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Crafted with a focus on natural ingredients enriched with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, these dog treats offer more than just a snack. Their unique chewy texture is designed to provide comprehensive oral care, reaching down to the gumline to fight plaque and tartar buildup while promoting fresh breath. The treats are formulated with highly soluble ingredients, ensuring safe and easy digestion for dogs of all ages. Beyond their dental benefits, these treats contribute to overall he... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 133 reviewers.

Great price!
These are really good for my dogs teeth. Iโ€™ve never been good about their teeth cleaning, so giving them Greenies is the answer. But theyโ€™re expensive. Pet Care has the best discounts. by on 05/08/2024
Dog Greenies
My dogs love their Greenies!! Their breathe has improved. by on 04/28/2024
Greenies Dental Treats for Dogs
My fur babies love these Greenies! by on 03/26/2024
My little dog just loves these. She gets one every morning. Waits for me to give her one. Helps her teeth and breath. I love that it really does work by on 09/28/2023
My dog loves these. She goes nuts when I give them to her. She tells me every morning that she wants one by on 08/12/2023
Dental Treats
My dog loves them. She gets one at bedtime and gets so excited you'd think it was Christmas morning. by on 08/14/2022
Great treat!
My Bridget loves these and they keep her mouth clean without disturbing her sensitive stomach by on 08/08/2022
Great treats
Dog loves them by on 07/24/2022
All my dogs have always loved Greenies. They come in a variety of sizes, flavors and even have specialized for seniors, etc.. by on 03/01/2022
Daily treat choice #1
My 7-lb Yorkie loves these Greenies Original, Teenie size treats. I give her one daily to help her teeth & improve her breath. by on 02/19/2022
My dogs love Greenie! by on 01/25/2022
Great product
Love this so does my dogs by on 11/26/2021
If it really brushes the teeth, my Service Dog LOVES this brushing!!
My service dog LOVES the favor of this treat. If this treat, brushes their teeth, it is a suburb product. Two paws up!! by on 08/07/2021
Great for cleaning and my picky dog loves them
I give one a day to our 5 hold Coonhound. She has great teeth and she waits all day to โ€œbrush her teethโ€. If it were up to her she would brush them all day long. Our girl is really really picky with treats but she has always loved these! by on 07/14/2021
My dog luvs them
My dog luvs them by on 05/29/2021
My dogs love them. all nyou have to say isvtreats & theirbtails start wagging. by on 12/05/2020
This product will make your dogs pop look black, not good by on 04/03/2020
Dog loves them! by on 04/25/2019
My Old Doberman Loves Loves Loves
I always thought that these were mostly oil and that too much would give my dog diarrhea . NOT SO. She is 11y/o and now this is the only treat that she can consistently eat without getting tummy issues. No vomiting no diarrhea and no gas. So I like it very much as a daily (hourly) lol- Treat by on 03/25/2019
A combination of Oral Hygiene Solution added to my RoBear's drinking water, kibble type food, and Teenie Greenies following his meals both am & pm have helped to keep his teeth clean, and avoidance to professional cleaning by our Vet for many years. RoBear is now 15 years old. by on 12/03/2018
Awesome Greenies
Great product, dog loves them. by on 01/09/2018
Our dog loves Greenies! Keeps teeth clean & breath fresh.
Our dog is a senior, with a special diet. Greenies are easy to digest. GREAT price! by on 07/01/2016
My dog loves these things more than any other treats she's had. The teenie ones are the perfect size for her! She could not live without these treats!!!! by on 05/25/2016
she dances for these
We recently rescued a dog & she loves to eat. She likes to get treats, but when she sees that she is getting a Greenie she stands up on her hind legs & just dances for them. by on 05/12/2016
Life Saver!
I have a 14 lb. Pomeranian Pug mix who had been having issues with his smelly breath for a couple of years now. When he was a puppy I gave him a Greenies and he never touched it. So when his breath problem started I tried EVERYTHING but the greenies. Finally, out of desperation I thought I'd try it. And words cannot explain how grateful I am. He loved the mini bone, his breath improved almost instantly. Now he can give me and everyone else kisses, without is holding our breaths for dear life!! by on 04/01/2016
She loves them!
We've tried 4 other dental chews and often they got left either uneaten or half eaten. These are gone without a crumb to spare. Definitely worth it! by on 12/03/2015
My dog Sheppy love it
If you need something for both dental health and behavior modification - this is the chew for you. by on 11/18/2015
Greenies for dogs
Your favorite pet will fall in love with getting their teeth Clean! Get the right size for your dog and you are both good to go. by on 11/08/2015
They work
My dog loves them wouldn't get anything else for them by on 10/31/2015
Dogs LOVE these
my dog will do anything I mean anything for this greenie treat, I don't know what it is but he waits patiently for 8PM to come to get a Greenie treat and if I miss it he is bugging me and bugging me till he gets his treat. :) by on 10/22/2015
My dogs love this "treat"!
My doggies anxiously await their midday treat, Greenies. I love them because I see the wonderful results my doggies get from them. Their teeth stay clean & breath smells fresh! by on 09/21/2015
My dogs love this "treat"!
My doggies anxiously await their midday treat, Greenies. I love them because I see the wonderful results my doggies get from them. Their teeth stay clean & breath smells fresh! by on 09/21/2015
Wheat Sensitivity Alert
This is my first time using this product. I purchased the strength for dogs under 20 lbs and gave my dog only one a day, in the evening. I noticed that my dog started scratching more than usual - I thought it was the products that her New groomer used. Molly had her 15th birthday this August and we gave her a dog salon party. 1terday I came home from work and she had scratched a big red spot on her side and she did not want to eat dinner. I took her to the veterinarian. The Vet had to shave her side to allow her skin to breath, plus he gave her a shot of antibiotics, steroids and Benadryl. Who knew that my Molly had an allergy to Wheat. ***Please test your food/snack choices for your pet on a smaller scale before investing in the really good price for a larger quantity. Read the labels too! by on 09/11/2015
my dog loves them
My 12 year old dog really needs dental treatment, but it is sooo expensive. I nearly lost a few fingers when I tried brushing her teeth, so I gave up on that. She really loves her greenies, and the teeth involved in chewing the bone look good. by on 09/02/2015
Outstanding (Ruff Ruff, Boww Wowwwww)
As advertised, this product is irresistible to our three dogs. Two other families I know, concur. I would not hesitate to recommend for all.ร‚ย  We actually reside in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada, but I needed to chose an American state in order to post my feedback. by on 06/20/2015
White teeth and no 'doggie breathe'
I needed to share this wonderful experience of my adopted Shih Tzu/terrier that enforces the quality and enjoyably of Greenies. Poohbear eats twice a day and after every meal he looks for a Greenie for desert. I gladly give it to him because I can't stand 'doggie breathe'. For the past year of giving Poohbear a Grennie for dessert, I can gladly say he has no doggie breathe and his teeth are whiter than mine. Maybe I should also have a Greenie for dessert to help whiten my teeth and cut down on cigarette breathe! Maria Thanks for this great product!!!! by on 06/01/2015
This was helpful Thank you
I have a Chihuahua and a mitsu that are both eager for greens that !makes the! Happy thank ypou by on 05/17/2015
good chewy treats
Tried these as they are supposed to help keep your dog's teeth stay clean and not sure if they do ir not, but my bichon mix seems to like them. They are kind of pricey but try the teenie size when on sale and you get a pretty good deal! by on 03/30/2015
Great Treat for the dogs
They sure don't last long! Even my little Shih-poodle finishes it off in a couple minutes. However, the dogs LOVE them, and they are good for the teeth (I guess), so we keep them on hand as treats. Too expensive to give daily though. by on 03/20/2015
Dogs love them!! Great price.
Great items and price, dogs are very happy. We will order more. by on 03/07/2015
Greenies for Dogs
My 3 dogs love Greenies. I just have to mention Greenie and they drop whatever they are doing and run to me. This is their favorite treat of all treats. I buy them all the time. by on 12/30/2014
Nutro crunchy treats an greenies petite
I only buy berry flavor and banana flavor nutro crunchy treats and petite size greenies. they are great in the winter time because for the mint flavor. when dogs tummy is upset and he is looking for green grass. by on 12/29/2014
Greenies for Coconut
My 5 year old poodle mix loves Greenies! She considers them her evening treat, every evening she comes to my feet and whines and barks until I get up and give her a Greenie. I love to see her chewing her Greenies too. by on 12/23/2014
Loves Greenies!
My Jack Russell dog loves Greenies! That is her favorite treat. She even knows the word 'greenies' & will come running when she hears it. I've used them for several years now, and plan to continue.. by on 12/23/2014
3 O'clock is "Tooth Burshing Time"
We started giving our rat terrier Bentley a Greenie at about 3 PM each day, as a mid afternoon snack. I started asking him if he "wanted to brush his teeth". Now, all I have to say is "it's time to brush your teeth" and Bentley rushes to the counter where the Greenies are kept and starts dancing! He knows it's time to keep his mouth clean and breath fresh. Bentley brushed his teeth every day with his Greenie and he has cleaner teeth and fresher breath. by on 12/23/2014
a perfect stocking stuffer
our 5 year old lab/beagle mix loves greenies. They are always a staple in her Christmas stocking. by on 12/23/2014
Great treat
I give my dog Greenies because he is getting old and sometimes has bad breath. He love this snack and I'm happy because his breath is getting better. by on 12/22/2014
My name is Mr. Wilson and I am now a rough, tough 7 year old Westie who everybody loves. The Postman and the Bank Teller always give me Milkbones when we visit, which I like, but I "LOVE" my Teenie Greenies because they taste good and make my breath smell great all day long! I've told my other friends about them here in Northern Maine so now my Mom & Dad will not give them my treats anymore since their parent's have now bought them their own! Me and all of my canine friends have great dental checkups with our Vet! Mmmmmm, a must have! by on 12/22/2014
Greenies For Cats
Tremendous product for my cats. They love them! :) by on 12/22/2014
greenies chews
My dog loves them, but his stools are green after eating one. Why do dog food companies have to put coloring into their products when dogs supposedly can't see color. Which I do debate; but they only care about flavor. why add a color??? by on 12/22/2014
Best Dental Products
My nearly 12-yr-old Koko has been eating the Original Greenie dental bones for years. It is the only product her system keeps down - and her teeth are GREAT! She has never needed them cleaned. Highly recommend. by on 12/22/2014
Great for small dogs
I foster small dogs for a local rescue and have 3 of my own. ร‚ย I usually have 7-9 furbabies in my home at any given time. ร‚ย Without exception, they have all loved Greenies! ร‚ย I didn't think they would even eat them when I first opened the bag but I was very wrong. ร‚ย I have a poo-eater and these really do the trick on that bad breath! ร‚ย  Highly recommended. by on 12/17/2014
One happy dog!
I bought these as a trial for my 3 yr old Havanese, Cupid.Can I tell you how excited he is everytime we go for the bag! He sees it as a treat and therefore there's no headaches trying to clean his teeth because he loves them!! They're basically a self-cleaning treat!I would definitely recommend! by on 10/30/2014
great product
My dog loves greenies. They are easily digestable which is important because she inhales her treats. by on 10/08/2014
Greenies dental chews (teenie)
I have a 8year old Shih Tzu and a 3 year old maltese mix. The only treat I give them is Greenies! The quality of this product is very good, and my 3 year old's teeth are so nice now. Best Dog Treat ever. Thank You by on 08/14/2014
Lilly Loves Her Greenies
Lilly enjoys getting her Greenies a couple of times a week. They help to keep her teeth clean and breath fresh!! by on 07/20/2014
Work well, likes, but doesn't love them
These were recommended by the pet store as being the best teeth chews available. ร‚ย After using them for several months, the vet said our Havanese's teeth were fine and needed no further treatment ร‚ย or cleaning. ร‚ย He doesn't eat them as readily as he does his Wellness treats but, he does eat them after a few moments when he realizes there is nothing else coming. ร‚ย Encouraging is that he breaks off pieces and chews hard which is what dental chews are all about. I guess if he liked them as much as his treats, he'd swallow without chewing, defeating their purpose. ร‚ย Overall, a good product which we will continue to use. by on 06/29/2014
Dogs love these!
I just started using these, don't know if they will achieve the dental result hoped for, but both my older dog and younger dog love them. They are expensive, is the down side. by on 05/23/2014
Very Impressed
I have a Chocolate Labrador Retriever (11 years old) and a Cane Corso (Italien Mastiff 8 months old). I started feeding these to my dogs about a week ago due to the fact that my lab has always had bad breath and I want my Cane Corso's teeth to be kept really clean since they use them a lot. My lab eats almost anything and she adore's these treats. My Cane Corso on the other hand is usually very suspicious of any new toys or treats we give her (She's a guard dog so she's supposed to be suspicious) but as soon as I gave it too her she devoured it. I wasn't completely convinced at first about these treats due to their high price and the odor that came out of the bag was quite terrible. But after a week of use im very pleased to report that it was money well spent and I shall continue buying these treats in the future. Within two days of giving them to my dogs both of their breaths are now very fresh and it's persuading to see all the other good reviews out there. Overall these are great treats in my opinion and besides there expensive price I am very satisfied. by on 05/12/2014
Dogs love them!
I give one of these to each of my Lasha Apsa's everyday. They love them. One of them had tarter build up and the Greenies took care of it. Their breath smells better and their teeth look better. I would highly recommend these! by on 04/17/2014
My dog loves em
Starting feeding sweet pea on this and she loves. She noes when I get the treats outร‚ย  by on 04/06/2014
My dog thinks they ar a TREAT!
I love the fact that they are affective and my dog loves the taste! by on 03/27/2014
This product is great
My dog absolutely loves Greenies. He has a very sensitive stomach so I have to be careful with the treats that I give him. I have tried the dental treats from grocery stores and he got sick. He does like the Nyla dental treats but not as much as Greenies. Usually about one hour after he gets his breakfast I give him a Greenie and even knows what I mean now when I say Greenie. He is a small dog so I really have to make sure that he gets proper dental care since small dogs are prone to dental problems. The only issue I have is that they are about $1.00 a piece. I try to wait until I have a coupon or something to get them but most times I don't. He loves them and they are good for him so as long as I can afford them he will continue to get one a day by on 01/12/2014
Great product.
My small dog (abt. 12-14 lbs.) has always been plagued with "bad breath", so I welcome this product--it does seem to help. Our big Dobie mix also loves them. by on 01/07/2014
My dog loves these
These Greenies are very good for my dogs teeth. Since he is a pug and does not chew well these help get the tartar off his teeth. also he can not chew through them as easily as other dental chews and I make him chew all around his mouth not a problem since he loves them. by on 12/28/2013
Greenies for all!
I've never seen a dog that didn't love Greenies .. EVER!! by on 12/11/2013
Great Item
My precious dog loves these!! She does most of her tricks and dog lessons knowing she is getting it but they do cost alot of money. by on 11/20/2013
Excellent Product
Gianni, my Wolf Sable Pomeranian. He loves these GREENIES!ร‚ย  I was scared at first due to the color and thought it may stain his coat. As I have researched it, that is not the case. I'm a Dental Student and I think these are by far the BEST for dogs Oral Health! by on 11/06/2013
Greenies Rule!
My pitbull loves Greenies. He craves bluegrass (no other kind of grass will do), especially when it first comes up or right after a rain. I hope the Greenies help to satisfy that desire for fresh greens. His teeth and gums are always very healthy and clean, thanks to the Greenies. by on 10/24/2013
Must be pretty good!
While shopping in the Dog treat aisle today, I saw the Greenies treat, and decided to give them a try with our Purebred Shepherd. I bought the 25-50 lbs Regular treats. We brought them home, and I opened the box and gave Dex one to sample. At this point I had my doubts as he seems not to enjoy rawhide type bones, but this was gone inside a few minutes. It would seem Greenies is a new hit here in our house. by on 10/20/2013
Best Chew
My Golden Ret., Lucy, loves these. She gets a Greenie in the eve. & seems to know what time it is for her chew. I believe it really helps keep her teeth clean. by on 10/02/2013
picky dogs
my 3 dogs love greenies. They usually drop other treat and walk away. I also have a poodle to is allergic to everything. But greenies she has no problems. They are great and really the only chew Tara can have so once a day is good for them all. by on 09/30/2013
Great treat & teeth cleaning.
I supplement these with regular brushing and my dog loves the taste. by on 09/07/2013
Great treat & teeth cleaning.
I supplement these with regular brushing and my dog loves the taste. by on 09/07/2013
Great for dogs with sensitive teeth.
My dog, (an Aussie) just recently had to get her teeth pulled. They were starting to fallout and were starting to cause her a great deal of pain. The Vet said to start feeding her chewy dental treats with soft food. I was told that Greenies were healthy and amazing for older dogs. I bought some at the local market and my Aussie went to town on them! She loves the taste, (I picked up 'boiled chicken' ones) loves how chewy they are, and I love seeing her eating and chewing on things again. I also picked up some Pill Pockets made by Greenie so I'm assuming she'll take to them like a duck in water. by on 08/25/2013
These are awesome
I will start by saying that I have the 2 pickiest Labrador Retrievers ever!. Short of duck jerkey, there are very few treats or chews that interest these two snobby girls! In fact with most treats or chews they simply look at me like I'm crazy, drop the item and walk away. I noticed the younger dog's teeth were beginning to look a little yellow at the gum line so I stopped at the pet store in search of a chew to remedy this situation. The guy behind the counter recommended Greenies Dental Chews. "Seriously"! I thought to myself, they will never eat these green things! So, I declined to buy a bag and instead bought 2 individually wrapped jumbo chews. Was that ever a mistake as I could not believe my eyes when I unwrapped the Greenies and both labs not only didn't drop them and walk away but protectively took the Greenies and ran to the living room. Being shocked at the fact that they did not drop them and walk away....I followed them into the living room only to find them engrossed in knawing on the Greenies! I can only image the look that must have been on my face. You can believe that I will be stopping at the Pet supply store on ;my way home from work tomorrow to buy the biggest bag of Greenies Dental chews that I can find! by on 08/06/2013
The chew that made the trick!!
We recently rescued a two year old dog that we named Will, Will cause he had the will to survive in the wilderness... when we found him he didn't have good teeth, he had lots of tartar buildup. We had tried different treats and chews but none that he was really crazy about. When we introduced the Greenies, from the first bite, he totally fell in love with them and we started to notice a difference after the first bag. Thanks to you guys, Will has a better breath and a cleaner set of teeth. by on 08/05/2013
Ruby loves!!!!
My 11 year old cocker Ruby loves her greenies. With her lifetime of use vet's can't believe how great her teeth are. by on 06/05/2013
Our Australian shepherd gives these 5 stars!
Our 22 month old aussie looks fwd to his daily dose of Greenie bone! He does not let us forget when it is "Greenie time" each day! Bentley has fluorescent white teeth and we hope to keep them that way. Greenies are a big part of Bentley's dental care routine. Thank you for making Greenies for all of our dogs! by on 01/25/2013
Great for Senior Dogs Too!
I have a 19 year old Chihuahua/Beagle mix, and even after she had seventeen teeth removed a few years ago, she still adores getting a Greenies treat. I love how they come in different sizes too, very convienent! It's nice to be giving her a treat she loves, that I know is good for her too! by on 01/06/2013
Great Treat
My dog is a 6-yr-old Lab/Golden mix, and she absolutely loves Greenies. She will do anything for a Greenies treat. I'm convinced she would dance on her toes if she were able. Sometimes, when she is in the yard, I will hide a Greenies treat in the house. When she comes inside, she immediately catches the scent and races through the house searching for it. When she finds it, she races to the family room and leaps onto her pillow to enjoy her treat, wagging her tail ecstatically. It is the highlight of her day, and such a joy to watch. And the pill pockets are an answer to a prayer. She eagerly awaits her medications. by on 12/02/2012
LOL .. have given my cats Greenie biscuits.. here in Canada the promoters in pet stores have called them crack for cats... have an nearly 11 week old pup - heรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs just had his first Greenie dental chew OMG - crack for dogs too - he loved it and wanted more ... excellent by on 11/30/2012
Love them!
Love them and so does my dogs! I can't even say the word greenie without them running over to get one!! by on 11/27/2012
Happy Puppy
My German Shepard loves these treats. He has a very big appetite, and these are a great treat between meals. I am sure he wishes he could have a larger size though. by on 10/16/2012
from grose tarter to FABULUS pearls
i just want to say THANK YOU greenies my boy sirius is 6 years old and has never had his teeth brushed or was even given greenies befor (i no i no bad mommy) a resent vet check up brought to my attention just how bad the tarder build up was on his teeth along with a bad tooth that was just starting to get infected he was put on a course of antibiodics well the tooth has sence recoverd and i have bought a pouch of greenies a week ago as well as some enzymatic tooth past 2 days a go well after sirius had his greenie witch he praticly steals out of the bag and his teeth brushed (only his secend time) iv noticed his teeth are ALREADY white with very little tarter remaning if there is its a tiney bit on the back teeth witch im sure will be gone very soon thanks to greenies i have even started giving them to my shih tzu pup who is 6 months old i plan on starting my cats on greenies as well as i no dought trust they will work SO with that s aid THANK YOU greeines from Sirius (6 year old min pin) 1 week on greenies zoe (6 month old shih tzu) 1 week on greenies isis (8 year old silver tabby) starting greenies and ginny (1 year old black and tan makrel tabby) starting greenies and of course from me from the bottem of my heart for giving my boy and girls beautiful teeth Christine by on 09/26/2012
My Yorkie Wouldn't Do Without Them!
By 8 pm Bennie sits in front of the kitchen pantry--where the Greenies are kept--to let us know it's time for bed and his daily Greenie. He spends half a hour licking it, I assume to soften it then devours it. We've tried imitations, but Bennie is too smart for that. by on 08/25/2012
Good Product
My Chihuahua loves these! Whenever I put a Greenie on his rug, he grabs it right away and starts munching. Since Chihuahuas are prone to dental problems, I like the fact that Greenies help clean his teeth and freshen his breath. It seems to be working as his teeth are looking pretty good. So long as he continues to enjoy the product, I will buy it for my little guy. by on 08/18/2012
Greenies Rock!
My dog goes nuts when she hears me openning a bag of Greenies Canine Dental Chews! I've never seen her so excited about treats! The best part is...they are helping to clean her teeth and she doesn't even know it! Haha! I'm a big fan of Greenies products and so is my dog! :) by on 07/19/2012
Product really works!
My dog loves these, they are great! The product is amazing, they really do work! by on 07/03/2012
Best product out there
Our 3 pups all had the worst breath. We gave them Greenies and now, they all have fresh breath that isn't masked. They love these treats and they always beg for more. I highly recommend it for anyone who's pup has stinky breath! by on 06/19/2012
My dogs love them
When I first gave Greenies to my three small dogs, they waited for the meateier treats. After a few days though, they wait for the Greenies. They go for them above rawhides, hard bisquits and other chewy things. After a month on Greenies, my two young dogs have great white teeth and my old, old dog no longer has such bad breath. by on 06/02/2012
My dogs go crazy for these
We started our pooches on these a little while ago due to health issues, they go absolutely nuts for them, nudge me into the cupboard where they are kept of a morning for their Greenies. They smell good and are eaten up here in no time at all! by on 05/29/2012
Greenies Canine Chews
Our dogs love these treats. They are pricey so we give them to our dogs on Sunday as a special treat for the week. Our dogs teeth are nice and white and their breath isn't as bad either. by on 04/25/2012
My Dog Loves These Chews!
I have a terrier mix that loves her treats. These are such an effective way to keep her happy and make sure her teeth are clean. by on 04/18/2012
My dog loves Greenies, and Greenies love him back
My dog is a 5 year old shelter dog, we've had him for 3 years, and every time we go to the vet to ask if he needs a professional cleaning, they say that his teeth are still too healthy to warrant the expense and risks associated with putting the dog under for a professional cleaning. We have not been advised once to have a professional cleaning yet, and we've been to four different vets on both sides of the country! Our dog loves these things, and he comes running every time I ask him if he wants a Greenie. He digs into them in pure delight, and you can see that the design works because he ends up chewing on both sides of his mouth, all the way to the back. We use these a few times a week to once a day, which lengthens the time between brushings (which he despises.) Giving him one of these is far easier than prying his mouth open and fighting him every second the toothbrush is in his mouth. To us, the extra cost of Greenies (we did weigh the heftier price tag against what we want for our Happy) ends up being worth it because, when you think about it, professional cleanings are far more expensive than the price of Greenies, which would be required more often without them. We want our dog to be able to enjoy chomping on his toys and bones for as long as possible, and these Greenies are a great addition to our dog's oral health regimen to keep him chewing strong! Bottom line: My dog loves his Greenies, and his Greenies love him back. And we love both of these facts. by on 04/13/2012
You ask my dog what time it is, and she barks 3 times.... She's actually saying, "it's greenie time" !!!!!!! she gets one everynight after her last walk.... by on 09/11/2011
nice treat
My dog loves these nightly. Just ask what time is it and he runs to the kitchen. by on 05/16/2011
My dog is very fussy about treats but he loves these Greenies. by on 12/09/2009
Greenies are Cuddle's, the maltipoo's favorite snack
I wish they were cheaper. They are healthier than so many products made of undigestible corn and wheat. I break them in half and put both halves in her bowl. It's too soon to see if they will get some plaque off her teeth. She won't go near anything that is rawhide. by on 10/29/2009
best treat
I started giving my Beagle these treats when I found out he needed his teeth cleaned and ever since I have been giving him Greenies he has not needed his teeth cleaned by the vet. He gets one every morning and he drops everything for it by on 09/26/2008
Greenies to Relieve Guilt
My little beagle absolutely loves Greenies. I would give her one when I needed to go to work because I felt guilty in leaving her. However, it got to the point where she could hardly wait for me to leave so she could have her Greenie. It makes me happy that she so loves a treat that is actually good for her. by on 07/12/2008
Greenies Relieves Guilt
I have a little beagle who absolutely loves Greenies! When I needed to go to work, I would give her one - more at first to make me feel less guilty about leaving - because I knew she enjoyed them so. It got to the point where I felt she could hardly wait for me to leave because she knew she would get her Greenie!! I like the fact that what she loves so much as a treat is actually good for her. I'm never without a bag of Greenies around the house. by on 07/12/2008
No question.. best doggie chew ever!
My 'kids' loveeee Greenies. A bit expensive, but they are so worth it. by on 07/10/2008
Keeps his breath fresh and teeth clean too!
My dog has REALLY BAD breath when we got him as a stray. His teeth were rotten. We have since had the vet cleaned his teeth, but the Greenies definitely help maintain his teeth and breath till the next vet visit. He LOVES them and gets 1 every week! by on 06/21/2008
Happy Dogs
Our two shih tzus who are very fussy about their treats look forward each evening to their greenies. They truly enjoy them and we are pleased because we know that they are good for them! by on 06/17/2008
First Treat My Dog Loves That Is Good For Her
I have one of those fussy dogs that only wants people food. After my neighbor gave my dog a small piece of a Greenie, she went nuts over them. He buys the bigger ones and puts them in the mircowave, heats them and then cuts them with a scissors. Since then I do the same and she comes to me and brings me to where I keep them. I have never had a dog that loved a treat as much as she loves "Greenies" by on 06/07/2008
Greenie Gang
Greenies are a great product. I have 3 dogs who are crazy for them15 yr old mini poodle/ girl not many teeth left a rescue dog i have had 8 yrs5yr old Shitzu a boy /purchased the sweetest dog ever. 3yr old Shitzu girl/ rescue dog overweight and snores but we luv sweetieThey are give 1 greenie a day in the evening Their teeth are in good shape and do not have a breath problem by on 05/21/2008
Molly's favorite
My Pekepoo Molly considers this dental product a treat. Greenies are her absolute favorite. Her vet constantly comments on the whiteness of her teeth and her clean breath. by on 05/11/2008
My dogs get possesive over these treats like its their child
I have 2 dogs and both love the greenies so much they even get possesive over it like its their child. They'll growl when people come near them and their greenies, no other dog treat can do this for em. I had to throw out all the extra treats I used to buy in bulk after I introduced em to greenies. by on 05/07/2008
good nite lure
I use the greenie to lure our Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier to bed every night. It's so much easier than trying to brush her teeth - and she doesn't have "doggie breath"! by on 05/04/2008
My dog loves these. Although they don't clean his teeth as I anticipated, he loves this snack and it doesn't upset his stomach. Being a 13 year old Beagle, he still has an appetite to eat anything and everything but it doesn't always stay down. Greenies have never caused him any problems and he seems to like to new chewy ones better than the older ones. by on 05/03/2008
Stanley LOVESSSS greenies!
I def recommend these!!! my dog loves these but i think every dog is different. by on 04/26/2008
Bogie loves greenies. However, I agree with other owners that they are pricey. Bogie gets one every other day because of the expense. by on 04/19/2008
Superior Product!!!
Wouldn't think of being out of these at our house....and good for the "chil'ren"too! by on 04/19/2008
Product Review
Bogie loves greenies. However, I agree with other owners that they are pricey. Bogie gets one every other day because of the expense. by on 04/19/2008
My Dogs Go Nuts
My dogs would rather have Greenies than any other treat I can offer them. I believe they provide benefits to their teeth and gums (dental cleanings have not had to be as frequent since they have been receiving Greenies daily), are easily digestible and, seemingly, very palatable, too. If I have any complaint whatsoever about this product, it is that they could be less expensive. I have seven dogs and therefore go through a box of 50 per week (for a monthly cost of at least $100 for Greenies alone!). by on 04/03/2008
Awesome and Edible Product
I will rate this product a 10 on a scale of 10. My pitbull waits patiently every morning for her greenies treat. She likes it very much and it takes her less than a minute to chew on it. I purchase the large size (10 in a packet) and it usually lasts for about 2 weeks since I give her 1 every other day. The price is not too expensive compared to what other stores charge for the same item. I would recommend greenies chewable product to all dog lovers; I'm sure once you try it you will never regret buying greenies for your dog. by on 04/02/2008
Lowest price and fast shipping!
I accidentally clicked on PetCareRx's ad banner at a pet classified site. I was glad to find out that PetCareRx offers the lowest price for Teeenie Greenies. I bought 3 big bags of Greenies on the spot. I am glad that I found PetCareRx and I am sure my dog is too! by on 03/31/2008
Oskar LOVES Greenies. No matter where he is in the house, as soon as he hears me open the jar where I keep them Oskar is there ready for his Greenie! They are a bit pricey but worth the look on Oskar's face when he sees them. I usually alternate between regular and large Greenies to cut down on my costs, neither last long in the house. by on 01/25/2008
My dog loves these.
Non-messy,my australian-shepperd really loves this treat. Her teeth look really clean. by on 08/11/2007
Greenie Lover
Sizi Q runs to the couch every morning atprecisely 9:00AM and whines for her teeniegreenie. She loves them! by on 06/10/2007
Buddy LOVES them
Buddy loves this treat. He gets one every night AFTER he finishes his dinner. When he is finished with his food, he comes and gets me to take me to his bowl to show me he is finished, sits down and waits for his Greenie! by on 04/27/2007
My dogs can't get enough
Brandi and Bailey can't wait to go out in the morning, get their job done and come inside for their greenie treat! by on 04/12/2007
my shepherds LOVE the Greenies
mainly, they're not full of junk that can kill your pet. mine just love them and it keeps them busy also if they're bored. by on 03/27/2007
Wild for Greenies
my dogs go nuts for Greenies. i wish they came in a larger size because the cost really adds up; i can't afford to give them daily. Best treat yet! by on 03/02/2007
great tasting and healthy
my dogs go crazy when they see the bag. they are full of pep and energy. Thry dont rest heavy on their stomach like some treats by on 02/21/2007
Gone Wild for Greenies
My Labrador Diva loves Greenies, which has recently been a new treat for her. Since Diva does not like to sit still long, it was tough taking care of her teeth and gums without spending a lot of money at the vetโ€™s office. After I started giving Diva her Greenies, I noticed a change in her teeth (whiter and cleaner). She also loves the taste of them, and does not hesitate to chew them up. I was pleased that my last order was a โ€œbonus packโ€ and included extra Greenies, as the cost of giving them to her daily adds up. I would like to see a larger quantity offered as larger quantities generally offer a better discount. by on 12/29/2005
Expensive, though saves money in long run, I'm sure
Wonderful product. My 3 dogs and 3 cats go nuts for their greenies and they are great for their health. You can see the difference in their teeth immediately. I have to watch the animals not to fight over them. They don't like to share! by on 12/04/2005
Greenies are the best thing that has happened to our dogs. They love them, however, they are expensive and you can't be too generous with them. It is difficult for low income people to buy them. They clean the teeth and freshen the breath........................................My next comment is that I cannot find different sizes and prices on your site. I only get one price and one size. When I buy, I like to buy in a larger quantity as I have three little dogs and buying by individual packages is out of the question. by on 03/14/2005
Do your dog a favor!
My miniSchnauzer won't let me go to bed without reminding me it's time for her Greenie. She loves them so much, she has ME trained! They are her favorite treat, and they are a lot healthier for her than any other treat on the market that I know of. They clean her teeth, freshen her breath and according to my vet, they aid digestion. If I even say the word "Greenie", she dances and prances! And my cat loves the Greenie Bits so much, she knocked an unguarded bag off the table too let the dog rip it open so they could both have a feast! However, my mom's cats can't figure out what to do with the Greenie Bits. I can't say enough good things about Greenies. All I ask is that you leave some in stock for us ;) by on 02/10/2005
Greenies the best tasting toothbrush for animals
We give our fox terrier greenies to control tartar on his teeth. He will do just about anything for one. The vet cannot believe how clean his teeth are. If we would have his teeth cleaned, he would have to be sedated, so this is by far a better alternative. We buy greenie chips for our cat, which equally loves them. by on 01/13/2005