Meet the Small and Charming Border Terrier How This Breed Got Their Name

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Is The Border Terrier Good For You?

  • 1 Border Terriers make the perfect household pet with their well-tempered and affectionate personality.
  • 2 Their coat is weather resistant but must be brushed occasionally.
  • 3 Border Terrier puppies are easy to train but these dogs must be well-exercised and kept active.


The Border Terrier breed is the native of Cheviot Hills, a land caught between the borders of England and Scotland, and hence the name โ€˜Border Terrier.โ€™ Primarily raised for protecting the farmlands and herding as a terrier, the breed was later developed into a perfect hunting partner. Recognized as one of the predecessor varieties of Terrier breeds in Great Britain, the dog entered the British Kennel Club in 1920. From then on, they've had widespread acceptance among dog lovers.

Quick Facts

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    Toy/Small, Medium

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    15 years

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    Hair Length


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    Male Height

    13-16 inches high at the shoulder

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    Male Weight

    13-16 pounds

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    Female Height

    13-16 inches high at the shoulder

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    Female Weight

    12-15 pounds

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    Litter Size

    4-5 puppies at a time


Border Terriers are quick, alert, and affable. These dogs love the attention of children and are very eager to learn new tricks. They may bark, but it is only a sign of excitement and not an aggressive action. Since they are bred for hunting, Border Terriers should be kept an eye on when in the presence of smaller pets, like guinea pigs or birds, and should also be watched when they are outside, since they are also very adept diggers..


Upon closer examination, one will find the breed's tousled coat of tan, red, grizzle, or even blue and tan is actually a double coat of coarse, wiry hair.

Health Concerns

The breed is normally healthy, but is prone to certain health problems that are genetic in nature such as:


The Border Terrier is small in stature, but relatively sturdy for their size. They have a narrow frame, short muzzle, strong jaw, sharp teeth, and wide set eyes. Their triangle ears droop down on the side of their head, resting just behind their medium sized eyes.

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