Irish Setter Information, a Smart and Silky-Furred Dog Why This Breed Is a Great Hunter

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Is The Irish Setter Dog Right For You?

  • 1 Irish Setters do well with other breeds and serve as a wonderful companion dog.
  • 2 They tend to be loving, active, and observant.
  • 3 The Irish Setter craves exercise and requires regular grooming.


The Irish Setter was bred from the selective cross breeding of various spaniels, setters, and pointers in an attempt to make a better hunting dog. Once having shorter legs to aid in their ability to โ€œset,โ€ or crouch near game to mark it for the hunter, the Irish Setter is now taller, making them a more well-rounded hunting dog, capable of pointing, setting, and retrieving. While in recent years they have been bred more with an eye towards aesthetics rather than utility, they are still a very adept hunting dog, with a keen nose and exceptional instinct.

Quick Facts

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    12-15 years

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    Hair Length


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    Male Height

    26-28 inches (66-71cm)

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    Male Weight

    65-75 pounds (29-34kg)

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    Female Height

    24-26 inches (61-66cm)

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    Female Weight

    55-65 pounds (25-29kg)

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    Litter Size

    8-10 puppies


Irish Setters are high energy, caring, and smart. They have exceptional olfactory senses and a honed skill at assisting in hunting. While they may be a challenge to train if not given enough exercise, they can be a blast to be around if they are properly socialized. They are great with children and other pets and shouldnโ€™t be difficult to housebreak, but this is all dependent on whether they are given enough physical and mental exercise. .


The Irish Setter comes in a couple of colors, such as reddish browns from chestnut to mahogany, with some white on chest and feet cropping up from time to time.

Health Concerns

The average life expectancy of the Irish Setter is 11-15 years. The breed is likely to develop health conditions such as:


The Irish Setter is a medium sized, long haired breed that is a little longer than they are tall. Their coat is feathery and fine-textured. Their nose is either black or brown, with wide nostrils that aid in their ability to track game. Their coat is short on their head and near the top of their back and the front of their legs, getting longer as it tapers down.

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