BREEZE Tidy Cat Pellets
BREEZE Tidy Cat Pellets
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BREEZE Tidy Cat Pellets

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BREEZE Tidy Cat Pellets (3.75 lbs) are part of a unique two-step cat litter system that will make you want to throw away your current cat litter box for good. Why? Unlike other cat litter boxes, the Breeze cat litter system allows your cat's urine to pass through the Breeze Pellets and onto the super absorbent Breeze Cat Pad. Solid waste stays on top for quick and easy cleaning. Change cat litter only once a month. Eliminate strong odors in your home. No more dusty paw prints or dust clouds. How it works: The unique Breeze Pellets are larger than traditional clay pieces. These Pellets allow urine to pass through to the thick and absorbent pad below, keeping solid waste at the top for easy removal. Best of all, these Breeze Pellets only need to be changed once a month. The super absorbent Cat Pads can last for up to one week, but should be changed every 3 days if you have more than one cat. Flushing the Breeze Pellets is not recommended. Cautions: This litter box may be difficult for cats with joint or mobility problems to enter. If needed, the Breeze Litter System is adaptable to use without the walls.

What Are Tidy Cat Breeze Pellets Made Of?

The Tidy Cat Breeze Pellets are made of the natural mineral Zeolite. Zeolite is a mineral that is non-toxic and free of dust. These pellets are anti-tracking that helps to reduce the clutter encompassing the litter box.

Can You Flush Tidy Cat Breeze Pellets?

The Tidy Cat Breeze Pellets should not be flushed out in the toilet. Instead, you can make use of the scoop system. The system will scoop the poop out, and then the disposal is possible. If you wish to save money, the pellets are reusable. You can easily wash them and bring them to use again.

What Can I Use Instead of Breeze Pellets?

There are many alternatives available in place for Breeze pellets. There are various cat litters available such as Cat Pride Premium Fresh and Clean Clay Litter. All of these are also not expensive and soaks up moisture with ease. Purina has more products like Yesterday's News® Softer Texture Cat Litter, Tidy Cats® Pure Nature® Clumping Cat Litter, and Yesterday's News® Original Formula. If you want to try a non-clumping cat litter, the Catspot Coconut Non-Clumping Cat litter from Purina is also the best.

Can You Use Pine Pellets in Tidy Cats Breeze?

The most crucial functioning of the Tidy Cat Breeze system is the shifting-hole design. It gets designed with the perfection that will not allow the pellets to drop from the small holes. Therefore, you can use the Pine pellets like Feline Pine also in the Tidy Cat Breeze System. You will need to spread the pine pellets equally on the surface of the litter box till it becomes one inch deep. The liquid gets soaked by the pine pellets and crumbles into sawdust. However, while you clean the litter, sieve the solid waste out. The sawdust falls on the lower part of the litter box once you shake the top layer properly.

Are Pellets Better Than Litter?

Pellets are reusable and made from natural minerals. Sometimes it is compostable and generally biodegradable. The breeze pellets have more ability to absorb moisture as compared to other types of litter. You can use the breeze pellets for a long time against the cat litter. The use of pellets is good for the health of your cat. It does not harm the environment and is better at controlling the odor. It is better than clay litter as it creates less mess. But we often tend to overlook our cat's preference, which should never get ignored.

How Often Should You Change Breeze Litter Pellets?

The pad needs the change once every seven days if you have only one cat. The pellets are advisable to change every month.

How Long Can We Use the Breeze Pellets?

In the market, the Tidy Cat Breeze pads are available in a pack of four. The pellets come in a bag which weighs around 3.5 pounds. The tidy Cat breeze system is sold in the market as a kit and is suitable for the use of one cat for a month only.

Can You Wash and Reuse Breeze Litter Pellets?

Saving your money is possible with Breeze Litter Pellets by washing and using them again. You should make use of your breeze litter pellets again only when your cat's health is in good condition. When you put the breeze pellets in the litter box, make sure to place the maximum breeze pellets in the middle of the case. You only clean the pellets till you remove the ammonia it has absorbed. The cleaning is possible by putting the breeze pellets in a salt solution. The solution is a blend of 4 tablespoons of salt along with one glass of water. You need to keep the pellets in the solution for at least 9 hours, but it would be better to hold them back for a day. Once you have soaked pellets in the solution, you can take out the pellets, rinse them and then keep them for drying to reuse them.

Can You Convert Regular Litter to Pellets?

Yes, you can convert from litter to pellets. To make the transition effective, you will have to put a layer of one inch of breeze pellets. The layer of breeze pellets requires to cover up with clay litter of two inches. After ten to fifteen days, change the layer of breeze pellets to two inches and the clay litter to one inch. Wait for another one or two weeks and then fill the litter box with pellets only and wait to see if it gets preferred by your cat.

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3.5 lbs 070230127211

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