Meet the German Wirehaired Pointer Dog, A Companion for the Hunter Why This Breed Is Such A Good Sport

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Is the German Wirehaired Pointer Right for You?

  • 1 German Wirehaired Pointers are well known for their intelligence, loyalty, and determination.
  • 2 These dogs are outstanding family pets and are happiest spending time with you.
  • 3 German Wirehaired Pointer puppies tend to be aloof with strangers and will benefit from early socialization.


A combination of a number of German dogs, the German Wirehaired Pointer came into existence at the turn of the 20th century. A mix of Griffon, Pointer, Poodle, Foxhound, and Bloodhound, the German Wirehaired Pointer was created to be a more versatile hunting dog. Their unique look was cultivated to help this breed withstand the icy winters and freezing lakes of Germany, making them extremely useful in the field. They are a fearless hunter, retriever, pointer, and watchdog, as well as a superb companion.

Quick Facts

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    8 and 10 years

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    Hair Length


  • img
    Male Height

    24-26 inches

  • img
    Male Weight

    60-70 pounds

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    Female Height

    22 inches

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    Female Weight

    60-70 pounds

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    Litter Size

    6 and 10 puppies


An incredibly fun loving, smart, active, affectionate breed, the German Wirehaired Pointer requires an almost constant amount of attention in order to keep from going stir crazy. They may become standoffish around strangers, so this dog has a good natural tendency to be a watchdog. They are great with kids, but need to be monitored around tiny ones, because of their extreme energy. .


The German Wirehaired Pointer can be found in liver and white, black and white, and solid liver.

Health Concerns

The health concerns associated with the German Wirehaired Pointer are:


A medium-sized, athletically built breed, the German Wirehaired Pointer is slightly longer than they are tall. Their wiry fur is medium in length and helps protect them from the elements. They have a long, flat ended muzzle, with a beardy face. Their tail is sometimes docked, but when it isnโ€™t, it grows to about eight inches in length.

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