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Cosequin Sprinkle Capsules for Small Animals Product Reviews

Cosequin Regular gives your pet relief from arthritis and other joint abnormalities. It is a combination of glucosamine, chondroitin, and manganese specifically formulated to support cartilage construction and prevent breakdown.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 9 reviewers.

Great Product

Our 19 year old Pomeranian has arthritis and this product fits the bill. The capsules are easy to open and sprinkled on her food.Note: "This is a must as she had a gum infection a few years back and had her teeth pulled".Its great to not hear her wine in pain and be able to enjoy chasing the birds and squirrels in the back yard again. by on 01/03/2014
Very effective

Our pug hurt his front leg. When the limp lingered our vet suggested Cosequin for small breeds. She explained that it is pharmacy regulated, so you know what you are getting in the capsule. I was stunned at the results. I simply sprinke it on his food in the am & pm. He is walking - even jumping without any discomfort. by on 12/15/2009
no pain=return of appetite

My 15 year old cat was losing weight and having trouble perching on the litterbox. The vet found her to be healthy but slightly arthritic. Cosequin restored her mobility and her appetite. She enjoys life as much as ever & maintains her status as "top cat" in the furry family of 4. by on 08/09/2008
Rercent Purchase Experience

I recently purchased three items from PetCareRx. The products are high quality and the shipment to me was very fast. Service from the customer representative was really outstanding! Summary: A super purchase experience. by on 08/04/2008

Having 2 dogs and 3 cats, all of them rescue animals, there is always something that I need for them. I have found PetCareRx to be competitive with their pricing and I really appreciate their special coupon offers and free shipping. by on 07/05/2008
Wonderful product

My male cat was 1 1/2 years old when we found out he had arthritis. I was quite surprised since he was so young. The Dr prescribed Cosequin, within 3 days there was a remarkable difference. He has been on Cosequin for 6 1/2 years now. I mix it with the juice from his moist food and with the exception of his playing hard to get, have never had a problem giving it to him. I would highly recommend this product. by on 06/25/2008
Injured ACL

Our 4 year old, 16#, male cat injured his ACL during a jump from our fence.The orthopedic vet suggested Cosequin sprinkles. He has recovered from his injury without the $$$$ surgery. Thanks to Cosequin and a few months of self-regulation of his activities. by on 03/26/2008
2 reasons to buy!

This product was recommended to prevent UTI's in my cat. This product also works in the bladder which creates a protective lining in it. My cat is 16, and gets frequent UTI's. She remains symptom and UTI-free as long as she gets 1 tablet daily sprinkled on her food! by on 07/29/2007
Love it!

It really helps the arthritic pain. They getting around very well for a nearly 17 and 18 year old cats by on 06/26/2007