The Brussels Griffon Dog Guide, Rare and Adorable What Makes This Breed Special

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Is the Brussels Griffon right for you?

  • 1 The Brussels Griffon breed loves to snuggle and tend to bond with a single human.
  • 2 Because of this, they may be unsuitable for homes with small children.
  • 3 Griffons get along with older children and love to play with other family pets.
  • 4 The Grif is a healthy breed, with relatively few inherited health issues.


First depicted by the Flemish painter van Eyck in the 14th century, the Brussels Griffon was used to kill vermin. During the 1600s, the Brussels Griffon became the standard for coachmen in northern Belgium, due to their keen ability to kill rats in the stable, as well as to be a loyal companion. They were almost extinct after WWII, but thanks to a group of Griffon enthusiasts, they were bred back out of endangerment, but are still of low numbers.

Quick Facts

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    13-15 years

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    Hair Length

    Medium, Short

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    Male Height

    7-8 inches or 18-20cm

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    Male Weight

    6-12 pounds or 2.5-5.5kg

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    Female Height

    7-8 inches or 18-20cm

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    Female Weight

    6-12 pounds or 2.5-5.5kg

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    Litter Size

    2-3 pups at a time


A smart, curious dog with heaps of personality, the Brussels Griffon is a sweet, but sometimes vain, breed. They make for excellent companions, and love to be around people and getting pampered. They are great with other pets, but can be a bit much for young kids, as they do not deal well with the brand of roughhouse little kids tend to dish out. They can also be tricky to housebreak and are often tough to feed because of their picky appetite. Also, they love to bark..


The Griffon can be either red, black, or black and tan, with no particular color being preferred over another.

Health Concerns

They are active indoors and need only a daily walk to remain happy. They do best when kept in apartments, with walks when the temperatures are down. Health problems associated with Brussels Griffons are:


The Brussels Griffon is a small, squish-faced breed with a compact body. Their nose, thanks to the flatness of their face, sits almost directly in between their round little eyes. Their fur can be either long and wiry or short and smooth. In nerdier terms, these dogs bear a striking resemblance to the Ewoks from Star Wars, but on four legs.

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