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GlycoFlex II is an innovative supplement for pets who suffer from joint pain and dysfunction, and is commonly used following orthopedic surgery. GlycoFlex II effectively reduces the discomfort of aging pets with joint issues.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 8 reviewers.

No knee surgery, twice
My 12 year old, 65 lb. lab snapped a tendon in her hind leg and $2500 surgery was recommended with no guarantee for success. We did not have the money for surgery and our vet recommended that we give this a try. The results were amazing. Within a short time she was again climbing up and down stairs throughout the day and was able to jump on our bed to sleep with us every night. Unfortunately, the next summer while chasing a cat she snapped the tendon in her other hind leg! We faithfully maintained her daily dosage of Glycoflex II and she has regained enough strength to still climb the stairs multiple times a day and climb onto our bed. She is 14 and an amazing testimony to the positive effects of this product. by on 05/30/2011
Papillon w/ luxated patella
I have a two year old hyper active papillon that has a luxated patella. She jumps around all the time and would constantly pop her knee out. My vet put her on glycoflex instead of jumping into surgery to correct it and she has not had a problem since. She loves the taste just like a treat and I dont have to worry about a surgery and trying to keep her calm afterwards. by on 03/22/2011
No More Limping
I have a 14 month old Chocolate Lab who hyper extended his wrist on his front right leg from jumping constantly on and off the bed and running, walking, etc. After taking him to the vet 2 times and the vet telling me he had to be on bed rest which is nearly impossible with a lab puppy, I went to PetCare Rx and researched what products are available to help with limping. After reading the reviews on the glycoflex product, I bought this product and within 2 days the limping stopped. I am still giving him the glycoflex 2 times a day for the next 2 weeks and will continue giving it to him to prevent any more limping. I would recommend this product to anyone and have already recommended it to family and friends. It is really an amazing product. by on 03/16/2009
Post Knee Surgery
I've used this supplement on my cockapoo before and after knee surgery. I ran out and hadn't gotten a replacement. She started limping on her other leg and immediately refilled the bottle. She has not limped in 3 years but is diagnosed with a lot of slippage in her knee joint. She has not shown any symptoms of pain in that leg. I attribute it to the GlycoFlex! by on 10/29/2008
Keep on walking
My two year old lab/ austriallian sheppard mix has severe knee dysplesia. It was diagnosed when he was just over year and would not walk more that a few feet. He has been taking the glyco-flex for a year and a half now and runs around like a normal dog. Without it, he can not walk. I highly recommend this product for any dog w/ any kind of joint problem. by on 08/09/2008
High-octane Lab, post knee surgery
I started my dog on this after knee surgery, have since put my older dog on it too. Both are working field dogs - waterfowl and upland bird hunting. I would recommend this to anyone, especially with a large breed. by on 04/21/2008
Hip dysplasia and spondylosis
I have an almost 13-year-old bassett/lhasa mix with hip dysplasia who took the original Glycoflex formula for years and has been on Glycoflex II ever since it became available. Mr. Bo Elvis has had no symptoms whatsoever ever since he first started on Glycoflex.I also have a 12-year-old Heinz 57 with severe spondylosis who I decided to try Glycoflex II on, too, since I already had it on hand. Although it isn't intended for this use, the vet agreed it was worth trying after Miss Tippy had a severe reaction to Deramax. For the most part, it has worked surprisingly well for her, with just occasional bad days here and there. Since it has been so successful for her, today I'm ordering Glycoflex III to see if we can completely get rid of those bad days! by on 09/13/2005
limping no more
My 7 year old mix breed developed a limp about a year ago. Her vet prescribed glycoflex and in about 3 months, the limp was completely gone. She has been on glycoflex for over a year now and the limp has not returned. by on 08/08/2005