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Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice Adult Dog Formula Product Reviews

Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice Adult Formula is an all natural dry dog food with lamb as the primary protein, perfect for dogs who are sensitive to chicken.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 7 reviewers.

My dog loves his dogfood. by on 04/26/2024
My dog does great on this food and you can not beat the price by on 04/10/2024
Happy Mealtime...
My son's dog was a finicky eater with all the other dry dog food brands. He would eat just to fill a void. He had digestive issues. Elimination was many times a strain. Now, with Diamond Naturals, those issues are gone. He eats with gusto, leaving an empty bowl. He's a large dog. We serve him Lamb meal & rice formula for adult dogs. I do mix other ingredients, egg, oatmeal, apples, carrots, chicken, bone broth.. it does make a hearty bowl. However, even when served without the extras.. the Diamond Naturals dry food is an excellent choice. by on 02/27/2024
Dog Loves
Transitioned 13 yr old Labrador to this food and she loves it. Great dog food is important for my active senior! by on 12/02/2023
Diamond naturals doing food
Good quality food. Like it because it provides good nutrition, causes no digestive issues with any of my 3 dogs, who are all different sizes, ages, and breeds (13 yrs, 75 lbs; 4 years, 60 lbs; 2 yrs, 18 lbs), plus keeps their skin and fur in good condition, even with an extreme difference in coat types (short, greasy, dander prone fur; med length, dry skin; long double coat). by on 04/10/2023
Dog loved
At first I thought by the looks of it that my dog would hate it. She loves it and her ear allergens cleared up!! Thanks to my vet for the recommendation. by on 03/23/2023
Great food!
My dog loves this food. She has eaten it since she was a pup. It's a great price for high quality ingedients. No digestive problems or itch/allergy problems on the food. She is an English Bulldog and she does great with Diamond Naturals. by on 08/17/2011