Greenies Pill Pocket Treats Chicken Formula (15.8 oz)
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Rated 5 out of 5 by 1 reviewers.

  • Great Product and Price
    I'm not sure that my English Bulldog, Hercules, even realizes that there are pills inside these pill pockets. He inhales rather than chews, but he inhales them quickly and looks forward to having them. I haven't seen him put any weight on even though we give him six pill pockets per day to get his medicine down. I love the chicken flavor because the smell isn't as strong as the beef pill pockets and the pill pocket is moist and malleable without crumbling. He loves the taste and the other dogs in the house are jealous. The price offered here is phenomenal. I usually spend $20 per bag on the 60 count in store. I love being able to have the pill pockets delivered. I know exactly how much we need and how often. They are on auto ship so I don't even need to think about looking to see if I am low on product. It comes exactly when I need more product. The day after I have the product set to ship it usually arrives. Product quality, ease of ordering, ability to budget, cost of product and time saved not going to the store is amazing. I would highly recommend! by on 08/21/2019
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