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Frontline Gold is a fast-acting and effective flea and tick medication, killing fleas, flea eggs, larvae and ticks including those that may transmit lyme disease within 12 hours of infestation.


Rated 4 out of 5 by 4 reviewers.

  • all flea and ticks are gone from my cats
    After I put frontline gold for my cats. I don't see any flea and ticks on them anymore. I highly recommend this product. by on 03/21/2019
  • IT WORKS!!!
    My vet recommended Frontline Gold for ticks. All summer I have only picked off one tick from my cat. Amazing!!! by on 12/12/2018
  • Does not work
    I have the exact same problem!!! I have done all the things you have done as well!!! It makes ZERO sense!!!! I am at my wits end!!!! We have been using this for almost a year!!!! The vet says to keep using it!!!! Does anyone have any suggestions??? I'm tired of paying so much money and STILL having fleas...granted it's not many BUT even a couple are too many in my opinion!!!! Thank you!!! by on 11/29/2018
  • does not work
    find something else to rid your animals of fleas. After 3 months of spraying yard, countless loads of laundry, the millions of miles on my vacuum cleaner, house bomb, and 3 doses of frontline gold I STILL HAVE FLEAS!!! by on 10/22/2018
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