A Guide to the Short-legged Hunter, the Norwich Terrier Dog Why This Breed Is Perfect for Urban Living

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IS THE Norwich Terrier RIGHT FOR YOU?

  • 1 Norwich Terriers are a hearty companion dog.
  • 2 Despite being one of the smallest terriers, the Norwich has a lot of energy and a big appetite.
  • 3 Norwich Terriers are quick to make friends.


A cross-breed of small Irish Terriers and other short-legged terrier breeds, the Norwich Terrier originated back in the 1800s in East Anglia, United Kingdom. Smallest in the group of working terriers, The Norwich Terrier is used for hunting and as a fun-loving family pet.

Quick Facts

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    12-16 years

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    Hair Length


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    Male Height

    9-10 in (24-25.5 cm)

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    Male Weight

    11-12 lbs (5-5.4 kg)

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    Female Height

    9-10 in (24-25.5 cm)

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    Female Weight

    11-12 lbs (5-5.4 kg)

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    Litter Size

    2-3 puppies


A fun-loving, smart, brave, loyal, and loving dog, the Norwich Terrier is a great companion for anybody and is easily trainable. They can be comfortable living in an apartment (assuming they get some outdoor time), and are great with kids and other pets. Being a ratter, they should not be left alone with hamsters or other rodent type pets. If left up to their own devices, they might start digging up the yard or barking incessantly. Be sure to socialize and train early so as to avoid the ingraining of detrimental behavior, like โ€œsmall dog syndrome.โ€.


The Norwich Terrier comes in red (all shades), black and tan, and gray. White marks are considered unacceptable by the AKC breed standard.

Health Concerns

The Norwich Terrier is generally a strong and healthy breed and there are no particular health problems associated with this breed. However, some dogs tend to suffer from:

  • back problems
  • genetic eye diseases

The smallest of the working terriers, the Norwich Terrier has a short, muscular, compact body with sturdy legs. Their medium length tail is usually docked so as to stand up straight. They have a wiry coat that is about two inches long. Their ears, unlike the Norfolk Terrier, are pointed and stand up atop their wide, round head.

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