Meet the Ibizan Hound, An Elegant Egyptian Breed What Makes This Breed Unusual

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Is The Ibizan Hound Right For You?

  • 1 The Ibizan Hound is well known as the clown of the dog world, entertaining people with their problem solving abilities.
  • 2 Ibizan Hounds require tall fences; they are natural escape artists because of their intelligence and leaping abilty.
  • 3 Ibizan Hound dogs respond best to firm, consistent training.


The Ibizan Hound can trace their history back almost 5,000 years to ancient Egypt. Images sharing an uncanny likeness to this breed have been found dating back to 3400 BCE. It is thought that they were brought by Phoenician traders to Spain, where they were given their name. Used to hunt rabbit, these sighthounds had the unique ability to hunt well both during the day and at night, because of an acute sense of smell and hearing. Frequently used in the sport of lure coursing, the Ibizan Hound was first recognized by the AKC in 1978.

Quick Facts

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    10 - 14 years

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    Hair Length


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    Male Height

    23-28 (56-74 cm.)

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    Male Weight

    42-55 pounds (19-20 kg.)

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    Female Height

    22 - 26

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    Female Weight

    45 pounds

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    Litter Size

    4 - 8 puppies, average 6 puppies


The Ibizan Hound is a kind, playful, smart, clean, fun-loving dog. They are exceptionally athletic, being fast and nimble given their sighthound background. They are good with kids and their family, however they can be wary of strangers, and should not be left alone around smaller animals because of their deeply ingrained hunting instincts. They should also be kept on a leash whenever they are outdoors for the same reason. They can get unruly if they believe their master is meek, but are also very sensitive to tone, so there is no need to be aggressive with them. .


The Ibizan Hound can be found in red and white, white and tan, solid red, solid white, and multicolored.

Health Concerns

Some of the health issues associated with the Ibizan Hound are:


A speedy looking sighthound with a graceful, almost cat-like appearance, the Ibizan is a hardy looking dog. Their ears are large and pointy, standing erect. They have a long muzzle and a narrow head similar to a Greyhound. Their muscular, fast body is built to move, with strong, straight legs and a skinny frame. Their tail is long and hangs down, almost as long as their hind legs.

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