At a Glance
Unique sloped design offers more stability when scratching
Laced with catnip
Comes with extra catnip plus catnip-infused hanging mouse toy
Cares for your cat’s claws by relieving claw irritation

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Rated 5 out of 5 by 4 reviewers.

  • His prized possession
    From the moment my cat used this, he took possession. Uses it as a scratching post and a tom-tom by scratching really hard to wake us in the morning and also to get our attention. Best scratching post ever. by on 08/07/2010
  • Old Cat - New Fave!
    I got one of these last year for my 13 year old (healthy, but limited playfulness) cat. I have a hemp scratching pole, which he almost never used anymore so I wondered if he'd use this. FROM THE FIRST DAY, he uses it 4-10 times a day, and even stands upside down on it to use it. Have had it one year, so it lasts, and decided to get a new one because he's worn a hole on all 4 flip sides now! GREAT ITEM - GREAT VALUE!! by on 04/13/2010
  • Puuurfect 4 my Calico Kit-cat
    Kit-cat loves, loves, loves this! They already spread the catnip in the cardboard so she was seduced straight to it. It was easy to put together & durable. You get two cardboard scratchers and they're reversible; so Kit-cat has four sides to scratch. Kit-cat loves it and if she loves it; so do I. I actually thought it was going to be a rip-off but I am amazed! I think my husband will be able to find replacement cardboard for it for cheap or free. by on 01/31/2009
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