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For-Bid is a highly effective edible product that stops pets from eating their own stools. It imparts a forbidden and unpalatable taste to the feces. For-Bid is easy to use by simply sprinkling on your dogรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs food.

Rated 4 out of 5 by 7 reviewers.

Somewhat Effective

New puppy started eating poop at about 2 months old. Eats our senior dog's as well as her own. Even waits close by for the older dog to poo so she can rush in and get it before I pick it up! I was worried about the puppy getting the older dog's medications when eating that dog's poo, so upon our vet's recommendation, I started using For-Bid, but not until the pup was nearly 9 months old. Probably should have started sooner, because she really has a bad habit now...Anyway, the product is added to both dog's food according to directions. We are on about week 5 now and the pup has slowed down a bit, but is still wanting to eat her own as well as the older dog's. She is more interested in the older dog's poo than her own now and if she has recently eaten a regular meal, she is even less interested. I'm giving the product 3 stars and hoping the maintenance dose will continue to improve the situation. The product cost is minimal to continue using it, even for a partial improvement. by on 11/14/2018
No dice

It's a great concept, but as soon as we stopped putting this in our dogs food, she began eating her feces again. by on 05/06/2016
It Works if you keep using it

I used this with my puppy and it worked well...until I stopped using it. Talked to my vet and she said there was no harm in using it forever, if necessary. My vet chatges $5 a pack so this is the place to go to for it. by on 01/24/2011
Didn't Work at all

Tried this product and followed the directions. When it didn't seem to be working I went up to 1 full packet a day for our approx. 10 pound puppy. by on 03/15/2010
Didn't work...

I tried this with my 2 dogs, but it was not something they liked on their food! They refused to eat until they were starving , then it was hard to tell if I was giving them the correct amount. Also, I ordered 2 packages, not knowing how much to order and it ran out within 2 weeks. If I were to re-do, I'd order 6 packets and then hope that it'd come with pre-measured servings. Just didn't work for us. by on 05/16/2009
Stops the Problem

We used this for a week or two and noticed that the problem went away. Would recommend to eliminate this embarrassing problem. by on 03/27/2007
Forbid Works when used correctly!

We bought a 6-month old pet shop dog who refuses to stop eating her poop! The ONLY thing we could get to work was ForBid. I tried the natural fruits..this made her eat more. I tried giving only half a packet, this does not work! Now that I found this here for $1.39 instead of at my vet for $6.00 a packet, I will have her live on this for 6 months more to see if we can get her out of the habit. by on 01/23/2005