The Irish Terrier, a Daredevil What Place In History This Breed Holds

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Medium Breed Irish Terrier

Is The Irish Terrier RIght For You?

  • 1 Irish Terriers are known for their loyalty, intelligence, and their zest for life.
  • 2 They are very good with children and can handle some rough-housing.
  • 3 Irish Terrier dogs respond to consistent reward-based training and do well at dog agility sports.
  • 4 Daily exercise and mental stimulation is recommended for Irish Terriers.


Thought to be one of the oldest of the terriers, the Irish Terrier was an expert ratting dog and an invaluable part of the Irish farmstead in the 18th and 19th centuries. While the breeds they come from are unknown, these dogs were first found in County Cork, Ireland, and quickly found a niche as a hunter of vermin, as well as being a helpful retriever. During the first World War, this breed was largely used to deliver messages between troops, earning them the nickname โ€œdaredevil,โ€ because of their unflappable courage in the line of fire. They were first recognized by the AKC in 1885.

Quick Facts

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    10 - 14+

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    Hair Length


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    Male Height

    14 inches - 18 inches

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    Male Weight

    25 pounds - 29 pounds

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    Female Height

    14 inches - 18 inches

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    Female Weight

    22 pounds - 27 pounds

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    Litter Size

    Up to 3 pups


A lively, brave, loyal, borderline reckless breed, the Irish Terrier can be a bit of a handful if their owner does not exude dominance. They are loving to their families, and are good with active kids. This breed requires plenty of exercise, as well as a healthy amount of socialization when they are young. They are easy to train, outside of housebreaking, but require a firm hand when doing so. They should be kept on the leash whenever they are not in a fenced area..


The Irish Terrier can be bright red, golden red, red wheaten, or wheaten. They often have black hair at birth, but get lighter as they age.

Health Concerns

The Irish Terrier is a healthy dog with a long life expectancy. It does not suffer from any serious health problems.


The Irish Terrier has a long, flat head with a beardy muzzle. Their ears flop forward on either side of their head. Their straight forelegs end in a pronounced chest and their back is straight, with a rigid, almost antennae like tail. Their thick, rough, wiry fur keeps them somewhat weatherproof.

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