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Hill's Natural Fruity Snacks Crunchy Dog Treats Product Reviews

Hill's Natural Fruity Crunchy Snacks with Apples & Oatmeal dog treats are a delightful addition to your furry friend's snack time. Crafted from premium ingredients, these treats boast real fruit pieces, ensuring a burst of natural flavor that dogs love. Importantly, they are crafted without any artificial preservatives or flavors, prioritizing your pet's health and well-being. Variety of Treats -Hill's understands that dogs have unique preferences and dietary needs. That's why they offer a ... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 133 reviewers.

Hills Apples and Oatmeal treats
My Hopie loves Hills Fruity Apples and Oatmeal treats. I only bought 2 as I was not sure if she would like per the reviews I read. She loves them! Need to order more. by on 05/04/2022
Great! Our new pup loves them!!
We give him one in the morning and one before bed.. It have helped wonderfuly when it comes poop time... by on 05/19/2018
Finicky dogs love these!
My dog won't eat other treats but loves these. If they ever stop making these I don't know what I will do. by on 09/21/2016
Love em!!!
That's all my dog wants is fruity treats from science diet by on 06/29/2016
My dog loves these!
My dog, milo, loves these treats. They are healthy and do not cause stomach upset. They are priced a little too high, though. by on 09/17/2015
Dogs love it
Great snack for both my dogs, healthy too. Would like to see more flavors by on 04/29/2015
Could be smaller in size for smalle teacup dogs.
I received a sample and my dog loved them. However, she is so small, I had to break them up for her to be able to eat just a tidbit. I wish they came in a much smaller version, because she really liked it. by on 03/14/2015
Great treats
I like that these treats are natural and not filled with a lot of junk. I like feeding my dogs things that I would like to eat. They enjoy the treats. by on 05/31/2014
Great tasting healthy snack!
I love how Hill's treats contain fruits and vegetables! My dog loves them, and it's an easy way to make sure she's getting the added nutrition of them each day, without always giving her people-food! by on 05/27/2014
Yum Yum
I do believe my pups like these treats better than dried beef or chicken liver treats, which says a LOT by on 04/29/2014
My dogs love these
My dogs love the cranberry-oatmeal treats. I break them up into small pieces and use them for training rewards. by on 04/29/2014
My dog didn't like the taste.
I got my dog rosa a bag for Christmas and she was not impressed. she wouldn't eat it just sniffed at it and leave it alone. by on 04/29/2014
Roxie LOVES these treats
My dog LOVES these treats. She gets two a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. If I forget to give one to her, she reminds me by sitting up, moaning and then finally a bark that is my reminder. by on 04/29/2014
This product is a hit!
My four dogs enjoy this cranberries and oatmeal snack. The four of them LOVE this product; they've finished a bag in one serving! It's one of the items I know I need to stock up on to keep them happy! Just the fact that they hover around me after the first bite tells me that they enjoy it. I've been feeding them this product for a while now, and I get the same reaction each time. Thanks Hills Pet!!! by on 04/21/2014
My puppy hates them
We feed strictly Science Diet Large Breed Puppy formula and he LOVES it. He gobbles it up in no time, so in an effort to show some loyalty to a brand that really looks after the health and well being of our pup, I decided to buy a bunch (like $50 worth) of Science Diet pet treats. I bought the Oatmeal and Banana, Oatmeal and berry, and both the Beef and Chicken jerky treats and no matter what, my puppy would NOT eat them. I don't see him as a particularly finicky pup either, he'll eat anything, EXCEPT Science Diet brand treats of any kind. I would almost suggest that they go back and do more testing on them or take them off the market and improve the formula they use. All of the treats went back to the store. by on 04/19/2014
No weight gain for my Lab.
Having a Labrador means you always have to watch the weight issue and he loves his treats. I find that he loves all the fruity treats and can have them frequently and not gain weight. Love this product. by on 04/16/2014
Love these treats!
My spencer's training has been so easy... since he loves these treats! My older dog will beg for these treats and she is so picky, so it makes us happy to see her jump when I get the bag open! by on 02/19/2014
Natural and healthy
My dog, Sadie, loves these. She gets one after dinner. If she doesn't take it right away I will toss it in her feeding bowl and before I know it she runs in the kitchen and grabs it and runs through the house with it. She tries to bury it into one of her many beds, walks away but runs back to get it so she can eat it. by on 09/28/2013
Yummy for the Tummy!
My mommy loves to spoil me, especially as I am an only child. I am finicky about my treats and sometimes don't always eat, as I am getting older (14 1/2 now) - but I never refuse my Hill's Science Diet Fruity Snacks. Just like my mommy - I love oatmeal and cranberries - especially together. These are the perfect treats! Even though my crummer isn't working as good as it used to - I never leave crumbs on the carpet when eating this treat! Mommy loves that!!! She also thinks I'm worth a little extra!!! by on 07/01/2013
My dog LOVES these
I have used Science Diet Products for many years. My dog, Sadie, loves these treats. I like the fact that she is eating a healthy treat. Can't go wrong with cranberries and oatmeal. by on 07/01/2013
My dog LOVES these treats
I was looking for a healthy treat for my Jack Russell. I decided to try the Cranberries & Oatmeal treats. To introduce them to her, I gave her a choice of her old treats or this one. She picked the new treat! From that day forward, she prefers these over any other treat! by on 06/29/2013
Begs for one every morning.
I got these as a Christmas present for my lab, Cody. He loves them. I like that they were made with my favorite things...oatmeal and cranberries. He does too. Every morning he waits for my son to get up and immediately barks at him until he gives him one. by on 01/08/2013
Fruit & Veggie treats
My dogs Smitty & Marishka LOVE these treats!! We have tried all of the flavors and they are crazy about all of them. They also are cuckoo for the jerky treats! Thanks for making yummy treats for my sweeties :) by on 01/08/2013
Great Healthy Treat
My picky Bichon enjoys these treats. I would definitely purchase them. by on 12/28/2012
My dogs love the cranberries and oatmeal fruity snacks they looked forward to having a cookie every morning! by on 12/27/2012
Great product
My dogs love this treat and I KNOW that it is healthy. So many treats are not healthy and made from ingredients that could be dangerous. This treat is super. by on 12/23/2012
I'm sure quality is good, but our dog has no interest.
Our dog Sakura, a 55-60 lb. 2-3 year old yellow lab, has shown practically no interest in either the Fruity Snacks or Veggie Chips. Sorry, they're just not for her. by on 12/15/2012
Treats my dog enjoys
I received a sample of these treats and wasn't sure my dog would like them since he likes beef and chicken. But he ate them right up. They seem to be healthy and I feel good about feeding them to my dog. by on 11/25/2012
Great treat for dogs!
My dog loves these snacks! She's pretty picky, but really loves these treats. They're a wonderful, healthy alternative to "regular of treats", and are very appealing to dogs! by on 11/06/2012
Wonderful healthy snack
My shih tzu loves to snack but she is a little on the heavy side so I watch what I give her. I am so thankful to find this healthy snack that I can give her without feeling guilty. And she absolutely LOVES them. I also love the fact that it has the cranberries in it because she has an occasional urinary problem. She has learned when I usually give them to her and literally sits and looks at me and begs until I get her snack for her. I am just so thankful to finally get some healthy snacks for our babies. Thank you Science Diet. You have always had good food but now with the Balance foods and snacks, it is even better. by on 11/05/2012
Quality Product
Our pup liked this product from the moment we opened the package. I trust this product to be safe and healthy for my dog. by on 10/30/2012
Hills Science diet treats
My dog loves them. He scarfed it right up when I gave it to him. by on 10/19/2012
Fruity Snacks
Bud E. Boy is now 10 years old. When I would get the bag out of the cupbaord he would start dancing around like a young pup so I gather he likes them very much by on 10/19/2012
My dog Sandy a 8 year old pug, loves these and in fact, keeps going to the treat cabinet looking for them all day long! Her favorite by far. by on 10/19/2012
Very Good!
Ginger loved these treats. She would come in from outside and sit next to her treat bowl and wait for one of these treats. by on 10/18/2012
I almost want some!
My dog just loves his new Fruity Snacks! He gobbles them right up! by on 10/17/2012
Treat for my animals
My dogs weren't sure about these at first but really seemed to enjoy them once they realized they were treats. I have 5 dogs and now they keep going to the bowl looking for them! by on 10/16/2012
my dog loves them
franklin really likes these. he usually runs and hides his treats and saves them for later but these he actually eats right away. by on 10/14/2012
A healthy treat my girl loves!
These are one of my dog's favorites! They're a nice little crunchy snack when she's looking for a little something to eat between meals. I'll definitely be purchasing more! by on 10/12/2012
On my next shopping list! :)
My beagle puppy, Bru, loved these treats! These cutes are so cute--they look like Girl Scout cookies! As a puppy mommy, I appreciate that I can identify all of the ingredients on the label! These packages are super affordable, too. by on 10/11/2012
Yummy Treat for my Max!
My dog seemed to enjoy these treats! Not only are they delicious, but they are all natural as well. I felt like I was giving my dog a healthy treat. by on 10/11/2012
Science Diet Treats
Gracie and Peanut love their new Science diet treats! by on 10/11/2012
My dog loves em!
I have a schauzer who absolutely enjoys these treats and seems to prefer them over other ones. I really like that these are all natural and good him too. Couldn't be happier with our choice in science diet. Most especially this new line of all natural treats. Love!! by on 10/10/2012
They look delicious and the dogs love them
Honestly, I almost ate one, they look just like really great human cookies. My dogs love them, but they'll eat just about anything. I really like the healthy ingredient list and having a treat that's not disgusting to hold in my pocket. by on 10/10/2012
Like a Cookie!
These looked so good Like I just baked some cookies! My babies went nuts for these! by on 10/10/2012
love dem treats
my dogs loved this treat. They are very healthy and tasty by on 10/10/2012
My babies loved their treats. I will be purchasing many of your products in the future. by on 10/10/2012
My older dog had a hard time biting these.
My dogs love these treats but my older dog (14 yr old lab) had a little harder time on her first bite to break the treat up. Once she made it past the first bite, she had it devoured! by on 10/10/2012
Great Snack
My dogs love it! Plus it's healthy. Great snack and good for them. by on 10/07/2012
My dogs ate them up!
Its nice to give "treats" that are nutritious and not fattenting. by on 10/07/2012
Cranberry & Oatmeal Treats
My Great Dane loved these treats as much as she loved the Pumpkin and Yam. Good combination of flavors. I'll be purchasing these. by on 10/05/2012
Brutus loves them!!!
My dog really likes these. I think I found something else he goes nuts for. I do believe I will buying these more often for him. by on 10/05/2012
Wonderful healthy snack!
This is a wonderfully healthy snack for my dogs and they love the taste. As soon as the bag crinkles, they come running and doing tricks! I am glad that I have found a snack from a brand I trust. I do not worry about foods from Science Diet as we have had to do lately with other products. I am really surprised that my dogs have so readily accepted this snack over a meaty flavored one. Thank you, Science Diet! by on 10/02/2012
My dogs love it!!
My dogs really go for these. My only suggestion is that you make a smaller size option. I've got two dogs under 10 pounds and these are too big and not easy to break. I keep breaking them because my girls really seem to like them. by on 10/01/2012
My goldies loved these!
Glad to see some veggie snacks that my two goldens loved! Esp. liked that the snacks include pumpkin. Great product! by on 09/30/2012
looked homemade
I have a st bernard puppy, who loved the, and a catahoula 4 yrs. also loved them, nice size,good crunch they took time to chew them up, so they must have tastsed pretty good by on 09/30/2012
Skeeter Approved
as soon as i showed him the bag of course his tale wags, cool new treats, opened it and he tryed to steal the bag, he likes being in control he will take the bag abd drop it at my feet, he loves these, time for more, thaks you by on 09/28/2012
nice change in treats
My Cocker Spaniel Maggie loved these special treats by on 09/28/2012
We couldn't be happier.
My dog loves these! It's her dessert :) If she could reach, she would just grab the bag of treats off the cabinet herself. by on 09/28/2012
This product is made from the best ingredients.
Quality treat that my dog seemed to enjoy the flavor of, but they were a little bulky for the size of my pet. Wish they were a little smaller or more easily broken. by on 09/28/2012
Crunchy wholesomeness!
My dog Ben (male shepherd mix) loves these treats. Whenever he gets one he seems to savor it. They are nice and crunchy which is good for his teeth and strong jaws. by on 09/28/2012
My dog really likes
My dog will sit up for these fruity snacks and wait until she gets one. She really seems to enjoy them. by on 09/28/2012
Tasty treats!
My dog loves these, and actually will savor them a bit longer, unlike most of her snacks. by on 09/27/2012
My shelties love their new Fruity Snacks
Upon opening the snacks, Smokey and Stormy loved them. This is their new favorite treat. They actually run to the kitchen and sit down in anticipation, anytime they hear the bag opening. Great job Science Diet. by on 09/27/2012
tail wagger
My Yorkie adores these treats. I get the bag out and he starts to wag his tail. He doesn't do this with all treats. After he is convinced that he is not mistaken about which treats I am giving him (I always give him 2 small pieces) he then begins to dance to make sure he gets another piece! This is such precious behaviour and it pleases me that I'm giving him something he enjoys as well as healthy for him. by on 09/27/2012
My 3 Goldens Went GaGa !!
My kids LOVED the Cranberries and Oatmeal treats! They all lined up for more with tails wagging after the first one. After that, all I had to say was "Let's get some cranberries!" and they went straight to the kitchen. Even my 17 year old golden loved them, and he can be a bit picky. They loved them, and I love that they are so healthy for them!! They all starred in a Cranberry Treats video that I will send. Thanks for such great treats for my three kids! by on 09/27/2012
This product crumbles
My dog loves the taste but it crumbles all over the floor and makes a mess. by on 09/26/2012
Puppy can't get enough!
My 7 month Boston terrier loves these treats more than her regular treats. Looks like we will have to switch over! Thanks Science Diet! by on 09/26/2012
Pug approved!
My pugs love these treats! My only complaint is that I wish they were about half the size they are, but they're great otherwise. My pugs always run for the kitchen when they come in from outside to get their treat now. by on 09/26/2012
No fruity treats
Again had to break the treat with a hammer too hard for my small dogs to chew. Gave the treat to my grandson for his large dog. by on 09/25/2012
Quality Ingredients
I have really grown to trust the Science Diet Brand over the past couple of years. I don't mind spending a couple of extra dollars giving my dog quality food that will give her long term health advantages over going with a lower quality, lower price brand. I know some people that choose to feed their dogs these cheap brands and as somebody once told me, they will pay for that with more vet bills and poor health as the dog ages. Using Science Diet products assures me that my dog is as healthy as she can be. My dog Raider really liked the taste of these treats! I feed both my dog and cat Science Diet food. by on 09/25/2012
My dog loves the taste
.Healthy ingreadents and a taste that my dog loves. Excelent treats! by on 09/25/2012
Holly Loves Them
As soon as i get the bag out she comes running,always ready for more by on 09/25/2012
Finally---Healthy Treats!
Great to see Hills have a healthy treat for the pups---much better than the "junk food" treats so prevalent. Keep it up! by on 09/24/2012
Convenient shape and texture
Our dog enjoyed this treat but prefered the Veggie Chips more. She gobbled up both varieties, but seemed to eat the Veggie Chips more quickly. by on 09/24/2012
Great nutritious treat
My pet loves these treats! Very healthy, I dont mind giving these treats. by on 09/24/2012
Tasty Crunchy Snack
I have two dogs, one is very picky and one will eat anything she can! Of course the little one took it right away and ate it. My picky male smelled it first and then watched my other dog eat hers. Then he took the snack and ate it. I was very surprised. It is hard to get him to eat anything new. I would definitely recommend this product because of my picky male...if he will eat it, other dogs will love it! I also know that Hill's makes good quality products and we feed our dogs the kibble and canned food as well. We feel very comfortable with this brand. by on 09/23/2012
My dogs couldn't get enough
Both of my Bichons loved this treat. They ate'em right up and wanted more, only gave them 1 though. I like that their made from all natural ingredients with vitamins and minerals. by on 09/23/2012
My dog loved these treats!
Treats were loved by my 19# poodle/mix. He would get very excited when I got the package out of the cabinet. They are a little pricey for my budget but I will definitely get some from time to time as he loved them so much. by on 09/23/2012
Laila Loves These
My boxer is in love with these treats and after looking at the ingredients so am I. It is great to see that Hills is committed to quality products and the well being of animals. Thanks for an awesome product. by on 09/23/2012
Tasty treat for dogs, looks good enough to eat!
My Golden is smiling with tail wagging when I offer her Hill's Fruity Snacks! by on 09/22/2012
Picky dog loved it!
Even my picky dog loved these treats. Not so picky dog played dead to get one and then wanted more. Very happy with this product. by on 09/22/2012
Only my Bulldog liked
My Bulldog loved them my mix breed poodle just hid them from the bulldog by on 09/22/2012
Great product
My dogs enjoyed these treats. They smell good and don't leave your hands oily afterward. They were a bit large for my small dogs (in my opinion) the dogs on the otherhand were very happy with the size. by on 09/21/2012
Good value and all natural
Cassius my Boxer is very picky. So we shared the treats wit his friends. One is a Bulldog and the other a mixed breed and they just Love them. by on 09/21/2012
Taste test winner!!!
Our kids conducted a taste test between these treats and the pumpkin/yam treats with our 6-year old yellow lab. She got to smell each one then they were placed on the floor a yard in front of her about a yard apart. My daughter did this 3 times and alternated which treat was on which side. The dog, Cami, went to these first 2 of the 3 times. My son did the same and Cami went to these first 4 of the 5 times. Cami did not want to cooperate at first but when she figured out she got a treat every time she went through this exercise she sat before they even told her to. Thanks for taking such good care of our pets! by on 09/20/2012
Great Treat!
My dog loves this treat. She gobbles them up. I love them for their natural ingredients including vitamins and minerals. by on 09/20/2012
Great quality you can feel good giving your dog
What my dog eats is important to me and this product gives me the peace of mind I look for in a dog treat. She likes it and I like the quailty ingredients. I would recommend this product. by on 09/20/2012
He loved them
My dog really loved the smell and taste of these treats but I love that they are so healthy. by on 09/20/2012
two paws up!
My dogs enjoy these treats. They are crunchy, so our lab has to chew them a little before wolfing them down. They smell pleasant. by on 09/20/2012
Puppy love
All of my dogs love this treat, but my puppy that we adopted loves them the most. He actually slows down for a few minutes to enjoy. by on 09/20/2012
Dog goes crazy
My 7 year old beagle totally loved these treats. We never thought to give her fruit type treats before. We mainly stuck with chicken strips or dried meats but when we received the free sample from Hillspet, we decided to try it out with Mia. Well when we gave her one by mouth. She immediatedly dropped it and we thought she was rejecting it. What we didnt realize was that she was getting ready to roll her entire body over the treat before devouring it. When Mia likes something, whether it be a toy or a person, she shows her affection and like for it by rolling around on the ground ontop of her toy or in front of the person she likes. So there she was rolling her entire body over the treat. She does this every morning when she gets her Fruity Snack or her Veggie Chip which she is quite fond of as well. Her obsession for these treats has gotten so bad that she will come running if she sees you go near or even pass by her treat canister. She is addicted. we will forward a video of her doing her "otter impression" as we call it when she has her Hills treat. Mia thanks you so much for the samples. by on 09/20/2012
They liked the Veegie treats better but ate both great.
They liked the taste but liked the Veggie more. My daughter gave some to her pet and they were positive like mine. by on 09/20/2012
Fruity Snacks are a Tail Waggin Treat!!!
Our dog just loved this treat as well. She could not get enough of it but we had to be sure not to give her too much, just a few pieces a day. by on 09/19/2012
These snacks were sent to my puppies to try...........they absolutely LOVE them............thanks Hill''ve made Rocky & little Sophie very happy!!!! by on 09/19/2012
Keep them handy and their attitude will be dandy!!!!
What else is there to say? Loved, loved, loved them! by on 09/19/2012
A new product with a new taste
Skipper, my dog, says they are one of his best. Must be because he asks for more. The same holds true for the new Veggie chip. 5-Star for both products!!!! by on 09/18/2012
These treats are awesome!
My dogs LOVED these treats!! And I love that they are so healthy for them. Will definitely continue to buy these. by on 09/18/2012
This product is a good one.
My dogs really liked the Fruity Snacks. Usually, they just want the ones that aren't really good for them. I was impressed that they were happy to have these, and would gobble them up! by on 09/18/2012
High Quality treat, but not for all dogs
My 3 year old Boston Terrier gobbled these up like they were the best thing she ever had. They smell wonderful and have really wholesome ingredients. BUT, my poor little 4 lb Chihuahua couldn't even bite into it. It was way too big for her little mouth. With that being said, though, she is 16 years old and very picky in her old age. Even when I broke it into smaller pieces, she wouldn't touch it. by on 09/18/2012
Healthy Snack
My dog is very selective with food and snacks. The snacks appear healthy and of good quality but my dog wouldn't even try it. Turned his nose away. by on 09/17/2012
My dog love it
My dog love this treats so much, he used to have the bad memory on following my commends. For this treat, he did. by on 09/17/2012
These look good enough for me to eat!!
These are great little snacks and my dog loves them. It only makes sense that dogs should have a little bit of a sweet tooth and these Fruity Snacks seems to satisfy that in my dog. Great product and great idea Hill's!! by on 09/17/2012
Great product!
I wasn't sure my dog was going to like these treats, and tho she hesitated at first, one treat sold her. She gets excited and jumps when I give them to her now, and then she runs off to eats and enjoy it in the living room! She only does that for her favorite treats. Canine approved! by on 09/17/2012
Another GENIUS product, Best ever for man's best friend!
I have a four yr old shih Tzu and he absolutely adores these treats! I feel good as a pet owner knowing that im giving him something by way of a reward that is good for him. The smell is heavenly and i especially like that its naturally preserved and is loaded with vitamins. I take my family's health serious and because our dog is a part of the family we take his health, diet just as serious. This is by far in my opinion the best treat offered and will be a constant in our dogs life and stocked on our shelves! Im so thankful for the Hill's Company caring for animals overall wellbeing. Top company, top quality products= a match made in heaven for my house!!! by on 09/12/2012
Great packages!
My 9 yr old female Golden Retriever loved the cranberry fruity snacks and the veggie chips. My 3 yr old Bernese Mtn dog stuck his nose up and wouldn't even try them. Took a sniff and nose went up. The golden grabbed his and gobbled them right up. by on 09/11/2012
My dogs loved these treats!
My dogs loved these treats! They smelled good to humans too :) by on 09/11/2012
Fruity Snacks
My golden retriever actually turned his nose up at these. Didn't even want to put it in his mouth. by on 09/11/2012
I have 3 dogs that really enjoy their new TREATS!
What a TREAT it was for me and my (3) dogs to get your surprise package on our doorstep. I have (2) Westies and (1) Mix Breed, older dog, I inherited just last December 2011 from my brother. All three dogs are enjoying both the Fruity Snacks and Veggie Chips. I call them 'cookies' because they are such a large treat for them. I appreciate you generosity and we would be happy to review any of your products. We only eat Science Diet and all three dogs are happy and healthy! by on 09/10/2012
balance Fruity Snacks with cranberry and oatmeal
Just received my treats in the mail and my dogs absolute loved them!!! My boxer actually walked to the kitchen where I had put the treats and sat there and waited so I could give him another one !! That was a first for him!!! by on 09/10/2012
My boys loved the cranberry oatmeal snacks
I would love to see the calorie count on all treat products for my boys. We are watching our figure and it would be very benficial. by on 09/08/2012
My dog would eat the whole bag if she could!
These treats look and smell delicious! My dog Ellie gets so excited when I bring out the bag :) Definitely my favorite choice for treats! by on 09/08/2012
My dog LOVES this treat!!!
I barely got the unexpected treat box open and my dog was already "sniffing" things out. My dog has some grapefruit every morning along with my husband's breakfast; but nothing more than that in the way of fruit snacks. Didn't have any idea our dog would like more in the way of fruit. Plan to definitely purchase. by on 09/05/2012
Dogs Loved Them
I love these treats for my dogs, although my smaller cockapoo has a hard time with them. I have to break them up in order for him to eat them. Once the treat is broken up, he devours it in seconds. I can't open the pantry door now without both dogs running into the kitchen and sitting pretty for their treats. It would be nice to have this treat in a smaller size for smaller dogs. by on 09/03/2012
Excellent treat!
My dogs love these treats. Science Diet products really are the best. by on 08/27/2012
It may help my puppy to eat more fruits
At first he was not to cool about eating the treats but after about two or three tries he warmed up to them. by on 08/24/2012
Mandy, Likes it! Surprise . . . to me any way. She starts doing her tricks without comands when she hears me rattle he bag. Interesting . . . by on 08/22/2012
My mini schnauzer loves these!
I have always used carrots as treats for my mini schnauzer. When I gave her one of these treats, she couldn't eat it fast enough!!! She has eaten Science Diet her entire life and she is 14 years old. Thank you for helping me keep my baby girl so healthy all of these years. by on 08/22/2012
My adult lab likes the product
My senior adult lab likes the product, however he seem to find it difficult to chew. by on 08/22/2012
My dog loves them
I have a teacup poodle and he adores these treats. He is a very picky eater and gobbles these down. I would definitely recommend these treats!!!!! by on 08/22/2012
Great healthy treat!
My dog, Pretzel, is very picky when it comes to treats. I couldn't believe how much he loves the Fruity Snacks with Cranberries and Oatmeal. This is a great product that I don't feel guilty giving to my dog because it is actually full of healthy ingredients. by on 08/21/2012
Taste must be great.
Our dog is very fussy and she just gobbles these up. They must taste great and they are very healthy for her. by on 08/21/2012
Both dogs love this treat!
I have a German Shepherd and an English Mastiff. Both of our dogs absolutely loved these treats. I wasn't sure about the cranberry flavor, but both of them were begging for more! by on 08/21/2012
Fruity Snacks
I save these special little cookie snacks as a bedtime snack for my fur-babies by on 08/21/2012
They were very happy with this product!!
Good size for my large and medium breed dogs! They liked this treat very much. I would purchase in the future. by on 08/21/2012
My dogs love these. I'm glad they offer a variety of soft treats such as the jerky treats my dogs can't get enough of but also the hard to help maintain their gums and teeth. Great product! by on 08/21/2012
Great Healthy Treat for my dogs!
What a great treat for my dogs. They literally won't leave me sit down until I've given them their treat after their dinner!! Thank you for a healthy alternative!! (and they LOVE them!!) by on 08/21/2012
My dog loves these
My dog is a picky eater and doesn't like to try new foods but he just loved these! He gobbles one up and then begs for more. I have to limit him or he would eat the whole bag! I have to admit that I didn't think he would go for these treats because they seemed more like a human breakfast bar than a doggie treat but these are a huge hit! by on 08/21/2012
"Suzie" will speak for these treats!
The Fruity Snacks are a huge hit with my adult dog. She absolutely LOVES these treats and they include natural ingredients which makes them a favorite of mine too. by on 08/21/2012
My dog loves this snack!
My dog absolutely loves this snack. It combines her love of oatmeal and fruit. She looks forward to this treat and I'm happy to give her something healthy! by on 08/21/2012
My boys went nuts for this product.
I received these in the mail along with some other samples, Fred[8yrs] kept jumping up to smell the box. Preston [9yrs], our mastiff grinned after trying them. We've given these guys many different kinds of treats over the years, but I've never seen them react this way. They just can't get enough. by on 08/21/2012
My dogs absolutely love it! They pretty much beg for it! by on 08/20/2012
Delicious Fruity Snacks
My dog loved these snacks. They are great for her teeth because they are nice and firm. by on 08/18/2012