farm cat in rural Evansville, WI. Unfortunately, she was taken from this Earth by a coyote. Harry was well taken care of by his original human mama and became ours at 8 weeks old. However, his lil tummy was quite sensitive. He wasn't able to keep down the wet food we initially got for him. After a visit to our vet, some antibiotcs and a prescription of Feline Digestive Care I/D, Harry was no longer throwing up. He continues to grow and play with his "big brothers." He will be 8 months in June. by on 05/31/2016
My cats Love Your Food!
Ever since I have switched to Hill's Science Diet Feline ID my 5 cats have not been vomiting as much and their breath is soo much better! I feed them dry and canned and it is the only food they eat and they Love It! Such an improvement in their health and their coats!! Thank You! by on 05/21/2016
The only one to beat diarrhea
Always have Hill'sโ„ข Prescription Dietโ„ข i/dโ„ข in stock. My kittens are super sensitive to any diet change. My vet suggested to give it only when there is a diarrhea issue cause if I give it all the time, it won't work when diarrhea strikes. My kittens LOVE IT! Don't know what's in it but it's they only they fight each other for. specially the wet one by on 05/18/2016
Last Resort
From my understanding this is not for made for a health pet, which is why a prescription is needed. I used it several times in place of Hill's K/D when my cat stops eating. Eating A/D is not the best choice for him but not eating is even worse. While the price of a prescription diet is more costly, I believe its justifiable. by on 02/05/2016
The best food at the moment for my cat!
I picked a medical food for the cat among the many brands and options among the Hills and Hill LD only helped to solve the problem with digestion of my cat! It is unfortunate that stopped selling canned goods, they are very necessary!!! by on 02/05/2016
Crazy for these treats!
My six-month old kitten doesn't really care for treats. He thinks they are toys and bats them around. I was able to get him to eat a couple of another company's freeze-dried treats, but he wasn't exactly in love. Until these... ...holy cow!! It was love at first bite! He LOVES these treats. After he scarfs one down, he looks at me, begging for more. I'm so glad he loves these so much!! by on 01/08/2016
My vet recommended this product.
My cat is usually very finicky but she seems to like this i/d feline for digestive care. We also feed her the canned i/d feline for digestive care. by on 10/11/2015
Has truely helped my cat so much!
I love this product and so does my two cats! Only one has a sensitive tummy, and i have noticed a differnce in her since switching strictly to the i/d prescription food. by on 09/25/2015
Perfect choice
Have been using a number of over the counter wet and dry cat foods (Science diet sensitive stomach-dry) and various brands of wet all of which did not help cat with routine vomiting. Hills I/D in both wet (chicken) and dry cat food has certainly curtailed the vomiting significantly and therefore less cleaning for us!! by on 09/24/2015
Appears to not aggravate GI
I/D was initially recommended prior to my cat having chest wall resection surgery - and now that there are GI issues. Her weight has been stable throughout the year and what is important she will eat it - and keep eating it. While I know she would prefer other foods - it doesn't aggravate her GI tract - and when I stick with giving her I/D - she ends up with formed, healthy stool and no vomiting. I wish it had more fiber - not sure if that is possible. I also wish there was more than one variety - chicken - and maybe turkey or lamb - so she wouldn't get bored with it so easily. Overall, I am glad that I/D is out there - and really glad for the new seal on the bags! by on 09/20/2015
I'm sold on Science Diet & if needed, prescription diet. However, if I didn't work at a place to get it less expensive, I don't know that I wouldn't switch. Yes, I do know what I'm paying for but that doesn't make money appear. Also, I thought we were supposed to get coupons in the mail by going through a vet clinic. Did I misunderstand? Thanks for asking. by on 09/17/2015
Great food but pricey!
This cat food has helped my 12yr old female cat significantly. I only wish there was a rewards program as the food is expensive and I purchase (2)8lb bags a month as I have to feed it to all 3 of my cats. Coupons or rewards program would make it easier on pet owners who have no choice but to buy prescription diet. by on 09/14/2015
A very good product
A quality cat food that you can put your trust in. Our pet has done well while on this diet. by on 09/07/2015
This product has been a blessing.
My boy cat has been on Hills ID wet and dry for approximately eight months and I have seen a huge improvement in his gastrointestinal health and habits. He loves the taste, as does my female cat. I'm pleased both can eat it. I find the product itself to be well packaged. Knowing that my boy feels better as he approaches his golden years is priceless to me. by on 09/06/2015
Our old cat was having trouble keeping her food down.
Our vet suggested switching to Hills feline ID. Now cat seems happy and healthy and able to keep her food down. by on 07/27/2015
pricey for something my cat doesn't really care for
My cat will eat it only when he gets really hungry enough... as in -if he's not eaten any other meal for several meals. He doesn't really care for it. He sniffs it and walks away like he'd rather go hungry most times. I feel like for the price we paid he SHOULD like to eat it. by on 05/27/2015
Thanks for Hills Gastointestinal products is just what our
Our 10yr old cat Cali was vomiting frequently after eating various brands of cat food both dry. & wet. Nothing worked for her. It seemed hopeless until we put her on Hills Gastrointestinal ID diet both dry & canned. She's like a new cat! She loves the taste & begs for more. Your product was just what she needed. by on 05/22/2015
Bud Loves his treats!
My cat normally does not like eating treats but when I offered him this treat he went nuts! He loves them and they don't upset his tummy. by on 05/19/2015
Jump started my Boy!
After emergency abdominal surgery, my Boy could not tolerate eating enough food to get the calories he needed. The DVM prescribed the a/d, to supplement the recommended post op diet (i/d canned/dry). The a/d really 'jump started' his appetite. He obviously liked the flavor, ate it right down! and he did not lose any more weight -- and finally started to gain! Without Hill's Prescription food, I don't think he be here today. by on 12/16/2014
Really gets my 12+ year old standard poodle to eat.
My almost 13 yr old standard poodle dropped approx 10% of his body weight in 6 or so months and had become very weak and lethargic. We still don't really have a diagnosis but we needed to get his weight back up so started adding a few cans of a/d each day and he's gained back a pound in 2 weeks (and, I hope, picks up a few more pounds over the next month or so) and seems more alert. He loves the taste. Only down side (other than the expense, but he's worth it), is the really smelly flatulence he's developed -- again, he's worth it but the smell can be room clearing by on 12/11/2014
Quality food in bite sized pieces
The cat likes the food and can chew it easily because the pieces are fairly small. It helps her digestive health a lot. by on 12/05/2014
Hey Marley, he likes it!
My Marley was throwing up every so often on Science Diet. I had other cats do extremely well on science diet. While he loved Science Diet his tummy couldn't handle all the flavors. We tried other brands and finally took him to the vet. Since I have a preference to the Hill's brand the vet wrote him an RX for i/d dry food. HE LOVES IT! WE LOVE IT! No more vomit! Marley is now happy and healthy. The best part is...if you look every so often Hill's will give out coupons. Without the coupon the price is fair! We can get 64 feedings out of a 4 lb bag! If your kitty has an upset tummy tell your vet this is the food for her/him! Hill Prescription Diet ROCKS! by on 12/05/2014
This food saved our cat
We adopted our cat Zeus from the Humane Society about nine years ago. He was grown and, as we discovered, older than they thought. Earlier this year he started losing weight, despite eating well. The vet decided we had a geriatric cat and prescribed Hills's. He has gained weight thanks to the nutritional value of the Hills's food and is becoming his old self once again. Thank you Hill's. by on 11/11/2014
Perfect Food for Critical Care
My mom's cat (3 y/o domestic long hair) experienced liver failure and would not/could not eat. She vomited often, had a high fever, and suffered with abdominal pain. She was taken to the vet for treatment and finally recovered enough to come back home. She made it one day, then started experiencing symptoms again. She ended up back in the hospital, and back in liver failure. The poor little thing recuperated again (thankfully), but this time the vet sent her home with this food. She's been doing very well, no symptoms so far, and she eats this like it's the best thing she's ever had in her life! It really is a life saver. If nothing else, keep a can or three on hand...just in case. by on 11/10/2014
Nice and soft for older dogs with few teeth!
Excellent transitionfor my 16 year old maltese rfom dry food all his life to suddenly needing soft. A product i surely can trust since my vet presribed it. by on 10/27/2014
Hill'sยฎ Prescription Dietยฎ i/dยฎ Feline Gastrointestinal
Excellent quality food, simply the best. Would be great if it was a little less expensive! by on 10/20/2014
serious diarrhea
My vet recommended this for a serious, foul smelliing diarrhea problem and within two days the stool had taken shape and was no longer an on-going problem. The kitty is not nuts about this stuff but she eats it and has gained weight. The price is high for me but I will cut back in other places for the health of my little friend by on 10/18/2014
Great Product
My Vet prescribed this food for my cat over a year ago. Since being on this food, his stomach upset episodes are practically non existent. Such a relief to know he is getting good food that is made specially for his sensitive tummy! by on 10/11/2014
Great Product
Since my pet has been on this product he no longer vomits and has since gained weight. Also no more trips to the hospital. I just wish, more coupons were available. The food can be very costly when you are on a limited income. by on 10/11/2014
This has changed my cat's life 100%!
My cat has had stomach problems his whole life. He's always had an extremely sensitive tummy, and I've tried almost EVERY type of food on the market, from natural, to sensitive stomach, to wet food, you name it. This has been the only food that has given him a complete 180, and we haven't had any stomach troubles since! It's absolutely a game changer. And life changer! (for the both of us haha!) by on 10/06/2014
Our two cats love the AD
Our two cats both have medical issues and they have been eating the Pres- Diet AD for several years and it keeps them going. It is expensive but it works and they love it. when coupons are available it helps alot. by on 09/30/2014
Healthy animals !
Over 30 years , 7 cats during that time .. we have used nothing but Science Diet / Hills products and all cats have been healthy. Good coats , eyes , teeth. As with all things the price continues to increase but we will continue to use it ! by on 09/27/2014
Good product wish coupons came in email
great product. Do need coupons. Loading from site cumbersome. Wish easier to print or get hold of coupons. by on 09/12/2014
My cat loves it!!
I started giving my cat this food and she absolutely loves it! It makes her skin and hair look so shiny by on 09/08/2014
My cat will do tricks for this treat!
I first tried this treat out on my pet as a taste acceptance trial. She definitely loved it. She is very intelligent and I was able to teach her four different tricks ---High Five , Sit-Up, Turn Around, and Jump through the Hoop using the Hypoallergenic Treats as her reward. She is a cat so that's what I call the right incentive! by on 09/04/2014
Cat likes this product.
My cat had isues keeping food down. This product changed all of that. She like the food and never has issues anymore. by on 09/01/2014
SD Prescription I/D Gastro Health- Cats
My cats were sick recently with GI distress. My vet switched them to Science Diet's I/D dry food. It took a couple of weeks for my pets to adjust, but they are much better now. by on 08/24/2014
A food that my cats will eat
We have tried several different types and brands of food to keep them from having so many "fur balls". When we told the vet, he recommended this product and it has worked!!!! We now have way fewer messes to clean up every day!!!!! by on 08/23/2014
Too costly
This product is to costly and after comparing the ingredients to other brands there is nothing in it that justifies the high price. by on 08/18/2014
This product is necessary for my cat's health
My cat throws up a lot and this has helped to reduce it but not eliminate it. We have three cats and they all eat this food so the cost is very high for multiple cats. I would like to change the food but don't want to upset the cats and their routine. by on 08/14/2014
Expensive, but when they're sick, valuable
My dog has been in critical liver failure, and nothing would pique her appetite. This did! She was able to eat this w/o hesitation.( My cat kept trying to eat it, too.) After dropping several pounds, she was finally able to start putting back on some of weight. Since eating caused her a lot of abdominal pain, she wouldn't eat anything on her own--except this. by on 08/14/2014
Our Abyssinians really like the food
Our Vet recommended this diet for our 2 Abyssinians. Easy to chew and both kitties like it. by on 08/05/2014
Good, but pricey and only one flavor?
I bought this the Prescription Diet i/d food for my cat that was constantly throwing up after eating other store bought food. The result was throwing up! Hallelujah! The only drawbacks are the high price of the food and subscribers are only allowed to get/use one coupon. Also, it would be nice if there was at least one other flavor of at least the wet i/d food...another flavor for the dry would be nice, too. The cats get very bored with the same thing every day and now that they've been on it for a while, there are some days they refuse to eat it. :( by on 08/05/2014
A Healthy Food My Cat Adores
My shelter rescue cat came with a fractured pelvis. He needs this prescription food to keep his stools consistently healthy to avoid blockage. He loves it! by on 08/04/2014
Cats (2) come running!
I have two cats, one is finicky and indifferent to food and she comes running almost as fast as the little glutton when I ring the treat bell. My vet recently stopped carrying these treats 'cuz I was the only one buying them - I'm gonna have to buy them online now. by on 08/02/2014
My cat has to eat this food or he will throw up and get sick from other cat foods. Really wish this food was not expensive it's not his fault that he gets sick and die from other brands of food. by on 07/31/2014
Helps keep my cats healthy
I really like this food because it helps my three cats. I just find it costs me a lot to feed 3 cats. I wish I could get more coupons since I have to purchase this cat food so much faster to be able to feed 3 cats. Please help. by on 07/30/2014
Prescription Diet
I buy the Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Feline Gastrointestinal Health because my cat has digestion problems and this works great for him. I have tried others and my Vet said this one would work and has since we switched over 3 yrs. ago. by on 07/23/2014
This food is the only one to keep him from throwing up.
He loves the taste and eats it eagerly. It is the only food that works for him. by on 07/21/2014
Delia was losing weight, vomiting and simply wasting away in
The Vet recommended Hill id and Delia has regained the weight and seems to have more energy than she's ever had. I have another cat who eats the same food right along with her. She, too, has gained weight which is not exactly the best thing but it does indicate that she too likes the food a lot. by on 07/16/2014
This has changed our cat's life
When we adopted our rescue cat at age 3, we knew the first time she used her litter box that her stomach wasn't in good shape. The vet prescribed Feline ID, and there was immediate improvement. Four years later, she is still on it, and doing well. She loves the canned, but the dry is her favorite, so she gets both. The newer shape of the dry has made it much easier for her to eat. We used it in the past for another cat, and had the same great results. The on line coupons are very helpful! by on 07/14/2014
This product is very good
Rx ID has been very good for my cat We have been very happy with it! I highly recommend it, but STRONGLY RECOMMEND that their cat is taken to the vet regularly! by on 07/11/2014
I/D formula is helping Sherman my outdoor cat!
I have 5 cats outside and 5 inside. My inside cats eat W/D and are doing fine. However, one of my outdoor cats, Sherman has been having stomach issues. My vet recommended I/D dry/wet. He doesn't care for the wet, but seemed to have taken to the dry for over a month. He fortunately has gained 1/2lb from the 4lbs he had lost. I hope he continues to eat this food as its formulated for cats with IBS, gastic problems. I might switch all 5 outdoor cats to this food this way, he won't be tempted to eat their food, plus most of them are older cats so the I/D will be good for them as well to eliminate vomiting, etc. Thanks again Hills for keeping my cats healthy! by on 07/08/2014
I used this food on my pom after he had two major surgeries. He wouldn't eat anything else. My only issue was that my overweight cat thought this food was for her as well. by on 07/02/2014
Cats Tummy Happy Now!!!
I've been using this product now two months. Both of my cats are eating it with out any problems. I'm very happy that this is good and healthy for my boys (cats). by on 06/20/2014
helped a lot
Our poor little guy all of a sudden developed a sensitive stomach and was having soft and watery stool. the Vet recommended we switch his diet to hills and gave us a prescription. Within a few days his stool was better and he got back to his old self. by on 06/07/2014
good taste for my dog
my dog enjoys the product. she is blind now but still knows the smell even if she cannot see it. by on 06/01/2014
It was the only thing that worked.
Our two cats have always had sensitive stomachs. So periodic switching of foods was not uncommon if they became intolerant and we always sprung for the top shelf brands. But one friday our cat Y.T. couldn't keep anything he ate down. Being an outdoor cat, we assumed he'd eaten something that unsettled him and kept him indoors. He wasn't acting sick or skittish and was even playful so we decided to wait. By Monday, he was showing little improvement and even looked to have lost weight. So we brought him in. The doctor, administered a shot to suppress his upset stomach and prescribed some food. After the shot wore off, he got sick again. Next, they changed to Prescription Diet i/d formula. The difference was staggering. Not only did it get him over the hump of acute nausea, but he and our other cat absolutely loved the food. I wouldn't call either one a "sensitive" cat anymore. They've both put on healthy, muscle weight and their coats are thick and soft. No more dandruff. The difference was so noticeable, it kind of made us feel like we'd been feeding them second rate food before. by on 05/26/2014
Helps my Cat from getting Diahrea & Stomach Upset.
Helps my Cat from getting Diahrea & Stomach Upset. He does not love the taste, but he eats it. The Can Food ID DRies out and gets hard quickly if left out for an hour or two. All in all. It has helped my Cats stomach problems. by on 05/19/2014
my cats love it
My cats love it. It helps with their issues better than anything else I have tried. by on 05/05/2014
My dog doesn't love it but will eat it
It appears to be bland from the smell. It has done what it is supposed to do so I can't complain. by on 05/05/2014
product has been beneficial for my cat
My cat no longer vomits and has an improved nature. Although he is age 11, he now runs around (sometimes!) with my two year old kittens. by on 05/04/2014
This product is very nutritional.
This product has sustained the health of my two cats, and I will continue to buy this product. by on 05/03/2014
This is a great product.
I definitely recommend the Prescription Diet Dry and Wet product. It sure makes my dog Mollie feel great. She is happy and has a lot of energy. by on 05/01/2014
Helped my sick cat get better!
My 8 month old cat had a mild fever and wasn't acting herself. Slept all the time, didn't play. The vet prescribed this cat food because her illness wasn't that bad, and it gave her the boost to help her get better! Now she's running around and back to her crazy self, after two days! Even if it wasn't the food that magically made her get better, I'm sure it must have helped because she's good as new! She loved the taste, all the other cats wanted to steal it from her! A little pricier than normal cat food, but still definitely recommend to help your pet be on the mend! by on 04/28/2014
Product does what it is supposed to do for my dogs digestive
my dog has been on your product for 5months. So far all his blood values are where they are supposed to be so the diet is working. However my dog does not like the smell or taste and I have to doctor his portion with vegetables and occasionally boiled chicken sprinkled on the top to get him to eat it. I am very thankful that his levels are holding steady. I do not like the fact that the cans always have big air bubbles in them instead of being full. My other concern is the cost of your may be ok for short term but at a can to a can and a quarter a day forever in my dogs case is a real hardship for me on a retired fixed income by on 04/11/2014
problem solved
My old kitty had loose poo. This seemed to solve the problem. I made the food transistion with little difficulty, he seems to like it. by on 04/10/2014
The best for a sick cat
We started buying this when we had a very sick cat. This cat food really helped him survive even when it looked like he might not make it. The A/D is good for force feeding your cat when he can't eat on his own. This was the only cat food we could use that he could keep down. This was instrumental in his recovery. by on 04/08/2014
Helped so much!
My cat Blue was having some terrible digestive issues and after one round of treatment we were not seeing an improvement. Out vet said the next step was to try Prescription Diet iD and within 3 days Blue was doing so much better! It's now been 3 weeks and we are very happy with this product. by on 03/28/2014
My dog loves this food. Very healthy. Solved all the problems we were having with other foods. by on 03/07/2014
Wonderful food for recovering kitty
We still aren't sure what made my kitty's weight drop from 13 lbs to 7 lbs, but he was not in good health. Since he refused to eat or drink anything on his own, the vet recommended 'assisted feeding' with this brand of cat food along with some prescription pills and fluid injections. The food mixes well with water and can be fed via plastic feeding syringe. After two or three days of syringe feeding, my kitty is eating this food right out of the can. He seems like he enjoys it and he looks a lot healthier. Thanks for making a reasonably priced prescription food that my kitty enjoys eating. by on 02/26/2014
My cat seems to enjoy the food, and it helps his sensitive
My cat has a sensitive stomach and this food has helped him greatly. He likes the taste. by on 02/23/2014
Hills A/D canned - As a vet I approve!
I am a veterinarian who feeds Hills Prescription Diet A/D to some of my sick hospitalized patients. When a cat or dog is so sick they do not want to eat, it is often only A/D that will spark their appetite. Thank you for making a nutritionally dense appetizing product for my sick patients. by on 02/15/2014
This product takes the worry out of properly feeding our
Our cat loves this food! We feed him the wet food twice a day and he cleans the plate every time. We also keep dry out for him and he likes it too. It's so nice to have a food that addresses his health issues that he really likes. It's a win, win situation. Our concerns are being met by using Hill's Prescription Diet products. by on 02/13/2014
more energy and playful
Squeak's willingness to chase and play are dramatically changed since he started this diet. He spends more time on his own playing with his toys. by on 02/05/2014
This product has helped my cat with GI issues
My veterinarian recommended Hill'sยฎ Prescription Dietยฎ i/dยฎ Feline Gastrointestinal Health for my cat, and the results have been excellent and immediate. My cat enjoys the taste of the food and has renewed energy because i/d is nutrient dense and easily digestible. My cat and I thank Hill's for this great product! by on 01/29/2014
Love the size of the can, which makes it more economically.
This product has helped my Nikki through hard times. At every feeding she dances like a ballerina, she loves the taste so much. Thank you for this product. by on 01/28/2014
Would like to see animal by-products removed.
At this time the product is the only dry food that my cat can tolerate. by on 01/24/2014
Healthy "furbaby" Again!
I can not express enough about how greatful I am for this cat food! I had a very sick cat and he was put on the Science Diet A/D critical care food, by my wonderful veterinarian. It saved my furbabies life. My cat being so sick and not liking wet cat food very much anyways surprisingly ate this and licked his little lips. He LOVED the taste. Thank you again for a truly amazing pet food. by on 01/14/2014
Good moist food to add water to my cat's needed diet!
My cat is very finicky, but will eat this food most of the time. I prefer the wet food as it provides addition water to my cat's diet. by on 01/06/2014
DID NOTHING FOR MY CAT`S DIARRHEA,used for 4 continued to have loose wattery stools by on 01/05/2014
dietary needs for my kitten
We rescued a kitten and he has intestonal issues. We didn't know in the beginning, however, now that we are attached, the solution is dietary food. He still has some problems, but less so with the Hills dietary food. by on 12/30/2013
Wonderful product
We rescued a stay cat who turned out to be a dwarf. He was 3 months old and only weighed half a pound. He is now 5 months old and has gained a pound on this food. The vet recommended it because it is high calorie and he loves the taste. We will continue to feed this while he is growing. Before feeding this food he has a low blood sugar problem so he may not be absorbing all his food. In that case we may have to supplement with this for life. Any way to get a discount? :) by on 12/29/2013
This food is a miracle, my 3 year old kitty use to throw up 3-5 times a day. We have been using this food for a month and not one throw up! He is putting weight on and is happy, healthy, and satisfied! I would recommend this food to anyone whose kitty has digestive/stomach problems. by on 12/26/2013
Well liked.
Our 17 year old cat was prescribed this food. With only eating small portions at a time our cat was able to put on 1/2 a pound. Our 7 year old cat tries to eat this food whenever the older cat steps away. It must taste pretty good. I hope others have as good a result as we've had. by on 12/22/2013
easy to feed
most animals like. the taste and I find it easy to syringe feed by on 12/19/2013
Only thing my cats will eat
I use this as a general maintenance food for my 3 cats. I have to senior cats 17 and 16 years old and a 5 year old. It is gentle on their system and they just love the taste of it. My 5 year old had horrible hairballs until she started eating this. I haven't seen one in over a year. by on 12/19/2013
Has helped chronic GI issues
My cat has had intermittent vomiting for years. I had tried her on various foods with no luck. She's been eating the I/D for months now and her vomiting has significantly decreased. She also really likes the taste. by on 12/19/2013
The product helps my cats but it's costly because I have 3
I have 3 cats on this cat food, I wish I could get more coupons. It's gets a little costly. by on 12/08/2013
Helped his digestive problems
Valentino was suffering from diarrhea off and on for several months. The vet put him on Prescription i/d dry food. So far he's been doing well. by on 12/04/2013
Great choice
My 11 month old Maine coon kitty suffered from bouts of diarrhea off and on for months. My vet recommend prescription diet ID for gastrointestinal health and it has worked wonderfully. My kitty hasn't had an incident since starting this product. Life is much better and Baby is much happier. She loves how it tastes and I love how it works. I would recommend this product to someone who's cat has irregularity. by on 11/07/2013
Good product but expensive
My cat has been on I/D for about 7-8 yrs & she is doing very well. She was diagnosed with digestive problems so this is the only food that I give here. However it is pricey @ close to $16-$19 for a 4lb bag.....Pretty expensive I would say! by on 11/03/2013
Gained weight
My dog lost weight and was able toput back all the weight and more in 2 weeks!. by on 10/31/2013
does not have strong "cat food" smell and I like the pull
Ceeatee likes this food and never turns her nose up to it as she has others by on 10/28/2013
did it's job
my 16yr old toy poodle needed to get back to normal and gain some weight-he's an extremely fussy eater but ate this and it put weight back on him and got him stronger---I hope you'll never have to use this but it's good ( a relief) to know it's there-- by on 10/18/2013
It works! What else can you ask for? Cheaper price would be
I love my cat, and I'm glad this product has "treated" her immediate issues, however, I'd rather find out the underlying cause instead of the "band aid". For now, it is fine, but at these prices it will not be a life time thing. by on 10/17/2013
Older cat
I adopted a cat I thought was 5+ years old from a rescue and found out by my vet he was actually closer to 10+. He had some bowel issues, so we put him on this food, which he loves. My other cat doesn't eat his food and vice versa. Stool has gotten firmer and his coat and overall well-being has been great. Highly recommended. by on 10/11/2013
Helped cure 5 months of diarrhea!
My cat had diarrhea for 5 months and many remedies were tried. After two days on id, my cat was back to normal and stayed normal. Thanks! by on 10/07/2013
Great, but expensive
Love the product. Cats quit vomiting. Website only offers just a few coupons and therefore cost prohibitive for me. I have just begun research into less expensive options. by on 10/07/2013
helikes it!
My cat likes it sn d he is feeling good...inside and out! by on 09/27/2013
Huge affect on my cat's digestive system and temperment!
I highly recommend this product as well as the accompanying wet canned food and treats. My kitten was having tummy aches and gas after eating, resulting in loose bowel movements over extended period of time. She was also grumpy, didn't want to be held and was biting us ... not vicious, just irritable and purred at same time. After 2 doctors said she was having behavorial problems which were not related and recommended an internal medicine doctor and tests including blood, endoscopy, colonscopy and x-ray, I asked the last dr. about trying a better pet food. Twice, I had not been successful in changing her food, but seemed to me that her problems came from what she was eating. The dr gave me Hills Prescription id which my cat loved immediately. And adored the wet food as well as the treats. After 3 days, her sweet disposition returned ... and after 2 weeks, her bowel movements were completely normal! It has been over 2 months and all is well! The biting has stopped, she loves being held again, and no more loose bowels. I highly recommend trying this food before submitting a cat to upsetting, invasive and expensive tests without exploring the possibility of food intolerance or or other diet concern. Turns out my kitty is intolerant of wheat! by on 09/27/2013
This product has so many benefits.
My dog had lost most of her teeth due to decay and this dog food was recommended to us by the vet. It is just wonderful. She loves the taste and it has also helped her gums to heal. I would definately recommend this dog food to others who are looking for a good quality product to give their pets. by on 09/22/2013
works wonderfully on my cats' sensitive stomach
My extremely long haired cat ended up having surgery to remove 3/4 large hard hairballs in his intestinal tract that were bigger than $1 coins and hard as rocks. He couldn't even keep water down. After the surgery the vet recommended Prescription I/D as his regular food. It works wonderfully and even when he gets large hairballs he's able to bring them up and they don't get stuck inside him. I've tried to take him off several times and each time he's ended up back at the vet's usually at least overnight. We stick with the food and he's fine. My other short haired cat likes the flavour too! Only downside is it is expensive and I wish the price would come down some as it's hard on a fixed income to buy. by on 09/08/2013
Great product until they changed the shape!!
I have 2 cats that have eaten this food exclusively for years without a problem. The "new" shape without change of favor is refused by both cats. The favor must have changed because now I am in a battle to try to get them to eat the new formula. You can fool humans but not the felines!! This is the feline equivilent to "New Coke" several years ago!! by on 09/05/2013
This food is literally a life saver
This is the one food every pet owner should keep on hand in case of an emergency. We've been in rescue/foster for cats since 2010 and this food has literally saved several lives. It's easy to mix it thin enough to draw up into a syringe. We're using it now on a kitten we rescued last week who has a URI and just doesn't want to eat. My daughter went to syringe him last night, and he took one taste and made a dive for the bowl. He's the first cat to actually like the taste. Like the taste or not, we will continue to use it because it's the best chance a kitten has of surviving when it won't eat. I stopped by the vet and got three more cans just in case we need to continue feeding him over the weekend. by on 08/22/2013
Making the end of my cat's life easier
I have a cat who is 13 1/2 years old. She's very old and she is nothing but fur and bones. She won't eat her dry food anymore. However, she will eat this food. She doesn't eat a lot at a time, but I give it to her throughout the day and she eats some. It has given her more energy and I hope it will help her put some weight back on, but at least she will have a happier end of her life. Thanks! :) by on 08/22/2013
Works great for cat with sensitive GI areas!
My long hair domestic cat...actually super long hair must have some Persian in him, had very bad furballs that he ended up having surgery to remove several that were hard as rocks and stuck in his GI tract. Afterwards the vet put him on Prescription I/D. I didn't think this would be a forever deal!! But anytime I take him off of it or mix it with other dry food, he ends up rushed back into the vet for at least an overnight stay while he gets re-hydrated and better. After thousands of dollars in vet fees, he's permanently on Prescription i/d. Only issue I have with the Prescription brand is that it is only sold at vets. Couldn't we have it at specialty pet food stores with a prescription or similar? I must have spend over $2K just on pet food in the last 6 to 8 years. Now 14 years old, our "free kitten" now up to the $6K free cat! I think he's done pretty good for such a sick guy in the first place! by on 08/15/2013
Much improved G/I health.
My Sweetums diagnosed with GI problems. . Vet-meds with Hills i/d the only item on our household menu has her active, and much improved. Seems to be just the ticket for our 13 year old Devon Rex hybrid snuggler. Thanks, Hills, for the coupon discount.... with her aging pal also dining at the same restaurant.... it makes it more economical for our also-senior household. by on 08/05/2013
Does the trick!
When my cat pal Bobo gets an upset stomach, I switch him over to this food for a few days, and he returns to intestinal health everytime! He is a one year old long haired male, and upset stomach can lead to messy diarrhea, so I am very happy for this product, recommended by my good vet. by on 06/30/2013
Needs it but does not like it
My cat has a sensitive stomach ever since I found him as a kitten under my neighbors porch. I tried feeding him regular cat food but he kept throwing up. I took him to the vet and was given a prescription for Hill'sยฎ Prescription Dietยฎ i/dยฎ Feline Gastrointestinal Health. He does not throw up any more but he does not like the taste. I have to mix the Hill'sยฎ Prescription Dietยฎ i/dยฎ Feline Gastrointestinal Health with other Hill's dry or wet cat food so that he will eat the Hill'sยฎ Prescription Dietยฎ i/dยฎ Feline Gastrointestinal Health. I wish Hill's would change the formula of Hill'sยฎ Prescription Dietยฎ i/dยฎ Feline Gastrointestinal Health so that cats would like the taste. by on 06/30/2013
We received some cans from friends whose cat had passed away. Our cat had only eaten dry food up until that point, however, now she receives just a teaspoon of this wet food each evening at 5pm. She starts begging in the mid afternoon and desperately tries to draw one of us into the kitchen to give her this treat -- she absolutely LOVES it! by on 06/29/2013
Sensitive Stomach
Our Sphynx male has an extremely sensitive stomach and will vomit multiple times weekly. I have kept him on Science Diet's Sensitive Stomach or Prescription Diet Hypoallergenic formula and it has helped tremendously. However, our ritual of giving our pet his treats sadly had to cease from his care due to his hypersensitivity and vomiting and it was such a disappointment to our daily lives to have to cut out such an important ritual from our pet in the household... Until his Veterinarian prescribed PD's Hypoallergenic treats... This solved our friend's aversion to all the storebrand treats we had tried unsuccessfully and we were happily able to reintroduce this rewarding ritual to our best friend, without the puking.... and we are all a much happier family. by on 01/06/2013
picky eater likes taste
My dog is recovering from illness and has had no appetite. I am able to feed him using a syringe. He has always been a picky eater and seems to like the taste. The calorie content was not listed on the sample can the vet gave me so I was investigating this online. I was so excited to see your feeding guide. Thanks, Hills. by on 12/11/2012