Meet the Belgian Shepherd Dog, a Protective Breed What Makes This Breed Different

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Is the Belgian Shepherd Good For You?

  • 1 The Belgian Shepherd dog has strong protective and territorial characteristics which make them great guard dogs.
  • 2 It is important to train and socialize Belgian Shepherd puppies to prevent aggressive behavior later on.
  • 3 This breed is most known for their endurance, obedience, and loyalty.


Fabled for having participated in both World Wars, Belgian Shepherd was developed by Nicholas Rose, a breeder from the Groenendael village. Belgian Shepherd, also known as Groenendael, is one among the four varieties of Belgian Sheepdogs. Other three dogs in this category include Tervuren, Malinois, and Laekenois. Though the AKC considers them as separate breeds, the British Kennel Club deems them as a single breed. These dogs are recognized based on their coat type and color and not the origin. Like most shepherds, these dogs are skilled as police dogs, as well as doing other jobs as well, due to their heightened intelligence and trainability.

Quick Facts

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    10 - 14 years

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    Hair Length


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    Male Height

    23.6 - 26 inches (60 - 66 cm)

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    Male Weight

    55 - 66 pounds

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    Female Height

    22 - 24.4 inches (56 - 62 cm)

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    Female Weight

    44 - 55 pounds

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    Litter Size

    6 - 10 puppies


Their innate protective and territorial instincts make Belgian Shepherds excellent guard dogs. The breed exhibits herding behaviors like circling and chasing and remains active for hours without any breaks. Proper early age socialization is required to tackle their aggressive behavior towards other animals. This could also prevent the tendency of the dog to show sensitivity or shyness. Known for their working abilities, endurance, and obedience, the dog can be a loyal and lovable pet..


The Belgian Shepherd's coat can be colored black, black and white, black and cream, brown, fawn, fawn and black, gray, gray and black, sable, silver, silver and black, wolfgray and black

Health Concerns

Basically a healthy and tough breed, Belgian Shepherds have a life expectancy of 13โ€“14 years. However, the breed has a tendency to conditions like:


The dog's body is well-proportioned and wellโ€“built with straight, parallel front legs and round feet. They have almond shaped eyes, black nose, flat skull, deep chest, tight lips, long feathered tail, and triangular ears that stand upright. The average height of Belgian Shepherd is 22 โ€“ 26 inches and weight is 60 - 63 pounds. The moderately long black dense coat has extra feathering on the underside, tail and legs.

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