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C.E.T.® Enzymatic Oral Hygiene Chews for Dogs, featuring the exclusive Dual-Enzyme System, are made from select beef-hide to combine a natural antiseptic plus an abrasive texture that works with the dog's chewing action to loosen tartar and provide clinically proven plaque control. Helps clean teeth and freshen breath even when brushing isn't possible. Appealing poultry flavor.Helps keep teeth clean and breath fresh, even on days when brushing isn't possible.Tasty poultry-flavored chew may b... Read More

Rated 5 out of 5 by 41 reviewers.

Great snack!

My super chewer dogs love these and itโ€™s finally something they can chew on for longer than 2 minutes! by on 08/05/2022
Great product

My dogs love these chews and they are good for their teeth. by on 07/29/2022

My dogs loves these and takes hours to finish one by on 07/11/2022
Our dogs love them

Our 2 Vizslas have a huge need to chew. I've tried several things for "heavy" chewers and these are about the best for the price. I do supervise the dogs when they are chewing on them but they have never had an issue. Started out buying these from our vet office but their price kept going up... so I switched to buying thru PetcareRx and have been very satisfied ever since. by on 06/27/2022
Perfect Pup-brush Product

My dog has a sensitive stomach and she absolutely loves these. No issues and excited to chew them = no more greenies crunched all over the floor half eaten. So many ppl and her vet always comment on her great oral hygiene and fresh breath. by on 06/19/2022
He loves it

Itโ€™s great for when heโ€™s bored or needs to be left alone for an hour or two by on 12/06/2021

My dog loves these treats! We give these at dinner time so she wonโ€™t bug us! by on 08/26/2021
Best Dog Chews Ever

I have been using these C.E.T. Enzymatic Dog Chews since my Vet Dr. James Moore at Appletree Cove Animal Hospital, Kingston, WA 98346 first recommended them to me appox. 20 years ago. They do not get all gummed up in my dog's digestive track like straight rawhide chews can do, causing all sorts of digestive problems. This is the only dog chew I use. These chews take some time to finish and they come in several sizes. The extra-small size chews eat more like a dog treat than a chew. All of the other sizes takes some time to chew up, unless your dog is a "bullie-breed" that can chew anything up in seconds flat. by on 02/03/2021
My Dog Loves

My dog loves these, and they do help with his breath! So I guess I would say they work. Can't really give much more feedback as I have not tried these myself to know the taste or texture but Hamlin, my dog, gives 5 stars! by on 12/31/2020
dog loves these and it's great for his teeth!

this chew was recommended by our vet as part of good dental hygiene - she told me this is what she gives her dogs; these chews seems to do the trick and the dog loves them by on 12/20/2020
CET Enzymatic Dog Chews

My Vet recommended these dog chews to me years ago and I have been keeping them on hand ever since. They will not clog up in your dogs digestive tract like regular rawhide chews will. My dogs and all of my neighbors dogs love them. They are safe to give as special chew treats for even the most sensitive dogs. Even "Bully Breeds" take some time chewing them up. I can't say enough good about these safe and enjoyable dog chews. They come in a variety of sizes, so even my 22 lbs Havanese can chew on them. They are great to help with teething issues, as well. by on 12/01/2020
Great Dental Chews

These are a lot like Rawhide, only a healthy version! They get soft as the dog chews them. They keep my dogs occupied for about 10 minutes. The dogs love them and they are effective for oral hygiene. My dog did manage to swallow one nearly whole once and then threw it back up. That was pretty rough. Luckily that was a one-off anomaly and the overall experience with this product has been positive. We are repeat buyers! by on 08/31/2020
dog loves these - excellent for their teeth

our vet recommended these for dog's dental hygiene, she gives them to her own dogs by on 06/15/2020
great for dog dental health and he loves it!

these were recommended by our vet who uses it with her dogs; my dog loves these and they seem to be working bus I've not had to have to pay for any dental care for him by on 03/31/2020
Great Product

My vet recommended this product for my 2 'puppers' Both love them!! It really controls the plaque build up month to month. Pet owners, although this product truly helps your pets, the best way to prevent infection and dental diseases is by getting your beloved pets teeth cleaned by professionals and make sure you brush their teeth. by on 10/12/2019
best chew for dog's teeth

our et gives this to her dogs and recommended we try it for ours - our big dog loves these and they are very effective by on 10/04/2019
This product offers my dog a good chew while cleaning their teeth

I've ordered this product a number of times. Like the value I get for the cost. by on 03/23/2015
Great Product!

I have recently started to purchase these chews because it has shown improvement in my 3 dogs home dental care. I recently brought my dogs to the vet and they have shown good maintenance and improvement in their tarter reduction on their teeth.They are pricey, but worth the buy. I work at a Veterinary Clinic and I would recommend these to both dogs and cats. It takes my dogs (11-25 lbs) approximately 20 minutes to finish these chews, instead of 1 minutes with some other treats.Of course I would still recommend trying to brush your pet's teeth once a week! by on 12/07/2014
not as pictured

they are actually like strips; they don't look like the picture shown in the product description. by on 09/13/2014
Good product

Our Vet recommended the Enzymatic Chews for our two springer spaniels several years ago. The dogs really love them and the large pieces take them awhile to finish. They seem to work well, since both of our dogs get good (for a dog!) oral check ups from the Vet. by on 05/14/2014
Great chews

I wasn't sure my pup would eat these chews .. it took him a while to warm up to them. But once he did, he chewed it right up! by on 12/11/2013

These Chews are a healthy snack and the dogs want them everyday. by on 12/06/2013
Excellent addition to canine dental health

Both our black labradors enjoy the large C.E.T. oral hygiene chews. Our Vet has noticed the difference in how C.E.T. chews help keep their teeth and gums in good dental condition.We've had to have our younger female sedated to have her teeth cleaned down by gum lines. Using the chews along with the C.E.T. toothpaste has made a significant difference. Plus the dogs love the chewing activity. by on 11/28/2013
great product

My last dog never had much issue with tartar, but the dog I have now was recommended to have a professional cleaning a year ago. I couldn't afford it at the time, so I started giving her Greenies and searched for alternative products. I happened to notice these chews about 6 months ago when I was purchasing heartworm preventative from PetCareRx, and bought them. My dog loves them. About a month ago I took her to the vet for her yearly vaccinations, and the vet said her teeth look pretty good. She said in asked what I was doing, I mentioned enzymatc chews, and she knew right away about CET. She said we could look at my dog's teeth again in 6 months and see how she's doing, and whether she would need a cleaning, but to keep up with the CET. I'm optimistic she wont. The only issue with these chews is specific to my dog -- she swallows the whole thing as soon as it's soft enough! -- though I know not all dogs do that, and even though she does, she is not having any issues with digestion. Great product, highly recommended! by on 08/25/2013
Dog loves these!

Gotti loves these chewy treats. We love them because they keep his teeth clean and breath Fresh! by on 08/22/2013

My dog loves these

Our Rat Terrier goes bonkers for these chews and they don't make him sick. We always give him a chew after his evening meal and he would periodically get up in the middle of the night to throw up; with the C.E.T. Enzymatic Chews this no longer happens. I haven't noticed a difference with the cleanliness of his teeth, but as long as they don't look worse I'm ok with the effectiveness of these chews. by on 08/11/2013
The Best!

All 4 Papillons love these! Keeps them busy for hours and good for their teeth too! by on 10/03/2012
great treats

Our 3 year old lab absolutely loves these. he has the best breath and pearly whites. by on 03/23/2011
These are great but I need the petite size

These really have kept my dog's teeth clean and he doesn't have bad breath when he eats these. And I have a Shih Tzu, which are prone to dental /gum disease. HOWEVER, I need the petite size for my little dog, and the only size PetCareRx has is the large ones. They are too hard to cut up, so that doesn't help me either. I have to buy the petites from another site. by on 06/10/2010
Pups like these

but the price is high! Cheaper than dental treatment at the vet I guess. I got the 30pc. bag of petites and just break them in half. Great chewies, just too expensive for us. Will give one 1x week to stretch them out. by on 01/28/2010
Only comes in size for large dogs

I don't know why PetCareRx only has the large size. I ordered these for my bichon frize and he won't chew them. I was able to cut the thinner pieces in half and he likes them, but the thicker ones are too hard to cut. The description on the web does not say what size these are. I kept them because it wasn't worth the postage to send them back. If you have a small dog, be careful. by on 08/21/2009
Can you get the medium size?

You seem to supply only the large size which are sometimes too thick and too large for my old standard poodle. Medium would be perfect! by on 05/09/2009
Vet remarked how healthy Annies teeth and gums looked

I buy the large size for my Greyhound Mix dog. She loves the mesquite flavored ones and I do not hesitate to give her one every other evening when she is restless or even every day. I stick to her regular recommended diet and she acts like I have given her the best thing ever! I recommend these for every dog as they can be ordered to the size of your dog. by on 01/28/2009
CET chews

Tallulah, my mixed Tibetan terrier, adores these chews. Her morning routine includes going outside and racing back inside to the kitchen pantry to await her CET "chewie for the day." These chews satisfy her need to chew and destroy. They seem great for her teeth and gums without that awful rawhide smell. Good price, too. by on 05/31/2008
Great Product

My dogs loves this product. My vet recommeded these for my husky and he loves them! by on 05/06/2008
Cet chews

These are great! My dog is on a very limited diet and this is one product the vet says is ok to give her. by on 05/03/2008
Yummy treats

We buy these for our lab all the time, it is a special treat for her. We just bought two bags for her 13th birthday present :) I know she LOVES these. by on 05/03/2008
Simply the BEST Product!

I would recommend these to everyone! My Noelani LOVES these rawhides so much that after her dinner, she goes straight to the cabinet and waits for them. If I don't hurry and give her one, she'll start to nag for them. by on 04/21/2008
Very Effective Product

I have noticed an extreme change in the LACK of plaque build up on Rummy's teeth. Our Old English Sheepdog expects one daily!!! by on 02/13/2008
Great Product

Quick and easy way to maintain teeth between brushing by on 04/04/2007