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Large Breed Cataract Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) Briard

Is the Briard Good For You?

  • 1 Briard dogs are known for their excellent memory and precise hearing.
  • 2 This breed prefers to live an active lifestyle.
  • 3 Briards tend to be familiar with children which make them a good family pet.


The Braird is one of the earliest of dog breeds that has been in existence since the mid 19th century. The breed owes their name to the French province of Brie, where the owner of an early Briard lived. They were originally used in herding, but were later recruited in the French Army owing to their unusual sense of hearing. The modern Braird is the crossbreed of the pure-bred Beauceron and the Barbet, which has improved the personality of the breed. Even today, the dog is being used for herding and military purposes.

Quick Facts

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    10 to 12 years

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    Hair Length


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    Male Height

    24-27 inches

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    Male Weight

    75 pounds average

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    Female Height

    22-25 inches

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    Female Weight

    75 pounds average

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    Litter Size

    Usually 8 to 10 puppies


The Braird has an excellent memory and unusual sense of hearing, but is not the kind of dog that gels with everyone. Though loving and obedient, the Braird does not enjoy long training sessions. But the dog is certainly going to get along well with an owner who is into outdoor activities. The dog should be familiar with children and other breeds to be friendly with them, otherwise the Braird will be at best ambivalent, and at worst aggressive. Being a herding dog, the Braird has a tendency to be protective of their โ€œflockโ€ and wary of outsiders. Also, something to look out for especially in a home with children, is their habit of trying to herd people. .


The typical colors of the Briard are black, grey, or tawny. However, the puppy tawny coat turns into a lighter yearling coat. They can also be a combination of two of the pre-mentioned colors.

Health Concerns

A healthy Braird will live for 10-12 years. The breed is prone to:


The Braird is a well-built, strong herding dog. They are covered in a thick coat of long fur and have a large, boxy head. Their tail is long and feathery, resembling a crochet hook towards the tip. Their undercoat is very fine hair while the coat is less soft and much more wavy. They have a black nose that sits right in the middle of their squared muzzle and have short, round, barely noticeable ears that lay close to their furry head.

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