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Hill's Natural Soft Savories with Peanut Butter & Banana dog treats offer a delectable snacking experience for your furry friend. Crafted with care from high-quality ingredients, these treats are a wholesome option for rewarding your canine companion. These treats boast a delicious blend of natural flavors, combining peanut butter's richness with banana's sweetness. The result is a tantalizing taste that dogs adore. Each bite-sized morsel is crafted to perfection, ensuring a satisfying treat fo... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 15 reviewers.

Dog walk!
Received a bag of the Soft savories peanut butter and banana treats. My 1 year old Aussie loves them. And one the plus side they fit in her Kong. Win Win! Way to go Hills! by on 04/17/2023
No longer soft, you need to reevaluate your product
I used to buy these soft savories for my Pomeranian and he LOVED them. I got three bags from Amazon 6 months ago and they all were hard. Thought they were just stale and possibly Amazon old stock. So I ordered 3 more bags from All three bags were also hard as rocks. So I went out to Petsmart and picked up a bag off the shelf and they ended up being hard too. So I will no longer be buying these Soft Savories. You guys need to do quality inspections on your product. That's almost $100.00 I've wasted of my hard earned money because your product is not as advertised any longer. DO BETTER!!!! by on 04/09/2023
Dog Happy Hour
My chiweenie gets one every Friday night after work. "Is it dog happy hour?" is greeted with frantic sprinting in circles and squealing until the soft savory is given. It is her most coveted treat. (We use much, much smaller treats for routine motivators as our dog is 12 pounds.) by on 01/29/2023
My dogs absolutely love these so glad I purchased them!!
My dogs go crazy over these thank you for a great product!! by on 03/13/2022
Definitely recommend!
My pup loves these! She goes crazy for peanut butter and these are perfect! She does her training and is ready to go for these treats! by on 03/22/2021
Vet recommended for dog with CHF and these are low sodium. Buy several bags a month, but lately they smell rancid & are lighter in color. I contacted Hills customer service, they said they're not aware of any problem, but others have online at Chewy. by on 03/12/2021
Very misleading and false advertising!
Soft and tender is the description of this product. Well, this is a joke! I ordered these for my dog who has no teeth. I usually with some treats can crumble them so he can lap them up with his tongue. These treats are like rocks. You cannot even cut them with a knife! So disappointed and thoroughly frustrated that they would even advertise these treats as soft and tender. I could have just dug up rocks from the garden to have the same texture! SHAME ON YOU HILL'S\ by on 09/03/2019
Dogs love these!
I've been using these treats for over a year and am very pleased. My two dogs will obey any command to get tis treat. by on 07/14/2017
dogs loved it
dogs loved it. i didn't taste it, but they were really into it. by on 06/22/2017
Amazing dog treat
I decided to try this because there are not many peanutbutter things that I can find around here for my dog. She has flipped out over them. I have NEVER had her go and sit in front of the counter where her treats are at. She sits there and whines and barks wanting more. I tried hiding them while she was outside and I will be danged if she did not find where I hid them. Best treats ever. by on 08/24/2016
Jinx is a fan!
Jinx LOVES these treats! I like them because they are small and soft and I can break them up into fourths. by on 07/24/2016
Your dog will lick her lips!
My 16 yr. old dog loves these treats so much she tried to help herself to the bag on the pantry shelf.....she has NEVER done that before for any treat! ; ) by on 07/10/2016
My girl's favorite treat
We have tried many different treats but this is by far the treat my 3 fur babies prefer the most. Peanut butter and banana is the perfect combination! by on 05/19/2016
Puppy's absolute favorite treat!
My puppy absolutely loves this treat! I will yell outside to her to see if she wants a peanut butter banana treat and she comes sprinting in!! The quality of the treat is very good and it smells great too! Every time I go to the pet store, it is a must purchase! by on 09/02/2015
Dogs go crazy for them!
My dogs go nuts for these treats, LOVE! Cant wait to try the other flavors for them. by on 03/24/2015