The Greyhound Dog Guide, The Fastest Dog in the World What Makes This Breed Great

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Large Breed Greyhound

Is The Greyhound Dog Right For You?

  • 1 Greyhound dogs tend to be shy towards humans including their owner.
  • 2 They are commonly known as an affectionate and gentle dog.
  • 3 Greyhound puppies must be socialized early on to prevent aggressiveness towards children and pets.


Pictographs resembling the Greyhound date back almost 5,000 years. Thought to be an offshoot of the Arabian Sloughi, the Greyhound was first brought to England some 1,100 years ago. Originally used to hunt rabbits due to their incredible speed, these dogs have become the standard for dog racing. They were officially recognized by the AKC in 1885.

Quick Facts

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    10-12 years, up to 15

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    Hair Length


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    Male Height

    28-30 inches (71-76cm)

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    Male Weight

    65-70 pounds (29-32kg)

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    Female Height

    27-28 inches (68-71cm)

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    Female Weight

    60-65 pounds (27-29kg)

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    Litter Size

    6-9 puppies, average 8 puppies


Greyhounds, if properly socialized early on, are loving, smart, loyal, and courageous animals. They wonโ€™t take direction, however, if they think they are of stronger mind than the person giving the orders. They are gentle creatures, but due to their incredible speed and the purpose for which they were initially bred, the Greyhound has a tendency to chase down anything that moves (including squirrels, rabbits, and even cats), although this is a behavior that can be corrected through proper training. .


Greyhounds come in many, many colors, such as brown, white, black tan, grey, and any combination of those colors in large spots may be evident. They are said to be either solid colored or piebald. A tan brindle is also very common.

Health Concerns

The average life expectancy of Greyhounds is about 10 โ€“ 12 years. It is advised to feed them 2 โ€“ 3 meals a day, instead of one big meal. The breed is sensitive to certain drugs and is prone to:


The Greyhound is a speed machine. The fastest dog on earth, they are able to achieve such high speeds (40 mph) because of their slim frame, long legs, narrow head, and powerful chest. They have a very short coat and little curled up ears that perk up when they are excited. Their head comes to a fine point, like an arrow, making them streamlined like a racecar. Just one look at a Greyhound and you can see why they are so much quicker than other breeds.

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