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C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste makes it easy to maintain your pet's good oral hygiene. Dogs and cats must maintain a program of chewing, brushing, and rinsing. This program helps to prevent plaque buildup. CET Enzymatic Toothpaste helps to maintain this program.

Rated 5 out of 5 by 48 reviewers.

Gracieโ€™s grateful
My 7 year old pug loves this! She wonโ€™t let me brush her teeth but likes to lick it off my fingers. by on 04/25/2024
Loved it
My dog loved this!! by on 02/13/2024
My pets like it and it cleans by on 10/15/2023
Works. Dogs like taste. by on 08/10/2023
Train them early
Our two dogs love their night time routine and CET is part of that. For a treat, they get a dab of toothpaste after brushing and our regular brushing has delayed needing to have vet teeth cleaning by years. by on 04/22/2023
Doxie Loves it
We've tried several different brands and flavors but this one he actually likes and will tolerate his teeth to be brushed by on 04/12/2023
great product
recommended by our vet. dog loves the flavor! by on 04/07/2023
Toothpaste is working great. by on 02/28/2023
Like candy for cats
I got this for my two cats since they both have tartar build-up and get funky breath. I was worried that it would be difficult to get them to try it, but they love it! It doesn't smell bad and they seem to think it's a treat. I use a toothbrush that is intended for use on babies for their gums and haven't had any problems. I would definitely recommend! by on 01/02/2023
Pleasant odor
My cat and dog both like it, as much as they possibly could! I like the odor over the meat flavored ones m sure they are great too but I prefer this one for my pets by on 11/21/2022
Makes brushing easy
My pup loves the taste and looks forward to brushing every night by on 09/30/2022
CET Enzymatic Toothpaste
Great toothpaste - works well and pup enjoys the flavor by on 08/17/2022
Pup loves it
Brushing my pups teeth is easy as he loves this toothpaste and is excited for it every night by on 06/28/2022
They love it!
My dog's come running when I tell them it's time to brush their teeth. by on 03/28/2022
Great product
I bought the chicken flavored one for my dog and she loves getting her teeth brushed. In all the years I have had dogs, this is the first dog that ever let me brush her teeth. by on 03/23/2022
Works great
Our dog had some tarter buildup and bad breath but she is too old to risk putting her under for a cleaning so the vet recommended this tooth paste a couple times a week. We noticed a huge difference in her breath. It no longer stunk even just after the first or second application. by on 03/22/2022
Love it
My pup is always excited to brush his teeth. He loves the taste and I can see his teeth white, clean, and healthy by on 08/25/2021
Small dental chews
My dogs look forward to getting these everyday. It's hard to get small dogs like chihuahuas to chew on dental sticks, but mine love these! by on 07/07/2021
Excellent product
This dog toothpaste is exceptional. My dogโ€™s teeth are white and clean and she seems to enjoy the taste so she doesnโ€™t give me a difficult time brushing. by on 07/03/2021
Good product
My dogs like the taste even though they fight me every time. by on 06/24/2021
Pup loves it
My pup is always excited for teeth brushing. He loves the toothpaste by on 01/25/2021
Enzymatic Toothpaste
It's a great product. My dog loves it and it works really well! by on 12/29/2020
My cat and dog love this stuff
This is my third purchase of this toothpaste for my cat and dog. As long as I am consistent it does a good job of keeping their teeth clean. It is the only brand I will use now. My cat thinks this is a treat and purposely comes looking for it. I put a little on my bathroom counter or on my finger and let my cat lick it off, no tooth brush is used on her. For my dog I brush some on her teeth with a toothbrush. Try the Veggiedent chew by this brand too, they are great to supplement in between brushing. by on 07/14/2020
Great product
I have 2 Bichons and they don't mind at all getting their teeth brushed i give them a taste in their tongue first it's like a treat to them!!! by on 03/21/2020
All my furry sons love this toothpaste and can't wait to get their teeth brushed. It leaves their breath minty fresh. My vet said their teeth look great. by on 09/07/2019
Great Product!
I have been using this paste since I adopted my chi mix a couple of years ago. I use the vanilla mint flavor and brush nightly. by on 04/28/2019
loose lips
I have a blood hound with severe food allergies ,this product is great for food sensitivities but it makes it hard to always try to reach and clean in a loose lip dog. I wished it would remove a little more plaque. by on 06/03/2018
Flavored toothpaste
I purchased the vanilla mint flavor toothpaste....My dogs like the flavor. by on 05/28/2018
Bailey loves this toothpaste
No longer an issue to brush Bailey's teeth. We put a glove on and rub her teeth with the toothpaste. She enjoys it. The Vet even said he can see the difference. Less tarter on her teeth. She enjoys this flavor by on 05/19/2018
Easy to give; saves $$$ on Vet dental cleaning
My three fur-kids line up at my desk after eating their meals & never let me forget to give them the poultry enzymatic toothpaste! Vet was surprised at how clean their teeth were!Like the toothpaste better than the enzymatic chews as my fur-kids often do not completely chew the enzymatic chews before swallowing them. I consider the toothpaste to be more effective and easier to control by on 01/20/2015
No chicken breath!
This toothpaste has a mint flavor our dogs clearly like and it's so much nicer to smell on the dogs breath than the meat or chicken flavored toothpaste. If you haven't brushed your dogs teeth before, ease into it by just getting them used to having the brush briefly in their mouth, then gradually get them used to gentle brushing on the outside of the teeth. It will save you $ on dental cleanings. by on 07/02/2014
I love the fact that it tastes good(to dogs)
I have used the poultry flavor for years. WE now have 5 rescue dogs and 1 cat. I brush all of their teeth daily. They line up to have their teeth brushed!! Our vet is constantly amazed at how great our dogs teeth look-and no "doggie breath". I can even rub it on our cat's teeth! by on 07/01/2014
This toothpaste works great!
I highly recommend C.E.T. Enzymatic Toothpaste. First, my dog loves the taste; she wags her tail when I get ready to brush her teeth. Second, my vet was very impressed with how great her teeth looked and asked me what I was using to take care of her teeth. by on 01/12/2014
? My pair of darling 10 year old Sheltie sisters truly LOVE the vanilla-mint flavor of this unique toothpaste, and their veterinarian shares my enthusiasm for its entirely natural, healthful ingredients.And because it has a rather thick paste consistency, just a very small glob squeezed onto their toothbrush is needed to thoroughly clean all of their teeth! by on 09/04/2013
My dog loves his toothbrushing time.
All I have to say is "toothbrushing" and my dog comes and sits politely waiting for me to brush his teeth! by on 08/21/2013
Good canine toothpaste
My vet recommended this toothpaste, and so I use it on my dog and buy it from PetCareRx as its prices are much cheaper than those of my vet. The choice of poultry is based on what my dog likes as it is not easy to brush a dog's teeth. So I get the flavor she likes. My new rescue fought like crazy when I first tried to brush her teeth, but I let her sniff and taste the paste, and now she comes willingly when called and lies down next to her care basket and enjoys getting her teeth brushed. Brushing can save hundreds of dollars as it keeps the teeth in good health and may prevent a costly tooth removal procedure. by on 08/09/2013
enzymatic toothpaste
My vet recommended I try this for my dogs between dentals since they won't let me brush their teeth. All three get a finger full in the morning. They love their "treat" and it does keep their teeth looking good. Breath smells good too and I don't need as many dentals. I like the mint lavendar flavor. I always order in bulk from Pet care rx and use my coupons and that way I get a good deal because we use it every day. by on 07/22/2013
good stuff
I brush my dog's teeth every day and she is eager to have it done with this vet recommended toothpaste. The price was right and delivery very efficient. by on 07/17/2013
Excellent toothpaste
The vanilla mint flavor is delightful to use with my dog. She seems to like it and I love the scent. The toothpaste has kept my dog's teeth healthy and white. by on 07/03/2013
My Irish Terrier has a dry mouth. He needed professional dental cleaning each year for the first four years of his life. I started using the C.E.T. Enzymatic toothpaste and hasn't needed professional cleaning since! He is now ten. He loves the poultry flavor. by on 09/01/2012
My Golden Boy Rudy
Rudy comes running when I say "BRUSH YOUR TEETH" this product has been awesome! Unfortunately my Vet no longer carries CET Poultry. We tried the replacement product, no comparison CET actually whitens his teeth!! (beware of getting this on fabric. it bleaches) I am in the dental field, I can say my golden is 8 and has beautiful teeth!! Now if I could get him to use a Spin Brush/oral B :))) by on 08/17/2010
My cat LOVES this stuff!
My cat, Bandit will wake me up if he doesn't get his toothpaste by a certain time!He absolutely LOVES the taste and doesn't mind me rubbing his teeth & gums with the CET toothpaste! My Vet was amazed how good his teeth & gums looked! by on 08/12/2009
my three cats
All l have to say is lets go brush your teeth, and they come running. my male goes nuts. l'm trying to put the toothpaste on the brush and he sits on my lap. with his face in my face, and when l do the girls he is in their face. but l get lot's of kisses when l'm done and that make me happy. l brush there teeth in the morning and at night. by on 12/17/2008
absolutely love the vanilla mint as my breath smells so fresh and it gets my teeth so nice and clean. would HIGHLY recommend it. by on 05/17/2008
Dogs love it!
My dogs love this stuff. It's more like getting a treat then brushing their teeth.. Their favorite is poultry, but the are really liking the vanilla mint and the malt even!! You won't got wrong with this stuff.. The animals will love it!! by on 05/10/2008
My dog Molly
IMy maltese dog Molly loves to have her teeth brushed. I have brushed her teeth daily since she was a puppy. I use CET toothpaste in the vanilla mint flavor because it makes her breath so fresh. I think CET toothpaste is a great product!! by on 05/05/2008
Two lab mixes
I have 2 lab mixes, both males, 7 mos. and 1 yr. They like the taste of the poultry enzymatic toothpaste, but I'm having a hard time getting them to stay patiently while I brush. Toothpaste works great, no plaque or tarter. I can hear their teeth squeaky clean after only seconds of brushing. by on 03/24/2008
aussie dog's
My 6 Australian Shepherd girls love to get their teeth brush only if I use CET toothpaste, they wait in line to go next and some even try to lick the CET off the toothbrush as I brush the other girls. My girls Thank you, CET. by on 08/11/2007