Meet the Selkirk Rex Cat, A Spontaneous Breed How This Breed Developed

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Is The Selkirk Rex Cat Good For You?

  • 1 The Selkirk Rex cat is a fun cat to play with through adulthood.
  • 2 Selkirk Rex cats are relaxed and loving and need to be around people to enjoy themselves.
  • 3 They are cats that don't like being left alone too much.


In 1987 Miss DePesto, the first Selkirk Rex, came to be as the result of a genetic mutation in the Rex gene that imparted this cat with the curly cue whiskers, rough ear hair, and wavy coat that so define the breed. Soon discovered to be a dominant gene that caused the mutation, Miss DePesto was bred with a number of different cats, thereby creating this new breed, officially recognized for championship competitions in 1994.

Quick Facts

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    Medium, Large

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    Average of 14 years

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    Hair Length

    Medium, Long

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    Litter Size

    2 -3 kittens

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    Male Weight

    11 - 16 pounds

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    Female Weight

    6 - 12 pounds


A mishmash of different behaviors, the Selkirk Rex can range from aloof to sedated to active and playful. They are tolerant of other cats and children, being an exceptionally friendly cat, preferring the company of others to being alone. Thanks to their unique coat, these cats are constantly receiving the attention they so crave. .


The Selkirk Rex can be found in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Health Concerns

The Selkirk Rex breed is naturally healthy and does not usually suffer from any genetic diseases, although there have been cases of:


Coming in both long and short coat lengths, the Selkirk Rex has dense, wavy fur that sets them apart from most other breeds. Their heavy boning gives them the Rexโ€™s deceptive weight, being a much denser breed than their physique would have you believe. Their muzzle is somewhat flatter than that of their Cornish Rex cousins, but not as flat as a Persian or British Shorthair. They are overall a quite muscular, athletically built breed.

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